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Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai

Softlogic is the Best Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai that strives hard to make the participants achieve their career objectives. With this thorough deep learning program participants can be proficient in concepts including neural networks, regression models, neural network model, unsupervised learning and more advanced concepts. This deep learning course in Chennai will definitely help you to master knowledge of deep learning.

Overview of Deep Learning Course in Chennai

Deep Learning can be considered as a subset of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. By applying artificial neural networks & advanced algorithms which are somewhat same as the human brain, its aim it to learn from huge amounts of data. Hence with the application of Deep Learning, machines will get the capacity to carry out repetitive tasks with amazing precision levels. It also provides the advantage of complex problem-solving abilities to the machines even when diverse, unstructured and inter-linked data are present

Gain profound insights to all the essential concepts of the Deep Learning field by enrolling in our live instructor based Deep Learning Training in Chennai.

Most of the businesses gather huge amounts of data and evaluate it to maintain a competitive advantage, For processing a huge amount of data for deep learning you need a reasonable amount of computational power. The deep learning techniques are used to form predictive applications for click prediction, fraud detection, demand forecasting etc.

If you wish to get into cutting-edge AI then this course will suffice. Deep learning engineers are in demand and acing deep learning concepts will provide you with several new career opportunities, Deep learning is also an amazing thing that will allow you form AI systems that were unimaginable few years back,. You will get a sold idea about the foundations of deep learning in this course. Understanding the core parameters in a neural network’s architecture is very important and this course takes you through that. This course also takes you through how deep learning functions. After the completion of the course, you will be in a position to use deep learning to your own application. Suppose you are looking for a job in AI, then you will be able to answer fundamental interview questions.


Reasons for Studying Deep Learning from Softlogic

Are you ready for the best career move? Learn Deep Learning in Chennai from Softlogic. The trainers will make you expert in deep learning techniques using real-time projects and assignments.

With this highly profound AI training program, the Best Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai aims to produce highly skillful Artificial Intelligence professionals who are proficient in adhering to all the high-end industry demands in this domain. We assist the students obtain a holistic set of knowledge in comprehending AI cutting-edge algorithms and applications.

Softlogic is the ideal platform where you can make the best use of real-time industry-based knowledge of deep learning domain. The expert trainers will assist the students gain expertise in both practical and theoretical concepts. So plan your deep learning career in an excellent manner by registering for the immersive training program in Deep Learning from Sofltogic.

Softlogic delivers comprehensive, hands on Deep Learning Training in Chennai according to industry requirements. There is a wide possibility for the formation of a career in the profession of data-driven analytics including data science, big data analytics etc. Deep learning is one such progressive technology that has received huge importance with time. It acts as a stable platform for a developed career development. Deep Learning training by Softlogic will assist you to change into an expert deep learning professional who is well-equipped to take care of all the challenges in this domain. For this our trainers concentrate on building knowledge of all the relevant aspects of deep learning with the help of our well-revised course module. This Deep Learning Training in Chennai will ascertain your success in your analytics career because of our thorough training.

In Sofltogic’s deep learning training you will only gain those concepts which are required as per the industry standards. You may read a reasonable amount of books in deep learning but the advantage of training from Softlogic is that you will gain hands-on experience with the emerging technology.

Deep Learning Course Syllabus

 Why Deep Learning?

Artificial Intelligence nowadays is dominating each and every industry domain. Machine learning and deep learning, are the two pivotal aspects of Artificial Intelligence that are implemented everywhere. Search engines and online movie recommendations are examples of this. When you adopt Deep Learning Training in Chennai from Softlogic you can form a strong career in an evolving technology domain and be placed in top companies.

Machine Learning is one of the rapidly growing and most interesting fields, Deep learning is one of its finest elements. Deep learning is basically a study of multi-layered neural networks that spreads over a wide spectrum of model architectures. Traditional neural networks were dependent on shallow nets, formed of one input layer, one output layer and one hidden layer. Deep learning networks are differentiated from these ordinary neural networks that consist of more hidden layers,

Deep learning is at present one of the best providers of solutions as far as issues regarding image recognition, object recognition, and natural language are concerned. There are several libraries in Python for Deep Learning. The objective of deep learning is to form deep neural networks by raising and enhancing the number of training layers for each network. In this way a machine can learn more about the data until it is correct. Developers can make use of the techniques offered by deep learning to achieve complex learning activities, and train AI networks to form deep levels of perceptual recognition.

Deep networks can imbibe features in an unsupervised manner. Neurons in a deep learning neural network can learn abstract features with sufficient data and a good network architecture. Thus for several applications, you can have the benefit of the network to learn features by itself.

With the recent enhancements in GPU technology, a plethora of matrix computations can be performed with efficiency simultaneously. Hence training in deep learning is not as time consuming as it was few years ago,.

Deep learning is a big advancement to machine learning with a profound implementation. At present it is not an industry standard, but it is marching in that direction and is promising enough to be a great innovation.

Deep Learning Training Course Fee and Duration

Softlogic charges a nominal amount for Deep Learning Training in Chennai and is committed to offering high-quality training. You have the flexibility to pay the course fees in two installments.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Deep Learning Training. Please contact our team for current Deep Learning Training course fee and duration.

Deep Learning with Tensor flow

TensorFlow is creating ripples in the world of deep learning. It has become the actual platform for big numeric computations. It is primarily applied to form some simple machine learning models through Python interface. Tensorflow is used for numerical computation for  mathematical expressions with the help of data flow graphs. It is formed by Google and is customized for machine learning to form most feasible solutions.

