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Best Matlab Training in Chennai

Matlab has turned out to be hugely popular in the IT industry because of its features and advantages. Matlab is commonly applied for forming and running algorithms, data visualization,  and building user interfaces. Scientists and engineers generally use it in the domain of robotics, industry control system, signal processing, communications etc. Matlab will be easy to learn with proper training and good mentorship for comprehending the complex concepts.

Do you want to get Best Matlab Course in Chennai and also learn the advanced concepts of it? Softlogic is the Best Matlab Training Institute in Chennai that has the right expertise in training the students.

Matlab Course Overview

Matlab is a software development environment and provides superior performance numerical computation, data assessment visualization capabilities etc. Matlab’s GUI builder and built-in graphing tools assist you to interpret your data in a simpler manner for swift decision making. Softlogic offers the holistic training in Matlab Course in Chennai with latest and updated industry syllabus for both fresher and working professionals.

Matlab lets both small and huge programming for the purpose of competent working. Small programs can be composed for quickly developing any project and large programs are applied to form complex applications. The handle graphics part of Matlab comprises facilities and commands that let the personalization of the appearance of the graphics for forming complete graphical user interface. Matlab Training in Chennai from Softlogic can impart you all the logical and programming concepts of Matlab. In fact, if you want to flourish in your career in Matlab you must be trained in a good training institute. Softlogic is the Top Matlab Training Center in Chennai with 100% guaranteed Placements and the trainers have sufficient knowledge of this dynamic environment

Matlab Training Course Fee and Duration

The course fee for Matlab Classes in Chennai is moderate and you have the convenience to pay it in two installments. Suppose you have any queries regarding the time, place and duration you can contact our technical counselors.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Matlab Training. Please contact our team for current Matlab Training course fee and duration.

Download Matlab Course Syllabus

Matlab Certification Training in Chennai

You will learn matrix manipulations, execution of algorithms, plotting of functions and data, formation of user interfaces and interfacing of programming written in different languages comprising C, C++, Java, Python etc. Although Matlab’s basic purpose is for numerical computing, an optional toolbox applies the MuPAD symbolic engine, letting access to symbolic computing abilities. An extra package, Simulink, gives graphical multi-domain simulation and model-based design for embedded systems. You will learn all these at Softlogic, Top Matlab Training Institute in Chennai.
Go a step ahead with the job-oriented Matlab Training in Chennai

Several industries apply Matlab which makes it an ideal job-focused training program

Domains where Matlab experts are required are:

  • Math and computation
  • Modeling, simulation, and prototyping
  • Data evaluation, exploration, and visualization
  • Scientific and engineering graphics
  • Algorithm development etc.

The usage of Matlab is huge. It is a dynamic linear algebra tool with an amazing collection of toolboxes. The trainers at Softlogic will take you through the concepts in a detailed manner. Thus you will find it useful to use it in research and teaching. In fact, a lot of organizations ranging from finance, banking, engineering, education and scientific needs the usage of Matlab and they are searching for students who have good Matlab knowledge.

Organizations are providing full time job opportunities and huge salaries for Matlab professionals. Students who take up the Matlab training from the Best Matlab Training Center in Chennai are getting a good pay package. This is mainly because Matlab assists to solve technical issues in much less time.

Matlab Course Syllabus

In the past few years the count of users of Matlab in India has raised drastically, Now Matlab is mostly found in all institutions related with mathematical and scientific learning and research. Science and Engineering students want to use Matlab to a great extent. Softlogic understands this craze and provides a comprehensive course on Matlab. We are aware of the high level programming nature of Matlab that assists us with simulation too. User friendliness is one of the highlights of Matlab and Softlogic concentrates on the problem solving techniques of Matlab, This will be useful for the student in the practical work scenario, The multiple tool boxes of Matlab will be taught in a seamless manner through the training.

Prerequisites to learn Matlab Placement Training in Chennai

Matlab  is pretty different from other programming languages. You will get to why it is different after getting trained from Softlogic, the Best Matlab Training Institutes in Chennai. Fundamental knowledge of programming is essential for Matlab. Moreover, you should have a fair idea about the need of Matlab and its execution. The syntax is one of the important aspects of Matlab and you should have the bent of mind to work on it.

Who can attend Matlab Course in Chennai.?

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Research scholars of electrical, electronics and instrumentation sphere,
  • Students studying their Bachelors, Diploma or Masters in ECE, EEE, E&I, CS and IT

A Highly interactive training session from the leading Matlab Training Institute in Chennai

Softlogic is committed to provide you with the most interactive and engaging Matlab training in Chennai to students who want to develop a great career in this domain. Matlab is a thriving field and Matlab Certification in Chennai can help you climb the ladder of success in a short time.

Matlab Training Course Syllabus

The course curriculum is framed to adhere to the needs of the industry and that is the exact reason we are confident in our career-oriented training. We have framed our modules in a comprehensive manner not just to impart theoretical knowledge but also technical knowledge.


  • Basic of MATLAB
  • Types of Window
  • Types of File
  • Basic Operations

Matrix (Array Design)

  • Matrix Operation
  • Array Design
  • Array Operation
  • Multidimensional Array


  • Plotting
  • Multiple Plot
  • 2-D Plot
  • 3-d Plot
  • Subplot
  • Handle Graphics
  • Animation
  • Example(like a project)

Symbolic Calculation

  • Symbols
  • Design Formula
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Solve Equation
  • Example(like a project)

Publishing Report

  • Publishing Report
  • Design HtmlFile,Pdf,Word,PPT
  • Import Export
  • Example(like a project)


  • Arithmetic Operator
  • Logical
  • Relational

Branch and Loop

  • If statement
  • If-else statement
  • Else-if statement
  • Pause,Break,Continue,Switch-case,try-catch,Return Statement
  • For Loop,While Loop
  • Example(like a project)

Script and Function

  • Script Design
  • Function Design
  • Types Of Function
  • Example(like a project)

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Introduction Of GUI
  • GUI Function Property
  • GUI Component Design
  • GUI Container
  • Writing the code of GUI Callback
  • Dialog Box
  • Menu Designing

Introduction Of image Processing

  • Designing of Projects
  • Application


  • Introduction Of Simuling
  • Study of Library
  • Circuit Oriented Design
  • Equation Oriented Design
  • Connectivity
  • Model
  • Subsystem Design
  • Connect Call back to subsystem

Error, Warning, Menu

  • Cell, Structure
  • Character String


  • Ode
  • ELG

Solveand Design Electrical System

  • Design rlc circuit
  • rectifier
Industrial Usage of Matlab

The amazing features and capabilities of Matlab has made it to be applied in industries too. Some of the common industries that apply this software are given below:

Electrical Engineering: It is applied extensively in electrical engineering for signal processing applications.

Biomedical Engineering: The Image Processing Toolbox also comprises a huge spectrum of functions, most of them suitable for medical imaging

Fluid Dynamics:: Calculations that take into account fluid velocities are essential is several fields including aerospace engineering. It is a complicated thing to visualize the three-dimensional behavior of fluids, however with Matlab it becomes easier with the number of tools.

At Softlogic we focus on learning through practical sessions and offer individual attention to every student. Classes can be scheduled according to the students’ convenience. Matlab is a great skill to add in your resume and our trainers impart knowledge in a comprehensive manner. Matlab Certification Training in Chennai will assist you to approach technical interviews with great confidence.