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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Softlogic. We express our thanks for selecting us as your learning partner. Being in the industry for over 20 years, we understand the importance of organized learning where the student is groomed for a career.

Career-oriented training is the main objective of Softlogic and we endeavor even to provide life skills to the students. That said, we want you to read the terms and conditions given below in a careful manner. The terms and conditions come into effect once the course registration form has been signed and given.

Placement Assistance 

We at Softlogic try our best to provide placement assistance to the students but don’t give placement guarantee. We conduct mock interviews and regular technical reviews and even send the candidates for interviews. That said, we also expect the students to perform their best in the interviews..

The important terms and conditions that the student must bind to are as follows:

Student Behavior

We expect the students to behave in a professional manner and understand the importance of discipline. Being a training institute, we take discipline seriously. The staff helps in the overall improvement of the student provided that he/she understands the importance of the course. Suppose a student is continually disturbing the classes, the training center has the right to warn him/her.


Softlogic motivates the students to be punctual to the classes. The trainer can warn a student who is persistently late to the classes Punctuality is needed so that the student can gain information about the subject right from the beginning of the classes.

Data Protection

Softlogic strives to maintain the information provided by the student as private. We don’t provide the personal data of the candidates to third parties. We assure that personal information will be used for educational and promotional purposes. The student can at his/her discretion ask the institute not to use such information.

Public Holiday

The training institute doesn’t encourage classes on public holidays. However, when there is any special case the classes will be held by informing the students earlier.

Loss of Property

Softlogic doesn’t accept any responsibility for any loss regarding personal belongings of the student. This also applies to any damage to the personal belongings of the student. Hence, the students are kindly requested to take complete care of their belongings while being available in the premises.


The students are requested to make the utmost usage of the lab facility. This is included in the course fees. That said, Softlogic doesn’t encourage the students to install any software. However, he/she can request the institute for the same. In the event of using any external storage devices the students are asked to get the permission of the institute’s staff.

Attending the Entire Course Period

When the student signs the contract with the institute (give the right word for this. For eg., what he does when he books for a course) there is implication that the student should attend the classes regularly. However, if he/she is not able to do the same, he/she can inform the institute earlier itself. The institute will proceed with this according to its discretion.

At the same time, if the classes are postponed due to any serious issue with the staff, then the institute will conduct the classes at a later date. If the candidate is not able to attend the whole of the course period due to illness, he/she will not receive fees refund.

Fees and Refund Policy 

The course fees can be paid in two installments. However, deciding on any other type of installment will be made with the judgment of the institute. It is suggested that the student pays at least 50% of the fees initially to attend the classes. As soon as the payment has been made by the student, he/she will receive a receipt. He/she will also be informed of the remaining balance.

The institute makes it clear that it doesn’t refund the fees once paid if any scenario like a student getting ill or shifting to a different job happens.

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