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Data Analytics Training?

Softlogic Systems provides professional career coaching on Data Analytics with assured placement assistance in our Data Analytics Training Institute in Chennai. We equip students both fresher and working professionals with our industry-relevant curriculum and hands-on exposure to contribute their skills for an organization’s growth effectively.

We guide them through our trainers of our Data Analytics Training Center in Chennai to the various career opportunities in Predictive Modeling, Predictive Analysis, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, BI Tools, Data Mining, Text Mining and Analysis, and so on.

data analytics training

Objectives of Learning Data Analytics Training in Chennai

Softlogic Systems provide Data Analytics Course in Chennai with the hands-on experience to gain more technical exposure like the process of lineage data along with data pipeline concepts. At the end of this course you can be able to perform well in the industry with the following insights

  • Analytics Introduction

    Clear vision of Big data and handling the massive data with suitable techniques.

  • Statistical Methods

    Statistical methods for effective decision making that leads to working efficiently in CRM, Finance, and Business finance

  • Choosing Suitable Data Tools

    Choosing suitable data tools such as Python, R, Tableau, SAS that are popular and widely used for big data analysis.

  • Differentiation of the Factors

    Differentiation of the factors like data analytics, data science, and data engineering

  • Expose the Data Move

    Expose the data move and implement the required process and technologies which are involved in data analysis

  • Discover the Meaningful Data

    Discover the meaningful data to break down into most valuable concepts and terms

Objectives Of Data Analytics
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Types of Data Analytics and its Purpose

Before jumping into the Data Analytics Career, you must know what are the types of Data Analytics that are used to accomplish particular task with required skills. Generally, There are four types of Data Analytics as follows:

Descriptive Analytics: This is the major form of Data Analytics process to analyze “What is exactly happening in a business?”. This analysis produces the key measures such as comprehensive details and accurate prediction on live data with the utilization of an effective visualization tool to enhance the results. 

Diagnostic Analytics: This form of analysis taken into account in the circumstance of “Why it is happening in a business?”. Diagnostic tools and Business Intelligence dashboards will allow an analyst to understand the root cause of a problem and isolate it for further actions by confounding the produced information.


types-of-data-analytics-and-its-purposes-1-scaledPredictive Analytics: It is all about forecasting the happening in a business with the key factor of “What is likely to happen in a business?”. Business Strategies, Historical Pattern are used for this analytics to take decisions automatically using algorithms and technologies.

Prescriptive Analytics: This model utilizes to understand “What do a data analyst needs to do for a business?”. It is based on the recommended actions of strategic outcomes and applying advanced analytical techniques to make specific decisions. 

One of the best examples for data analytics is preparing the exam time table without any clashing of students schedule.

Get Ahead with our Data Analytics Course

Who can attend Data Analytics Training Centers in Chennai

  • Fresh graduates with computer-related bachelor degrees
  • Working Professional with experience in programming languages and visualization process

Prerequisites for learning Data Analytics Training in Chennai

  • Basic understanding of data science concepts
  • Fundamental knowledge in statistics and data structures
  • Familiarity in any programming languages like Java, Python, etc

Data Analytics Course Syllabus

We have framed a comprehensive syllabus from the basics to the advanced level with the usage of tools like Tableau, Python, etc. It helps the beginner as well as the working professional to get clear knowledge to work without any flaw in the Data Analytics concept. Softlogic Systems produce candidates with well-versed in the domain and our students are the hot pick of the industries which is the result of our Data Analytics curriculum. The elaborate syllabus is as follows:

Data Definition and Analyzing Techniques

  • Data Elements, Categorization, and Variables
  • Measurement Levels
  • Data Management and Indexing
  • Basics of R-Programming
  • Presentation techniques to reach non-technical audience

Decision Tree Concepts

  • Introduction of Decision Trees
  • Issue Trees
  • Hypothesis Trees
  • Value Driver Trees
  • Clustering, K-means algorithms
  • Dimensional reduction
  • Random forests
  • Test
  • Correlation analysis

Business Problem Analysis

  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Fundamental of Economics
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Advanced Excel
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Introduction of Probability
  • Naive Bayes
  • Logical Regression
  • Classification techniques
  • Association Analysis Rules
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Central tendency measurement

Communicating Analysis

  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Creating Presentations
  • Communicating Strategies
  • Network Analysis
  • Neural Networks
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Testing, Evaluation and Validation of Models

Connecting Data using SQL Database

  • Introduction of SQL Database
  • General Data Administration/Database tools
  • Basics of Structured/Unstructured databases
  • Set Theory
  • Model SQL
  • Structuring data
  • Mapping implementation
  • SQL and Relational Databases
  • Data wrangling with Python libraries
  • Visualization with Tableau or Power BI

Data Visualization with Python

  • Python and Visualization collaboration
  • Utilization of Python Libraries
  • Text mining
  • Information Retrieval

Big Data Storage and Retrieval

  • Graph DB
  • Distributed Computing
  • Map reduce concepts
  • Spark RDD
  • Frameworks Utilization
  • Statistics implementation using Excel
  • Data Visualization implementation
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Basic Analysis
  • Hypothesis Stating and Analyzing

Distinguish yourself from the crowd by learning at Softlogic Systems through our industry-endorsed syllabus to make you a job-ready after the training. Call us to know more about the course benefits and the offers on Data Analytics Training Cost in Chennai. We are available 24/7 @ 86818 84318. 

Data Analytics Training Course Fee and Duration

We cover all-inclusive study material with hands-on practices in a duration of 60 hours. The classes can be taken as per the flexible timing of the students with small-batch allocation in the following modes.

The fees is moderate and can be paid in two installments. If the Data Analytics course schedule doesn’t match your requirements, you can talk with our educational counsellors.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Data Analytics Training. Please contact our team for current Data Analytics Training course fee and duration.

Detection of Fraudulence over the data: Banking sector use this feature for protecting the user accounts and other details

Analytics of the Risk: Banks can also use for credit analysis to provide loan to the customers

Transport route optimization: Ola, Uber, and such related companies can use data analytics for optimizing routes and fare details for the customers.

Health Care Field: Hospitals and Health Care sectors use Data Analytics for predicting the chronic disease of the patients to prevent early actions that reduce the unwanted medical expenses.

Control the Energy Consumption: Public Sector using Data Analytics to manage and control the energy expenditure of the house and industries with the optimized patterns and supply as per the requirements.

Improve SEO Optimization: Google and other search engines using Data Analytics for improving the search results to produce quality pages to the users.

Logistic Optimization: Companies are adopted the Data Analytics process for proper supply chain management and deliver the product to the customers without any delay.

Softlogic Systems offer deep insights to cover the usage according to the industry requirements and improve the skill of the students in our Data Analytics Certification Training Institute in Chennai.

Softlogic Systems enhance the students through our Best Data Analytics  Training and Placement in Chennai with the below facilities to ensure the convenient study in our Institute.

  • Free demo class
  • Learning through Hands-on practices
  • Industry-Oriented Curriculum
  • Interactive Classroom 
  • Expert and Experienced Trainers
  • Installment facility on payment
  • Career services like resume building, mock interviews
  • Assured placement assistance 

We offer personalized career coaching in our Best Data Analytics Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assurance. Upon completing the course, students will have a great career with the necessary skills to achieve their dream job as a Data Analyst. According to the report of the World Economic Forum, Data Analytics will have a high-demand by the year 2020. This leads to 7,00,000 job vacancies for companies around the world.

There are some major roles available in this Data Analyst domain:

  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Manager/ Lead
  • Business Analyst / Senior Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Engineer, and so on