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Full Stack Interview Questions And Answers
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Full Stack Interview Questions And Answers

Published On: April 1, 2022
Prepare for your full stack interview with these essential questions covering front-end, back-end, databases, and more. Get ready to showcase your skills and knowledge!

Full Stack Interview Questions And Answers

1. What is the most important characteristic of a full-stack developer?

A full-stack developer should possess the mindset to progress. He/she should keep abreast of technology and should be curious to learn new things. Problem-solving skills is also one of the best traits of a full-stack developer because he/she is supposed to have a sound understanding of front end, back end and databases. And a full-stack developer should have a mindset that is focused on both the front end and back end.

2. What skills should a full-stack developer have?

With regard to hard skills, the Full Stack Developer should possess knowledge of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Git and GitHub. With regard to back end skills, he/she should know some of the following languages: Python, PHP, and  Java. And knowledge of databases will also be helpful.

3. What made you interested in the full-stack developer role?

For this question, you have to convince the interviewer about the importance of Full Stack Development. You can also tell how you would be a good fit for this senior position wherein you will not only handle front end and back end but also be a good team player. Here, you should demonstrate your skills such that the employer becomes aware that you are a versatile developer.

4. Do you make sure to keep abreast of recent technology?

This question tests your attitude towards learning new technologies. You may be working on a project using a particular technology, but when the requirements change you would be assigned with another technology. Full-stack development is more of the growth mindset rather than the technology itself. Besides, you should be adaptable to changes too.

5. Are you self-motivated?

This question tests your initiative to take up the role of a full-stack developer. You should be in a position to handle your work without any constant pep talk. When you are self-motivated you can have the determination to achieve your objectives easily.

6. What is a RESTful API? Mention its usage ?

REST means Representational State Transfer. API means Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of rules for the interaction of programs. REST’s role is to establish the appearance of the API.

7. What is Multithreading?

This question shows your keen understanding of computer architecture. In multithreading, several threads are executed in order to boost the performance of the CPU. The key is in running various processes that can be tolerated by the operating system.

8. What are MVC and MVP?

Since knowledge of MVC is also one of the essential skills of a full-stack developer, you should explain the importance of MVC. The levels of MVC are Model, View, and Controller. It is the fundamental structure which is used to segregate responsibilities in web applications.

9. How do you keep abreast of new industry trends?

This question tests your interest in being updated with industry trends. A full stack developer should be flexible enough to learn new things and should have a growth mindset. He/she should constantly learn about the enhancements in the front end and back end.

10. In which project you have worked and what technology you  used?

This question tests your understanding of a specific technology and how well you can work on it. If you have done a single project or multiple projects, you can show that to the interviewer. When you attend the interview, ensure to revise the technologies that you know.

11. Have you built any web application?

A full-stack developer should have control over the project right from the start to end. He/she works on both the front end and back end. Hence, building a web application will be an advantage for the developer.

12. Explain what is full-stack development ?

Full-stack developers are proficient in both front end and back end. They are adept in handling anything ranging from databases, servers, architecting etc. They have thorough knowledge of all layers of software development.

13. What are the responsibilities of a full-stack developer?

Full-stack developers offer a comprehensive service by being involved in both front end and back end. They should also have sound knowledge of databases. Once they become so proficient, they can even handle clients during the outset of the project.

14. What is front-end ?

What the users get on their end is called front end. The backend developers develop code, and the front end developers ensure that they present it as a graphical interface. Their role is to give an engaging user experience.

15. What is back-end ?

Back-end development, as the name implies, is a process that happens behind the scenes. The process takes place on the server. The user will not view it but it is the power that drives the web.

16. What development languages are deployed for server-side coding?

Popular development languages that are used for server-side coding are Python, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

17. Tell the difference between horizontal scaling and vertical scaling in the database.

Horizontal scaling refers to the inclusion of more machines into your range of resources. This is done in order to meet rising demands. Vertical scaling refers to the provision of more power to the existing machines.

18. Explain what LAMP stack is ?

LAMP refers to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This software stack has been used for a long time, and it deploys open-source components.3 Developers can download, build, and leverage web content efficiently with LAMP stack.

19. Explain what the MERN stack is.

MERN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReacJS, and Node JS. This makes the application development process fast and streamlined. These languages rely on one common scripting language namely JavaScript.

20. Explain what the MEAN stack.

MEAN refers to MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. JavaScript is the main language here, and it is deployed for applications that can be used in the cloud.

