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Unix Shell Scripting is one such thriving open source system in the IT industry today with a promising future as well. Our Unix Shell Scripting Training in Chennai designed by analyzing industry demands covers primary concepts of advanced programming languages along with Python, Perl, Ruby, etc. Enroll in Softlogic’s Shell Scripting Training in Chennai to dive into the intriguing world of Unix Shell Scripting and discover how to use the command line’s skills to proficiently automate processes, manage files, and handle data.

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Want to Master your Skills in Unix Shell Scripting ?

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A text file containing a set of commands created for an operating system based on Unix is known as a shell script. It is named "shell script" because it consolidates a sequence of commands that would typically require manual typing into the terminal one by one. These commands can be run simultaneously by utilizing a shell script, streamlining and automating processes that would otherwise take a lot of time to do by hand.

There are various compelling reasons for learning a Unix Shell Scripting Course in Chennai, especially for people in system administration, software development, or data analysis. The following are some to consider about taking Shell Scripting Training in Chennai:

  • Career Advancement: In IT and software development professions, familiarity with Unix shell scripting is highly regarded. It may strengthen your resume and contribute to new career opportunities in the field of Unix such as UNIX Engineer, Linux Admin, and UNIX Analyst Engineer.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Shell scripting facilitates the integration of numerous command-line utilities, tools, and programs. With this versatility, you may design effective workflows to carry out jobs that are more challenging.
  • Customization: By using shell scripting, you can adapt the Unix environment to your particular requirements. To streamline your workflow, you can build aliases, functions, and shortcuts.
  • Automation: You can automate repetitive operations with shell scripting, which will save you time and effort. With just a few lines of code, you can write scripts that handle complex operations, significantly boosting your productivity.

Although substantial programming knowledge is not necessary to learn Unix shell scripting, having some basic abilities will help the learning process go more smoothly and effectively. The following are the primary prerequisites to explore Unix shell scripting:

  • Basic Command-Line knowledge
  • Basic Programming Concepts
  • Text Editor Proficiency
  • Knowledge on Other Shells.

The fees for our Unix Shell Scripting Course in Chennai may vary depending on the program level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) and the course format (online or in-person). On average, Unix Shell Scripting Course Fees in Chennai is affordable with duration of 1 to 2 months, including international certification. For precise and up-to-date information on fees, duration, and certification, please contact our Unix Shell Scripting Training Institute in Chennai directly.

The potential to script in the Unix shell opens up an abundance of work options in numerous industries. Jobs directly associated with Unix shell scripting include some of the following:

  • System Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Research Scientist
  • Web Developer (Server Side)
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer, etc

Numerous real-time uses of Unix shell scripting can potentially be found across numerous industries. Here are some instances of real-world applications for shell scripting:

  • System Automation
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Log Analysis and Monitoring
  • Automated Testing
  • Job Scheduling
  • Healthcare Automation
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • IoT Devices

Softlogic offers comprehensive and industry-focused Unix Shell Scripting Training in Chennai, equipping individuals with the skills and expertise required to excel in the field of Unix Shell Scripting. By choosing Softlogic, you can ensure top-notch training with the following benefits:

  • 100+ Real time trainers
  • Fully hands-on training
  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interviews
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Life Long Placement Support
  • 60+ hours course duration
  • Industry expert faculties
  • Completed 1500+ batches
  • 100% job oriented training
  • Certification Guidance
  • Own course materials
  • Resume editing
  • Affordable fees structure

Unix Shell Scripting Syllabus

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Our curriculum from field-experts is created to give extensive training in Unix Shell Scripting, giving you the knowledge you need to efficiently manage complicated data processing in a Unix environment. Shell scripting is a potent tool that enables you to combine Unix commands into scripts, simplifying and streamlining repetitive activities. Our upgraded Shell Scripting course will arm you with the knowledge to master shell scripting, whether you're a student, someone taking a career break, or a working professional with a Unix experience wishing to upskill.

  • What is shell scripting?
  • Importance of shell scripting
  • Different types of shells
  • Creating shell script
  • Making shell scripting executable
  • Shell input & output
  • echo, print, read
  • What is variable
  • System defined variables
  • Environment files
  • User defined variables
  • Constant variables
  • Local & global variables
  • Special variables
  • Arithmetic variables
  • Relational numeric operators
  • Logical operators
  • Assignment operators
  • if, if….else
  • if, elif
  • case
  • while, until, for
  • break, continue
  • cron
  • at
  • batch
  • History of UNIX
  • Features of UNIX
  • Flavors of UNIX
  • Comparison of UNIX with Windows
  • Architecture of UNIX
  • UNIX File System
  • Regular Files
  • Directory Files
  • Device Files
  • pwd, logname, who, finger
  • Exit, date, cal
  • groupadd, groupdel
  • useradd, userdel
  • Init, halt, shutdown
  • Different Run levels
  • Different date formats
  • cat, touch, rm
  • cp, mv
  • mkdir, cd, rmdir, rm –r
  • Redirecting output
  • Redirecting Input
  • cmp, diff, comm
  • find, locate, which
  • gzip, gunzip
  • pg, more, head, tail
  • chmod, chown, chgrp, umask
  • Class, Anchors
  • Repetition, Alteration
  • Group, Dot
  • What is pattern
  • Usage of regular expression
  • Different types of pattern
  • Character pattern
  • Word pattern
  • Line pattern
  • grep, grep with options
  • Flat files
  • What are delimiters and its types?
  • Reading and Writing to files

