Best Pega Training in Chennai


Best Pega Training Institute in Chennai

Pega is a Business Process Management solution which is incorporated by Pega Systems Inc. It is a cloud based platform which is formed on Java platform and applies Java concepts and OOPs. It is used for controlling processes and workflows in a company. It is embraced by several companies go raise efficiency in performance, and agility in the daily operations. Pega is very convenient and is an extensible platform to structure business process flow. Softlogic offers Best Pega Training in Chennai with expert trainers.

Why Pega training from the top Pega Training Institute in Chennai is needed?

Pega is a tool which is primarily applied for business process management. It is exhaustively used in businesses so as to reduce software coding. Business prospects and challenges are rapidly handled by Pega. Pega is used to form applications, and function on integrated development environment (IDE). It is simple to develop and initiate on JDK tool kit. Pega is otherwise called as Pega Rule Process Commander (PRPC).

The main concentration of Pega is on automation of activities and program code. Pega can drastically reduce implementation time, risks and costs while letting quick response to change. Pega also consist of the best in class Software Configuration Management System formed within it. Generally, it is believed that an application development in Pega consumes only one-third of effort when compared to Java. Fascinated by this interesting concept? Call Softlogic’s technical counselors for a free demo session and experience the quality of Pega training. After you are satisfied with the quality of training you can enroll for the classes. Once you complete Pega Certification Training in Chennai from Softlogic you will easily gain the expertise that the companies want.

Pega Course Fee and Duration

The fee for Pega Training in Chennai is moderate. You can pay it in two installments. Suppose you have any concerns regarding time, place and duration don’t hesitate to contact our help desk who would be willing to help you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Pega. Please contact our team for current Pega course fee and duration.

Prerequisites to Learn Pega Course in Chennai

Basic knowledge of OOPs concept and Java will be beneficial to learn this course. It will enhance your level of understanding.

Who can attend Pega Classes in Chennai.?

  • Any aspiring candidate belonging to IT/Non-IT domain who wants to become skilled Pega professionals
  • Developers/Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Managers
  • Testers

Latest version of Pega

The Pega 7 Platform’s aim is to enable business and IT jobs to function together when building prerequisites, forming forms, and implementing new applications. It’s a useful asset. Pega 8.1 is the latest version of Pega at the time of this writing and it is still in its nascent stage. The users who are initiating 7.4 CRM solutions can make use of the advantage of latest features of this platform. Pega 8.1 bring together the professional developers, data scientists etc. with only a single Studio. Through this, you can interface with all the Pega platforms, applications and spaces. There is no scripting required for handling all your Data Integrations.

Pega Certifications

There are lots to learn in Pega. There are various levels of certifications and this can be broadly classified into two:

  • Business Purpose Certification,
  • Technical Certification.

Career Prospects and Future Scope of Pega

Business Process Management is one of the rapidly progressing domains in the IT industry and it offers an exciting career encompassing technology and business fields. Pega has formed various industry –relevant frameworks that quicken BPM implementations. Hence an individual can develop his/her product knowledge and concurrently gain domain expertise in fields including banking, healthcare etc.

Pega is the most happening BPM tool in the current scenario and it provides great job opportunities for skilled professionals. There is big demand for trained professionals in the industry. Thus Pega professionals are given a fat paycheck.

Selecting Pega as a career option is a wise decision. There are number of openings in Pega. Pega Certification is a coveted certification in the market today.

Key Features of Pega

  • Pega is a business friendly tool kit that is applied for defining applications. The tool lets a well-trained business professional to form a good business application
  • Pega lets structuring the application once and deploying anywhere, This implies that we can structure an application in a single platform and can release in multiple platforms.

Pega Training Course Syllabus

The course curriculum for Pega is framed according to current industry scenarios and will assist students in comprehending the Pega concept in detail. Softlogic’s Pega training syllabus encompasses all the topics pertaining to Pega and provides a clear comprehension of live scenario to the participants, The Pega experts at Softlogic, the leading Pega training center in Chennai, have formed a unique way of teaching Pega.

  • Introduction to BPM
  • Introduction to PRPC
  • Smart BPM
  • Build for change
  • Application Documents
  • DCO
  • Application express
  • PRPC frameworks
  • Class structure in PRPC
  • ECS
  • Inheritance
  • Class groups

Data Modeling

  • Define PRPC classes
  • Data branch
  • Property Types and Modes – Single and page properties

Process Flow – Flow & Flow Actions, SLA

  • Different flow shapes and their purpose
  • Usage
  • Creation
  • Flow Actions
  • SLA – Creation, Usage

User Interface

  • Properties display and validation
  • Layouts
  • Harness
  • Sections
  • Style Branding

Decision Rules

  • Creation of different decision rules, usage in flows and activities.

Declarative rules

  • Forward chaining
  • Backward chaining
  • RDE
  • Declare constraints
  • Declare triggers
  • OnChange

Case Management

  • Work flow
  • Units of work
  • Work status
  • Locking
  • Design correspondence
  • Send correspondence

PRPC Database Concepts

  • Role of Rules DB
  • Link between rules and DB
  • Basic tables
  • Exposing column properties


  • Definition
  • Configuration
  • Steps
  • Parameters
  • Security
  • Common methods

Integration with external systems

  • SOA
  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • Connectors & Services
  • Listeners
  • Connect SQL

Rule Management & Security

  • Rule
  • Ruleset
  • Ruleset version
  • Rule resolution algorithm
  • Operator ID
  • Access group
  • Access role
  • Privilege

Performance, PRPC Guardrails & Topics revision

  • Clipboard
  • Alerts
  • Pre-flight
  • PAL
  • DB trace
  • Tracer
  • SMA
  • 10 guardrails
  • Iterative approach
  • Class structure
  • Build for change
  • Design intent driven process
  • Security and object