What is the AI market trend in Chennai?

There is always the need for proficient candidates and graduates. Jobs in Artificial Intelligence will quickly increase in the future. Soon there will be lot of companies in Chennai who will offer relevant Artificial Intelligence solutions including Deep Learning. If you opt for Artificial Intelligence as a career option and Sofltogic as your training institute then your future would be very bright.

Job Positions for Deep Learning Profiles

  • Software Engineer
  • Neuroinformatician
  • Data Scientist
  • Bioinformatician
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Full Stack Web Developer for Deep Learning
  • Image Recognition
  • Software Developer
  • Research Scientist
  • Research Fellow
  • Instructor for Deep Learning
  • Applied Scientist
  • Lead Manager – Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Process Engineer

 Prerequisites to Learn Deep Learning Training in Chennai

  • You should have some knowledge of calculus, probability and linear algebra.
  • Some knowledge of Python or R would be useful.

Who can gain from Deep Learning Course?

The following candidates can gain from the Deep Learning Training in Chennai from Softlogic:

  • Students who possess at least high school knowledge in maths and who want to begin learning Deep Learning
  • Any intermediate level people who have fine grasp of the basics of Machine Learning or Deep Learning, including the classical algorithms like linear regression or logistic regression. They should also have knowledge of advanced topics including Artificial Neural Networks. They would also prefer to learn and explore all the different domains of Deep Learning
  • Any aspiring candidate who is not very convenient with coding but who is keen in Deep Learning and wants to apply it without any problem on datasets
  • Any data analyst who want to get enhanced learning through Deep Learning
  • Any professional who is not satisfied with his/her present profile and want to become a Data Scientist
  • Any person who wishes to build added value to his/her business by applying powerful Deep Learning tools
  • Any business owners who wishes to comprehend how to control the powerful technology of Deep Learning in their business
  • Any Entrepreneur who wants to shine in the crowd applying the most cutting edge Deep Learning algorithms
  • Developers wishing to be a Data Scientist
  • Analytics Managers who are inclined to lead a team of analysts
  • Business analysts who want to gain knowledge in Deep Learning Techniques
  • Information Architects
  • Professionals who are keen on assessing Big Data
  • Analysts interested in Data Science methodologies

Career Scope in Deep Learning

Deep learning is distinguished amongst the most popular neural network dialects applied nowadays. This is due to its straightforward image structure and universally useful neural programming dialect.

Novice deep learning engineers have several options as far as neural programming is concerned. A career in deep learning also requires skills like linear regression, softmax, RELU, Tensorflow etc,

If you are just beginning to learn deep learning then you will find Deep Learning Training in Chennai from Sofllogic very useful. Our deep learning program is farmed in such a way that you won’t be bored down by unnecessary programming or mathematical complexities. You will be using deep learning techniques from very start of this training You will develop your knowledge from the scratch.

If you already possess experience with deep learning, you will see that this course is refreshing and practical, You will be proficient in some of the most advanced deep learning algorithms and techniques and you will gain hands-on experience with real-world business challenges.

Our course is tailor-made according to your level of expertise. You can contact our educational counselors to know whether deep learning is suitable to you and how it can can take your career to the next level .

Deep Learning Training Course Syllabus


Introduction to Neural Network
  • what is neural network..?
  • How neural networks works?
  • Gradient descent
  • Stochastic Gradient descent
  • Perceptron
  • Multilayer Perceptron
  • BackPropagation
Building Deep learning Environment
  • Overview of deep learning
  • DL environment setup locally
    • Installing Tensorflow
    • Installing Keras
  • Setting up a DL environment in the cloud
    • AWS
    • GCP
  • Run Tensorflow program on AWS cloud plateform
Tenserfow Basics
  • Placeholders in Tensorflow
    • Defining placeholders
    • Feeding placeholders with data
  • Variables,
  • Constant
  • Computation graph
  • Visualize graph with Tensor Board
Activation Functions
  • What are activation functions?
  • Sigmoid function
  • Hyperbolic Tangent function
  • ReLu -Rectified Linear units
  • Softmax function
Training Neural Network for MNIST dataset
  • Exploring the MNIST dataset
  • Defining the hyperparameters
  • Model definition
  • Building the training loop
  • Overfitting and Underfitting
  • Building Inference


Word Representation Using word2vec
  • Learning word vectors
    • Loading all dependencies
    • Preparing the text corpus
    • defining our word2vec model
    • Training the model
    • Analyzing the model
  • Visualizing the embedding space by plotting the model on tensorboard
Clasifying Images with Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN)
  • Introduction to CNN
  • Train a simple convolutional neural net
  • Pooling layer in CNN
  • Building ,training and evaluating our first CNN
  • Model performance optimization
Popular CNN Model Architectures
  • Introduction to Imagenet
  • LeNet architecture
  • AlexNet architecture
  • VGGNet architecture
  • ResNet architecture
Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks(RNN)
  • What are Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)?
  • Understanding a Recurrent Neuron in Detail
  • Long Short-Term Memory(LSTM)
  • Back propagation Through Time(BPTT)
  • Implementation of RNN in Keras
Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Building Chatbot
HandWritten Digits and letters Classification Using CNN
  • Code Implementation
    • Importing all of the dependencies
    • Defining the hyperparameters
    • Building a simple deep neural network
    • Convolution in keras
    • Pooling
    • Dropout technique
    • Data augmentation