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Clinical SAS Course in Chennai

Learn how to apply Clinical SAS from beginner to advanced level from the Best Clinical SAS Training Institute Chennai. Softlogic provides unique and tailor-made job-centric Clinical SAS Course in Chennai. Call now at +91 86818 84318

Overview of Clinical SAS Training in Chennai at Softlogic

Before diving deep into Clinical SAS Training in Chennai by Softlogic let us understand the importance of data and data management in this present world. There is no denying that this is a data-centric world, and data management and data analysis have a major role in today’s business. They both are essential components of Business Intelligence.

SAS is the abbreviation of Statistical Analytical System. It is a software exhaustively applied for data management, predictive analysis, multivariate analysis, etc. SAS clinical data integration offers supports in cross studies and also in safety analysis when the repeatable clinical trial integration activities are automated.

Clinical SAS is the usage of SAS technology to clinical industry for clinical trial data evaluation in pharmaceutical or biotech and clinical research organizations. Best Clinical SAS Training in Chennai offers insight into the practical concerns of clinical trials. The way of designing, evaluating and generating reports are elaborated in support of real time data. The skills of writing SAS programs, importing/exporting data and eventually transforming it for carrying out assessment on it is taught by the trainers. The Clinical SAS Training and Placements in Chennai will make the candidates well-versed in theoretical knowledge, practical hands-on experience, elaborate description of programs and essential techniques engaged in the clinical trial analysis.

Clinical SAS Course Fee and Duration

The course fee for Clinical SAS Training and Placements in Chennai is moderate and can be paid in two installments. If you have any concerns regarding the venue and duration, then you can contact our help desk who would be glad to help you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Clinical SAS. Please contact our team for current Clinical SAS course fee and duration.

Prerequisites to learn Clinical SAS Training:

The following are the Pre-requisites for this training.

  • Knowledge of Base SAS
  • Good comprehension of clinical programming concepts
  • Fundamental knowledge of statistics

Who can attend SAS Course in Chennai.?

The course is framed for both students and professionals wanting to carve a career in data analytics with SAS.

  • Clinical SAS Business Analyst.
  • SAS Clinical Data Programmer/Manager.
  • SAS Data Management Professionals.
  • Data Warehousing Professionals.
  • SAS Clinical Project Manager.
  • Clinical SAS Programmer.
  • SAS Clinical Quality Analyst.
  • SAS ETL Specialist.
  • Business Intelligence Professionals.

Career and Placements prospects for Clinical SAS

Clinical SAS Training in Chennai will assist you to get some amazing jobs. There are several roles to select from. For example, you can be a part of a big clinical data analytics team and function as Analytics Programmer. Mostly, employers are in the lookout of candidates with good SAS programming skills,

In India, the clinical SAS programming domain has witnessed a quick progress in the last ten years and the trend is in the likelihood of continuing. SAS professionals are finding employment opportunities not in just crunching numbers and producing reports. SAS is turning out to be an essential tool to evaluate the present state and future objective of healthcare analytics.

Acquaintance with clinical trial aspects equipped with knowledge of SAS can pave the way to a challenging and fructifying career that also positively impacts and changes patients’ lives. SAS programmer with clinical grasp always shines more than a purely SAS programmer since he/she will be equipped to take good decisions while programming. One can begin a career in Clinical SAS programming as clinical programmer. The main duties are writing programs in SAS to produce the output required for the evaluation and reporting of the clinical study. A Clinical SAS programmer consisting of CDISC expertise would have great opportunities.

Advantages of SAS:

  • Simple learning curve
  • It can take care of huge database easily and efficiently
  • Debugging is hassle free
  • Algorithms are exhaustively tested prior to including in SAS
  • Guaranteed security for the data
  • Dedicated customer support

These features have taken SAS a step above its competitors. Now it is one of the most exhaustively used software applications for clinical data integration and evaluation. When the demand for SAS increased throughout the world, the demand for those skilled in SAS also saw a raise, Softlogic’s Clinical SAS Training Institute in Chennai with Placements has become one of the most preferred courses which ascertains placement assistance.

Need for Quality Clinical SAS Programming Training in Chennai

SAS programmers play a pivotal role in clinical trial data analysis. Thus Clinical SAS Training Center in Chennai is needed. The opportunities for SAS programmers to look into the technical needs of the healthcare industry are constantly increasing. The application of information technology in the healthcare delivery system can assist the industry to be benefited by valuable knowledge from data and apply this insight to suggest action or foster decision making. This also helps in enhancing quality of patient care. When you see from a commercial perception, SAS can assist healthcare professionals meet business objectives, manage costs, produce higher revenue and boost strategic performance management. It offers specific interfaces that eventually make the work more effective from the metadata. It hence provides a convenient access to pertinent details and is pretty useful to function with specific data and findings.

SAS programming is widely used in clinical trial data and evaluation in the pharmaceutical and clinical research companies. A SAS programmer takes up a crucial role in clinical trial data evaluation.

A SAS programmer takes care of the technical requirements of the healthcare domain. Execution of IT in the healthcare industry assists in obtaining valuable knowledge from data and insight to suggest decision making and patient quality care enhancement.

SAS analytics solution assists accomplish business objectives in healthcare-related revenue generation, cost monitoring and strategic performance management.

SAS tools are applied to explore clinical results and risk tolerances to enhance quality.

Clinical SAS Course Syllabus

The syllabus is meticulously prepared to meet the changing industry requirements, the content is regularly updated and the candidate can gain a holistic understanding of clinical SAS through our Clinical SAS Training in Chennai.

