Oracle SQL Training in Chennai


Best Oracle SQL Training in Chennai

In the Oracle SQL Training in Chennai from Softlogic you will gain in-depth knowledge about Oracle SQL. The trainers will cover the course content in a comprehensive manner and impart knowledge on all aspects of Oracle database programming. Those who are inclined to brush up their skills in Oracle SQL can also take up this Oracle SQL Training in Chennai. We will teach the basics of Relational Database Management System, Oracle Database Architecture, advanced SQL advantages of program design, collection and packages etc. In order to give you a satisfying experience Softlogic provides hands-on practical training sessions. We also limit our batch sizes to 4 people per batch.

Overview of Oracle SQL Training

Oracle SQL Classes in Chennai is developed for students who want to write SQL query using Oracle. You will also gain knowledge of how to apply the procedure of query language extension for SQL in the Oracle SQL relational databases. You will be well-versed with Oracle SQL once you complete the course.

A great way to plan your career in IT with Oracle SQL Certification Training in Chennai

The Oracle SQL Certification Course in Chennai is framed for the developer who is having fundamental SQL knowledge. Designing, developing, implementing and managing SQL stored program units and the features of Oracle SQL: are taught in detail.  The students will be able to handle huge sum of data set and know how to retrieve data after the Oracle SQL Training in Chennai.

Oracle SQL Course Fee and Duration

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

The course fee for Oracle SQL Training in Chennai is moderate and can be paid in two installments. Suppose you have any queries related to the time, premises and duration of the course you can consult our educational counselors.

Prerequisites to learn Oracle SQL from the leading Oracle SQL Training Center in Chennai

  • Acquaintance with data processing concepts and techniques
  • Fair knowledge of programming concepts

Who can attend Oracle SQL Course in Chennai?

The ideal candidates for Oracle SQL training in Chennai are:

  • Database developers
  • Sysops administrators
  • Any user who is inclined in back-end process
  • Aspiring candidates who wants to expand their knowledge in Oracle database relationship, debugging and database management

Advantages of Oracle SQL

The ability to group various transactions into the same batch for processing makes Oracle shine in the competition. Microsoft’s version of SQL is restricted to executing each transaction individually following a sequential order. This provides Oracle SQL more scalability over sequential versions of SQL which don’t go beyond expanding vertically. Oracle has the ability to expand horizontally by clustering transactions for the purpose of more competent processing.

With Oracle SQL, you can utilize several servers to operate on the same database with the Real Application Cluster Feature. This can substantially raise your processing power for the cost of an additional server. Oracle SQL also provides you more options to adjust the operations of your database to adhere to the capabilities of your server.

Oracle SQL provides you the flexibility of selecting to initiate your database in any operating system. You can install Oracle SQL on a Unix Server and gain from the dependency of UNIX at the same time maintaining the standardization of SQL. UNIX is less exposed to several common computer viruses, which maintains your information as secure. Oracle SQL is also considered as backward-compatible, hence you can upgrade without losing the data in the future.

Career scope of Oracle SQL Developer

For those individuals having powerful communication, problem-solving and analytical skills, job in an entry-level database development profile can lead to a successful Oracle SQL career. The information technology is constantly evolving and it needs continuous upgrading of skills. So, an interest towards life-long learning is essential if you are inclined towards this exciting career field.

Features of Oracle

  • Simplicity of data recovery when compared to databases
  • The RDBMS system can deal with massive amount of data conveniently
  • Gives you the ability to change platforms at any time
  • Provides you the option to scale-up and scale-out strategies
  • The database lets you to rerun actual production workloads comprising online user and batch workloads in the scope of test environments
  • Support for both hardware- and OS-specific virtualization
  • Offer VMware support for the purpose of test and productive SAP environments
  • If primary database is not available, the standby database can work as a primary database
  • Uninterrupted processing for users which removes the requirement for manual recovery

Oracle SQL Training Course Syllabus

The syllabus of Oracle SQL is framed according to the industry requirements. It offers a clear statement of the desired course objectives and imparts these objectives in a well-defined manner. Softlogic ensures that the syllabus is update frequently.

Why to get trained in Oracle SQL from the top Oracle SQL Training Institute in Chennai?

When you get into a company, you have to converse in business language. You should comprehend business concerns and the best solution is to resolve the concern. At Softlogic, we work for the total development of the student and prepare them to enter the company as a well-versed professional. We train them so that they are not only well-versed in technical skills but also in life skills. Mock interviews and technical reviews are conducted and the candidates are assisted till they get placement.

Career Path in Oracle PL/SQL

As soon as you choose to be a PL/SQL developer, you will be writing SQL based queries so that the performance of the database can be enhanced substantially. You will also be needed to evaluate the data outcomes and offering solutions, suggestions to the customers and also pertinent to document creation. In your career, you will be expected to consist of:

  • A profound knowledge of Oracle database, its tools and utilities
  • A sound understanding of programming constructs, packages, procedures, query writing and triggers
  • A good knowledge of software development life cycle. You should be able to adhere to standard processes including code review, forming/executing unit level test cases.
  • You should be in a position to frame and implement ETL solutions and processes.
  • You should be able to form data models and design.
  • With the passage of time you can also get transformed into a new set of technologies.
  • You will also take the role of solution level and data level architect besides being DBA,
  • Do you want to take a break from the programming languages and coding? You can think of shifting your domain into an analyst profile where the results generated are worked upon. Moreover, future business insights can be produced applying analytical tools.
  • When you operate with PL/SQL which is an Oracle’s technology you let yourself to deal with every domain that Oracle has to offer.
  • You can also work as a full stack developer and your roles and responsibilities can include controlling the backend and the front end of the application.
  • Are you performing well in UNIX? You can migrate to security domain or take up the role of a tech operation analyst.
  • You can also transition to several NoSQL databases’ developer role since the raise in big data technologies have demanded the application of NoSQL databases more than conventional RDBMS.