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Softlogic is the best provider of MSBI Training in Chennai. We offer hands-on practical MSBI training with a focus on job and certification guidance. Being the Best MSBI Training Institute in Chennai, we are mentoring our participants in SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS. We limit the batch sizes to small ones to give excellent knowledge to all the students.

Overview of MSBI Course in Chennai

Business Intelligence assists in gaining a sound grasp of market behavior. It aids a company to assess the response, taste, and needs of customers. It also helps in estimating the position of your business earlier, how it is now, and in what place it will be after some years. BI also aids in solving challenging business queries.

MSBI is the short form of Microsoft Business Intelligence. It is a dynamic suite and is made up of tools that assist in offering the solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. MSBI gives the benefit to the user of gaining access to sound and up-to-date information for optimum decision making in a company.

MSBI is associated with a database, and it serves several purposes including generating reports, dumping the data from a specific tool to another tool, etc. It is a suite of tools and products that you can make use of to supervise, assess and plan your business.

Three Components of MSBI

Business Intelligence offers the ability to give actionable insights to the data for coming up with managerial decisions and for reporting purposes. MSBI has three tools to do this:

SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services – to load data from external sources like databases, files, web services, etc.

SSAS-SQL Server Analysis Services for evaluating the data

SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services to report the data points comprehensively.

The Significance of MSBI Training in Chennai at Softlogic

This MSBI training session comprises primary to advanced Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse concepts of SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS. Our practice will concentrate on helping in placements too. We have dedicated HR team who will handle all your interview needs.

Scope and Career Opportunity of MSBI

There is a massive demand for Business Intelligence professionals in the industry and good knowledge in SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS will be widely beneficial for the ones who expect to get a bright future. The primary range and career growth for BI is rapidly growing, and it is based on the information extracting from the current database. It also assists in decision making. It only needs less experience in the field, and it has better job opportunities in India.

The below-mentioned are career opportunities for those with a certified course on MSBI:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Amazing jobs in the IT sector
  • Data evaluation
  • Development of Software

The various job profiles in BI are:

  • ETL Engineer
  • Business Analyst(BI)
  • BI Engineer (Presentations- Dashboard, KPI, charts, etc.)
  • BI Engineer (Reports analysis, design, and development)
  • QA/ Testing (BI).
  • TL/Project Engineer (BI)

Prerequisite to Learn MSBI Course in Chennai

  • Must have fundamental comprehension  of RDBMS
  • Database tables are very essential for effective MSBI training
  • Fundamental knowledge of Unix commands also required for the daily execution of the software.
  • The candidates who have some prior grasp of Hadoop and Big Data Analysis can also gain from this course

Having a certification from Softlogic in Microsoft Business Intelligence will assist the IT professionals in staying ahead in the competition.

Who can attend MSBI Training in Chennai.?

  • Freshers including B.Tech/B.Sc.(IT)/BCA/M.Sc(IT)/MCA/M.Tech who want to carve a career in business intelligence.
  • Professionals experienced in the following domains:   Banking, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Finance, Retail, Consumer durables, Capital market, Pharma, Telecom, Marketing, Consulting, Manufacturing, Aerospace, etc.
  • Developers / Programmers/ Middleware tool consultants  / Java Developer / Project Manager / BI Developer / Database Developer, etc.
  • Test leads/Test engineers
  • Reporting Analysts from any technology
  • SAP/l/PEGA/Sales Force/Siebel/PeopleSoft etc.
  • Entry-level Software professionals can pursue this course
  • Professionals consisting of experience in RDBMS can take up this course
  • Professionals working in ETL can also join this course
  • Individuals having experience in OLAP can take up this training
  • Those who have experience in handling reporting tools can take up this course
  • MIS candidates can upgrade themselves by taking up the MSBI course for better opportunity and progress in the IT industry.
  • Those who are working as  Dot net developer consisting of more than three years of experience can migrate their Profile as MSBI professionals.

MSBI Training Course Fee and Duration

Softlogic charges a nominal amount for MSBI Training in Chennai and is committed to offering high-quality training. You have the flexibility to pay the course fees in two installments. Flexible and Digital payments options are present for MSBI participants. Contact us for a free demo and get information on MSBI Training in Chennai.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for MSBI Training. Please contact our team for current MSBI Training course fee and duration.

Download MSBI Training Course Syllabus

Our MSBI Trainer Profile

Trainers have adequate practical exposure to take up the classes. They proficiently impart their knowledge and guide the students as per the industry requirements. Whenever the students get stuck, the trainer guides them. The trainers strive to make the students placed in an IT company.

Why MSBI Training?

Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions assist companies to

  • Make out inefficiencies
  • Save money
  • Obtain real-time information
  • Identify profitable customers


  • MSBI lets  data storing and gathering for dynamic processing and quick decisions in business
  • It has resource tools that offer solutions for business intelligence
  • Several organizations are looking for expert business intelligence professionals and demand for SSAS, SSIS and SSRS Professionals is seeing a raise
  • We can imbibe SQL server and data tools thoroughly

MSBI Training Course Syllabus

Course Material for MSBI Course at Sofltogic is framed according to current scenarios and will assist students in comprehending the MSBI concept exhaustively. Our MSBI Training Syllabus encompasses all the topics relevant to MSBI Technology and gives a sound knowledge of live scenario to students. Our MSBI experts at Softlogic have formed a unique way of imparting MSBI skills efficiently.

Our MSBI Training in Chennai is scheduled generally at a time that best suits you; we offer regular training classes, weekend training classes, and fast track training classes.

