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Our Selenium Training Institute in Chennai offers a comprehensive learning experience in automation testing for web applications. Selenium is a widely used tool for automating web browsers, making it an essential skill for software testers and developers. In our course, you’ll learn how to write test scripts, perform test automation, and integrate Selenium with other tools and frameworks. With hands-on practice and real-world projects, you’ll gain practical experience in using Selenium to automate testing processes, improving efficiency and accuracy. Whether you’re new to automation testing or looking to advance your skills, our Selenium Course in Chennai can help you become proficient in this valuable tool, opening up new opportunities in the field of software testing. Explore our Selenium Course in Chennai with Certifications and Placements for a rewarding career in analytics.

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What this Course Includes?

  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code (Codeathon)
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interview
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Life Long Placement Support

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Breakdown of Selenium Course Fee and Batches

Hands On Training
3-5 Real Time Projects
60-100 Practical Assignments
3+ Assessments / Mock Interviews
June 2024
Week days

2 Hours Real Time Interactive Technical Training 

1 Hour Aptitude 

1 Hour Communication & Soft Skills

(Suitable for Fresh Jobseekers / Non IT to IT transition)

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June 2024
Week ends

4 Hours Real Time Interactive Technical Training

(Suitable for working IT Professionals)

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What Modes of Training are available for Selenium?

Offline / Classroom Training

A Personalized Learning Experience with Direct Trainer Engagement!
  • Direct Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there
  • Airconditioned Premium Classrooms and Lab with all amenities
  • Codeathon Practices
  • Direct Aptitude Training
  • Live Interview Skills Training
  • Direct Panel Mock Interviews
  • Campus Drives
  • 100% Placement Support
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Online Training

Interactive Quiz Website
Instructor Led Live Training! Learn at the comfort of your home
  • No Recorded Sessions
  • Live Virtual Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there virtually
  • Live Virtual Interview Skills Training
  • Live Virtual Aptitude Training
  • Online Panel Mock Interviews
  • 100% Placement Support
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Corporate Training

Blended Delivery model (both Online and Offline as per Clients’ requirement)
  • Industry endorsed Skilled Faculties
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Customized Syllabus
  • 12X6 Assistance and Support
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Objectives of Learning Selenium Course

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This training program provides a thorough introduction to Java basics and important concepts for Selenium automation testing.

  • Mastering Java Programming Basics: Develop a solid grasp of Java essentials required for Selenium automation testing.
  • Understanding Exception Handling: Learn how to effectively manage exceptions in Java programs.
  • Automating File Operations: Acquire the skills to automate operations on Excel and text files using Java.
  • Automating Database Operations: Learn to automate database operations using Java.
  • Exploring Selenium Components: Understand the fundamentals of Selenium components such as Selenium IDE and WebDriver.
  • Advanced Selenium Techniques: Gain proficiency in advanced Selenium techniques like handling multiple windows, alerts, frames, Ajax components, and creating customized XPath/CSS selectors.

Reason to choose SLA for Selenium training in Chennai

Opting for SLA in Chennai offers multiple benefits. Here are some key highlights of SLA’s training:

  • SLA stands out as the Exclusive Authorized Training and Testing partner in Tamil Nadu for leading tech giants including IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Autodesk, Meta, Apple, Tally, PMI, Unity, Intuit, IC3, ITS, ESB, and CSB ensuring globally recognized certification.
  • Learn directly from a diverse team of 100+ real-time developers as trainers providing practical, hands-on experience.
  • Instructor led Online and Offline Training. No recorded sessions.
  • Gain practical Technology Training through Real-Time Projects.
  • Best state of the art Infrastructure.
  • Develop essential Aptitude, Communication skills, Soft skills, and Interview techniques alongside Technical Training.
  • In addition to Monday to Friday Technical Training, Saturday sessions are arranged for Interview based assessments and exclusive doubt clarification.
  • Engage in Codeathon events for live project experiences, gaining exposure to real-world IT environments.
  • Placement Training on Resume building, LinkedIn profile creation and creating GitHub project Portfolios to become Job ready.
  • Attend insightful Guest Lectures by IT industry experts, enriching your understanding of the field.
  • Panel Mock Interviews
  • Enjoy genuine placement support at no cost. No backdoor jobs at SLA.
  • Unlimited Interview opportunities until you get placed.
  • 1000+ hiring partners.
  • Enjoy Lifelong placement support at no cost.
  • SLA is the only training company having distinguished placement reviews on Google ensuring credibility and reliability.
  • Enjoy affordable fees with 0% EMI options making quality training affordable to all.
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Highlights of The Selenium Course

