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Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern has been extensively employed and is still in widespread use owing to all of its features. Softlogic’s MVC Training in Chennai is designed to acquire all the advantages of MVC to build robust and sustainable applications. Gain a comprehensive knowledge of concepts like Asp .Net, VB .Net, Advanced .Net, and C Sharp with our ASP Net MVC Training in Chennai.

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  • A Personalized Learning Experience with Direct Trainer Engagement!
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  • Direct Aptitude Training
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Course Highlights


An architectural/design framework termed Model-View-Controller (MVC) divides an application into three basic logical components: Model, View, and Controller. Every architectural element is made to deal with a particular application development aspect.

Here are several compelling arguments for both beginners and developers to learn MVC:

  • Career Opportunities: Many industries value MVC expertise, making it possible for developers to choose from a variety of work options.
  • Testability: Unit testing is facilitated by the distinct division between components, which makes it simpler to find and address problems during development.
  • MVC enables a distinct division between concerns, rendering code more structured and manageable, enhancing maintainability.

There are no specific prerequisites for learning MVC, however it is beneficial to have a following requirements,

  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Web Development Basics
  • Database Fundamentals

The fees for our MVC Training in Chennai may vary depending on the program level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) and the course format (online or in-person). On average, MVC Course ranges around 18,000 INR and the duration lasts for 1 month including international certification. For precise and up-to-date information on fees, duration, and certification, please contact our Asp Net MVC Training directly.

Both the software development and web development sectors are filled with jobs employing MVC frameworks. Working with MVC frameworks is a requirement for a number of career roles, including:

  • Web Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Application Architect

For the purpose of offering users real-time features and interactive experiences, real-time applications with MVC are found in numerous industries. These are some instances,

  • Multiplayer Online Games
  • Real-time Stock Market Monitoring
  • Real-time GPS Tracking Applications
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Real-time Notification and Alerts
  • Real-time Chat Applications

Softlogic offers a comprehensive and industry-focused Asp Net Core MVC Course, equipping individuals with the skills and expertise required to excel in the field of programming . By choosing Softlogic, you can ensure top-notch Asp Net MVC Training with the following benefits:

  • 100+ Real time trainers
  • Fully hands-on training
  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interviews
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Life Long Placement Support
  • 60+ hours course duration
  • Industry expert faculties
  • Completed 1500+ batches
  • 100% job oriented training
  • Certification Guidance
  • Own course materials
  • Resume editing
  • Affordable fees structure

ASP.NET MVC Syllabus

Download Syllabus

Core concepts and real-world application of the MVC architectural design are usually covered in our MVC training in Chennai. In order to produce structured and maintainable programs, this pattern is frequently employed in software development.

  • What is .NET Framework?
  • What are components of .NET Framework?
  • IDE for .NET
  • The role of the Model, View and Controller
  • Key benefits of ASP.NET MVC
  • ASP.NET MVC project templates
  • Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project
  • Naming Conventions
  • Creating views
  • Defining controllers
  • Defining a data model
  • Editing Model in MVC
  • Update Model function in MVC
  • Using data transfer object as model in MVC
  • Defining and using custom HTML Helpers
  • Generate hyperlinks using ActionLink html helper
  • Razor Views in MVC
  • Layout View
  • Defining and using partial views
  • View Engines in MVC
  • Customizing the auto generated Create view
  • Creating strongly-typed views
  • Understanding URLs and action methods
  • Using HTML helpers
  • View data and View Bag
  • ASP.NET application architecture best practices
  • Implementing a Repository and Entity Framework Data Model
  • Data Access in MVC using entity Framework.
  • Working with multiple tables in MVC
  • Using business objects as model in MVC
  • Languages features used in LINQ
  • Creating simple LINQ queries
  • Using LINQ queries in a web application.
  • Overview of AJAX and ASP.NET MVC
  • Generating a RadioButtonList control in MVC using HTML helpers
  • checkBoxList in MVC
  • Listbox in MVC
  • Displaying images in MVC
  • Introduction
  • Implementing Paging in MVC
  • Implementing Sorting in MVC

Trainer's Profile


Our Mentors are from Top Companies like

  • Our MVC trainers are well-qualified and experienced professionals, with in-depth knowledge and proficiency in all the key concepts of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach.
  • They are well-versed in all different MVC frameworks such as Angular JS, backbone.Js, ZendMVC, RubyOnRails, ASP.Net MVC and others.
  • The trainers have a great understanding of the different software architecture ideal for creating MVC applications.
  • They fully understand the concepts of security, scalability, testability, and portability while implementing the projects.
  • Our trainers have extensive experience in developing, debugging, and maintaining complex MVC applications and designing custom solutions for different clients.
  • They use project-based approach to train the students efficiently, and effectively explain the life-cycle of MVC application development.
  • Trainers also possess the required knowledge for developing the front-end and back-end of the application with multiple technologies.
  • More importantly, they are adequately equipped to demonstrate how to build components with AJAX, AngularJS, and jQuery to ensure amazing user experience.
  • At the same time, the trainers will help learners to understand the hardcore concepts of databases and SQL commands.
  • They also emphasize on deploying our applications and tackling any unforeseen errors while planning and developing applications.
  • The best thing is that our MVC trainers provide ample of guidance and personalized career counseling for students to choose their right career path.
  • They have the credentials to build a strong portfolio of our students, hone their skills and strengthen their professional confidence to face future interviews.