21. Explain the relation between full-stack and DevOps.

Full-stack developers and DevOps engineers follow the same philosophy. DevOps doesn’t mean that you have to perform only a set of tasks; it is more than that. It is a mindset to be embraced by the teams. There will be enhanced cooperation through DevOps. Full-stack developers can embrace the culture of DevOps to have better efficiency.

22. What is continuous integration?

Continuous integration (CI) is an essential process wherein developers integrate codes that are modified regularly into a shared repository. It is the initial step in the process of CI/CD. CD stands for continuous delivery.

23. What is continuous delivery?

Delivering software in short cycles is called continuous delivery. This can help the development teams to develop and release software regularly. The software delivery process is considered as a pipeline model here wherein the user is supposed to get a seamless experience.

24. What is pair programming?

Pair programming is a practice wherein two programmers collaborate on a single program. While one person does the coding part, the other person reviews it. This type of programming will assist in finding bugs early and decreasing errors in the final product.

25. When you find that your colleague’s code is not up to the mark how do you handle it?

This question tests not only your understanding of the project but also how you communicate with team members. Full-stack development is not only about knowing the technology well; it is also about implementing it such that the  entire team is benefitted. This can seen in the DevOps practice too.

26. What are design patterns?

A design pattern is one of the crucial elements of web development. This pattern can be used often to fix an issue in software design. They are tested frequently and hence aid in the speedy development of the process. It acts as a blueprint for the problem at hand.

27. What is the best debugging you have performed?

This question tests your expertise on handling crucial projects. This will help the employer know your level of expertise in handling a technology.

28. What are your coding of late?

For this question, you can tell any programming development that you are doing currently. Explain how well you know about the program and also how you can bring your expertise to any project.

29. Tell about Inversion of Control .

In.version of Control is a useful principle in software engineering wherein you assign the control of the program to something else eg.. a container, so that you can perform the crucial task. Dependency injection is a concept that is related here.

30. Explain the difference between GraphQL and REST.

When it comes to designing web APIs, REST is a popular choice. Representational State Transfer is the full form of REST. While REST is focused on the architecture, GraphSQl is basically a query language. REST is older compared to GraphSQL.

31. What is long polling?

When the server doesn’t make use of any particular protocol, long polling comes to the picture. It helps in long-standing connection with the server. You can send messages promptly using long polling.

32. How do you handle multiple projects simultaneously?

This question tests your ability to meet deadlines while handling multiple projects. The key is in letting the interviewer know what challenges you will face in handling multiple projects and whether you can really do it.

33. Tell the difference between AngularJS and Node.js ?

Both AngularJS and Node.js are popular and deployed exhaustively. They both are JavaScript-oriented technologies While AngularJS is a framework of Java as the name implies, NodeJS is a runtime environment. What makes them different is their architecture and functionality.

34. What is routing in AngularJS ?

Routing is an essential characteristic of AngularJS. We can develop Single Page Applications (SPAs) with the help of  AngularJS. Routing can be done with AngularJS in SPAs. There is no need to refresh the page here, and you can travel to the pages in your application. The ngRoute module is the routing element here.

35. How to decrease the web application load time?

Users like only websites that load fast. They tend to lose patience when the web application load time is slow. In order to decrease the web application load time, you can check the present website speed, use the right file format for your images and thereby optimize them, optimize your content, reduce some redirects, cache your web pages etc.

36. Mention some industries that depend on full-stack development.

Healthcare, retail, banking and finance, publishing, and education are some of the industries that depend on Full Stack Development. With the evolvement of these industries, the Full Stack Developer should keep in pace with the trending happenings in these industries.

37. What is your experience in full-stack development?

This question helps the interviewer to know about your skills and experience in full-stack development. You can talk about relevant skills in full-stack.

38. What is CORS?

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a technique that lets a web page from a specific origin to connect with a resource with a different origin. This is a security mechanism.

39. Explain the advantages of using unit tests.

In unit testing, as implied from the name, the individual elements of the software are tested. The idea behind this is to confirm that all the individual elements are working as planned. The key is that the total system will function efficiently only when the individual components work well. The developers can find out the smallest bugs that might be there in the units.

40. How to boost a website’s efficiency?

Some of the best practices to improve a website’s efficiency include saving images in the appropriate format, making the best use of browser caching, not appreciating landing page redirects, eliminating unwanted characters from your site’s code, removing excess plugins, etc.
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