What is Selenium?


Selenium is an open-source web browser automation tool with a unified interface for writing test scripts in various programming languages like Ruby, Java, NodeJS, PHP, Perl, Python, and C#. It is widely used for web application testing, supporting cross-browser and cross-platform test execution.

What are the reasons for learning Selenium?


Learning Selenium offers several compelling reasons for individuals interested in web development, testing, and automation. Here are some key reasons to consider:

  • Web Testing Automation: Selenium automates web browser interactions for efficient and reliable testing.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Test applications across various browsers seamlessly with Selenium’s support.
  • Language Flexibility: Choose from multiple programming languages to write Selenium test scripts.
  • Open-Source and Community Support: Benefit from a vibrant community and valuable resources.
  • Scalability and Reusability: Create reusable test scripts for different scenarios, enhancing efficiency.
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery: Integrate Selenium with CI/CD tools for automated testing during development.
  • Industry Demand and Career Opportunities: High demand for Selenium skills opens diverse career paths in testing and QA.
What are the prerequisites for learning Selenium?


Our Selenium Training in Chennai has no strict prerequisites, making it accessible to all skill levels. However, having knowledge of a programming language like Java, Python, C#, or Ruby is beneficial. Additionally, understanding HTML, CSS, Javascript, and web browsers will be advantageous for effective learning and web testing automation. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, our training is designed to cater to all learners.

Our Selenium Training in Chennai is suitable for:

  • Students
  • Professionals seeking a career change
  • IT professionals aiming to enhance their skills
  • Enthusiastic programmers
  • Job Seekers
What are the course fees and duration?


The fees for our Selenium Course in Chennai depend on the program level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) and the course format (online or in-person). On average, the Selenium Course Fees in Chennai comes around 18,000 INR for a duration of 1 month, inclusive of international certification. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on fees, course duration, and certification, please reach out to our Selenium Training Institute in Chennai directly.

What are some job roles related to Selenium?


Job roles related to Selenium are primarily focused on software testing and quality assurance. Some common job roles that involve working with Selenium include:

  • Selenium Tester
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer
  • Software Test Analyst
  • Performance Test Engineer
List a few Selenium real-time applications.


Selenium is a powerful and widely used automation tool for web browsers, with various real-time applications. Some includes:

  • Web App Testing: Automate web app testing to verify functionalities, detect bugs, and ensure software quality.
  • Regression Testing: Automate regression tests to maintain existing functionality after code changes.
  • Data-Driven Testing: Validate app behavior using data from various sources.
  • Load Testing: Analyze app performance under heavy user loads using Selenium with load testing tools.
  • Integration Testing: Automate test execution with continuous integration tools for efficient development workflow.
  • UI Testing: Validate web app UI elements and interactions using Selenium.
What is the salary range for Selenium Tester Salary?


According to Ambition Box, a fresher Selenium Automation Tester with under three years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹5.0 Lakhs. A Mid-career Selenium Automation Tester with 4-9 years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹9.0 Lakhs, while an Experienced Selenium Automation Tester with 10-20 years of experience earns an average annual salary of ₹167.9 Lakhs.

Who are our Trainers for The Selenium Course?

