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Your hunt for a standard PHP course ends here at Softlogic Systems, the Best Training Institute for PHP Training in Chennai, with attractive and assured placement opportunities. We are one among those top class PHP training institutes in Chennai offering this widely used scripting language of all times.

PHP is one of the fast-paced domains in web designing technology that generates a wide range of opportunities globally. Softlogic provides deep insights on PHP Training in Chennai with related frameworks and tools which is required for performing well in the industry from day one. Our trainers designed an industry-based comprehensive curriculum from their corporate experience and handling interactive classes with more practical experiences.

Enrolling at our Best PHP Training Institute in Chennai will be the best way to begin your successful career with adequate hands-on experience and assured placement assistance. We have weekdays, weekend, fast track modes of classes along with instructor-led live online mode in our PHP Training Center in Chennai to reach rural and remote students globally.

Course Overview of PHP Training Institute in Chennai

PHP is one of the most-seeking server-side scripting languages for web designing which is a cost-effective platform for the organization and easy to learn the language for the developers. It is a powerful tool for developing dynamic and interactive web pages effectively with the use of widely available open-source frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, and so on. It helps the developer to deliver an impressive application in a short time.

In our PHP best Training Institute in Chennai, we collaborate SQL, MySQL databases with PHP Courses to give complete coaching for a better understanding of real-time project development. We train students with the required knowledge for efficient web development through the best utilization of CMS (Content Management System) tools like WordPress, TextPattern, etc as per the customer needs.

At the end of the course at our Best PHP Training in Chennai at Softlogic Systems, you can be expert on the following concepts

  • Develop a full-fledged website using frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony, etc.
  • Proper usage of CMS tools like Joomla, Drupal, and so on to build an impressive website.
  • Easy use of databases like SQL, MySQL for the back-end connectivity of your PHP applications.
  • Implementing of sessions and email sending for creating secured and reliable web pages.
  • Develop an impressive web pages with graphical representations using API tools as per the requirements.
  • Easily debug your application with adequate knowledge on PHP basic troubleshooting technologies.
  • Usage of AJAX, Code Refactoring, Password Hashing, Pagination and so on as per the requirements of the application.

Softlogic Systems trains students from the basic to advanced level as to hired easily by the employer through our PHP Training with Placement in Chennai.

What and Why PHP:

The working mechanism of all websites require those three magical letters PHP; what you explore online on your webpages and weblinks is facilitated through this programing lingo. PHP is used to develop Static and dynamic web applications. PHP also known as Hypertext Pre-processor or Personal Home Pages web technology tool, which allows web developers to create dynamically generated pages quickly and easily. PHP runs on various platforms such as, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, etc. and is compatible with almost all servers.

  • PHP is advantageous to both armatures and professional programmers- It is easy enough to be a beginner’s first server language and powerful enough for experts to ensure rapid execution of web development projects.
  • A majority of websites and applications on the internet today (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, and Twitter) have been developed using PHP scripting language.
  • The finest thing about PHP is that, it can be downloaded and used without any charge and one can avoid writing lengthy pages of codes with this super powered language.
  • PHP is relatively easier to learn and is quite fast besides enjoying features like a large standard library and built-in data sets.
  • It has the backing of a large active community, which regularly contributes to making PHP a strong and robust language.

Job scope for PHP:

Web development is an ultimatum, and with well-enhanced and well-groomed PHP skills, one can cling on to the best of job opportunities in the industry. The demand for skilled PHP specialists is always on an increasing trend. PHP developers work for web design firms, technology/software companies, and other service oriented or product based companies too, hence their need and scope is never restrictiveYou can look forward for exciting jobs and a great pay as an independent PHP developer too, as you become an adept in this field.

Prerequisites and Target audience for this course: 

  • Passionate Job Seekers
  • Freshers, Diploma holders and Graduates from any discipline
  • Software Developers
  • Web developers, web designers, SEO specialists etc.
  • A Basic knowledge of JavaHTML and CSS can be an added advantage in pursuing this course though.

Why a PHP course at Softlogic:

Softlogic, the Best Training Center for PHP in Chennai, can now help you craft websites that can look competitive as one of those websites of the fortune 500 companies. This course offered at Softlogic systems is considered the PHP training course in Chennai, as real-time PHP training from beginner to advanced level programs with project-based training is focused upon, and all aspects of the course is dealt in detail.

