Python Training in Chennai

Python Training in Chennai

Python Training Institute in Chennai

Python Training in Chennai at Softlogic assists you to get total knowledge of the powerful programming language.  Secondly, you will gain from the highly interactive training sessions that give importance to practical training. At the same time, the  course content is framed by us in a unique manner. Finally, you can start learning Python Course in Chennai from basics to advanced concepts. Thus, call us for a free demo session today!

What is Python?

First and foremost, Python is a user friendly, versatile and dynamic programming language.  Secondly, it consists of extensive libraries and frameworks which are simple to use. For this purpose, getting trained from the  Best Python Training Institute in Chennai is essential.

Python is a general-purpose programming language used to create a variety of different programs for building websites, automating tasks, and performing data analysis. It is beginner-friendly and is the most used programming language in the world. As it is easy to learn, Python is used by various non-programmers such as accountants and scientists for automating their everyday tasks and organizing financial operations. Write your first program at Softlogic as we are providing the best Python Training Course in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

Learn Python for Data Analysis

Python allows data analysts to conduct complex statistical calculations, create data visualizations, complete data-related tasks, manipulate and analyze data, and develop machine learning algorithms. It is used to build a wide range of data visualizations with line and bar graphs, pie charts, 3D plots, and histograms efficiently. TensorFlow and Keras are the two most popularly used libraries of python used in data analytics along with the machine learning process. Learn how to perform data analysis with python programming language in our Python Training in Chennai with Best Practices.

Learn Python for Web Development

Python is used to develop the backend of a website that improves user experience. The role of Python in web development includes sending data to and from servers, URL routing, ensuring security, processing data, and communicating with databases. Django and Flask are the two frameworks of Python used for web development. Become a master in backend web development, full-stack development, and DevOps engineering through our Python Training Course in Chennai.

Learn Python for Automation

Python is used to write codes for automation processes through scripting. This automation is used to check for errors across multiple files, execute simple math, convert files, and remove duplicates in data. Beginners are the most beneficial people by Python programming language to automate simple tasks on the computer like renaming files, finding online content, sending emails, and checking texts at desired intervals. Learn how to automate tasks by enrolling in our Python Course in Chennai.

Learn Python for Software Testing and Prototyping

Python helps in bug tracking, control building, and testing software applications. Testers can also automate testing for new products or updated features. Green and Requestium are popular python tools used in the software testing process. Learn Python Course in Chennai at Softlogic to test your products and applications efficiently.

Learn Python for Everyday Tasks

The learning of Python Training in Chennai is opening new opportunities for data-heavy professionals like small business leaders, social media marketers, and journalists. Non-programmers also learn python for performing their regular tasks like keeping track of stock market or crypto prices, updating grocery shopping lists, converting text files into spreadsheets, filling out online forms automatically, assign chores to family members. Begin to live smart by learning in our Python Training Institute in Chennai.

Why Python?

Notably, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the present world. This is also in light of its highly extensible feature. Equally important, it  concentrates on code readability.

It is important to realize that you can apply Python for developing websites, web applications, and GUI applications. By all means, a newcomer can easily learn Python with training from Python Training Institute in Chennai like Softlogic. Definitely, this is due to its simple learning curve coupled with the proficiency of the trainers.

The significant features of python are simple syntax that mimics natural language, versatile that can be used for many different tasks, beginner-friendly that makes it popular for entry-level coders, open-source that can be used for free to use and distribute, numerous modules and libraries that can be used for fastening the development, python capabilities are vast and growing, large and active community that is contributed by millions of professional developers. The learning of the Python Course in Chennai makes everybody a specialist with basic programming skills.

Python is growing continuously with its increased popularity among numerous companies and organizations like Google, Meta, Spotify, Netflix, and Dropbox. The student can become a developer, data analyst, data scientist, ethical hacker, penetration tester, software engineer, data journalist, cloud architect, and QA engineer by learning Python programming at Softlogic Systems, the leading Python Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

Delving more into Python

  1. Python assists in writing small and large functions.
  2. There are several frameworks in Python that make web development simple.
  3. You can write scripting programs and non-scripting programs using it.
  4. It seems that Python helps programmers to develop any program easily. By and large, this is due to its huge library for data manipulation and evaluation.
  5. In addition, several job opportunities are present for Python developers. On the whole, it’s time that you grab the chance to learn Python from Softlogic.

What are the Objectives of Python Training in Softlogic?

Python Programming Course in Chennai is intended for software engineers, program managers, user support personnel, and system or data analysts to have in-depth knowledge in Python. Here are the course objectives of the Python Course in Chennai at Softlogic Systems. At the end of the Python Course, our students will be expertise in the following.

