Advanced Excel Training in Chennai


There has been the emergence of several software and tools. However, a huge number of companies still rely on MS-Excel for their daily operations. Several individuals use Microsoft Excel to get their tasks done. Hence we can see that there is a great demand of professionals who are experts in using Excel and know all the tricks and shortcuts in a fluent manner. Softlogic’s Advanced Excel Training in Chennai ensures that you “excel” in Excel at the completion of the course.

Microsoft Excel assists in evaluating and presenting worthwhile data in a graphical form. Several users and professionals all over the world need it to maintain records in a systematic manner.

Managers, business owners, scientists etc use Excel to control and evaluate data. Better data visualization and comprehension of data assists to make better business decisions. When you learn Microsoft Advanced Excel Training in Chennai from Sofltogic you will become an Excel expert.

Objectives of MS Excel Course from Softlogic

VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Grouping, Validation Rules, SUM, COUNT, Pivot Table, Formulas, Pivot Chart etc, are some of the concepts that you will be imparted through this training.  You will be able to get a clear idea of an otherwise complex database. Our main aim is to make Excel understandable to you. We want to make the task simpler to perform applying MS Excel advanced techniques.

Take your basic Excel skills to the next level with the Microsoft Excel Training in Chennai from Sofltogic. Gain sound grasp of all the features which will always keep you in pace with technology.

Advanced Excel Course Fee and Duration

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Advanced Excel. Please contact our team for current Excel course fee and duration. Contact No: +91 86818 84318

Prerequisites to learn Microsoft Excel Training in Chennai

The trainee should be acquainted with the fundamental operations in Microsoft Excel including simple calculations, formatting etc.

Who can attend for Advanced Excel & VBA Macros.?

The Advanced Excel Course in Chennai is framed for professionals who are already acquainted with the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and who wish to operate with more advanced features of Microsoft Excel. They will become efficient in working with worksheets, evaluating data, forming MIS reports and automating several tasks.

  • Anyone wishing to enter into the domain of data analysis and wishes to work in a more competent manner
  • Students who want to have a great job and hence learn the advanced features of Excel. For example, MBA and Engineering students can gain from this course.
  • Any businessperson who is inclined to maintain his/her business record in an efficient manner and keep track of the business progress in a timely manner.
  • MIS Reporting Executives
  • Financial professionals &  Auditors
  • Admin & HR Executives
  • Top Management & Team Heads
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals

Job prospects after Advanced Excel Classes in Chennai from Softlogic

There is no denying that Excel is an evergreen tool. Even now, several jobs need Advanced Excel skills. The industry requires professionals who can assess the data and aid in the decision making for the management. There is a great demand for the MIS operations that handles the evaluation of data.

Gaining MS Excel skills will pave the way for MIS roles, data analysis roles, business analysis role, etc. They can do budgeting and financial modeling in an efficient manner, Let’s see some of the in-demand profiles in this field”

  • Data Analyst
  • MIS Executive
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Solution Architect
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer

The demand for talented MIS professionals is seeing a raise now. Several MNCs need professionals who can contribute to the dynamic field of analytics. If you have the desire to learn this evergreen tool and become an expert with data management, then contact Softlogic for a free demo session now.

Advanced Excel Training Course Syllabus

Softlogic is aware that MS Excel is having wide usage. We are also cognizant that MS-Excel content coverage is vast and can turn out to be complex to handle. Hence we have meticulously framed this course as per the demands of the industry. The structure and course content of Advanced MS Excel Classes in Chennai is designed such that it assists the professionals to perform all the calculations and visualizations in a quick manner.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • Excel Overview
  • Excel Ribbon/Menu Commands
  • Basic Data Manipulations
  • Managing Workbooks & Worksheets
  • Formatting Basics
  • Excel Hierarchy

Chapter 2: Functions

  • Logical Functions
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Aggregations
  • Strings

Chapter 3: Complex Formulas & Functions

Lookup Formulas

  1. Vlookup
  2. Hlookup
  3. Nested Vlookup

Advanced Referencing Functions

  1. Index
  2. Match
  3. Offset & etc

Chapter 4: What-if Analysis

  • Goal-Seek command
  • Using Data Tables
  • Scenarios
  • Merge scenarios from another worksheet

Chapter 5: Chart & Layouts

  • Creating Charts using chart wizard
  • Gantt Charts
  • Useful Graphs & Charts
    1. One Axis Graphs
    2. Two Axis Graphs & etc

Chapter 6: Pivot Tables

  • Steps to create Pivot Table
  • Arranging fields (Methodology –How & Why)
  • Formatting Pivot Table
  • Introducing Slicing Tool
  • Managing & Formatting Slices

