Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai


Microsoft Windows Azure Training in Chennai

IT industry is going through a period of innovation and is driven by a phenomenon called as cloud. Cloud lets testing business ideas in a rapid manner at an affordable rate. Every startup and established organizations that have an eye for something innovative are deploying cloud to a great extent. Cloud is disrupting the conventional way of carrying out business activities and several companies are embracing it. In order to get prepared for the cloud invasion, the IT enthusiasts should take up training in one of the prominent cloud platforms i.e. Microsoft Azure. Softlogic provides Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai with expert trainers.

Microsoft Azure Overview

Microsoft Azure is a quickly evolving cloud service that helps small to large sized organizations for accomplishing their business objectives. It is affordable and mitigates expenses. Being an integration platform for application development and operations, Microsoft Azure involves a set of concepts and provides value-added cloud services applied for fruitful utilization and control of applications.

Azure platform functions as an intermediate to enable co-ordination between both IT Operation team and developers. Azure relies on these two IT groups for accomplishing efficient application development and deployment operations. So there is good collaboration between development and operations team and they function as single departments. Azure assists companies in terms of software deployment in an iterative manner at the same time maintaining service stability and more speed.

Prerequisites to Learn Azure Training in Chennai

  • Understanding of .NET language especially C#
  • Understanding of ASP.NET
  • Acquaintance with the fundamental structure of the MS Azure platform
  • Reasonable knowledge of infrastructure topics including networking and active directory
  • A fair knowledge of cloud phenomenon

Who can attend Azure Course in Chennai?

This training from the Best Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai is also framed for those IT professionals who are inclined to take up a career in Cloud computing and become Microsoft Azure Developer Specialist. Now lets see who can gain from this course:

  • Any UG and Any PG Degree
  • BE/B.Tech in ECE / EEE / EIE / Electronics / CSE / IT
  • Working professionals who wish to have a career change including
  • Solution architects
  • Storage administrators
  • .NET developers
  • Virtualization engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • QA engineers
  • Identity engineers
  • Server engineers
  • Software Test Professionals
  • Microsoft Azure Engineer
  • Project Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Diploma in Computer Technology / IT
  • BSc / MSc (Electronics / CS / Instrumentation/Physics)
  • M.Tech in Electronics / IT / CSE/ Mechatronics
  • Security administrators

Microsoft Azure Training Syllabus

Which Microsoft Azure is the best to begin with?

For the aspiring candidates who are new to technology, Microsoft Technology Associates is the suggested starting point for certifications. MTA certifications offer a good foundation for those getting ready for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associated and MCSD certifications. Those professionals who are working with the technology should begin with the MCSA and MCSD certifications. There are some prerequisites for further certifications. The MCSA certifications require that the job seeker possess a minimum set of skills to be ready for job.

In order to become an MCSA you have to clear two examinations and showcase your capabilities as a cloud administrator and your gateway to becoming a cloud architect.

The options include the following:

  • Designing and Executing Cloud Data Platform Solutions [Exam 70-441]
  • Designing and Executing Big Data Analytics Solutions [Exam 70-475]
  • Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions [Exam 70-532]
  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions [Exam 70-533]
  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions [Exam 70-534]


Why learn Microsoft Azure from the Best Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Chennai?

Softlogic’s Microsoft Azure training is an amazing program that is framed for aspiring candidates who want to learn the basic and advanced concepts of this powerful platform. Our Windows Azure Training in Chennai is devised to introduce more experts in the domain of Azure. Our training program consists of small batch sizes that enable better learning. Moreover, we give preference to practical over theory. Thus if you are searching for the Best Microsoft Azure Training Center in Chennai Softlogic is the right choice.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

Being an integrated cloud service that the developers use to form and manage applications, Microsoft Azure has gained a coveted place. It is growing quickly as a competitor for the leading cloud providers. It offers a huge spectrum of services ranging from Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service to Cloud Managing services. The cloud scenario is very competitive and growing constantly. Microsoft Azure competes with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud etc. Besides PaaS and IaaS, Azure provides security controls, analytics, networking etc. One of the main highlights of Microsoft Azure is that it facilitates third party software too.