  • To understand the usage of Python programming language for developers
  • To know how to design and develop Python applications
  • To learn how to use lists, tuples, and dictionaries of Python programming
  • To understand how to identify Python Object Types
  • To know how to use indexing and slicing to access data in Python programming
  • To define the structure and components of Python programming
  • To know how to write loops, decision statements, functions, and passing arguments in Python
  • To implement packages and modules for reusability of python codes efficiently
  • To learn how to read and write files in python
  • To design and develop OOPs-based programs with Python classes
  • To implement class inheritance concepts in Python for reusability
  • To utilize exception handling in Python for handling errors effectively.
  • Writing reusable scripts will become easy when you get trained from us.
  • Our trainers take in-depth exercises that assist you to apply Python in your application environment accurately.
  • We train you on implementing the built-in functions of Python.

In like manner, you will have an understanding of the data science concepts of Python if you take up Python with Data Analytics Training in Chennai from Softlogic.

Python Course Syllabus

Python Course Fee and Duration

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Python. Please contact our team for current Python course fee and duration.

Python Course in Chennai

Softlogic Systems is offering the best Python Course in Chennai for freshers and working professionals to get a wonderful career transition to become software developers, web developers, script developers, automation professionals, testing engineers, data analysts, data scientists, data visualization professionals, and so on. Our Python Training in Chennai at Softlogic provided with a well-structured curriculum that covers hands-on exercises, case studies, assignments, and project practices along with industry-accredited certification and placement assistance. Enroll in our Python Training Institute in Chennai to gain expertise in your desired field.

Career Scope of Python Course in Chennai

The popularity of Python programming is creating tremendous job opportunities for certified and skilled professionals to perform various operations in top companies. Python is the most sought-after skill in startup to multinational companies and it is higher than any other programming language. As python is easy to learn and develop, it cuts half of the development time through its reusable codes. Top companies are preferring Python candidates over other programming languages as the development of projects is shorter and simple with accurate outputs. Develop your software development skills in our Python Training Institute in Chennai at Softlogic Systems.

Python tops in the list of the most popular programming languages of 2018 according to the third-party survey among the developers. Python is implemented in the following areas and learning the best Python Course in Chennai will be useful to start a fresh career in the IT field.

Web Development and Frameworks: Python shines in the web development and frameworks development areas. It offers frameworks such as Pyramid, Django,, Flask, CherryPy, and Web2py for fastening the web development process. These frameworks are used already in Mozilla, Reddit, Spotify, Yelp, and the Washington Post. Python is widely used in the development of server-side web applications and developers around the world are choosing Python as it is extremely powerful and advanced for web design and development. Explore the wide range of career opportunities by learning in our Python Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

Game Development: Python provides many built-in libraries like pygame for developing game applications. The implementation of the pygame library requires only the basic understanding of python programming and it is used to create attractive graphics, effective sound, and suitable animation in the game apps. Pygame is the cross-platform library used widely in designing video games. Start your game app development through our Python Course in Chennai.

Big Data: Python offers advanced and effective support for image and voice data as it has inbuilt features of supporting data processing of unconventional and unstructured data. Big data is the big need of organizations for analyzing social media data. Python is used by worldwide developers and big data analysts as it has a huge number of supportive libraries. Learn the best coding practices for big data processing in our Python Training Institute in Chennai with hands-on exposure.

Python in Web Testing: Python has many useful and powerful frameworks such as Pytest, Behave, Robot, Lettuce, testify, and Nose2 for performing automation testing. They are used to perform automated unit testing, integration testing, and system testing effectively. Selenium is used with Python for web automation testing and it empowers the testers to complete the testing progress quickly and efficiently. Transform your career into web automation testing through our integrated Selenium and Python Courses in Chennai at Softlogic.

AI and Data Science: Python has many standard libraries to support data science and AI processes. It has basic control flow, data structures, and intuitive syntax. Python supports interpretive run-time without standard compiler languages. Python is used popularly in AI processes for prototyping algorithms. Learn Python Course in Chennai for obtaining fundamental knowledge of data science and AI processes.

Smart Devices: Smart home automation with IoT is popular today as it eases the life of people with various types of automation. Python is good in smart automation with deep integration with IoT device developments and home automation platforms. It has a well-structured web interface for creating quick and easy automation and for complex automation tasks, python is using a YAML file for creating multiple commands. Develop smart automation skills through our Python Training Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance at Softlogic Systems.