Chapter 7 : Sparklines

  • Creating a Sparkline
  • Design a Sparkline
  • Comparing Sparklines

Chapter 8 : Excel Tools (In-Built)

  • Data Filters & Usage
  • Data Sorting
  • Pivot Tables (Creating, Updating & Modifying)
  • Advanced Formatting

Chapter 9: Macros

  • Recording, Executing & Saving a Macro
  • Editing & Debugging a Macro
  • Error Handling

Chapter 10: Career guidance

  • Discussion on a practical business scenarios
  • Interview question bank with answers
  • Resume modeling

Need of Advanced MS Excel Training in Chennai

As you would infer from the name, Advanced Excel is the enhanced version of basic Excel that is offered by Microsoft. Since the need of the industry is raising everyday Microsoft has introduced the last version in 2016. MS Excel 2016 has several new features; hence the Advanced Excel Training in Chennai is needed to grasp the updates.

There are improved ribbons, complete backstage layout, sparklines, slicers, new paste option, etc in Advanced Excel. Our Microsoft Excel Course in Chennai is framed such that you would learn all these new features rapidly. Now Excel is even more dynamic and filled with powerful analytics more than being a spread sheet.

Advanced Excel in relation to Basic Excel

With basic Excel, the candidate works with calculations, forming sheets, data evaluation, data filtration, text formatting, chart and table creation etc. Now Advanced Excel can do much more than that. Those who are aware that it’s not just a spreadsheet but a powerful analytics tools are Advanced Excel users. Advanced Excel users can assess in a more complex and comprehensive manner, They could dive into the graphs, data evaluation, charts, business intelligence,etc.

So the gist is:

  • Advanced Excel helps you get the desired result
  • Forms a user engaging and appealing content
  • Provides advanced means to solve difficult problems
  • Application of programming to lessen the huge data in quick time

Remember that if you have fundamental experience in Excel, then Advanced Microsoft Excel Training in Chennai will be a smooth sail. Knowledge will always be useful and your basic knowledge will make you to learn quickly.

Placements Support after MS Excel Training in Chennai

Softlogic provides total support to the student. There is 100% Placement assistance, Excel is the need of several companies and we are very well aware of that. We prepare you for the interviews through our mock interviews, technical reviews etc. Softlogic will provide a great drive to your career progression irrespective of the fact that you are a fresher or experienced professional.

Discuss with our proficient counselor for Advanced Excel Classes in Chennai

It’s time that you talk to our technical counselor who will help you to know how this course will be useful to you. You can also know about the fee structure and clarify any concerns regarding time and place. Contact Now at +91 86818 84318

Apply Excel in Business after Microsoft Excel Training in Chennai from Sofltogic

Several formulas are applied in Excel for daily transactions. These formulas are framed to deal with tasks including sum or total, find the counts, find the average for values, know the missing values, conditional formatting, etc. Besides job roles including accounts executive, business analyst, administrative officer, Excel can also be used for journalism, teaching, freelance writing, etc. Our Advanced Excel Training Institute in Chennai offers the participants with the unique methodology to comprehend the challenging task and perform the operations in a seamless manner, whatever the job role is.

Advanced Excel and VBA Training in Chennai

The main beauty of Excel lies in Advanced Excel because through this we can carry out advanced functions in a seamless manner. You will be able to learn the following and more after our training.

  • MIS reporting
  • Tables and formatting
  • Advanced charting
  • Pivot tables and pivot reporting
  • VBA and macros
  • Data validation

At Sofltogic we have a dedicated course for VBA Macros which is also an advanced part of Excel. We don’t want to confuse you with the other advanced parts of Excel with VBA macros. You can talk to our technical counselors to know more about Advanced Excel Training with Macros Chennai.

Boost your Knowledge and Management Skills with Excel Training in Chennai

Advanced Excel Training in Chennai means that you not only get transformed to an Excel expert but also develop your knowledge and management skills. During your training time, you learn many complex functions including cells, macros, advanced filters etc. You will become competent at organizing and evaluating data. So we can see that you will gain good management skills thereby adding more weight to the resume.

Should I get VBA Macros Training in Chennai or learn through online tutorials?

You would know by now that Excel is primarily classified into basic and advanced. Though some of you will have the inclination to learn basic Excel online, Advanced Excel should be learned from a reputed institute like Sofltogic. This is because Advanced Excel needs more training and in-depth focus. This is fulfilled by Sofltogic. Softlogic understands the importance of Advanced Excel and has come up with a unique curriculum for the same. You can also get placement assistance once you complete this highly valuable course from us. We prepare you for jobs and ensure that you are sent to interviews until you are successfully placed. The trainers see to it that you learn all the essentials of Advanced Excel in a proficient manner. So enroll with us now for a promising career in Advanced Excel.