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Join our Embedded Training in Chennai to excel in the world of Embedded Systems. With our best Embedded Course in Chennai you will explore the fundamentals of Embedded Systems, covering hardware, software, microcontrollers, microprocessors, programming in C and C++, Python, and Java and interfacing with peripherals. Gain the essential skills to succeed in this dynamic field!

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What this Course Includes?

  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code (Codeathon)
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interview
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Life Long Placement Support

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Offline / Classroom Training

  • A Personalized Learning Experience with Direct Trainer Engagement!
  • Direct Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there
  • Airconditioned Premium Classrooms and Lab with all amenities
  • Codeathon Practices
  • Direct Aptitude Training
  • Live Interview Skills Training
  • Direct Panel Mock Interviews
  • Campus Drives
  • 100% Placement Support

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Online Live Training

  • Instructor Led Live Training! Learn at the comfort of your home
  • No Recorded Sessions
  • Live Virtual Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there virtually
  • Live Virtual Interview Skills Training
  • Live Virtual Aptitude Training
  • Online Panel Mock Interviews
  • 100% Placement Support

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Corporate Training

  • Blended Delivery model (both Online and Offline as per Clients’ requirement)
  • Industry endorsed Skilled Faculties
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Customized Syllabus
  • 12X6 Assistance and Support

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Course Highlights


An embedded system is a specialized combination of computer hardware and software designed to perform a specific function. It may operate independently or as part of a larger system. These systems can be either programmable or designed with a fixed purpose.

Learning Embedded Systems offers several compelling reasons:

  • Versatile Applications: Embedded Systems power diverse industries and technologies, offering a wide range of career opportunities.
  • Optimized Performance: Efficient solutions tailored to specific tasks, delivering high performance.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Challenges with hardware-software integration enhance problem-solving abilities.
  • IoT and Connectivity: Essential for developing connected devices and smart systems.
  • Innovation and Product Development: Drives innovation and new product creation.
  • Career Opportunities: High demand for Embedded Systems professionals.

At Sotlogic's Embedded Course in Chennai, no specific prerequisites are required. However, prior knowledge of C and C++ concepts can make it easier for students to grasp Embedded technology concepts.

Our Embedded Training in Chennai is suitable for:

  • Students
  • Professionals seeking a career change
  • IT professionals aiming to enhance their skills
  • Enthusiastic programmers
  • Job Seekers

The fees for our Embedded Course in Chennai depend on the program level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) and the course format (online or in-person). On average, the Embedded Systems Course Fees in Chennai comes around 25,000 INR for a duration of 1 month, inclusive of international certification. For precise and up-to-date details on fees, duration, and certification, kindly contact our Best Embedded Training Institute in Chennai directly.

Job roles related to Embedded Systems expertise include:

  • Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • IoT Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer

Embedded Systems have numerous real-time applications across various industries and domains. Some of the notable real-time applications of Embedded Systems include:

  • Automotive: Real-time control for engine performance, ABS, airbags, and ADAS in vehicles.
  • Industrial Automation: Real-time control of machines and robots in industries.
  • Security and Surveillance: Real-time monitoring and alerts in security systems.
  • Telecommunications: Real-time data and voice communication in networks.
  • Agriculture: Real-time monitoring for precision farming.
  • Traffic Management: Real-time traffic control in smart cities.

At Softlogic, we provide a comprehensive and industry-focused Embedded Systems Training in Chennai, empowering individuals with the essential skills to thrive in the field of Hardware and Networking. By choosing Softlogic, you can be assured of top-quality training, accompanied by the following advantages:

  • 100+ Real time trainers
  • Fully hands-on training
  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interviews
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Life Long Placement Support
  • 60+ hours course duration
  • Industry expert faculties
  • Completed 1500+ batches
  • 100% job oriented training
  • Certification Guidance
  • Own course materials
  • Resume editing
  • Affordable fees structure

Embedded Syllabus

Download Syllabus

Our Best Embedded Training in Chennai is designed to provide you the knowledge and abilities you need to succeed in the field of embedded systems. Throughout our Embedded Course in Chennai, you will learn about the foundations of Embedded Systems, including hardware and software. You will gain knowledge of microcontrollers and microprocessors, embedded C and C++ programming, and peripheral interface.