Python Job Profiles

Softlogic Systems is the leading Python Training and Placement Institute in Chennai that equips learners with the required industry skills for performing various tasks with the following job titles.

  • Software Engineer
  • Python Developer
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Testing Script Developer
  • Game Developer

The average pay scale of python professionals is around INR 6,38,487 for entry-level jobs in India and it is $110,919 in other countries. There are nearly 55,000 python jobs found in various popular job portals and equipping yourself with the required skills is useful for you. Enhance your skills in our Python Certification Training Institute in Chennai at Softlogic to obtain your desired job.

Prerequisites to learn Python Training in Chennai

Knowledge of computer fundamentals is good to start with Python. Likewise, an additional knowledge about programming will ensure quicker learning and implementation in the real-time projects.

Who Can Attend Python Course in Chennai

This course is applicable for those who are not just searching for Python Training Institute in Chennai but want Python training with advanced analytics and machine learning to kickstart their career in data science.

A a fresher, you may not get a job with big salary with a corporate giant. However, you can start working with startups that will provide you with great exposure to the industry. For example, you should have considerable years of experience in multiple positions after working with them. In fact, companies look for proven history of the application of the tools and techniques. The most noteworthy thing is that Python with data science is a rewarding field and you can study this through Softlogic.

Eligibility for Python Training in Chennai

  • Seasoned professionals who wish to make career in bigdata with Python can enroll for this course.
  • Next,  software developers and software testing professionals can take up this course.
  • Similarly, project managers, database developers and administrators, network and Systems Engineers, software testing professionals, mobile and device testing professionals can pursue this course.
  • In the same way, any beginner who want to explore the world of Python can get benefited from these sessions.

Eligibility for Python with Data Analytics in Chennai

The following candidates with reasonable experience in IT/ITES sector can attend:

  • Professionals from different backgrounds including Engineering, Maths, Finance, Business Management, Statistics etc. who has great desire to learn Python for data science can take up this course.
  • Even aspiring candidates inclined to learn practical data science with Python can join this course.
  • Similarly, any resource wishing to learn how to implement machine learning algorithms with Python, and employees wanting to get started in deep learning with Python can pursue this course.
  • Finally, any aspiring candidate who has previous knowledge of Python and wants to get into data analysis can pursue Python training.

Python is a very powerful tool and is easy to learn with expert training. Therefore, you can call Softlogic for a free demo session and experience the quality of training.

Python Training in Chennai with 100% Placements

Firstly, Softlogic gives 100% placement support for the betterment of your career.

Similarly, we conduct mock interviews which helps you to attend the interviews.

In the same way, we will make out your technical efficiency and the areas you need to improve. As a result,  you will become confident while attending the interview.

Notwithstanding, Softlogic closely looks into the growth of students during training program. Consequently, it helps them to raise their level of knowledge and performance. Hence, this will be useful for their career.

Data Science with Python interview Questions and Answers

Do you need Python Training in Chennai, KK Nagar.?

Yes you need training in Python if you want to become a great programmer or want to explore the world of Python with Data Science. Moreover, Python is a trending language and you can benefit from getting trained in it.

Job opportunities for Python Experts

Several professionals comprising software engineers, data scientists, software developers, research analysts, etc. can gain from Python course. Thus, if you want to become one such skilled professional, it’s time that you get trained in Python from the Best Python Training Institute in Chennai as Softlogic.

Are you kick-starting your career in Python? Then you need not worry about the scope. Especially, this is due to the plenty of opportunities for Python developer.

Job Responsibilities of Python Developers

As a matter of fact, the Python developers not only develops software but also write and execute software solutions.

Secondly, they also integrate data solutions.

Thirdly, they also give a helping  hand to new projects.

Of course, those who have learned it can also get into the role of software engineer, research analysts, data analyst, software developer, data scientist etc. Therefore they can apply techniques to perform market research, comprehend consumer behavior and offer better insights on marketing initiatives.

Why Python Training in Chennai from Softlogic?

Softlogic offers the best quality of Python Training in Chennai with proficient experts.

Another key point is that we offer flexible timing for Python training. Similarly, one can easily write the Python Certification Examination after completing the Python Course in Chennai from Softogic.

In the event that you complete Python Training in Chenani from Softlogic, you become an excellent Python developer and can enter a lucrative profession. Additionally,  we ensure that you obtain higher programming logic and coding skills at the time of your course. To emphasize more on Softlogic’s efficiency, there are proficient trainers who clears your doubts immediately. Besides, there is job-focused course content.  Notwithstanding, we also offer placement assistance after assessing the skills of the students. Even more, there are backup classes whenever needed.