Trainer's Profile


Our Mentors are from Top Companies like

  • Our trainers are well acclaimed in the industry and set the standard for Unix shell scripting training.
  • They are known for their friendly and adaptable teaching method, which assists you in grasping concepts and thinking logically.
  • Most of our trainers work for big IT global corporations and have substantial expertise and qualifications.
  • They have successfully trained 2000+ students each year and have good connections with HR professionals, ensuring placement aid.
  • Our trainers, who are working professionals in the Unix domain, bring real-world projects to the training sessions, strengthening your practical abilities.
  • Our trainers have experience in the industry and have worked for well-known firms like IBM, Oracle, Amazon, and Google.
  • They are industry experts and subject specialists who provide the best Unix shell scripting training to equip you with practical abilities.
  • Our trainers give insights on the most effective shell scripting practices, including security precautions and effective coding methods.
  • They instruct you on how to use Unix shell scripting for automating processes, controlling file systems, and writing robust scripts.
  • Our trainers have extensive experience with Unix shell scripting, including shell programming, regular expressions, and command-line tools.
  • They can guarantee that you obtain a firm foundation in Unix shell scripting because they have an in-depth knowledge of Unix systems and management.

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Project Practices

Building 3D Games
Security Auditing and Compliance
Automate security audits with a shell script for compliance with system configurations, and networks.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Automate process and job scheduling
Automate task scheduling for process execution, data processing, and file transfers using shell scripting.
Building 3D Games
Deploy & Manage Release
Automate deployment & release management for smooth app packaging & rollback.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Automate CI/CD with a shell script that integrates version control and deploys applications.
Building 3D Games
Task Automation and Scheduling
Automate tasks with a shell script for file cleanup, log rotation, backups, and data imports
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Automated Report Generation
Automate report generation from diverse data sources for actionable insights.
System Health Monitoring
Track system health for real-time alerts on CPU, memory, network, and disk usage.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
App Deployment and Management
Automate app deployment and management with a shell script for efficient configuration and maintenance.
Manage Configs & Versions
Shell scripting for efficient system config & version control, streamlining file & directory management.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games

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Shell scripts serve various purposes, making them essential in system administration and automation. They help minimize repetitive tasks by providing a streamlined approach. System administrators rely on shell scripts for routine backups, system monitoring, and adding new functionalities to the shell. Additionally, shell scripting empowers users to create their own tools, enabling customization and efficiency. Overall, shell scripts offer a valuable means for system administrators to automate daily tasks and enhance productivity.

Shell programs are stored in a file called "sh". These files contain commands written in a scripting language and are executed by Unix shells.

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UNIX Shell Scripting is a powerful programming technique that enhances command-line proficiency, saves time, and simplifies file management. It opens up unlimited career opportunities for skilled developers and system administrators. In-demand roles include Unix Developers, Administrators, Testing Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, Data Analysts, and Software Engineers.

Over 40% of Unix workers were hired explicitly for their Shell Scripting expertise, according to a recent survey by leading job portals. In their daily operations, numerous well-known Fortune 500 businesses, such as IBM, AOL, and Intel, uses Unix Shell Scripting. Additionally, according to Payscale.com, a Unix Shell Scripting professional makes an average annual pay of USD 105,500.

By calling our support line at +91 86818 84318 or by coming right to our office, you can enrol in the Unix Course.

  • Softlogic is an expert when it comes to student placement.
  • More than 90000+ students were placed in total.
  • We offer a specialized placement service designed to meet the unique needs of students during the placement process.
  • Softlogic organizes development programs that include mock interviews and presentation skills training, with the goal of preparing students to handle difficult interview scenarios professionally

The Unix trainers at Softlogic in Chennai are highly proficient and well-equipped. They are industry experts with a decade of experience as programmers who offer hands-on training to students.

We accept all major payment methods. Cash, debit cards, credit cards (including Master, Visa, and Maestro), net banking, UPI, etc.

Upon completion of Softlogic's training, you will be awarded with globally recognized course completion certificates from Softlogic, renowned IBM certificates, and Codeathon certificates, validating your real-time project experience.

Additional Information


Unix family comprises several variants of Unix OS present now including Microsoft’s Xenix, Linux, Ubuntu, Apple’s macOS etc.

Being the first portable operating system, Unix varies from its predecessors and is written totally on C language.

One of the highlights of Unix is its shell script which was applied as the primary user interface before the graphical user interface.

Nowadays, Unix is utilized only in command prompt to perform a huge number of activities.

Unix is a dynamic programming method that can assist you in learning the command line in an efficient manner, save time, and not worry about difficult file management activities.

Shell scripting is the core of making OS function. With an increasing requirement for quick processing of huge amounts of data produced by applications, Unix is indeed a good option to mitigate the turnaround time for the job.

Want to Master your skills in Unix Shell ?