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Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai at Softlogic will give you a total exposure on how to work on computers and their networks in different settings. Technology is playing a major role in our daily lives and the professionals with the skills to troubleshoot the computers will remain in high demand. There are lot of happening hardware trends now and this is the right time to become a computer hardware engineer. As far as computer networking training is concerned, you can become a pivotal member of an IT team.

Overview of Hardware and Networking

Hardware and networking comprises a logical interlink of several computer parts and systems. This interlink can be either on a small scale basis or on a large scale basis. When you associate computers with scanners, printers, modems, routers etc., it becomes small scale interconnection. When there is an interlink of a very huge set of computer machines with each other and with the database and servers then it is large scale interconnection.

Why Softlogic for Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai?

Softlogic provides hardware and networking sessions that are framed to mold you for the computer hardware engineer career. We will guide you in gaining the skills required to install, configure and maintain the computer systems that have become an integral part in the present world. Computers are ubiquitous and they should be installed, maintained and troubleshooted when things go haywire. You will have a profound training to install computer hardware and software. The USP of our training sessions is hands-on training. Our training will also make you ready for certifications.

Are you a newcomer to Hardware and Networking?

Want to learn a lot but stuck up with where to begin? If so, you have landed in the right place. Why can’t you think of joining Hardware and Networking training in Chennai? The IT hardware and networking field demands skilled professionals to leverage their network infrastructure. Hardware and networking jobs can be seen globally in several industries. Employers require skilled professionals who have the appropriate skills and data. Softlogic knows the industry demands and prepares the candidate for a better job in hardware and networking.

Responsibilities of a Hardware and Networking Professional

These professionals should maintain the logical and quick connection of several systems with each other. The professional should ascertain that the equipment applied is of excellent quality and there is no unnecessary delay. A hardware engineer should test the system and analyse the results. The professional should carry out relevant changes and update the systems as per the requirements.
Hardware and networking professionals should have a good problem-solving skill. He should continuously upgrade himself with new technology. For gaining success in this domain, the aspiring candidate must home debugging and troubleshooting skills. The capacity to troubleshoot as early as one can is the major expertise which can make a difference in the professional’s career. To sum it up, the daily activities of hardware and networking professionals are:

  • Assembling computers and enhancing their efficiency
  • Installing and maintaining systems
  • Linking systems in a competent manner whether virtually or physically
  • Troubleshooting when there is any problem in systems or computer network

Why opt for Hardware and Networking?

  • There are several job opportunities present in the market
  • The hardware and networking professionals assist in raising productivity and hassle-free
    communication of critical information and resources
  • Hardware and networking can be considered as the backbone of any company.
  • Both private and public sector requires hardware and networking professionals

Career Opportunities in Hardware and Networking

Nowadays IT has turned out to be a completely different field and is coming up with novel things. There are wide career opportunities in IT sector particularly in two fields including hardware and software. Hardware doesn’t restrict itself to the physical parts of the computer. It implies the process of supplying details from one location to another. This is done by connecting a group of network applying the hardware peripherals including switches, hubs, networking cables, network interface cards etc.

Hardware and networking professionals can get jobs in different industries including software, BPO/KPO, banking, media, manufacturing, entertainment, hardware repair stores etc.


Hardware and networking jobs initially start with a salary of Rs. 8000 to 10000 p.m.
There are several certifications in hardware and networking. When you learn hardware and networking from an established hardware and networking training institute in Chennai, you will get a lucrative salary. With time, these professionals can even get upto Rs.50,000 p.m. The raise in application of computer, internets and laptops has increased the scope of hardware and networking sector.

A+ Training

The CompTiA A+ certification is the beginning point for those who wish to embrace IT as their profession. This certificate is recognized worldwide as the industry certificate for entry-level computer technicians. You can ace computer and mobile hardware installation and troubleshooting with the help of the course.. Softlogic prepares you for this important certification.

N+ Training

The CompTIA Network+ Certification course enhances your existing user-level knowledge and experience with personal computer operating systems and networks. This is for the purpose of demonstrating basic skills and concepts that you will apply on the job in any sort of networking profession. The CompTiA A+ certification is a great initial step to adopt before getting ready for the CompTIA Network+ certification.

CCNA Training

CCNA is the abbreviation of Cisco Certified Network Associate. It ig given by Cisco, a leading company in the domain of networking. It provides a total of five accreditation levels. There is lots to learn in this field and you cannot discard it. Hence, join in Softlogic which is the best hardware and networking training institute in Chennai, and prepare yourself for this certification.

MCSE Training

Micirosoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification assists you to make companies to migrate to the cloud. This certified professional has great ability to solve complex problems that require innovative systems and complex solutions for the purpose of deploying, functioning, controlling and optimizing Microsoft-based systems.

Hardware and Networking Course Fee and Duration

The course fees for hardware and networking course in Chennai is moderate. The student has the flexibility to pay it in two installments. If there is any concern regarding the timing, the candidate can contact the helpdesk who will be very glad in providing you with a suitable timing.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Hardware and Networking. Please contact our team for current Hardware and Networking course fee and duration.

Download Hardware and Networking Course Syllabus

Prerequisites to Learn Hardware and Networking Course

Basic understanding of computers is sufficient for hardware and networking course. However, this also depends on the courses that candidate takes up. For example, if the candidate wants to take up CCNA Training in Chennai from Softlogic, then the candidate should possess fair knowledge in networking and communications field also. For MCSE, there should be good knowledge of Windows Server too. Even for A+ training, there should be good knowledge of windows environment too. For N+ training, the candidate should have basic knowledge of networking system also.

Who can attend Hardware and Networking Training..?

  • Any fresher who is interested in making a mark in the hardware and networking field.
  • Aspiring trainees consisting of maximum 2 standing arrears and less marks can be benefited
    from the career-focused trained.
  • Professionals consisting of fair experience in the IT domain but want to shift to hardware and networking can enroll for this course.

Hardware and Networking Training Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is meticulously prepared by the experts at Softlogic. We see to it that it is the latest and best. The requirements of the candidate are understood by us fully and thus we prepare the syllabus as per the industry demands.

Computer Fundamentals

  • Introduction to computer hardware and networking
  • Basic components of PC, Laptop and Routers
  • Hardware configuration
  • Assembling a PC
  • Installing operating system trouble shooting of PC,Laptop
  • Network fundamentals and network configuration
  • Introduction to various types of cables and connectors used in networking
  • Introduction to networking and networking concepts
  • Repeaters, Hubs, Switches, Bridges, Routers
  • Installing the NIC Card, MAC Address
  • LAN Standards – Ethernet, Token Ring
  • LAN Practical’s
  • IP Addressing and IP Classes
  • TCP/IP Concepts and configuration of IP Address
  • Basic network troubleshooting
  • Basics of network security

Practical Syllabus

  • Installing OS,Applications
  • Troubleshooting pc, Laptops
  • Replacing Hardware parts in Computer and laptop
  • Chip level trouble shooting
  • Assembling new pc’s
  • Mother board Trouble shooting
  • Network configuration
  • Cisco Router Configuration