Dotnet Training in Chennai

.NET Training in Chennai

Softlogic provides Best Dot Net training in Chennai. Our training is framed to give the attendees the skills and knowledge to shine in the crowd vy commencing/enhancing a career in Microsoft .net industry. Students get recent and updated training in multiple areas in .Net MVC and a holistic grasp of real-time projects.

Are you interested in coding and wish to form a great career? You can approach Softlogic that offers Best Dotnet Course in Chennai. Formed by Microsoft, .Net is a Windows-based software that consists of a Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). This infrastructure lets you to apply DOT Net in a number of applications to execute commands in Common Language Runtime (CLR). Dotnet encompasses both CLR and FCL (Frame Class Library) and implements commands with good accuracy and fastness. FCL is also applied in mobile applications. Nowadays even smartphones framed with Windows OS are initiated. These only go to establish that there will be a demand for proficient .NET programmers.

What is Dot Net?

.Net is today’s leading platform for windows and web based app development tool for varied environments by using different technologies. Around 30 percent of the Web applications are in the .Net technology. Dot Net Framework, enables innovation in every possible enterprise and application, It is truly and really the 21st century technology.

With the help of Dot Net, we can build XML web applications and web services, which are capable of running on the internet. They are best suited for web server programs, applications that can run on a PC as well as mobile devices, Business functions, Gaming, Communication etc. Dot Net can easily transfer data from one computer to the other; this is what makes it popular.

Objectives of the .NET Training

  • Softlogic offers .NET Training in Chennai in a way that you can get a sound comprehension of all essentials in the web application.
  • You can be benefited with a well-defined knowledge by grasping the architecture of .NET
  • You will become expert in Model View Controller architecture for the purpose of producing correct, maintainable language support
  • You can ace design web applications through ASP.NET
  • You can have good knowledge in debugging, adhering to code standard and implement web applications.
  • You can have adequate knowledge of ASP.NET AJAX application

Innumerable benefits of the .Net framework:

  • Reduction in the development time with high-quality, robust and reliable enterprise applications
  • Designing applications for specific business functions
  • Re-designing applications to serve the growing needs of an organization
  • Customized access and delivery of products and services to the user
  • Multi-user and Multi-device synchronization
  • Integration of various communication media, such as e-mail, fax and phones

Job Opportunities for .Net:

The future of .NET for the next 10 years is very bright and definitely great as these jobs are the most demanded. The career prospects of this technology are high worldwide. Among the career options in IT, a career in Dot Net has a high growth in the near future. With the massive growth of Dot Net framework in the industry, every company in and around India have started to search for Dot Net Developers. A person with Dot Net as his specialty can get a job in various profiles as Dot net has comparatively huge openings than the other technologies like JavaOraclePHP etc.

  • There are different multinational companies, which look for professionals with. Net expertise.
  • Many companies have changed their prior software to .NET due to its high reliability factor and ability to work on different platforms and on different devices, this further increase the job prospects for .net technology.
  • Among the most common dot NET jobs that IT professionals and enthusiasts can apply for are; web programmers, designers and developers.
  • Dot Net technology will play an even larger role in the future versions of Microsoft products.
  • In the recent research , we can see that AJAX has the maximum of 707 job posts a month followed by .NET with 376 job posts

Prerequisites to Learn Dotnet Certification in Chennai

  • .Net can be applied in development for both desktop and web applications. You have to begin from C language. C language is the core for all other languages, So if you are beginning with C language you can then shift to C Sharp .Net
  • If you begin learning HTML and CSS then you can shift towards ASP.Net.However, C Sharp knowledge is needed here too.
  • Fundamental concepts of programming and understanding of HTML is also needed for .NET.

Who can attend Dotnet Course in Chennai?

Softlogic offers .NET training for BCA, MSc, BE, BTech, BSc, MCA graduates who want to carve a niche for themselves in the IT field.

The following candidates can also take up this course:

  • Individuals who want to migrate their career and become a programmer
  • Students who are keen in advanced C Sharp programming, web design with CSS and HTML, database design through Microsoft SQL Server etc.
  • Students who are inclined towards front-end technologies including JQuery and Javascript.
  • Students who wish to build new models, concentrating on various MVC concepts, form controllers etc.

Freshers and seasoned professionals can enroll in Dotnet Training Institute in Chennai. Why are you waiting? Call (+91 86818 84318) us to know more about the .NET course in Chennai

Dot net Course in Chennai, with Softlogic Systems:

As .NET usage is predominant, and .NET is the number one technology in the industry, Softlogic focuses on giving .NET training & placement in Chennai, to its aspiring students. Since the applications of Dot Net are intricate and specific, expertise can be achieved in this technology only by enrolling oneself in a course that will better prepare you for a dot NET employment opportunity in the future. Various institutes and firms offer courses and certifications in Dot Net language, but Softlogic Systems, is the only premier institute for an ideal and enriching training experience in Dot Net technology.

  • Our course (state-of-the-art, high quality and updated curriculum) extensively covers Dot Net concepts with clear explanations
  • Adequate practical and laboratory sessions.
  • Intensive Internship project training on live and real-time projects
  • Online Live Instructor Training
  • Training by expert and Real Time Professionals from the industry with superlative teaching skills
  • Course Materials, Running Notes, Assignments, Recording Videos
  • Mock Interviews, Placement Assistance, and Support even after the completion of the Course
  • Free Dot Net Training demo classes for prospective learners prior to enrolling

Career Prospect in .NET Course

When you ponder over making a career in IT, you would think of choosing the appropriate language for you. There are too many programming languages and you would not be sure which language to choose. It is very important to select the technology according to present market requirement and scenario for any good job. IT is one of the most welcoming careers for youngsters in India. .NET technology has great future scope and this is the reason why Softlogic is providing .NET Training in Chennai.