Our Mentors are from Top Companies like:
  • Experienced Selenium Trainers with hands-on technical proficiency and extensive knowledge in Web Testing.
  • They are highly experienced in various test automation scripts and solutions for web applications using Selenium WebDriver/IDE.
  • They are proficient in manual testing for web applications and strong understanding of defect analysis.
  • They are also highly competent in test automation strategies and seamlessly integrating them with the development process.
  • They possess in-depth knowledge and experience with software quality assurance processes.
  • They have excellent technical problem-solving skills and experience in developing, executing, and debugging test automation frameworks.
  • They have the ability to implement a test automation scheme focused on specific requirements and test objectives.
  • They are the subject matter experts in Automation using Selenium Web Driver, and TestNG and are assets to our Selenium Training in Chennai.
  • They are exceptional in developing and implementing Automation for GUI, Functionality testing, and Database Testing.
  • They hold a comprehensive understanding of the software development life cycle and test plans.
  • They have a successful track record of dramatic performance and quality improvements for broad applications.
  • They are excellent communicators with proven ability to communicate at all levels of the errors in SDLC and their solutions to students.
  • Our trainers are highly competent in helping students build their customized resumes to meet industrial requirements.
  • They are motivated towards making the students get placed by helping them with interview preparation with their expert guidance.
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Project Practices for The Selenium Course

Parallel Test Execution

Set up and execute automated tests in parallel, reducing the overall test execution time and increasing efficiency.

Cross-Browser Testing

Perform automated testing across different web browsers to ensure consistent functionality and user experience.

Error Handling and Reporting

Implement robust error handling and generate detailed reports for easy debugging and analysis.

Automated Test Environment Setup

Develop scripts for consistent and automated configuration of test environments.

POM Framework for Selenium

Design and implement a framework to improve code reusability and maintainability of tests.

Automated Web Testing

Create tests to validate web app functionality and performance for reliable testing.

Localization Testing

Automate testing of multi-language applications to ensure proper localization and language-specific functionality.

Headless Browser Testing

Automate tests without a visible browser for faster and efficient execution.

API Testing with Selenium

Automate backend service testing using Selenium for API integration and functionality verification.

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FAQs for
The Selenium Course

What training modes does Softlogic offer?


Softlogic offers a variety of training modes that cater to the needs of students, including:

  • Classroom training
  • One-to-One training
  • Live instructor-led online training
  • Customized training options
  • Corporate Training
What can be tested using Selenium?


Selenium can be used to test web applications for functionality, usability, compatibility, and performance. It can also be used to automate repetitive tasks on a website.

What are the objectives of Selenium courses offered by Softlogic Systems?


The objectives of Softlogic Systems’ Selenium courses are to help students understand and be proficient in the Selenium platform, including its components and features. Students will also gain a greater understanding of automation testing and best practices.

What accreditation will I get once the course is completed?


Upon completion of Softlogic’s training, you will be awarded with globally recognized course completion certificates from Softlogic, renowned IBM certificates, and Codeathon certificates, validating your real-time project experience.

Does Softlogic Systems provide placement assistance for its Selenium course in Chennai?


Yes, Softlogic Systems provides its students with placement assistance after completing a Selenium course. The placement assistance includes interview preparation and training, resume building, job search assistance, and more.

Does Softlogic Systems provide online courses for Selenium?


Yes, Softlogic Systems provides online courses for Selenium. The online courses allow students to learn and work from any location.

What are the advantages of using Selenium?


Selenium is an open-source tool and free to use. It supports multiple programming languages which can be used to develop tests with simple and reusable code. It also supports multiple browsers which make it easy to perform cross-browser testing.

What are the benefits of taking the Selenium course in Chennai offered by Softlogic Systems?


The benefits of taking the Selenium course offered by Softlogic Systems include gaining a comprehensive understanding of Selenium tools, gaining hands-on experience with Selenium, learning how to create and run automated tests and practice with frameworks.

What programming language does Selenium use?


