Best Struts Training in Chennai

Best Struts Training in Chennai

Apache Struts is a powerful framework for developing JSP applications. It is an open framework for developing flexible, business-oriented, good performance Java web applications. With the help of Struts framework the developers can execute the MVC pattern without separation of the designated three components. Struts Training in Chennai at Softlogic is suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals. Learn this robust Java framework from Softlogic and sharpen your programming skills.

Overview of Struts

Struts is a full-featured Java Web Application Framework that lets the developers to build easy-to-maintain enterprise-level Java application. One of the remarkable features of Struts is its plug-ins which are essentially JAR packages. This implies that they are portable and can be included in the classpath of the app.

The Struts 2 framework is formed to eliminate the complications formed during the development of any application. Struts assists in mitigating the complexity in creating, developing and maintaining any application. Softlogic has developed a great module to learn Struts for the aspiring candidates. We impart knowledge about the fundamentals of Struts Framework, Objects, Actions, Data Transfer, UI Components etc. We offer more practical examples with the support of our expert trainers.

Career Prospects for Struts

Struts is a powerful framework for Java development and hence the understanding of it can assist you in easily getting the best jobs in the industry. If you are a fresher searching for job in Java domain, then join the Top Struts Training Institute in Chennai to enhance your knowledge and skills. Then you will have a good chance of getting good jobs.

Demo Session of the Top Struts Training Center in Chennai

The demo sessions at Softlogic for Struts will give you a fair idea about the Struts training program. Once you talk to our educational counselors you can attend a free demo session and experience the quality of training.

Benefits of Struts

  • Well-defined JSP, Java and Action classes that mitigate development time
  • It consists of centralized configuration as most of the Struts values are represented in XML or property files
  • Custom JSP tags present to output the properties of JavaBeans components
  • Consists of in-built capabilities for verifying form values
  • Segregation of presentation logic from business logic.
  • For the purpose of changing from one database to another database, we should change only action class
  • Simple to modify or debug the code formed by the designer
  • Struts can be integrated with different frameworks including Spring and Hibernate

Future Scope of Struts

  • Struts assist you to streamline the components of Java in your application. It’s a front controller pattern with lesser options than Spring, but not by several people. However, most of the difference relies on your preference.
  • Struts is an older, legacy application with several heritage sites still created using it. It has integrations with Spring; specifically with Struts2. But it is still an accessible framework to learn; however check whether it is suitable for you. Learn the importance of Struts framework by talking to our educational counselors and thereby enrolling for Struts course.
  • Struts 2 came successfully from legacy system. It assists simplifying Struts to bring it into modern web development. It maintains the same architecture as the old system coupled with refinements and updates to its components. It consists of a history of security bugs.
  • We can appreciate Struts for its simple design ,open source nature, swift development, simplicity to test new code, efficient tag features and multiple view options.

Prerequisites for Struts Training

The aspiring candidate must have fundamental knowledge of Java with JSP and Servlets.

Who Can Attend Struts Course Training ?

  • BE, B-Tech, MCA, BCA, Bsc.
  • Any aspiring candidate with fundamental knowledge of core Java/J2ee can join this course
  • Any participant who wishes to learn a Java Web Framework
  • Any individual who is interested to form Java MVC applications applying Struts 2

Struts Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fee for Struts Training in Chennai is reasonable. You have the flexibility to pay it in two installments. Suppose you have any issues regarding time and venue you can contact our help desk. They will be also glad to help you with regard to any queries in duration.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Struts Training. Please contact our team for current Struts Training course fee and duration.

Struts Training Course Syllabus

The syllabus for Struts Training in Chennai is framed to help our students master Java and the specific framework Struts applied in Java. It is highly comprehensive encompassing all the concepts applied in Java. It is designed by a team of experts who specialize in Java. It is updated constantly to keep our participants up-to-date,

Struts Basics

  • Struts2 Home
  • Basic MVC Architecture
  • Struts2 Overview
  • Struts2 Environment Setup
  • Struts2 Architecture
  • Struts2 Examples
  • Struts2 Configuration
  • Struts2 Actions
  • Struts2 Interceptors
  • Struts2 Result Types
  • Struts2 Value Stack/OGNL
  • Struts2 File Uploads
  • Struts2 Database Access
  • Struts2 Sending Email
  • Struts2 Validations
  • Struts2 Localization
  • Struts2 Type Conversion
  • Struts2 Themes/Templates
  • Struts2 Exception Handling
  • Struts2 Annotations

Struts 2 Tags

  • Struts2 Control Tags
  • Struts2 Data Tags
  • Struts2 Form Tags
  • Struts2 Ajax Tags

Struts 2 Integrations

  • Struts2 – Spring
  • Struts2 – Tiles
  • Struts2 – Hibernate

Struts 2 Useful Resources

  • Struts2 Quick Guide
  • Struts2 Useful Resources