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Best ASP.Net Training in Chennai

ASP.Net is developed by Microsoft. It is an open-source programming language majorly used for developing server-side applications programs. The language is widely used by developers to create dynamic web services and web applications. If you want to learn the concepts of ASP.Net  in a clear manner, then enrolling in Softlogic will be the right choice. ASP.Net training at the top ASP.Net Training Institute in Chennai is an amazing way to learn and ace the skills needed to get practical experience with Server Side programming.

Overview of ASP.Net

ASP,net lets the usage of the MVC framework to develop applications, thereby offering developers total control of the Models, Views and Controllers being structured. ASP.Net has gained substantial usage across industries for the purpose of web application developments.

When it comes to, MVC, it is a versatile technology for developing small websites and enterprise web applications. An ASP.Net MVC developer should be efficient in one of the .NET languages-either C# or Visual Basic. However, an experienced developer should also be acquainted with various server-side and client-side technologies and frameworks.

When you enroll for training from the leading ASP.Net Training Center in Chennai you will gain profound understanding of basics and practical implementation of the programming language. You will learn important concepts including Ajax and MVC through our in-depth training.

What is ASP.NET Core?

Being a new version of, Core initiates on every prominent computing platform comprising Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is open source like and is developed by Microsoft. It lets developers to build web services, web applications, and powerful content-driven websites. Developers who have knowledge of ASP.Net can enhance their existing knowledge of C# and can rapidly grasp the framework technicalities introduced in ASP.Net core.

Why should the student opt for ASP.Net Training in Chennai?

There are several reasons to apply when creating a website or an application. Low cost, high speed and extensive language support are some of the most prominent advantages of ASP.Net. ASP.Net is developed within the Windows server environment and needs less setup and configuration unlike other web development platforms that must be configured in a separate manner.

Websites and applications developed with ASP.Net can be quicker and more efficient. ASP.Net applications are compiled in the sense that the code is translated into object code which is later executed. This compilation process needs less amount of time, but takes place only once.

There is no direct execution of interpreted code by the machine. It must be read and interpreted each time prior to execution. Compiled code is generally quicker and more scalable compared to interpreted code and can perform any action that the interpreted code can do. This is one of the advantages of

ASP.NET Training Course Fee and Duration

The fee for ASP.Net Course in Chennai is reasonable. You have the convenience to pay it in two installments,. Suppose you get any queries regarding time, place and duration, you can consult our help desk who would be happy to help you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for ASP .NET Training. Please contact our team for current ASP .NET Training course fee and duration.

Pre-Requisites for learning ASP.Net from the leading ASP.Net Training Institute in Chennai
Fundamental comprehension of C, C++ programming language is beneficial. The comprehension of object-oriented programming constructs will also be beneficial. Moreover, earlier knowledge of web development with HTML will be an added advantage.

Who can attend Dot Net Course in Chennai.?

  • Freshers
  • Testing Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Software programmers

Benefits of learning ASP.Net from the top ASP.Net Training Center in Chennai

At Softlogic we have an upgraded teaching technique and course pattern according to the updates in the current scenario. Our course concentrates mostly on practicals. We limit our batch sizes to a maximum of 4 since we believe in imparting quality education to each candidate. We also provide placement assistance to the candidates; we support them till they are successfully placed in their dream job.

Overview of ASP.Net development models

ASP.Net support three primary development models: Web Pages, MVC and Web Forms. The ASP.Net MVC framework is lightweight. It is also a highly testable presentation framework that is blended with existing features including authentication, master pages etc. This framework is defined in the scope of the System Web MVC assembly within .Net. MVC 5.2 is the latest version of the MVC framework. Visual Studio is applied to form ASP.Net MVC applications. This can be included as a template in Visual Studio.

Features of ASP.Net

  • mitigates the amount of code needed for creating huge applications.
  • Per-application configuration and windows authentication ascertains security of applications.
  • is a language-independent platform
  • Web application can be utilized using
  • is a strictly server-side technology and less codes to run on server before reaching browser

Career Prospects and Placement Assistance for ASP.Net from the top ASP.Net training center in Chennai programmers will always have demand as it is the most opted programming language for creating dynamic web application and also development of web services. You can enter into jobs as junior/senior .Net developer. Thee profiles are a regular requirement in the IT domain. Training sessions on ASP.Net programming by Softlogic concentrates on enriching the students with the latest techniques and industry relevant topics. Our proficient trainers will teach you in such a way that you gain confidence during the interviews.

Softlogic has 20 years of experience in software training and has tie-ups with several companies. On successful completion of the training program, the students will be sent for interviews until they are placed. Softlogic also conducts mock interviews and technical reviews to boost the confidence of the candidate in facing interviews.

Scope of ASP.Net in web development developers are in good demand and get better salary after having excellent monitoring and good experience in web development campaign, India is now a quickly growing country with regard to web development. Professional developers will be highly in demand and will have a bright future scope. In the present scenario, several websites throughout the world are developed by active server pages tools. This demonstrates the popularity of

ASP .NET Training Course Syllabus

The syllabus of ASP.Net Training in Chennai is designed keeping in mind the industry standards, It covers all the concepts related to and is updated frequently. The trainers teach the content of the syllabus in a proficient manner.

Introduction of .Net Framework Initially in our ASP.NET Programming session, we will go through the basics of ASP.NET programming. We firstly begin with the Introduction of .Net Framework, The Common Language Run Time and .Net Class Framework.

Introduction of Visual studio Components like Solution Explorer, References, Assembly Information Screen, The Properties Window and The New Code Window.

Programming structures Variable, Data Types, Reference Types, Object Oriented Terminology, Working with Objects, Creating Classes, Overloading Methods, Constructors, Shared Methods, etc.

Inheritance and Interface Implement inheritance i.e. creating base class, subclass and using ‘inherit’ keyword; Overloading and overriding methods, Shadowing, and Object interface in detail.

Generics Generics Types, Generics Methods, Creation of Generics, Classes & inheritance, Structures, Interfaces, Constraints and Generics & late binding.

Namespace Concept of Namespace, Common Namespace, Importing Namespace, Referencing Namespaces and Creating own Namespaces.

Troubleshooting Error handling, Structured Exception Handling, Error logging, Debugging and Tracing.

Web Applications Configuring Web Applications, Controlling Web Applications, Creating Web Applications and Deploying Web Applications.

Web Controls Custom Controls, Input Validation Controls, Intrinsic Controls, List Bound Controls, Rich Controls and User Controls.

Web Forms Code-Behind, Directives, Lifecycle, State and Use of IDE.

Introduction to XML At last in the ASP.NET course, you will learn about XML Serialization and XML Stream-Style Parsers.