Best Jenkins Training in Chennai

Best Jenkins Training in Chennai

Are you an aspiring candidate who is fascinated by the interesting world of DevOps? More particularly, are you attracted towards continuous delivery? Then enrolling in the Leading Jenkins Training Institute in Chennai is the best move.

Role of DevOps in the Modern World

Development and Operations are no longer separate roles within the scope of the IT department. Nowadays, DevOps impact the way IT teams function by enhancing collaboration between developers, sysadmins and testers. DevOps also boost deployment rates, defect identification and feature delivery. Basically, it is based on the idea that building, testing, and releasing software can be performed in a hassle-free manner and automatically if the proper team of professionals is working in collaboration.

Overview of Jenkins

Continuous delivery and deployment is crucial to delivering high-quality software product quicker than ever before. Being an open-source continuous integration server Jenkins is written in Java. It is the most commonly used tool for controlling continuous integration builds and delivery pipelines. It assists developers in creating and testing software in a continuous manner. It raises the scale of automation and is rapidly gaining popularity in DevOps circles. Jenkins requires little maintenance and consists of a built-in GUI tool for simple updates. Jenkins also offers customized solution since there are over 400 plugins to support creating and testing virtually any project. Essentially, Jenkins integrates development life-cycle processes of all types. You will learn about the importance of Jenkins in Continuous Delivery from the Best Jenkins Training Institute in Chennai.

What are the Benefits of Jenkins?

  • Jenkins is open source, user-friendly, simple to install and does not need additional installation or components.
  • Jenkins is free of cost.
  • Jenkins can be modified and extended in a hassle-free manner. It deploys code rapidly and produces test reports. Jenkins can be configured as per the requirements for continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Jenkins is available for every platform and multiple operating systems.
  • The wide range of plugins makes Jenkins flexible and allows building, deploying and automating across several platforms.
  • Since Jenkins is open source and exhaustively used there is no scarcity of support from huge online communities of agile teams.
  • Developers write the tests to identify the errors of their code as early as they can. Hence the developers don’t waste time on large-scale error-prone integrations.
  • Problems are found out and fixed immediately which maintains the software in a state where it can be released at any instant safely.
  • Most part of the integration work is automated. Thus there are less integration concerns. This saves both time and money in the lifetime of a project.

Softlogic’s Jenkins Certification Training in Chennai will give you an in-depth grounding in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery concepts and will provide you with the relevant skills to implement them utilizing Jenkins. You can ace the essential concepts of Deployment, Installing, Integration, and Configuring several tools related to Jenkins.

Prerequisites for Jenkins Classes in Chennai

It requires fundamental comprehension of computer networking, scripting program and operating system. Moreover, basic knowledge of IaaS, PaaS and how cloud services function will be beneficial. Besides, knowledge of application servers like Tomcat will be advantageous.

Who can Attend Jenkins Certification Training in Chennai?

This course is framed for technical professionals, infrastructure administrator, and architect who wish to learn Continuous Integration applying Jenkins for regular activities. Even professional DevOps, Build, Test, Release and Automation Engineers who wish to gain total knowledge of the topic can gain from this course.

Download Jenkins Training Course Syllabus

Jenkins Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fee for Jenkins Training in Chennai is reasonable. You have the facility to pay it in two installments. You can contact our help desk in case of any queries regarding time, venue and duration of the course.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Jenkins Course Syllabus

The syllabus for Jenkins course in Chennai is highly comprehensive and covers all the concepts related to this continuous delivery application. It is updated regularly and is the best in the industry.

  • Introducing Jenkins
  • Getting started with Jenkins
  • Plugins
  • Setting your first build job
  • Advanced Build Jobs features and Security
  • Jenkins Setup to Implement Automated Testing
  • Improving Code Quality using Other Metrics
  • Arrangement of Nodes and Master-Slave
  • Jenkins Maintenance and Backup
  • Deploying Application to Web Server and Continuous Delivery

Future Scope of Jenkins

With great advancement in software technologies, organizations need development teams to generate and deliver high-quality software better and quicker than their competitors. Nowadays, development teams are creating scalable and efficient software delivery engines by forming repeatable procedures that result in standardization of development. Automated testing is one such task by which the developer’s code is tested in a similar way for every change. This is because the users can rely on that change. Application of Jenkins can save time for developers, enhance code quality and coverage, and offer management immense control over software development. Hence it is widely appreciated and several organizations utilize it on a regular basis. It is an amazing tool to learn for future software developers too.