Other benefits of learning Azure from the Top Windows Azure Training Classes in Chennai

  • Microsoft Azure is quickly growing to be the best cloud service platform
  • It is one of the comprehensive end-to-end solutions
  • Microsoft Azure fixes disaster recovery
  • It can be deployed in any location
  • It has lot of demand in the industry
  • There is a huge range of job opportunities and high salaries for Microsoft Azure certified professionals
  • Entrepreneurs, professionals and students learn Azure for implementing it in their jobs or further progress their business

Advantages of Windows Azure Certification Training in Chennai

Thus we can see that Microsoft Azure is one of the rapidly progressing technologies in the industry. Most of the companies are using this platform. Though there is raise in demand, the people who are skilled in this technology are less. Several Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure. It is one of the highly efficient tools to take care of all the conventional services comprising design, management and deployment of platform.

Azure Course Fee and Duration

Azure Course Fees in Chennai is reasonable and can be paid in two installments. Should you have any concerns regarding time, venue and duration, you can talk to our educational counselors who would be glad to clarify your doubts.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Microsoft Azure. Please contact our team for current Microsoft Azure course fee and duration.

Microsoft Azure Training Course Syllabus

The course syllabus for Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai from Softlogic is the latest and best. We take every step to ensure that it is prepared keeping in mind the industry requirements. Due to this the candidates will be able to face the interviews with confidence. The trainers teach the content of the syllabus in a meticulous manner and ascertain that the doubts are cleared immediately.

Module-1: Cloud Computing & Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Azure
  • Different segments SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
  • Azure Regions and Data Centers
  • Understanding of Microsoft Azure portal
  • Introduction to all Azure services
  • Windows Azure Subscription
  • Setting Up a Trial Subscription


  • Installation of Azure cmdlets on windows PowerShell

Module-2: Azure Virtual Machines

  • Operating System Images Supported
  • Virtual Machine instances
  • Azure VM types and Pricing
  • Types of Provisioning
  • Disks & Images
  • Virtual Machine management, automation and scripting
  • Cloud Service and Resource Model Deployment
  • Setting up VM in Availability set using Load Balanced Endpoint
  • VM Availability using Availability Sets


  • Creation of VMs with portal, ARM Templates and PowerShell
  • Deploying two VMs in Availability Set and load balancing it.

Module-3: Introduction to Azure Virtual Network and Services

  • Types of Azure Virtual Network VNET to VNET, point-to-site and site-to-site, Express Route
  • Creating Virtual Networks in Azure
  • Azure Subnet and IP ranges
  • Endpoints
  • Load Balancing Endpoints
  • Understanding Network ACL and Network Security Group Setting up Private and Public IP
  • Introduction to Azure Traffic Manager
  • Available options in Azure Traffic Manager
  • Understanding of Deployment Traffic Manager
  • Create a VET-to-VNET virtual networks
  • Create a point-to-site virtual network.
  • Create a site-to-site virtual network.
  • Load Balancing using Azure Traffic Manager.

Module-4: Microsoft Azure Storage

  • Overview of Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Storage Account
  • Storage Account Replication Techniques
  • Protocols and Consistency Model
  • Type of Azure Storage Account
  • Storage Services Blob, Table, queue, File
  • Azure CDN Services, Managed and Unmanaged Disk


  • Provisioning Azure Storage services
  • Create an Azure Storage Account
  • Deploying Blob Storage
  • Deploying Table Storage
  • Deploying Queue Storage
  • Deploying File Storage

Module-5: Manage AzureActive Directory (AD) 

  • Azure Active Directory Overview
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Integrating SaaS Applications with Azure AD
  • Azure Domains and Tenants
  • Azure Users and Groups
  • Azure Roles
  • Managing Devices


  • Implement Azure Active Directory.
  • Configure Self-Service Password Reset
  • Implement Azure AD Identity Protection
  • Configure integrated SaaS applications
  • Configure domains and tenants, users and groups
  • Manage roles and devices
  • Migration of OnPrem AD Users to Azure AD
  • Configure MFA

Module 6: Manage App Service Plans

  • App Service Overview
  • App Service monitoring overview
  • Web Role and Worker Role
  • App Service Plan
  • Deploy Web App
  • App Service Diagnostics

Module 7: Azure SQL Database

  • Understanding Database as a service
  • Difference between SQL server and Azure SQL
  • Advantage and Benefits of SQL database Scaling SQL database
  • Backup and Performance Options Security in Azure
  • SQL Pricing Model
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Migrate a database from on premise to SQL Azure