  • Difference between Microprocessor & Microcontroller
  • Classification based on architecture
  • Memory Classification
  • Description of RAM
  • Description of CPU Registers
  • Functions of SFR
  • Introduction to Embedded C
  • Difference between C & Embedded C
  • Programming style
  • Basic structure of C program
  • Keywords & Identifiers
  • Data type & its memory representation
  • Arrays and strings
  • Types of Operators
  • Bitwise Operators explained
  • Decision making with if statement
  • If….else statement
  • Switch statement, and GOTO statement
  • The While and Do – While statements
  • For statement
  • Why Functions
  • Types of Functions
  • A Multi functional program
  • Return values & their types
  • Kiel Compiler
  • Proteus
  • Introduction of LED’s
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of LED’s
  • Programming of LED’s Interfacing
  • Introduction to 7 Segment Display
  • Types of 7 Segment Display
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of 7 Segment Display
  • Programming of 7 Segment Display Interfacing
  • Introduction to 16 x 2 LCD
  • Commands of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Interfacing Circuit Description of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Programming of 16 x 2 LCD
  • Introduction to Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Interfacing Circuit of Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches
  • Controlling of LED’s by using Switches
  • Key board Matrix & LCD Interfacing Program
  • Introduction to Motors
  • Types of Motors used in Embedded System
  • Programming & Controlling of motors in Embedded System
  • Introduction to Timers & Counters
  • Difference between Timer and Counter
  • Description of SFR associated with Timers & Counters
  • Programming of Timers & Counters
  • Introduction to Serial Communication
  • Types of Serial Communication
  • Description of SFR associated with Serial Communication
  • Programming of UART
  • Introduction to ADC
  • Programming of ADC
  • Introduction to sensing devices
  • Interfacing of IR Sensors
  • Interfacing of Temperature Sensor
  • I2C Bus Standard
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • USB
  • UART
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux Commands
  • VI Editors
  • Introduction to Device Driver
  • The Role of Device Driver
  • Kernel Module Vs Application
  • Types of Device Driver
  • Character Driver
  • Block Driver & Network Driver

Trainer's Profile


Our Mentors are from Top Companies like

  • Our trainers are experienced in Embedded Systems Design, Software Development, Fault Diagnosis, and Maintenance.
  • They have proven experience in scripting and embedded coding for a wide range of platforms, including ARM, NIOS, PIC, and AVR.
  • They contain competent knowledge of a variety of operating systems including Linux, VxWorks, and Windows.
  • They possess excellent communication skills and patience to mentor and guide students who have enrolled in Embedded Training in Chennai.
  • They are excellent at debugging and troubleshooting embedded systems and systems software.
  • They are adept in understanding Object-oriented Programming (OOP) and Component-Based Development (CBD).
  • They have work experience with RTOS (real-time operating systems) and designing complex protocols and have knowledge of VHDL and its application in Embedded System Design.
  • They are comfortable with using version control and bug tracking systems, such as Git and JIRA, and have a strong understanding of various Coding and Style Standards such as MISRA and MISRA-C.
  • They are able to transfer knowledge and train on complex topics and are enthusiastic and patient in providing quality teaching to inquisitive students.
  • Our trainers are highly competent in helping students build their customized resumes to meet industrial requirements.
  • They are motivated towards making the students get placed by helping them with interview preparation with their expert guidance.

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Take your career to new heights with Softlogic's software training certifications. Improve your abilities to get access to rewarding possibilities

Earn Your Certificate Of Completion

Earn Your Certificate of Completion

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Take Your Career to the Next Level with an IBM Certification

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Stand Out From The Crowd With Codethon Certificate

Stand Out from the Crowd with Codethon Certificate

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Project Practices

Smart Energy Meter
Smart Energy Meter
Develop embedded energy meter for real-time monitoring, accurate data recording, and promoting energy conservation.
Industrial Automation And Control
Industrial Automation and Control
Create embedded industrial automation for efficient process control, equipment monitoring, and data collection.
Gps Navigation System
GPS Navigation System
Create embedded GPS navigation with real-time guidance and tracking for vehicles, pedestrians, or outdoor activities.
Medical Monitoring Device
Medical Monitoring Device
Design an embedded medical monitoring device for real-time tracking of vital signs in patient monitoring.
Automated Irrigation System
Automated Irrigation System
Design embedded irrigation system monitoring soil moisture, weather, and optimizing water usage for plant growth.
Home Automation System
Home Automation System
Develop embedded home automation for appliances, lighting, security, and energy efficiency.
Wireless Sensor Networks
Design embedded systems for real-time environmental monitoring using wireless sensors.
Wireless Sensor Networks
Embedded Robotics
Embedded Robotics
Create an embedded system for autonomous robots used in exploration, surveillance, and warehouse automation.
Real-time Weather Monitoring
Build a weather monitoring system that collects sensor data and displays real-time weather information.
 Real-Time Weather Monitoring

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Topics covered during Embedded Training include microcontrollers and development boards, I/O hardware interfacing, embedded programming languages and operating systems, embedded software design, real time operating system, wireless communication and network protocols, hardware programming, embedded hardware design, embedded system control and embedded system design.