  • This is an all-inclusive training course, which includes complete PHP and MySQL fundamentals, Code Igniter, etc.
  • The course module offers realistic scenarios which makes the learning process interactive
  • Our PHP course is handcrafted and facilitated by expert instructors,adhering to the latest technologies based on current industry demands and updating the curriculum time and again as per corporate standards.
  • A placement wing, which helps the students to prepare for the interviews, besides providing 100% placement assistance at the topmost IT companies, 2-tier Companies and other MNCs.
  • Intense technical reviews , continuous interview opportunities until a student is placed, regular Mock Exams, one to one sessions, adequate back up classes etc. are conducted for the benefit of students.
  • Best of LAB Facilities with excellent infrastructure.
  • Our tailor made and customized PHP course fee has great value for money.
  • Fast Track courses are available for the convenience of the students, without compromising on quality delivery.

PHP Course Fee and Duration

The course fee for our PHP Training Institute in Chennai at Softlogic System is affordable and can be paid in two installments. Call and talk to our career counselor to know more about the course benefits and current offers on the PHP Training Cost in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for PHP. Please contact our team for current PHP course fee and duration. The timing for the class as per your flexibility with the small-batch allocation to care with individual attention on your success.

We claim with confidence that Softlogic provides the Best PHP Training in Chennai. What sets us apart is our placement training, and we are a one-stop and one- shot solution for all your PHP Training queries. You can be rest assured that you have bumped into the PHP Training Course Institute in Chennai

Why Softlogic Systems is the Best PHP Training Institute in Chennai

We are one of the pioneering PHP Training Institutes in Chennai with Placement Assistance to provide capable training on real-time projects and comprehensive curriculum for the aspiring candidates. Advantages of learning in our Institute are as follows:

  • Excellent Lab Infrastructure
  • Proficient and Experienced Trainers
  • Free Demo Class
  • Convenient Timing on Classes
  • Small Batch Allocation
  • Installment Options on Payment
  • Worth Spending on Time and Efforts

PHP Training Course Syllabus

Our syllabus is framed as per the industry standards from our experts with sufficient insights over the PHP course. We revise the PHP syllabus frequently according to the current updates of frameworks and tolls coming with PHP. We are sure after our training you can be performed up to date in the industry.

Here is the brief syllabus for your understanding. Call us to confirm your slot for a free demo session to take a tour of our Best PHP Training in Chennai.

Designing Web Applications HTML
  • Introduction to world wide web (www) HTML
  • Internationalization Accessibility
  • Character Encoding & References Document Structure
  • Meta Tag & Heading Elements
  • INS & DEL Tags Lists & Items
  • Constructing Tables
  • Floating
  • Objects & Formatting
  • Fonts With Styles
  • Layout Design with
  • Frame Form Control & Types Elements Attributes
  • Structuring with Field set Access Key & Table Index
  • Disabled & Read|Only Controls
  • Index of Elements Index of Attributes
  • Introduction to JavaScript Java Script and HTML
  • JavaScript Statement
  • Write & Writeln
  • Values & Variables
  • Literals & Comments
  • Expression in JavaScript Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loop Statements
  • Object Object Model
  • Functions in JavaScript Navigator
  • Object Hierarchy
  • JavaScript Reflection
  • Window & Frame Object
  • Document & Form Object
  • Location& History Object
  • Working with Windows & Frames
  • Working with MIME Types | Playing Sounds
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Containment in HTML
  • Grouping & Inheritance
  • Class as Selector
  • lD & Contextual
  • Selectors Comments
  • Pseudo
  • Classes Pseudo
  • Elements
  • Cascading Order
  • Formatting Model
  • List item elements
  • Floating & Inline elements
  • Notation for Property Values Font Properties Color & Background Properties
  • Text Properties
  • Box Properties
  • Classification properties Units & URL
Document Object Model (DOM):
  • Basics of DOM
  • DOM Hierarchy
  • DOM Methods
  • Functions
  • Form Collection
  • Table Collections
  • Inner HTML
  • Nodes & Child Nodes
  • DOM with HTML & CSS.Basics of AJAX
  • Using XML HTTP Request object
  • AJAX with XML
  • AJAX with PHP
  • AJAX with MYSQL
  • Model View Controller Architecture
  • Extensible Markup Language
  • DTD to define XML Documents
  • XML Documents and  validating them against a DTD
  • XSL to transform XML Documents and Presenting the Data in a Web Browser
  • XML Document Object Model
  • Active Server Pages with XML
  • XML in SOAP
  • PHP Configuration
  • PHP Configuration parameters
  • PHP data types
  • Resources in PHP Portability / Compatibility issues
  • Managing Date,Time and Calendar functions
  • Scope of variables and functions
  • Dynamic Function Calls Parsing variable arguments in functions
  • Predefined PHP functions
  • Predefined PHP
  • Variables and constants
  • Overview on XML
  • Validating and Non validating
  • XML
  • DTD/XSD/Relax
  • Understanding
  • Namespaces an overview of XPath
  • Parsing XML in PHP Using the Simple XML Parser
  • An overview of W3C DOM
  • PHP Database Connectors and API
  • An overview on native Database connectors
  • Database abstraction libraries
  • MYSQL Databases with PHP
  • MYSQL vs MYSQL extensions
  • Managing MYSQL database with MYSQL extensions
  • Handling Duplicates Performing Transaction using Stored Routines Triggers & Events
  • Backup MYSQL Database
  • Introduction to MySQL on the Web

