Mean Stack Training in Chennai

Best Mean Stack Training in Chennai

Are you searching for a different trending course to dive into the IT field? Then Mean Stack Training in Chennai will be suitable for you. The highlight of Mean Stack is that it is suitable for fresher and working professionals. Enroll in the Best Means Stack Training Center in Chennai and take you career to the next level.

Mean Stack Course Overview

Mean Stack refers to the combined version of MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS. It can be applied in creating the application with the use of the code. The Mean Stack Course in Softlogic will provide you with the knowledge of four different courses put together.

Nowadays organizations prefer multi-talented resources. Besides, Mean Stack Certification Training in Chennai will be useful for you to get jobs in leading organizations in the IT industry.

Prerequisites for Mean Stack Classes in Chennai

  • Fundamental knowledge in web application development
  • JavaScript
  • IDE or Text Editor
  • HTML and CSS
  • Command Line Interface

Who can Attend Mean Stack Course in Chennai?

  • Freshers who possess interest in web technologies
  • Web developers and UI designers
  • Professionals migrating to web application developments
  • Seasoned professionals in several technologies
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to create and test their own applications using Mean Stack

Why should you Take up Mean Stack Training ?

The full-stack JavaScript frameworks are used to form any web application effectively. The back-end and front-end code can be written in JavaScript. Moreover, the Mean components are open source, hence we can gain updates constantly and it leads to easier development process. Mean stack is already being executed by several top-level organizations. Enhance your skill set with Mean Stack Training in Chennai from Softlogic and accomplish your career objectives.

Overview of Mean Stack Components

Node .js is a platform which is a server-side JavaScript execution environment. Developers can create scalable and real-time web applications swifter with Node .js.

MongoDB is written in C++. It is a document-based database program. It is a prominent NoSQL database and applies JSON-like documents with schemas. The data structure of MongoDB is somewhat closer to RDB.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework and is famous for developing web applications. It is one of the most extensively used JavaScript frameworks besides React and others. Both beginners and advanced learners can gain from it.

Express .js is a framework belonging to Node .js. It is formed with the underlying idea of configuration and simplicity of linking middleware. It is a swift and minimal web framework for Node .js.


Download Mean Stack Course Syllabus

Mean Stack Training Fees and Duration

The fee for Mean Stack Training in Chennai is reasonable and can be paid in two installments. Suppose you have any queries concerning the course duration, time and premises, you can contact our technical team.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

Mean Stack Training Course Syllabus

The syllabus for Mean Stack Certification Training in Chennai is framed keeping in mind the industry standards. It is updated regularly. The experts who prepare it make sure that it is the best.

Node .js

  • Getting started with Node.js
  • Node Package Manager
  • Modules
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Callbacks
  • Events and Event Loop
  • Streams and Buffers
  • Connecting Node.js to Database
  • Web Sockets

Angular .js

  • Angular Architecture
  • Dynamic Binding
  • Modules, Controllers, and Scope
  • Views
  • Custom Directives
  • Event Directives
  • Expressions
  • Built-in and Custom Filters
  • Understanding the Digest Loop
  • Form Validations
  • AngularJS Service Types
  • Factories
  • Creating Custom Services
  • Routing, Redirects, and Promises

Express .js

  • MVC Pattern
  • Introduction to Express
  • Routing
  • HTTP Interaction
  • Handling Form Data
  • Handling Query Parameters
  • Cookies and Sessions
  • User Authentication
  • Error Handling
  • Creating and Consuming RESTful Services
  • Using Templates


  • Concepts
  • Scaling
  • SQL and Complex Transactions
  • Documents Overview
  • Installing MongoDB (windows)
  • Installing MongoDB (Linux)
  • JSON
  • Dynamic Schema
  • Cursors Introduction
  • Query Language: Basic Concepts
  • Query Language: Projection
  • Query Language: Advantages of a Dynamic Schema
  • Shell: Queries
  • Sorting
  • Query Language: Cursors
  • User Authentication
  • Error Handling

Why to Enroll in the Top Mean Stock Training Institute in Chennai?

Softlogic provides Mean Stack training in such a way that you gain mastery of mean stack development. Take your career to a new dimension by taking up this Mean Stack Certification Training in Chennai. Enroll with us and explore this advanced and emerging technology of Mean web development.

Should the Candidate be Aware of JavaScript Fundamentals Before Learning Mean Stack?

Before beginning to learn Mean Stack, you should possess sound knowledge of JavaScript. This is due to the reason that you are going to apply JavaScript technology in front-end and back-end.

What are Perks Attached to Mean Stack Course in Chennai?

JavaScript is the most recommended and famous programming language. But mean stack applies JS for the purpose of application development. This is a major perk for the Mean Stack course participants. Moreover, the Node .JS application is swift and better with regard to performance of web page.

MongoDB is deemed to be the top NoSQL database provider. Thus, Mean Stack web application has a huge supportive community.

Why is there Demand for Mean Stack Training in Chennai?

The highlight of Mean Stack is that it applies Java Script in execution environments for both server and client side. JSON is also found everywhere. Another key point is that Mean Stack is an open application. Product-based organizations pay handsome salary for Mean Stack developers and they seek someone who has sound experience in this skill.