A wide range of personnel including entry-level engineers, mid-level engineers, senior engineers, and other professionals in the electronic engineering industry, such as members of engineering teams, software testers and project managers.

Embedded Training provides a solid foundation of the skills and knowledge required for a career in the field of embedded systems. After completing the course, one may take up a range of career paths in the electronics industry, such as embedded systems designer or engineer, embedded systems programmer, embedded systems tester, and database designer.

In the course fee, we include lab access, trainer support, course material and other necessary training materials, and placement assiatnce.

After attending Embedded Training, one can become skilled at embedded design, development, programming and implementation; build a strong foundation in embedded systems; and develop the skills required to lead or be part of a design or programming team.

We do offer a completion certificate after each Embedded Training session that is certified by IBM. Including IBM authorized certification in the resume and exhibiting the same to your recruiters increases your chnace of getting placed.

Yes, Softlogic Systems assists its students in finding suitable job placements through their dedicated placement support team. They help in resume building, providing most probable interview questions, organizing mock interviews, and offering all kinds of support that are required.

Softlogic Systems has an excellent placement record with many of its students successfully placed in leading IT companies.

Yes, the Embedded Training course offered by Softlogic Systems includes real-time projects to make the students master the concept of embedded systems.

Please contact our course counselor by call or Whatsapp at +91 86818 84318. As an alternative, you can use our Website chat, Website form, or email us at

Additional Information


The primary objective of this course will focus on the integration of practical designs with frameworks of systems encompassing both hardware and software components. Detailed knowledge of 8051 and ARM processors will allow you to walk with confidence after the training. You will also be industry ready in a short time and later can get good placements.

Let’s delve further. For example, Embedded Training Institute in Chennai provides an amazing opportunity in product development. There are several innovations at present like high end applications in mobile phones. Hence there is a huge demand for individuals who have the ability to think in a creative manner. Graduates with the appropriate skills can get jobs in the following domains:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Product Development
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace

The field is very broad and hence the career path is wide and well defined. Some of the job profiles which a person who learned Embedded from Embedded Systems Training in Chennai at Softlogic can enter into are:

  • Hardware Designer
  • Embedded Systems Software Engineer (firmware)
  • System Software Engineer (kernel & RTOS)
  • Application Software Engineer (device drivers)
  • Embedded Hardware Engineer.
  • Marketing & Sales Executive.
  • Software Test Engineer.
  • Embedded System Trainer.etc.
  • ASIC Designer etc.

Embedded Systems Software Engineers work on running all the high end applications on mobile phones which were done on PC earlier.

As per Payscale the average salary for an Embedded Software Engineer is Rs 393,558 annually. As soon as you gain experience of 3-4 years you will get lucrative salary. Moreover, seasoned embedded system developers are much in demand in India.

Embedded systems are available in telecommunications, consumer goods, medical instruments transportation system or wifi modems, etc. Embedded systems computers are not big in size, consume less power and have limited processing resources. They are omnipresent. This is the reason why organizations demand Embedded system experts. Softlogic molds candidates into experts.

he ordinary microprocessors were composed of peripheral interface circuits but with progress the modern embedded systems rely on microcontrollers. 8051 is the basic microcontroller used, and all the other microcontrollers depend on it. You will also learn about ARM microcontroller which is a family of instruction-set architectures and is used for computer processors. Embedded Training in Chennai has been designed on latest industry standards.

Huge number of applications applies embedded systems. Embedded system is an integral part of automation and its cope will raise in the future. The main aim of any professional training is to gain competency in technical skills and get placed on the liked job profile. Softlogic assists students in getting jobs in design and development in the embedded system. We conduct personality development classes and mock interview sessions, We also mold the candidates for technical and non-technical aspect of interviews.

If you are searching for the most flexible Embedded Systems Training in Chennai then Softlogic is the right choice, We provide great facilities and hands on training sessions to the aspiring candidates so that they can gain sufficient knowledge.

We have framed the courses so that the student can grasp it from the fundamental. We want our participants to shine in the domain of embedded systems and for this reason we have the most proficient trainers.

Our class size is such that there is a maximum number of 5 students in one batch. The makes is simple for the teacher to comprehend the specific requirements of the student. This also has a good impact on the quality and pace of learning.

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