  • Introduction of SAS software.
  • Industries using SAS
  • Components of SAS System.
  • Architecture of SAS system.
  • Functionality of SAS System.
  • Introduction of SAS windows
Working in the SAS Environment
  • Functionality of SAS Windows.
  • Creating and managing SAS Libraries.
  • Overview of SAS Data states.
  • Types of Libraries.
  • Storing files temporarily and permanently.
  • Referencing SAS files.
Creation database from raw data
  • Steps to create a SAS dataset.
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using text file with delimiters.
  • Creating SAS dataset using structured text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using unstructured text file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using Excel file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using Access file.
  • Creating SAS dataset using values inside the code.
Output delivery system
  • Concepts of output delivery system.
  • How ODS works and viewing output of ODS in different format.
  • HTML, RTF, PDF etc..
Combination the dataset
  • One-o-one reading
  • One to many
  • Many to many
  • Concatenation
  • Interleaving,
  • Match merge
  • Character function
  • Numerical function
  • Arithmetical function
  • Mathematical function
  • Date Function
Loops in SAS: Do Loops
  • Do Loop
  • Do While
  • Do Until
  • Definition of array
  • Example of array
  • Procedure Format.
  • Procedure Contents.
  • Procedure Options.
  • Procedure Append.
  • Procedure Compare.
  • Procedure Transpose.
  • Procedure Print.
  • Procedure Import.
  • Procedure Export.
  • Procedure Datasets.
  • Procedure Tabulate.
  • Procedure Chart, Gchart, Gplot.
  • Procedure Report.
  • Introduction to graphics.
  • Introduction to graphics.
  • Types of Graphics (with latest models)
  • Defining procedure Graphics.
Advance SAS Topic
  • Generate detail reports by working with a single table, joining tables, or using set operators in the SQL procedure.
  • Generate summary reports by working with a single table, joining tables, or using set operators in the SQL procedure.
  • Construct sub-queries and in-line views within an SQL procedure step.
  • Compare solving a problem using the SQL procedure versus using traditional SAS programming techniques.
  • Create and use user-defined and automatic macro variables within the SAS Macro Language.
  • Automate programs by defining and calling macros using the SAS Macro Language.

Understand the use of macro functions.

Introduction of SAS and Clinical research
  • SAS role in Clinical Research.
  • What is Clinical trial?
  • What is Protocol and role of Protocol in Clinical Research?
  • Which is playing main role in Clinical Research?
Clinical Trials Data Structures
  • Identify the classes of clinical trials data (demographic, lab, baseline, concomitant medication, etc.).
  • Identify key CDISC principals and terms.
  • Describe the structure and purpose of the CDISC SDTM data model.
  • Describe the structure and purpose of the CDISC ADaM data model.
  • Describe the contents and purpose of define.xml.
Transform Clinical Trials Data
  • Apply categorization and windowing techniques to clinical trials data.
  • Transpose SAS data sets.
  • Apply ‘observation carry forward’ techniques to clinical trials data (LOCF, BOCF, WOCF).
  • Calculate ‘change from baseline’ results.

Job profile of Clinical SAS Programmer

Clinical SAS offers a range of analytical tools that are applied to explore drug outcome and risk tolerances to enhance the quality of patient care. Clinical SAS Programmer Training in Chennai from Softlogic will let you to conceive ideas and methods for data evaluation and execute the evaluation methods on the obtained data. It also assists in offering the study summary tables, data listing graphs to the statisticians and clinicians to come up with study report. SAS programmers operate in close interaction with statisticians and data managers. Sometimes SAS programmers are also needed to frame databases. Besides, SAS programmers are required to write programs to read database data to SAS data sets, produce a SAS format library and then cleanse the database’s data as per the edit specifications given by CDMS.

SAS takes up a pivotal role in clinical trials starting from defining the clinical study till regulatory submission. With the help of data generated in the SAS environment, the clinical study report is compiled. SAS also has a good role in protocol development, CRF designing, randomization process, adverse event reporting etc.

Skill Sets required for Clinical SAS

A lot of tools and procedures are being formed for the purpose of maintaining high standard of healthcare and making the healthcare industry come up. Clinical SAS is a powerful software which is exhaustively used in this field for reports and evaluation. SAS is becoming crucial for the healthcare industry. Predictive analysis and data management are the inevitable processes for better clinical performance. The requirement of learning and adapting to the SAS programming culture in the clinical research is due to the fact that this research is performed to give response to particular questions about biomedical comprising new treatment procedures, nutrition-relevant details and medical devices. This clinical database management ascertains collection, integration and presence of data and their statistical handling.

Future Scope of Clinical SAS Programmer

  • The clinical SAS programming has seen quick progress in India in the last few years. The trend has lot of chances to continue for the following years because of cost benefit and presence of skilled labor.
  • Because of raise in demand for skilled resources, the requirement of SAS programmers has followed a different shift. There are great expectations from SAS programmers.
  • The conventional healthcare domain is increasing the range of career choices for SAS programmers. In order to assess the present state and future vision of healthcare industry, SAS has turned out to be a valuable tool.
  • The most prominent advantage of learning SAS is that it is regarded to be a fourth generation language. There are several means of reading data files from several statistical packages. The multiple data files allowed are SPSS, Mintab, Excel, etc.
  • SAS is versatile because of its several input and output formats. It is powerful and has several techniques for various kinds of assessment.

This tool is highly multifunctional, robust, and has several techniques for various kinds of evaluation. It has several input and output formats.

Hence SAS programming is a important role to take into account. The future prospects are very promising and would prove to be an amazing asset to the healthcare industry. If you want to learn clinical SAS training in Chennai, then call Softlogic now. Our technical counselors will be glad to help you. Once you attend the free demo session you would get an idea of the quality of the course, Later you can enroll with us for an enriching experience.