Selenium supports multiple programming languages including Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

What types of tests can be automated using Selenium?


Tests that can be automated using Selenium include functional tests, usability tests, cross-browser testing, and performance tests.

Additional Information for
The Selenium Course

Our Selenium in Chennai has the best curriculum among other IT institutes ever. Our institute is located in the hub of IT companies, which creates abundance of opportunities for candidates.. Our Selenium course syllabus will teach you topics that no other institute will teach. Enroll in our Selenium training to explore some innovative Top project ideas for the Selenium Course.


Salient Features of Selenium Course in Chennai

Selenium Training in Chennai is essential to progress from a manual tester to an automation expert. We should opt for Selenium training for the following reasons:

Open Source: Most of the companies apply Selenium to test their websites and carry out automated tests.

No extra hardware required: This is the advantage of using Selenium. It is the easiest means to test any website.

Different programming language support: This is one of the crucial factors for any programmer with regard to automation testing. Knowledge in any programming language will assist you commence your profession in Selenium.

Framework advantage: Framework of Selenium is somewhat similar to templates. You can perform simple changes to the code according to the requirements.

Powerful presence in the DevOps life cycle. Selenium takes up a major part of the DevOps cycle and several organizations function with the DevOps approach.

Gain field exposure that comes with the blended learning of both theoretical and practical concepts of test automation in our Selenium Testing Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.


What makes Selenium testing popular?
  • Selenium testing offers a framework that is applied for testing
  • The dynamic tool can be deployed efficiently by developers and testers. It is applied to test web applications and can be used for authoring tests without thorough knowledge of scripting language. With Selenium, tests are mainly implemented to ascertain that the quality of the application is sound.
  • Enterprises throughout the world are shifting towards embracing Selenium, because of affordability, compatibility, speed, etc.

Accelerate your career with our Selenium Testing Training in Chennai at Softlogic and become a master in test automation of web browsers for global companies.


Selenium Training and Placement in Chennai

Softlogic provides Best Selenium Training in Chennai and offers you the platform to demonstrate your learned skills and earn a lucrative salary. Enjoy a great career in the IT industry with job assistance training and placement assistance offered to all the students.

Dedicated placements are offered and the candidates are placed in top IT companies.

At the time of training, practical training is offered to all participants to make them job ready.

A dynamic theory- and practice-oriented approach assists the students to be eligible for amazing job openings

Innumerable candidates have been successfully placed in several courses

Selenium jobs are specifically suitable for individuals who are already having core skills including Selenium RC, Webdriver, Selenium Grid, Locators, Selenium IDE, XPath and TestNG. In the present IT market, there are several Selenium job opportunities in Chennai for those who are already working in some testing field and enthusiastic about testing.

Selenium is appropriate for seasoned professionals who have crucial skills on SDLC and QA. In the present IT market, there are various Selenium opportunities for the experienced professionals, who know the above technologies. Explore the wide range of job opportunities in test automation by enrolling in our Selenium Testing Training and Placement Institute in Chennai, Softlogic Systems.


Job profiles of Selenium Training

The learning of our Selenium Course in Chennai equips the learners for Automation Test Engineer, Senior Automation Testing Engineer, Quality Engineer, QA Automation Engineer, Python with Selenium Experts, Selenium API Automation Testers, and so on. There are nearly 15000 job openings in the Selenium domain in various job portals and preparing yourself for one is a good choice for your wonderful career. Develop your testing skills in our Selenium Testing Training Institute in Chennai.

If you have sound Selenium experience, you can work as Selenium automation tester.

If you have Selenium as a co-skill with Appium and mobile testing, you can work as Mobile automation tester.

If you have Selenium as a co-skill with API testing, TDD, Agile and web services, you can become Senior Software Test Engineer.

Get the benefit of the best training and placements assistance at Softlogic and be capable to enter into leading companies as a Selenium expert.

