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Data science is considered to be among the hottest professions in the market nowadays. Moreover, data scientists are much valued by the companies. Now you can begin your journey to becoming a data scientist, applying the power of Python to evaluate data, form amazing visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms to transform your data into meaningful statistics through our Data Science with Python Training in Chennai.

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Course Highlights


Data science is a blend of statistics, machine learning, data analysis and several other methods to comprehend and evaluate the data to gain valuable insights. Python is the most famous programming language for data science nowadays. It is powerful, simple to learn and flexible for the purpose of coding data science and machine learning algorithms. In the recent times, Python has evolved widely with regard to data science domain. There is a wide community around Python .There are few powerful data science and analytics packages including Pandas, Scipy, Numpy etc. in Python. This leads to easy evaluation of data and modeling machine learning algorithms.

Data science and Python are unique domains and it takes the Python Training Institute in Chennai to train the students in data science with Python. Softlogic is the right destination to learn these powerful concepts. We don’t bore the candidates with just theory but provide effective hands-on practical training.

Aspirants should possess computer working knowledge.

The candidates should have the comprehension of object-oriented programming concepts

  • Data analysts, software engineers, and statisticians with fundamental knowledge of a scripting language.
  • Software professionals looking for migrating to the domain of analytics
  • IT professionals inclined to pursue a career in analytics
  • Graduates wishing to develop a career in Analytics and Data Science
  • Seasoned professionals who wish to make the best use of data science in their fields
  • Professionals whose job role comprises data science with Python

Python is a multipurpose programming language that can be regarded as a major element in the coding world. This is because it supports structured programming, Object-oriented programming and functional programming patterns. The resourcefulness of Python makes it the appropriate language for the data scientists.

  • Python is a robust open source programming language, which implies that it’s free to use while consisting of all the properties that a programming language should possess.
  • Python has over 7200 libraries in the Python Package Index that assist in scientific calculations and machine learning applications.
  • Python has an easy to comprehend and readable syntax that ascertains that the development time is cut into half.
  • Python lets you to carry out data evaluation, data manipulation, and data visualization, which are very essential to data science.
  • Because of the extensibility and general purpose nature, it is suggested to learn Python, that too from the Best Data Science Training in Chennai.

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Data Science with Python Syllabus

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The syllabus for Data science with python is drafted in a comprehensive manner. It is prepared keeping in mind the career requirements of the candidate. It is updated regularly.

What is Data science

Introduction to python data science

Installation of Pandas,numpy,scipy,sklearn,seaborn,nltk

Basic terminologies of DS

  • Data science
  • Data scientist
  • Data set
  • Data mining
  • Data visualization
  • Data modeling
  • Data wrangling
  • Big data
  • Machine learning
  • Algorithms
  • Deep learning

Why Pandas?

Features of Pandas

Data structures in Pandas

  • Series
  • DataFrame
  • Panel
  • Panel4D

Series creation

  • Using ndarray
  • Using dict
  • Using scalar values
  • Using list

Accessing elements of Series

  • Using indexing
  • Using slicing
  • Using ranging
  • Using iloc method
  • Using loc method

Vectorizing operations

  • Vector operations using same index values
  • Vector operations using different index values

DataFrame creation

  • Using list
  • Using dict
  • Using ndarray
  • Using series
  • Using DataFrame

Viewing DataFrame elements

  • Using describe function
  • Using column name
  • Using iloc method
  • Using iat method
  • Using head()
  • Using tail()
  • Using index method

Handling missing values

  • Using Dropna()
  • Using Fillna()
  • Using add between 2 vector series

Data operations with customized functions

  • Using groupby()
  • Using sorting
  • Using merge
  • Using duplicate
  • Using concatenation

Statistical functions in data operations

  • Max()
  • Min()
  • Mean()
  • Std()

SQL operations in pandas

  • Creating table using sqlite3
  • Executing sql queries
  • Inserting values
  • Fetching records
  • Creating recordset
  • Display resultset
  • Converting resultset into DataFrame

Data Processing

  • Processing CSV data
  • Processing JSON data
  • Processing XLS data
  • Date and time in data
  • Reading html contents

Why numpy?

Powerful properties of numpy

Types of arrays

  • One dimensional
  • Two dimensional
  • Three dimensional

Attributes of ndarray

  • Using .ndim
  • Using .shape
  • Using .size
  • Using .dtype

Basic operations

  • ( +, -, *, /, %, //, &, |, ~, <, <=, >, >=, ==, != )
  • Accessing array elements using axis values
  • Indexing with Boolean array

Creating functions for arrays

  • Using arange()
  • Using linspace()
  • Using ones()
  • Using zeros()
  • Using diag()
  • Using random.rand()
  • Using random.randn()
  • Using random.seed()

Copy and view

  • Deep copy
  • Shallow copy
  • Simple assignment

Universal functions

  • Sqrt
  • Cos
  • Floor
  • Exp

Shape manipulation

  • Using flatten
  • Using reshape
  • Using resize
  • Using split
  • Using stack


  • Using tile()
  • Using ones()
  • Using newaxis()

Chart properties

  • Creating a chart
  • Labeling the axes
  • Formatting line style and color
  • Saving the chart in a file

Styling the chart

  • Adding annotations
  • Adding legends
  • Presentation style

Types of presentation styles

  • Scatter plots
  • Heat maps
  • Bubble chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • XKCD style
  • 3D chart
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Time series plot
  • Graph data / line graph
  • Geographical data

Why and How Data to be distributed?