Module-8: Azure Backup and Site Recovery

  • Azure Vaults
  • Configuring backups
  • Data Protection Manager
  • Azure Site Recovery and Disaster Recovery
  • On Premise Migration using Recovery Services
  • Configure a Recovery Service Vault and backup files from on premise to cloud
  • Site Recovery of a VM
  • Back up of a VM
BELOW Content is for Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure – AZ -203 Exam [Will be conducted extra]

Module-9: Azure ARM Template

  • Introduction to Azure ARM Templates and its content


  • Deploying ARM Template with PowerShell

Module 10: Configure Serverless Computing

  • Serverless Computing, Functions and Logic Apps
  • Logic Apps
  • Creating a Function App

Module 11: Manage App Services 

  • App Settings
  • Deployment Slots


  • App Settings
  • Deployment Slots

Module 12: Data Factory 

  • Introduction to Azure Data Factory
  • Core Concepts – Data sets, Pipelines and activities, Scheduling and execution
  • Run Samples – Customer Profiling
  • Moving Data, Transformation and Analysis
  • Monitoring and managing the Pipelines
  • Common Use Cases and Samples


  • Orchestrating the On-Prem data from SQL DB to Azure DB by creating a data pipeline using Blob storage.

Module-13: Azure Container Service

  • Introduction to Azure Container Service
  • Overview of Containers
  • Introduction to Azure Container Registry
  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Introduction
  • Deploy an Azure container registry
  • Build a container image using Azure Container Registry Tasks
  • Deploy the container to an Azure container instance
  • Replicate the container image to multiple Azure datacenters
  • Run Docker containers with Azure Container Instance
  • Run Azure Container Instances
  • Deploying AKS in Azure

Module-14: Azure Cosmos DB

  • Introduction
  • What is a request unit?
  • What is Partition Strategy and Key?
  • Query types


  • Create an Azure Cosmos DB account in the Azure portal
  • Create a database and collection in Azure Cosmos DB
  • Run queries in the Azure portal


  • Deploying VM in Availability set and load balancing the traffic through External Load Balancer.
  • Deploying WebApps in two different regions and managing it through traffic manager.

Discussion about the Azure Exam AZ-100, AZ-101: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment Solutions. AZ-203 – Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Why Azure is the preferred platform?

  • Mitigates time to market, by delivering features quicker with over 100 end-to-end services
  • Form and deploy where you want and satisfy all your hybrid cloud needs
  • Build intelligent apps applying powerful data and artificial intelligence services

Career Opportunities with Microsoft Azure

Though AWS and Google Cloud are topping in Cloud computing services, there are opportunities in Microsoft Azure too. Nowadays with the raising usage of Cloud computing by several companies from various domains, the jobs pertaining to cloud computing skills are also raising. Most of the job openings in big organizations require skills either operating on AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. The job profiles based on Microsoft Azure will be labeled as “Cloud Solution Architect” or “Cloud Architect” that need good knowledge on several Cloud computing processes and be in a position to apply this knowledge to suit the company’s requirements.

Several candidates looking to begin a career with Microsoft Azure commence as a Solutions Architect or an IT Architect. When they gain comfort level with the job, they will perform well. Depending on their performance, they become Technical Architects or Solution Architects or Senior Software Architect. When you constantly upgrade your knowledge and certifications, you can progress to the highest level in your company. Microsoft Azure training from Best Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Chennai as Softlogic will lay the foundation for a successful career in this platform.

Certifications in Microsoft Azure

Certification in Microsoft Azure will develop your cloud computing skills and also boost your chances of getting into the right job. There are various approved certifications from Microsoft. You can get certified as Microsoft Azure Solution Architect, Microsoft Specialist Certifications for Microsoft Azure Solution, Linux on Azure, architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions and Executing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solution.

Best Microsoft Azure Certification Training in Chennai

Once the student completes the course, Softlogic offers certification of Microsoft Azure. This certification ascertains and forms a strong career foundation to the candidates looking out for their desired job profile. The candidate who has Microsoft Azure Certification will definitely garner the required attention and additional salary than an uncertified Microsoft Azure engineer.