Career Scope after PHP Training and Placement in Chennai

PHP is a widely used technology for developing reliable and robust applications with the available frameworks in minimum time. Hence many organizations take up PHP for increasing their performance to compete in the market in web designing. This adoption creates many opportunities for the certified PHP developers with adequate skill set after the successful completion of specialized PHP Certification Training in Chennai. Even the start-up companies are ready to pay a reasonable package to the skilled PHP experts for the rapid growth of their company.

The average salary of the PHP professional is starting from 91,000 INR per annum for the freshers as per the record of PayScale. It will increase as per the location and skills of the PHP developers. So do not miss out on the chance to begin your career or refresh it at Softlogic Systems, one of the leading PHP Training Institutes in Chennai.

Job Description of PHP Experts

PHP is the powerful server-side scripting language that experts find easy to develop and deploy applications with a cost-effective and time-effective manner. There are some main aspects are required for the developer as per the company expects to get hired easily.

Developers are expected to build websites with tools, applications, and frameworks as per the requirements of clients. They should cooperate with the team members with the timely delivering of particular assigned tasks. Make sure the entire development cycle is in a progressive state without any delay.

Developers should consider the usage of easily learned code for scripting to facilitate the simplified and manageable systems and the data and reports should be precise to understand the process easily and update effectively. They should be aware of the errors on the code to make debugging simple and fast.

To work as a perfect PHP Experts one should have adequate hands-on training on tools and frameworks by the internships in any PHP Training Institute in Chennai.

Call us to know more on +91 86818 84318 and enroll today for obtaining the course benefits of our PHP Training Center in Chennai.

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

How do I enroll in the blue prism course?

Take a tour of our training course by register for a free demo class. Then our career counselor will take care of all the admission process to enroll in our Institute.

Why I should choose Softlogic Systems?

We are one of the pioneering PHP Training Institutes in Chennai with Placement Assurance to provide capable training on real-time projects and comprehensive curriculum for the aspiring candidates. Advantages of learning in our Institute are as follows:

  • Excellent Lab Infrastructure
  • Proficient and Experienced Trainers
  • Free Demo Class
  • Convenient Timing on Classes
  • Small Batch Allocation
  • Worth Spending on Time and Efforts

What are the ways to reach you?

To start learning at Softlogic Systems, simply go to the form and fill your detail with the desired course selection. We will get back to you within a working day. Or just make a call / whatsapp to +91 8681884318 as we are available 24/7. Even you can connect us with a chatbox for immediate response.

What if I miss the class?

We will give you a compensation class to complete the portion in your convenient extra time with a regular timing.

Is that certification available for all the courses?

Yes, we will provide you a valuable certificate that will be honored by the industry for all the courses except the specialization like MCSA, MCSE, etc. We can equip you with all the required insights to clear these certifications provided by respective authorizations like Microsoft.

What is the duration of the courses?

The duration of the courses will vary from 45 to 60 hours as per the course syllabus. Courses like PHP, Digital Marketing will be covered in less duration while Java and other programming languages take time to finish the syllabus.

What are the modes of classes available in your Institute?

We have weekdays, weekends, and fast track modes of classes as per the convenient timing of the students. We also have instructor-led live online class modes for the flexible access of remote candidates.

What if I plan to learn multiple courses at once?

Yes, we can provide multiple course access in a short. For instance, Data Science courses are available with Python, R languages. We can offer discounts from the regular fee structure if you choose these kinds of combined courses.

What about the trainers at your Institute?

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced from top industries and more friendly to clear all the course-related doubts through their interactive classes. We have trainers with the following qualities

  • 10+ years of experience from the Industries like IBM, CTS, TCS, etc
  • 1000+ students benefited and perform well in the MNCs.
  • 150+ projects have been deployed individually.
  • More than 400 real-time projects were guided by our trainers.
  • Well-versed in course curriculum with recent updates.
  • Having a long vision to mold every students to get placed in top industries

Do I need to pay my fees in a single shot?

Not required as we have both options to pay the fees in a single shot. Or we have the facility to pay it in two installments.

What if I have more queries?

Feel free to talk to our career counselor for the better assistance by calling in +91 86818 84318. We are available anytime.