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Best HTML Training Institute in Chennai

Hyper Text Markup Language is a fundamental language that is applied to form web pages that are shown in the browser. It instructs the web browser the way to show the content and the images for the view of the user. Each and every website comprises HTML coding that lets forming web pages which can be seen by anyone else on the internet. Do you want to learn this powerful element of web design but wondering where to take up this HTML Training in Chennai? Then it’s time to enroll in Softlogic for an enriching experience.

Why is HTML training in Chennai is important?

HTML is the fundamental language that initiates the visual representation of any website. It is considered to be the best code that lets communication between individuals and the World Wide Web.

To go further, HTML is a commonly used language that is applied worldwide to form basic standard web pages. It is the foundation that transforms texts, videos and images into web pages that are viewable and audible for the end users. Any person can code manually and produce simple and smart websites, thereby gaining large money through HTML.

Formation of web pages is the underlying principle of Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the element that makes the pages to be seen on the internet. There is no website without HTML. Eclipse, Netbeans are some of the HTML editors which are very efficient for coding a web page.

Prerequisites to Learn HTML5 Training Course in Chennai

HTML Training in Chennai at Softlogic doesn’t ask for big prerequisites. The candidate must have experience in using computer, ability to use internet, and fundamental web design skills.

Who can attend HTML training from the top HTML Training Institute in Chennai?

  • Any candidate with a graduate degree
  • Aspiring candidates who want to develop their web development skills
  • Professionals who have already experience in web designing domain but want to upgrade their skills
  • SEO professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs

HTML Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fees for HTML training in Chennai is reasonable and can be paid in two installments Are you having any concerns regarding the time and premises of the training? Then you can contract our technical counselors who would clarify your queries. You can also clarify your questions regarding the duration of the course from our counselors.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for HTML Training. Please contact our team for current HTML Training course fee and duration.

HTML Training Course Content

The syllabus of HTML training in Chennai is meticulously prepared so as to encompass all the relevant concepts of this dynamic component. You will learn in detail about HTML5, which is the latest version of HTML. We have prepared the syllabus such that it meets the current industry standards. It is updated in a constant basis. We ensure that you get the confidence to attend the interviews through our updated syllabus.

HTML Overview

  • HTML Editing Tools
  • WYSISYG Authoring Tools
  • Document Structure
  • HTML Tags
  • Information browsers ignore
  • Tips on good HTML style
  • Specifying Color in HTML

Structural HTML Tags

  • The Summary of Structural Tags
  • Setting up an HTML document
  • The global settings with the “BODY” tag
  • Using META tag

Formatting Text

  • The summary of Text tags
  • Working with HTML text
  • The inline type styles
  • The FONT tag
  • The Lists
  • The layout techniques with HTML

Creating Links

  • The summary of tags related to linking
  • Simple Hypertext links
  • Linking within a document
  • Affecting the appearance of links
  • Targeting windows
  • The Image maps
  • Non-Web links and protocols

Adding images and other page elements

  • The summary of object placement tags
  • Horizontal rules
  • The Image basics
  • The IMG tag and its attributes
  • Adding Java Applets to the page
  • Adding Plug-in Media with EMBED
  • Adding Media files with OBJECT


  • The summary of Table tags
  • Introduction to tables
  • The Basic table structure
  • Affecting table appearance
  • Table troubleshooting
  • Tips and tricks
  • Standard table templates
  • Multipart images in tables


  • The summary of Frame tags
  • Introduction to frames
  • The basic frameset structure
  • The frame function and appearance
  • Targeting frames
  • The Inline (Floating) frames
  • Frame design tips and tricks


  • Summary of FORM tags
  • Introduction to Forms
  • The basic form (FORM)
  • The FORM elements
  • The New FORM attributes (HTML 4.0)
  • Affecting the appearance of forms
  • Unconventional use of FORM elements
  • Demystifying CGI
  • Retrieving the parameter value using getParameter () method

Server Side includes (SSI)

  • How SSI is used
  • The SSI and the server
  • Adding SSI commands to a document
  • Using environment variables
  • The XSSI
  • The List of elements
  • The Include variables
  • Time formats for SSI output

Best HTML5 Training in Chennai

HTML5 is the best certification to understand the essentials of web design and development. HTML5 training from the Top HTML5 Training Center in Chennai provides in-depth knowledge of not only on HTML5 but also on CSS3 and Javascript, We know that these certifications are really a boost to the candidate’s resume.

Why get trained from the top HTML Training Institute in Chennai?

Softlogic understands what the trending concepts in the present world are and hence the experts have structured the courses according to the recent trends. We have clear idea about of the fundamentals of HTML and hence designed the course so that you get the following benefits:

  • Understand the ways to get hold of HTML that will take your career to heights
  • Learn from the beginning about the modern technologies including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Get to know new skills that you can demonstrate in the practical job scenario
  • Upgrade your professional career as a fresh web designer or web developer
  • The course structure is framed in such a way that it is easy for you to follow
  • Learn advanced skills with the support of our proficient trainers

The HTML5 Course in Chennai from Softlogic doesn’t concentrate on only the new tags but also about APIs including Canvas, HTML5 data storage, videos and audio API, indexed data storage etc.

Glimpse of HTML5

HTML5 is the 5th version of the dynamic HTML. It consists of new elements, behaviors and attributes. It is used to form more dynamic and interactive websites and applications. It elaborates on the webpage contents in a more specific manner.

HTML5 extends and enhances the markups for the document. It has more robust APIs to solve complicated web applications. It is primarily framed to give a multimedia user experience crosswise a huge spectrum of services comprising phones, tablets, desktop and laptops. Are you curious to understand the importance of HTML5 and thereby work on it? Then it’s time to contact the educational counselors of Softlogic and gain expertise in this latest version of HTML.

HTML5 offers number of solutions for web developers in forming amazing static pages. Our HTML Training Institute in Chennai will concentrate mostly on execution of W3C standards and elements for future proofing of the websites.

Softlogic provides proficient training on HTML5 for both fresher and working professionals. If you are searching for a highly interactive, professional and result oriented HTML5 Training in Chennai then Softlogic is the right place. By gaining practical exposure with HTML5, you can build stunning and interactive mobile applications, web applications and even games. It will surely land you in your dream job.

Career opportunities of HTML

There is lot of scope for web developers. In fact there is no website that doesn’t have HTML. It plays a prominent role on the internet applications and it surely has a good scope throughout the world. Demand for developers with regard to online marketing field is large. The HTML Training Course in Chennai from Softlogic will satisfy the current demand of the IT field. There are indeed several advanced platforms; however, HTML is the fundamental of all languages and is a pivotal element in creating websites.