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Project Practices

Building 3D Games
Recruitment Portal
Develop an ASP .NET MVC recruitment portal for seamless job postings, applications, and candidate communication.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Property Management System
Build an ASP .NET MVC property management system for efficient handling of property listings, rentals, and maintenance.
Building 3D Games
Document Management System
Develop a secure document management system with ASP .NET MVC, facilitating document organization and access.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
ASP .NET MVC Task Management
Simplify task management within teams by creating, assigning, and tracking tasks efficiently.
Building 3D Games
ASP .NET MVC Donation Management System
Enable online donations, track contributions, and generate receipts with ease.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Help Desk Ticketing System
Develop an ASP .NET MVC help desk system for efficient customer support ticket management.
ASP .NET MVC Auction Platform
Empower users to bid on items and manage auctions through a dynamic online platform.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Survey and Feedback System
Develop an ASP .NET MVC survey system for gathering and analyzing feedback to improve user experience.
Classified Ads Website
Create a classified ads website using ASP .NET MVC, allowing users to post, browse, and search ads.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games

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The MVC architecture provides a number of advantages, such as improved scalability, better control over code Separation of Concerns (SoC) and improved maintainability. It also helps in developing cohesive applications by decoupling data access, presentation, and business logics from one another.

The MVC pattern works by separating the application’s logic into three interconnected parts: Models, Views, and Controllers. Each component is responsible for a different aspect of the application. Models handle data and business logic, views display the application’s user interface, and controllers handle user input.

The Model is responsible for managing the application’s data and state. It is also responsible for providing access to this data for other components.

The View is responsible for displaying the application’s user interface. It reads the data provided by the Model and renders it to the user.

The MVC pattern consists of three components: Models, Views, and Controllers.

After completing the MVC training, students can pursue several job roles such as web developer, software engineer, and MVC developer.

The MVC pattern provides a number of advantages, such as improved scalability, better control over code Separation of Concerns (SoC), and improved maintainability. It also helps in developing cohesive applications by decoupling data access, presentation, and business logics from one another.

Softlogic Systems provides comprehensive MVC training that helps developers gain expertise in web application development. Course topics include introduction to MVC, routing and action filters, rendering complex data in views, building REST services, and testing.

Yes, Softlogic Systems offers both hands-on practical sessions and career guidance. Our trainers also provide guidance in career decision-making, career planning, resume writing, and job hunting.

Additional Information

  • With the help of MVC, we can make the web development process interesting with a hassle-free setup.
  • It controls the complexity by classifying the application into the model, the view and controller.
  • Every specific step of the software development life cycle is made easier.
  • At the time of development, the MVC architecture assists in a way that each component can be handled by a person. Hence time consumption will be lessened.
  • The development code gets less difficult as we can easily comprehend the flow of code functionality when applying MVC.
  • It offers better support for test-driven development.
  • It may be complicated but assists in offering clean code.
  • We require MVC for development of one or more application concurrently at a faster rate.
  • It assists the companies in better maintenance and support for the applications.
  • Get enrolled in the Top MVC Training Center in Chennai and understand why MVC is an essential component.
  • Technology is changing quickly. There will always be a good scope of MVC. There will be a change in the programming language or the framework but the architecture will still be used.
  • You may cease using Dot net MVC but could still utilize Python with the Django framework that applies the MVC principles.
  • Now even when you are applying MVC on the server you should consider certain things:
  • MVC has lot of improvements since version 1
  • Nowadays you should use AngularJS on the server. The implies that you also utilize Web API with MVC.

The programming language and framework that you use depends largely on your career development based on its demand, However, MVC will always be present as a good option in its role of architecture. So MVC is required and useful for your career betterment.

Let’s take this example. People have began to shift from Dot net MVC to Dot net Core but there is demand for Django which utilizes MVC.

It is essential that anyone who works in MVC has to keep in pace with the present trend of technologies as the architecture will definitely be embedded into the future languages that will emerge in the industry.

  • ASP.NET MVC implements separation of concerns. Hence there are smaller chances of getting things more complicated.
  • There is possibility of automatic testing through MVC.
  • There is a rise in re-usability.
  • The MVC separation lets you take care of complex applications since you concentrate on one aspect at a point of time.
  • MVC decreases the page size and there is an enhancement in performance.
  • MVC makes it simpler to test an application
  • The MVC separation also eases group development. Various developers can work on the view, the business logic and the controller logic in parallel.

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