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Best J2EE Training Institute in Chennai

Java is a powerful programming language and Java EE is a platform which executes Java language. Java EE is previously known as J2EE. Java EE is the enterprise edition which is a blend of both core and advanced Java. It is formed for building enterprise web applications. Java EE uses Servlets and JSPs to offer enterprise applications including portals and web pages. Get enrolled in Softlogic for a true learning experience in J2EE.

Overview of J2EE classes in Chennai from Softlogic

Softlogic offers J2EE Training Course in Chennai with detailed hands on exposure to the evergreen platform. We encompass specialized modules with various aspects of real world work environment. We also make sure that the participants are prepared to face actual application development that is needed in the industry. In this way you can enhance your Java EE development skills. You will get the benefit of in-depth explanation of every topic, practical demonstration, etc. Lab is available throughout the working hours and the trainers will be glad to assist you. The J2EE Certification Training in Chennai not only assists in comprehending language syntax but also lets you to practically execute the technology. Therefore you can turn out to be a successful software developer.

J2EE – A Glimpse

  • J2EE is a platform independent programming language
  • It is one of the most preferred languages as it eases application development
  • It uses reusable modular components and a tier to deal with several aspects of programming automatically. It simplifies the work of the programmer in this regard.
  • It has a good secured model to safeguard data both in web based application and also locally.
  • The components formed using J2EE are scalable and dependable across several networks and also across platforms.

Are you searching for the Best J2EE Training Institute in Chennai? Our J2EE program will ascertain that you comprehend the terminologies involved in J2EE in a clear manner.

Prerequisites for J2EE training in Chennai:

  • Understanding of basic Java programming
  • Comprehension of object-oriented programming including C++, C# etc.

Who can get J2EE training from the top J2EE training center in |Chennai?

  • An individual with knowledge of Core Java programming can understand J2EE easily, If you are a fresher who is inclined to make it big in the domain of programming, then you can gain a lot from this course. This training will also be suitable for:
  • Aspiring candidates inclined to become Java developer
  • College students/Freshers
  • Those who want to understand coding from beginner level
  • Any aspiring candidate who want to develop their own Desktop, Mobile and Web application from scratch

J2EE Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fees for J2EE Training in Chennai from Softlogic is moderate and you can pay it in two installments, If you have any issues regarding the time and place, you can contact our technical counsellors, This also applies to the duration of the course. These individuals would clarify your doubts in an expert manner.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for J2EE Training. Please contact our team for current J2EE Training course fee and duration.

J2EE Course Syllabus

Softlogic’s Java trainers have good understanding of Java concepts and hence have framed the syllabus in a meticulous manner. They ensure that the syllabus is the fresh and best. The teaching of the trainers is very unique and they impart the contents of the syllabus in an efficient manner.

  • Introduction
  • Servlets Overview
  • Servlet Lifecycle
  • Types of Servlets
  • Servlet to Database Connectivity
  • Types of Cookies
  • Introduction to JSP
  • Life Cycle of JSP
  • Types of JSP Tags
  • Custom Tags
  • Etc..

Demand for J2EE

We cannot deny that Java is the most prominent thing that happened to the IT industry across the world after C++. It has a great journey right from its beginning. Java is the backbone of several new products and services that have taken the world by storm. The best part of Java is that its ecosystem is self-sustaining from mobility to middleware. Moreover the whole world is focused on web application and J2EE is one of the most wanted methods to develop it. So there is a lot of opportunities that you can select from. You can also enhance your skills by learning frameworks besides this including Struts, Hibernate and Spring. If you want to know better about the future scope of Java and its platforms, you can contact our educational counselors who would be glad to clarify your queries.

What is unique about the J2EE training in Chennai from Softlogic?

If you are not aware of the fundamentals of Core Java, we suggest that you begin from the basics. This is due to the reason that recruiters question from the fundamentals of Core Java. Suppose you already have experience and confidence in Core Java, then you can begin with J2EE or Hibernate or Spring. Softlogic offers hands on training in J2EE. Our trainers are passionate about Java and this is the reason we are the Leading J2EE Training Institute in Chennai. They put in lot of efforts in training the students and also make the students ready to meet the industry requirements. The students will also be in a position to crack the interviews with great confidence.