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Best AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai

Are you searching for the Best AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai.? Learn AngularJS from Softlogic that offers industry relevant practical training.

AngularJS Overview

AngularJS is a Javascript open source web application at its core. It is an advanced client-side framework by Google and is dependent on the MVC pattern. HTML provides high quality for static files but it is not of great help when we try to implement it for dynamic web applications. AngularJS lets you to strengthen HTML’s features. JS is becoming famous and its simple functionalities have turned out to be an essential declarative programming.

AngularJS is completely advanced and compatible with other libraries. Every single feature can be replaced or changed as per your application development workflow and functionality requirements. Softlogic assists our students to learn the method of applying JS framework. After learning this, the participants can become a successful client-side developer.

Get the best of a profound AngularJS knowledge base from Soflogic

If you want to enroll for the Best AngularJS Course in Chennai then you should join the next batch in Softlogic. We have efficient trainers, job-focused syllabus, excellent study materials, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Our well-structured AngularJS course lets you adopt the amazing niche of AngularJS. Learn how to form functional web apps with our career-oriented AngularJS Training in Chennai.

Learn Best AngularJS Course from Softlogic is framed for all those aspiring students who are inclined to build their career in web development and to learn Javascript framework. Softlogic ensures that there is no gap between the industry and academic standards through the Top AngularJS Training Center in Chennai.

Sofltogic’s training session is taken in a friendly environment and hence participants can understand the concepts easily, Our established AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai will make you ready for technical interviews.

Angular JS Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fees for the Top AngularJS Training in Chennai from Softlogic is moderate and can be paid in two installments. If you have any concerns regarding the timing and place then you can contact our technical counselors who will assist you accordingly.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Angular JS Training. Please contact our team for current Angular JS Training course fee and duration.

Prerequisites to Learn AngularJS Training

If you want to become AngularJS developer you need not be concerned about learning a number of programming languages. Fundamental proficiency in Javascript and HTML would be adequate. There is no need to code to a great extent to enforce the MVC architecture of web development. You can execute MVC with little coding or no coding. Thus you can maintain your code clean and streamlined in AngularJS.

Who can attend AngularJS Course

Softlogic primarily concentrates on offering a holistic experience to each and every student on every AngularJS aspects including theory and practicals, You may be a seasoned professional who has enrolled with us to upgrade your skills or you may be a fresher who is fresh out of the college and is willing to explore all the AngularJS tools and applications. We help both these type of individuals from the basic level to the advanced level, according to their requirement.

Sofltogic prepares the students to be industry-ready software professionals. Even college pass-outs who want to work as web developers can take this course. Are you a fresher who wishes to create new application and commence your own business? You can also take up this course. Project managers, testing professionals and software architects can also benefit from AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai from Sofltogic.

Do you have a relentless passion for software development? If so our AngularJS Training in Chennai is appropriate for you. From professional developers and novices to AngularJS development enthusiasts, this training session will be a great learning platform for all..

Enhance your Technical Expertise with Softlogic

Developing your technical knowledge followed by possessing a sound grip on additional technologies will raise your chances of being recruited by top companies. Those days have gone when organizations used to recruit fresh graduates and trained them for projects. Now they are searching for well-equipped freshers. AngularJS Training in Chennai will make your prepared for the competition thus taking you towards a great career option.

Should we have knowledge of Javascript basics for AngularJS?

AngularJS is written in Javascript. At the time of writing code for AngularJS you will be writing Javascript. Hence it is necessary to know Javascript prior to learning AngularJS. If you don’t have adequate knowledge in Javascript, then don’t worry! Sofltogic’s AngularJS training course will commence from Javascript,

Salient features of AngularJS

Data Binding – This feature synchronizes the data between the view components and the model in a regular basis.

Scope – These are objects that interact with the model and function as a gum between the view and the controller

Services – These are singleton objects that are joined together as built-in services in AngularJS

Filters – These choose a subset of items from an array and then return a new array

Directives – AngularJS consists of some built-in directives that are markers on DOM elements and can be applied to build customer HTML tags that operate as new custom widgets

Templates – These are the rendered view with details from the controller and model. They can take the form of a single file or multiple views in one page by applying partials

Routing – It is for the purpose of switching views

Model View Whatever – The application is divided as Model, View and Controller in this design pattern In contrast to the traditional sense, AngularJS executes it as MVVM (Model View View Model) and prefers to refer it as Model View Whatever.

Deep Linking – This lets the developer to encode the state of the application present in the URL for the purpose of bookmarking. From the URL the application can be restored eventually to the same state.