  • Calculating mean
  • Calculating median
  • Calculating mode
  • Measuring variance

Types of distribution

  • Uniform distribution
  • Normal / Gaussian distribution
  • Exponential PDF
  • Binomial distribution PMF
  • Poisson distribution PMF
  • Bernoulli distribution
  • P value
  • Correlation
  • Chi-square test
  • Linear regression

Visualization techniques used

  • Histogram
  • Histogram with grid
  • Distplot
  • Pairplot
  • Scatterplot
  • Lmplot
  • box plot

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Trainer's Profile


Our Mentors are from Top Companies like

  • Our trainers are highly skilled and have 10+ years of extensive experience working with Data Science and Python programming.
  • They have in-depth knowledge of developing applications, web programming and developing analytical algorithms.
  • They provide insightful approaches to developing predictive data models and industry standard practices.
  • They have conducted numerous workshops, introducing the complexities of Data Science and providing comprehensive overview of the software.
  • They use their knowledge in empowering and guiding students with advanced data processing techniques and addressing the challenges faced by data scientists through analysis, visualization, predictive modelling, and programming.
  • They impart their knowledge on problem-solving processes using Python libraries and developing hands-on experience related to many scientific domains.
  • They are proficient in tailoring the course curriculum to accommodate the unique needs of each student and providing feedback to improve the learning outcomes.
  • They ensure that the students gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter and content covered in each session.
  • They provide comprehensive support throughout the training program and ensure an exemplary learning experience.
  • With their experience and capabilities, they are responsible for achieving the training objectives of the students and assisting them in becoming proficient users of the Data Science and Python programming.

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Project Practices

Text Classification In Python
Text Classification in Python
Creating a model to automatically categorize text documents into specific classes or topics.
Fraud Detection In Python
Fraud Detection in Python
Identifying potentially fraudulent insurance claims using historical data and patterns through a Python model.
Demand Forecasting In Python
Demand Forecasting in Python
Predicting future demand for retail products using historical sales data and external factors.
Python Market Basket Analysis
Python Market Basket Analysis
Identifying frequent item combinations and cross-selling insights from transactional data.
Text Summarization In Python
Text Summarization in Python
Generating concise summaries of long text documents using automated techniques.
Image Classification In Python
Image Classification in Python
Using algorithms like CNN to classify images into predefined categories.
Anomaly Detection in Python
Detecting irregular patterns and potential faults in IoT data streams.
Anomaly Detection In Python
A/B Testing With Python
A/B Testing with Python
Analyzing experiments comparing different product or website versions to evaluate user behavior.
Credit Scoring in Python
Assessing creditworthiness using financial and demographic data through a Python model.
Credit Scoring In Python

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Yes, Softlogic will provide you with the necessary resources and material to hone your skills in Data Science with Python. On top of its comprehensive course modules, the Softlogic team will give you access to a variety of case studies, reports, and research material you can use to further your understanding on this topic.

Yes, the Data Science with Python course at Softlogic covers Natural Language Processing (NLP). This module is specifically designed to give students an in-depth understanding of NLP techniques and how to apply them to solve real world problems.

Yes, the Data Science with Python course at Softlogic will cover topics such as Deep Learning and Neural Networks. Through this course, students will gain an advanced understanding of these topics and how to leverage them to solve real-world problems.

Yes, the course is designed to facilitate the learning of Data Science with Python for beginners and experienced professionals alike. The comprehensive course modules and case studies with varying levels of complexity make this course appropriate for individuals of all skill levels.

No, the course is designed such that it does not require any prior knowledge of Big Data. You will learn how to leverage the power of Big Data and apply it to real-world problems during the course.

Yes, Softlogic provides job placement support to students who have successfully completed the Data Science with Python course. The Softlogic team helps to link up students with recruiters from top-tier organizations across the globe.

After the course, you will be equipped with the skills needed to land positions such as data scientist, machine learning engineer, AI engineer, predictive analytics consultant, and more.

The instructor for the Data Science with Python course at Softlogic are highly skilled industry professionals. They have vast experience in Python programming as well as the data science domain.

No, the course is designed such that you do not have to have an in-depth knowledge of mathematics. You will be exposed to the mathematical concepts necessary to understand the data science topics covered in the course.

Yes, Softlogic provides a certified Data Science with Python training program, where students can obtain IBM certifications upon completion of the course.

Additional Information


As the role of data scientist is growing in leaps and bounds, it becomes more essential than ever to be abreast with today’s most in-demand data science skills. Python is at present among the rapidly growing programming languages in the world, mainly because of the simple learning curve and the explosion of data science in it.

The increasing swing in Data Science job opportunities is expected to be present for a long time. As data dominates our lives and organizations try to make sense of the data generated, skilled data scientists are the need of the hour. So if you want to join in a top company as a data scientist with the much-in-demand skill as Python then it’s a wise decision to enroll in the top Data Science with Python Training Institute in Chennai.. Upskill yourself with skills in Data Science with Python to take advantage of the job opportunities that come along your way.

The scope is very wide with respect to data science with Python. Python has gained immense popularity over the past few years because it is a general-purpose language and it is generally regarded as a simple language for beginners. Even web developers who know Python can add data science to their skills etc. This implies to system administrators too.

Everyone is using Python, whether it is a big or small company, or financial institution or big data startup. Python is amazing when you want to work on machine learning and when you are just beginning with data science. Python is getting increased adoption in numerical computations, data science applications and machine learning.

Python for data science needs data scientists to learn the application of regular expressions, start working with the scientific libraries and ace the data visualization concepts. Moreover, Python is a powerful language where a programmer can write the code once and execute it without the need of a separate compiler. This leads to the convenient factor of Python.

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