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Best Git Training in Chennai

Git is the most popular and exhaustively used version control system nowadays. Initially developed as an open source project, it is a matured and actively maintained environment. Several developers depend on Git version controlling to form various types of commercial and non-commercial projects. Git-based developers are regarded as valuable resources. Do you want to learn Git from the Best Git Training Institute in Chennai? Then enroll in Softlogic for an enriching experience.

Advantages of Git

  • Git performs in a powerful and reliable manner. New codes changes can be easily made, version branches can be seamlessly compared and merged, and code can also be optimized to function in a better manner.
  • Git is structured specially to maintain the integrity of source code.
  • A major advantage of Git is the efficiency in taking care of both small scale and large scale projects besides protocols.
  • Git provides the type of performance, security, flexibility and functionality that most developers and teams require to build their projects.
  • Businesses today heavily rely on Git’s code quality.
  • When talking about Git, we cannot miss GitHub which is one of the driving forces behind Git’s popularity. Their combination has been a great step forward in software development, simplifying and boosting the way we are forming the applications of the future.

Why apply Git in your organization?

Suppose you business relies too much on IT and software processes, or you are a software developer, Git drastically changes the way your team will build and deliver work. Several processes comprising designing, development, marketing, product management, customer support etc., can be taken care of in a hassle-free manner using Git.

Git Course Fee and Duration

The fee for Git Training in Chennai is reasonable. You have the option to pay it in two installments. Are you having any queries regarding time, place and duration of the course? Then it’s time that you contact our educational counselors.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Git. Please contact our team for current Git course fee and duration.

Download GIT Course Syllabus

Who can attend Git Training in Chennai?

  • Testing Professionals
  • Software Architects and Designers
  • Security Engineers
  • System Admins
  • Solution Architects
  • Open source contributors and enthusiasts
  • Developers who wish to carve a niche for themselves in their careers as professionals using Git and GitHub
  • Managers who are technically well-versed and who are leading software development projects

Prerequisites for attending Git Classes in Chennai

Fundamental knowledge of the windows and command line is needed to learn Git. It would be good if the candidate has atheist 1 year of practical experience in writing code. Moreover, participants should have a fundamental grasp of Linux.

Git Course Syllabus

The syllabus for Git Training in Chennai is framed to assist our students master Git and GitHub in the shortest span. It is comprehensive with all the concepts and terminologies used by Git and GitHub. It is prepared by a team of experts after gauging the expectations of the industry. It is also updated in a constant manner to assist our students learn about the latest developments. The students will be confident to attend the interviews when they are aware of the recent developments.

Introduction to Git

  • About version control system
  • Features of VCS
  • Types of VCS
  • General overview of centralized VCS
  • Intro to Git distributed version control system

Installation and setup

  • Installation git on Mac/Windows/Linux
  • Git file lifecycle
  • Learn about github
  • Understanding basic git commands

Working with remote repositories

  • Learn Git buzzwords
  • How to work with remote repository
  • Understanding Git pull
  • How to fetch commands and use cases
  • Upstream and Downstream

Branching and Merging in Git

  • Intro to branching
  • Switching between branches and different commits
  • Difference between branching and tagging in Git

Git workflows

  • Types of workflows in Git
  • Real time Open source projects in Git
  • Walkthrough of commands
  • Git plugins with IDE
  • Installing Eclipse IDE

Exploring Git hub UI options

Benefits of Puppet

  • Puppet uses a continuous delivery model to the software release cycle through automating operations and deployment workflow.
  • System administration activities are saved as manifests and modules, These are reusable configuration construction blocks to quickly form preconfigured servers.
  • Puppet has huge industry support throughout the cloud and DevOps ecosystem. It operates with almost any server platform in the market today.
  • Puppet lets you to define your infrastructure as code with simplicity of coding few puppet scripts. IAC is an essential part of DevOps practices.
  • Any downtime because of configuration concerns is mitigated to minimum, and speed of recovery is quite fast.
  • There is sufficient time saving through Puppet because of its speed of deployment
  • Puppet is supported by a huge open source developer platform
  • Puppet functions good even on a huge infrastructure by automating the repetitive tasks in a simple manner.
  • Puppet supports an exhaustive number of platforms including Microsoft Windows, BSD etc.

Diving more into the advantages of Puppet

Most IT management solutions produces efficiencies of over 20-30 nodes per sysadmin. Puppet lets 100s and even 1000s of nodes per sysadmin.

Customers have substantially mitigated the time it takes them to deliver application into production, starting from weeks to days and even hours with the help of Puppet.

Your nodes maintain the state you fixed for them and this substantially enhances service availability, performance and scalability.

Puppet offers rich data sets not only of infrastructure configuration but also of any modifications to that infrastructure whether under direct management of Puppet or not. There is more visibility in the changes taking place in your infrastructure