Have a glance at the Detailed MSBI syllabus and topics encompassed in MSBI training in Chennai in the Syllabus section below

Introduction to SSIS & Data Warehouse
  • Need for SSIS and ETL / DWH Entities
  • Data Warehouse Design and SSIS
  • DW Components and SSIS Tools
  • SSIS Configuration and Catalog DB
  • Control Flow Tasks Architecture
  • Data Flow Tasks and ETL Architecture
  • Data Pipelines and Data Buffers
Basic ETL Entities in SSIS
  • SSIS Data Types and Data Conversions
  • SSIS Local and Global Variables
  • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
  • Dynamic Connection Managers in DFT
  • Data Flow Transformations and Usage
  • Handling ETL Enumerations in SSIS
  • ETl with Loops & Indexed Connections
SSIS Expressions & Package Debugging
  • Conditional Precedence Expressions
  • SSIS Parameters Usage and Variables
  • Control Flow Breakpoints – Usage
  • Data Flow Data Viewers and Audits
  • SSIS Expressions & Debugging Options
  • Debugging SSIS Packages & Limitations
  • Debugging Procedures in Realtime
Data Flow Transformations and ETL
  • Row and Column Transformations
  • Combining and Splitting Data
  • Performing SQL Database Operations
  • MERGE Vs UNION ALL Transformations
  • Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup and Grouping
  • SORT Vs AGGREGATE Transformations
  • OLE-DB Command Usage & Parameters
  • Derived Columns & Data Conversions
  • SSIS Parameter Mappings & Options
  • Tabular Data Stream & Commit Size
  • Table Locks & Batch Calculations
SSIS Customizations with .NET
  • SSIS SCRIPT Task (.NET) and Coding
  • Scripts for Control Flow Limitations
  • Scripts for Data Flow Limitations
  • ADO Connections and DataAdapters
  • Custom Code (.NET) Handling in SSIS
  • Script Tasks & Notify Operators
  • SSIS Expressions and Iterations
SCD Transformation – ETL / DW
  • Data Analytics and Column Profiling
  • Data Sampling and Data Delta
  • Type I and Type II SCD Examples
  • Dimension Table Design, Surrogate Keys
  • SCD – Business Keys and Attributes
  • SCD – Historical Attributes and Status
  • Event Notifications and Emails
  • ETL – Partial and Full Cache Options
  • Fact Table Loads and ETL Load IDs
  • PIVOT, UNPIVOT and WebService T/Fs
  • TDS Sizing and Memory Options
Checksum Operations for ETL/DW
  • CHECKSUM Transformation in DW
  • CACHE Transformation & Usage
  • Partial and Full Cache Options
  • SSIS Transactions & Isolation Levels
  • Checksum for Type 1 and Type 2
  • SSIS Checkpoints and Limitations
Change Data Capture (CDC) for ETL/DW
  • CDC Sources and Controls in SSIS
  • CDC Tables and Change Tracking
  • Dynamic CDC Connections & Logging
  • Using CDC for Dimension Loads (ETL)
Events, Errors and Logging
  • SSIS Package Events and Audits
  • Package Level Event Handling Options
  • SSIS Event Bubbling Escalations
  • SSIS Logging & Project Connections
  • Windows Event Logs and SSIS Jobs
  • SQL Server Logging and Audit Tables
  • Global Connections and Project Audits
  • Logging Fuzzy Data Loads and ETL
  • Need For XML Connections & ADO
  • XML Connections & BLOB Data
  • Using SSIS Data Profile Viewer Task
Master – Child Packages & Fact Loads
  • Configuring Master Packages, Parameters
  • Configuring Child Packages, Parameters
  • Parameter Bindings, Execute Process
  • OLE DB Transformation and Parameters
  • Net Connection Limitations in SSIS
  • Solutions to Data Delta Options
  • Fact Loads with DAT / BLOB Files
  • Fact Loads with SSIS CDC Controls
  • Fact Loads with SSIS SCD Controls
  • Fact Loads with Key Lookups
  • Tuning Fact Loads in Warehouse
Deployment Procedures
  • Project Builds & Bit Level Options
  • Creating ISPAC Files : SSIS 2014, 2012
  • Securing SSIS Manifest Files (PROD)
  • 64 bit and 32 bit Configurations
  • Validation & Verification Techniques
  • Configuration Options and Connections
  • Control Loops and Indexed Connections
  • Migrating SSIS ISPAC Files & Options
  • SSIS Package Backups and Passwords
  • Project Level Passwords and Encryption
SSIS Project Deployments
  • SSIS Deployment and SSIS Catalog DB
  • SSIS Catalog Project Files and Options
  • Security – Logins, Users, SSISAdmin
  • SSIS Catalog Folders in SSISDB
  • Post Deployments & Connections
  • Package Configurations, Parameters
  • SSIS Package Validations, Reports
  • Checksum Management and Encryptions
  • SSIS Package Scripts with T-SQL
  • Tuning Deployment and Configurations
  • SSIS Package Performance Reports
SSIS Package Security and Reports
  • SSIS Package Security Options
  • Encrypting SSIS Catalog Packages
  • SSIS Package Store and SSISDB
  • Security Audits Reports and Limitations
  • SSIS Folder Level Security Options
  • Project Level Security and SSIS Roles
  • Container and Package Logging
SSIS Package Upgrades
  • SSIS Project Migration Utilities
  • Importing ISPAC and Manifest Files
  • SSIS Project Import Wizard – Usage
  • Upgrading Packages & Configurations
  • Command-Line Deployments & Options
  • Package Backup Procedures & Jobs
  • Upgrading SSIS 2012 to SSIS 2014
  • MSDB and SSIS Catalog DB Files
  • Comparing SSIS 2012 and 2014