From Angular 1 to the latest version-Get the benefit of Best AngularJS Training in Chennai from Softlogic

The AngularJS has had an amazing journey from Angular 1 version to Angular 6 version. The powerful aspect with the front end development motivates the frequency of progress,. Patch release for every week and major release coming for every 6 months is contemplated on by the producers of AngularJS. Angular 1 is written in Javascript and Angular 2 is written in a different type known as typescript to take care of the pivotal issues with the AngularJS 1. The compiler in the Angular 2 functions well with the code, Java Virtual Machine and output to enhance the performance. The addition in Angular 4 is that it is simple to form HTTP request with the library. Angular 5 concentrates on the formation of the progressive web apps, Dependency injection is the main concept in AngularJS that gives the platform the advantage of being flexible and famous over other front end technologies, Angular 6 from Google introduced changes in the NG update, Animations performance improvements, CLI workspaces etc. Now it is time to understand the Angular 7 with its modifications.

The requirement for Angular experts is not going to fade in the near future,. That is the reason Softlogic brings this exhaustive course that will assist you master the latest version of AngularJS. You will learn to build and deploy Angular applications by means of hands-on exercises.

Enroll for the AngularJS Course in Chennai from Sofltogic to get noticed by employer in this competitive market. Learn the recent version of AngularJS from the proficient trainers. AngularJS Training in Chennai at Softlogic imparts knowledge on everything you need to ace this open-source Java framework. There is great concentration on practical scenarios and forming real application.

Job Profiles of AngularJS

The various roles which AngularJS developers can look out for after completing the extensive training are:

  • Web developer
  • Web app developer
  • UI Engineer
  • UI Developer
  • MVC Web Developer
  • Front-end Web Developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Javascript Developer

The huge range of opportunities in the Indian and global front are relatively high

Placement Assistance from Softlogic

Softlogic provides placement support to all the students who complete our AngularJS training. There is a dedicated HR team to assist our students to get placed as quickly as possible. There are both technical and aptitude related mock tests to aid our students get prepared for the interviews.

AngularJS Training Course Content

Sofltogic has framed the courses such that every student can learn all the topics easily. We also encompass all the latest trends and updates in the syllabus thereby giving an edge over others to the students. The syllabus is structured to produce AngularJS professionals to the hiring companies. These professionals are in short supply but the demand is high in the industry. We cover all the essential topics in AngularJS. After the course you can even build your own website.

Introduction to AngularJS

  • What is JavaScript Framework
  • What is AngularJS
  • JavaScript VS AngularJS
  • Advantage of AngularJS
  • How to set AngularJS environment?
  • Set environment of Visual Studio (For Developer) & Brackets (For UI Developers) for angularJS
  • Implementation of Binding Expression

AngularJS Directives

  • What is Directives
  • Importance of ng-app and data-ng-app
  • Built-in Directives with example: – ng-app, ng-controller, ng-bind, ng-model, ng-init, ng-options, ng-show, ng-hide.
  • Conditional statement using ng-if and ng-switch
  • Looping using ng-repeat
  • Image handling using ng-src
  • Event Handling using ng-click.
  • Custom Directives
    • Custom Directive with shared scope
    • Custom Directive with isolated scope

Implementation of Model View and Controller

  • MVC Architecture
  • Implementation of Controller and multiple controller with module
  • Implementation of Child Controller with example
  • Mapping between controller and view using model
  • Multiple module implementation
  • $scope with Properties
  • $scope with function
  • $scope V/S $rootScope
  • $watch, $digest and $apply

Filters and Its Implementation

  • What is Filter?
  • Implementation of lowercase, uppercase, date, number and currency.
  • Sorting using order by filter
  • Sorting by row header
  • Searching using filter
  • Custom filter

AngularJS Data Binding

  • What is Data Binding
  • One-way binding
  • Two-way binding

AngularJs Dependency Injection

  • What is Dependency Injection
  • Implementing Dependency Injection

AngularJS Services

  • What is Distributed Architecture
  • What is Service
  • Consuming service using angularjs
  • $http in angularjs
  • Custom service in angularjs
  • Implementation of web api using angularjs

AngularJS Templates

  • What is Templates
  • Layout template
  • Partial template


  • What is Routing
  • Route Configuration Implementation
  • How to set default route?
  • Single Page Application
  • Ng-view directives

AngularJS Forms Implementation

  • What is AngularJS Form
  • AngularJS forms V/S Html form
  • AngularJS input controls
  • AngularJS events
  • AngularJS form validation
  • AngularJS controls properties

Bootstrap Framework

  • Bootstrap installation
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Bootstrap JS
  • Bootstrap Customize