Selenium with Java makes the complete testing tool for web applications. It can able to work in various browsers like Chrome, IE, Opera, and Firefox. Here is our well-framed syllabus that is taught at Softlogics, the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai.


Career Scope after Selenium Training in Chennai

As Selenium is the more flexible result-driven tool for testing the demand for Selenium testers is rising in top companies. Job opportunities in Selenium Testing will be always available for skilled and trained professionals certified from the best Selenium Training in Chennai

The trend of test automation tool like Selenium undergoes the continuous changes to create and maintain the requirements of an application which is developed in the current technology.

Selenium testing is the leading automation testing tool in the market today. Therewith the demands for the expert in Selenium are high with a good salary package. The average salary range of Selenium Testing Engineers in India is Rs. 4,25,000 per year. In globally they can earn $60,000 pa according to the report of PayScale. Enhance your manual testing skills with our Selenium Testing Training in Chennai and become an expert in test automation of web apps and websites.


Benefits of Selenium Testing Tool

The learning of the Selenium Testing tool helps automate the testing of web browsers for web applications. It helps in ensuring high-quality web applications irrespective of their nature such as responsive, progressive, or regular. Our Selenium Testing Course in Chennai trains the students with the important benefits of test automation of web browsers.There are some benefits of performing automation testing using Selenium as below:

Language and Framework Support: Selenium supports all major programming and scripting languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, and Perl for software automation testing. Selenium converts the scripts into Selenium compatible code on run time. Also, every language has a dedicated framework for Selenium.

Available in Open Source: Selenium can be accessed publicly with no upfront costs. The Selenium community is helping developers and engineers in automating the web browser functionalities.

Multi-Browser Support: Selenium supports all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera as the scripts are compatible without the need of rewriting the scripts.

Different Operating System Support: Selenium is portable in platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, UNIX and so on. The test suite created in Windows can execute on another platform like macOS or Linux.

Ease of Implementation: Selenium is an Easy-to-Use tool. It offers a user-friendly interface to help in the creation and execution of test scripts easily and effectively.

Integration and Reusability: Selenium suits are reusable and be tested among multiple browser and OS. In some cases, Selenium needs a third-party framework and Add-Ons to wider the scope of testing as it has not all-inclusive tool.

Flexibility: Selenium is more efficient in regrouping and refactoring of test cases. This helps developers to change the code quickly, reduce duplication, minimize complications, and improve maintainability. These features are the biggest advantage of doing efficient test management as this is the important life cycle of testing.

Parallel Test Execution and Faster Go-to-Market: Selenium Grid can execute multiple tests in parallel to reduce the test execution time.

Less Hardware Usage: Selenium requires only less amount of hardware compared to other automation tools like QTP, SkillTest, and UFT.

Easy to Learn and Use: Selenium scripts use very few codes to automate the functionalities of the website. And documentation on Selenium is much more useful for developers and testers to start Selenium testing effectively. In Firefox, Selenium Scripts can be recorded and played for future use using the Selenium IDE extensions.

Constant Updates: Selenium has a strong and active community behind it. It releases constant updates and upgrades which are readily available and easy to understand format which does not require any specific training. Therewith Selenium is resourceful and cost-effective compared to any other automation testing tool.

Accelerate your skills in an on-demand testing tool by learning at Softlogics, one of the leading Selenium Training Institutes in Chennai.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Selenium Tester

There are various roles and responsibilities. It may vary according to companies and projects. Some of them are : –

  • Grasping the business requirements, application and its components.
  • Updating Framework functions as and when required
  • Developing and implementing the Automation Test Scripts
  • Going through the Test Reports and arranging Test Summary Report.
  • Arranging test scenarios and test results.
  • Reporting any defects on daily basis
  • Executing automation with the help of Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Java, Cucumber, Maven.

Softlogic Systems has well-qualified and experienced trainers to equip with all the major roles and responsibilities as per the current requirements of companies through our Selenium Testing Course in Chennai with Best Practices.

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