Python Training Course Syllabus

Softlogic Systems is offering the best coaching with our industry-crafted Python Course Syllabus. It covers the overview of python programming, environmental setup, fundamentals of python, operators, and operations of python, OOPs concepts, special functions of python, modules in python, multithreading, exception handling, file handling, regular expressions, generators, iterators, decorators, closures, and GUI interfacing with Tkinter. Get a comprehensive Python Course Curriculum for free by contacting our educational managers. Learn the best Python Course in Chennai with an industry-standard Python Course Syllabus at Softlogic.

Python – Overview
  • A brief history of python
  • Application and trends in python
  • Available python versions
Python – Environment Setup
  • Getting and installing python
  • Environmental variables and idle
  • Executing python from command line
  • I/o
  • Naming conventions
  • Datatypes:
  • Numbers
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
Python Operators
  • List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set Methods
  • Statements: If, elif, Break, Continue
  • Loops: For loop, while loop
  • Functions

Python Operators

List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set Methods

Statements: If, elif, Break, Continue

Loops: For Loop, While Loop


Oops Concepts:

  • Class and objects
  • Getters and setters
  • Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Special Functions of Python: Lambda, Map, Reduce, Filter

Modules in Python:

  • Math
  • Arrow
  • Geopy
  • Beautiful soup
  • Numpy
  • Sys
  • Os


  • Introducing threads and life cycles
  • Priorities
  • Dead Locks

Exceptional Handling

  • Errors
  • Runtime errors
  • Exceptional model
  • Exceptional hierarchy
  • Handling multiple exception
  • Raise exceptions

File Handling

  • Text files
  • Csv files

Regular Expressions

  • Simple character matches
  • Flags, quantifers, greedy matches
  • Grouping and matching objects
  • Matching at beginning or end
  • Substituting and splitting a string
  • Compiling regular expressions
Gui Interfacing: Tkinter
  • Widgets
  • Integrated application
  • Mysql/with application
  • Converting .exe

Project 1:  Loops,oops concepts,threading

Project 2: Tkinter-Gui

Download Python Course Syllabus

Trainers Profile

Softlogic Systems has expert trainers who have trained 5000+ trainees across the world for Python Course in Chennai. They are expert techies and they have developed 1000+ projects in their development experience. They can present lessons very interactively and encourage students to learn by practice. They can make students well and proficient with coding and help them uncover their confusion through the best strategies.

Our Python trainers will help the learners to build a strong base on the subject and they can make them master python development in just 30 to 45 days. They will explain variables to complex python concepts with understandable real-time examples and the students love the way of their coaching very well. They are experts in libraries and make students utilize libraries for faster development of python projects. Learn the best Python Course in Chennai from expert mentors at Softlogic Systems and you can book a free demo class today.

Tips to become an expert Python professional

If you are passionate to be a part of global python developers, here are the useful tips to start or travel your journey successfully. Contact us for enrolling in the best Python Training in Chennai at Softlogic.

  • Be committed to studying from basics and take a promise to be persistent
  • Become the learner first to explore the complete python concepts
  • Practice with python coding every day as it is important to be an expert
  • Find like-minded people and gather in the community for learning more
  • Take breaks unless they are necessary and yes, breaks are useful to learn freshly
  • Teaching others is an efficient way of learning new strategies of python programming
  • Ask questions and make sure your learning journey is useful
  • Build something new every now and then with new data structures and new libraries.
  • Keep track of your learning progress and change the way of learning if requires.
  • Keep your python programming skills relevant to the trending updates and technologies.

Great Things to know for learning Python

Being updated with the current version of the Python programming language is vital for becoming a master in python development. We have a well-structured python course syllabus, well-equipped class, and lab rooms, proficient trainers, and industry projects to provide industry-relevant coaching through our Python Course in Chennai. Here are the good things about Python to know as a learner

  • The latest version of Python is Python 3.10.3 and it is available on Python Official Website for free to download.
  • Python codes can be developed in a text editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Thonny, PyCharm, Eclipse, or Netbeans.
  • Python is used for web development with frameworks like Django, Tornado, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle, and Web2Py.
  • Python is used for GUI development with frameworks like Tkinter, PyGObject, PyQt, PySide, Kivy, and wxPython
  • Python is useful for scientific and numeric computational processes with frameworks like SciPy, Pandas, and IPython.
  • Python is used in software development with frameworks like Buildbot, Roundup, and Trac.
  • Python is used in System Administration with frameworks like xonsh, Salt, OpenStack, and Ansible.