.NET assists in developing lot of applications for several platforms and environments. Hence you can opt for a career in .NET. The person who is trained in .NET from Softlogic can gain the job as a software developer.Several CMM Level5 companies are using .Net and the demand for .NET professionals is huge worldwide.

According to your interest, you can select any career option for your future applying .NET platform. .NET comprises very low programming hence several types of development can be performed using .NET also makes the youngsters like this technology for their IT career.

Why Softlogic is the Best .NET Training Institute in Chennai?

Our .NET training in Chennai makes you learn how to apply .NET efficiently and how to develop a web application with the help of different .NET languages. The talented trainers make you comprehend the basic to advanced development techniques applied in dotnet frameworks, Softlogic offers classroom and online training sessions to the students.The students will learn in a comprehensive manner on how to form a database object with Entity frameworks, initiating various ASP.Net MVC applications etc. Free .NET training demo class that acts as a perfect prelude to the quality of training is available here.

Nowadays the web is ,making its presence felt in all types of devices comprising intelligent devices and applications. .NET is one of the most sought after languages for application development and has good support by Microsoft platform. It offers the flexibility to communicate with interfaces including desktop PCs, mobile phones and infotainment services. .NET, in the role of a platform, lets a developer to make appropriate applications with inter-portability across platforms in a short period.

This program is framed to encompass specialized modules taking into account various aspects of real world work environment and lets the students to be ready for industry relevant practical application development. We have proficient trainers to mentor you as per the real world requirements. They focus on solving real Dotnet concerns equipped with theoretical knowledge.
Softlogic supports the students with practicals, interview questions and individual attention to mold high quality professionals in Microsoft technologies.

.NET Course Fee and Duration

The major responsibility of a Dot Net technician is to develop the application, which can run easily on any platform- Softlogic promises to help you travel towards this goal. Newbie or Experienced, this job oriented and professional DOTNET Course in Chennai by Softlogic will help you to develop your knowledge that will carve you as an Industry ready programmer

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Dot Net Training. Please contact our team for current Dotnet Training course fee and duration.

Dotnet Training Course Syllabus

1. Object Oriented Programming

Basic Concept of OOPs?
Principles of OOPs

2. Introduction to .Net Framework
.Net Framework Architecture
Components of framework
ADO .Net
Console Programming
Windows Forms
Assembly Types
Build, Package, Deploy

3. C# Language
CLR Execution Model
Primitive Types
Reference & Value Types
Nullable Types
Constants & Fields
Properties, Methods, Events & Delegates.
Working with Chars, Strings & Text
Enums, Arrays.
Assembly Loading & Reflection

4. Errors & Exception Handling
The Idea behind Exception
Exceptions & Errors
Types of Exception
Control Flow in Exceptions
Use of try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling.
In-built and User Defined Exceptions

5. Collections
Collection Classes
List, Dictionary, Hashtable
IEnumerable, IList, IQueryable

6. Threading
Thread Basics
Foreground, Background Threads
Multithreading concepts
Asynchronous Operations using threads

7. Windows Forms
Basics of Winforms programming
Controls in Winforms
Execution flow
Event Driven programming

8. ADO .Net
Basics of RDBMS
ADO .Net Classes
Connectivity to Database
Connected & Disconnected Architecture
Dataset, Datatable, DataReader

9. ASP .Net
Introduction to Web Applications
Why ASP .Net?
ASP .Net Pipeline
Page Life Cycle
Front end and Code Behind
User Controls
Custom Controls
Master Pages
Asp .Net Controls
HTML Controls

10. Web Services
Web Methods
Using Web Services

11. LINQ
Linq Queries
Conditions in Linq
Data management

Why dotnet is preferred for developing modern applications?

Excellent functionality

.NET framework offers a rich set of functionality. It comprises several classes that provide different functionality that can be used in your applications. This implies that there is no need to think about low level details of several operations including file IO, network communication etc.

Simple development of web applications

ASP.NET is a technology present in .NET platform for forming robust and data-driven web applications. ASP.NET offers an event driven programming model. ASP..NET server controls offer advanced user interface components that doesn’t need the programmer to do lot of coding.

OOPs support

As a tech enthusiast you would have heard about the advantages of OOPs. .NET offers a completely object oriented environment. Dotnet greatly relies on Object.

Multi-language support

Commonly companies have different skill sets. We see that whenever a new language is invented existing skills turn outdated. This obviously raises cost of training and learning curve. .NET offers something interesting here. It supports several languages. For example, if you possess skills in C++you can easily finetune them to match .NET environment.

Multi-device support

Contemporary lifestyle is widely adopting mobile and wireless devices including PDAs, handheld PCs sets etc.. .NET offers promising great platforms for programming such devices. •

Automatic memory management

Developers have to take a keen note of system resources including memory at the time of developing applications. Memory leaks attributed to failure of applications. .NET eliminates this problem from developer by taking care of memory on its own. The garbage collector handles freeing unused objects at right intervals.

Powerful XML Support

In the present day it is difficult to find a programmer who is not knowledgeable of XML. XML has got immense industry support that most of the vendors have released some type of upgrades to their available software to make it compatible with XML. At present, .NET is a major platform that has been developed with XML straight into the fundamental framework. To put it in a nutshell, .NET attempts to extract the power of XML is every manner.

Simplicity of deployment and configuration

Windows platform was at the receiving end for poor security functionalities. Microsoft has put lot of efforts to make .NET platform secure for the purpose of enterprise applications. Features including type safety, role based authentication etc. make the entire application more powerful and secure.