VBA Macros Training in Chennai


Best VBA Macros Training in Chennai

Are you searching for VBA Macros Training Institute in Chennai, which will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of how to use VBA, create macros and their applications? Then you have landed in the right place. Softlogic is the best training center in VBA Macros and we will train you with all the relevant details of Excel macros and VBA.

Whether you are a fresher or a well-experienced staff who wants to enhance your Excel and VBA skill you can do so with the help of VBA. You can also automate some of your office activities with VBA. For that you have to select the Best VBA Macros Training Center in Chennai 2019. Even though you are new to this field and you don’t know anything about VBA and macros and their significance to Excel, you needn’t worry. After completion of Excel VBA Training in Chennai from Softlogic you will be able to use variables, data types, functions, constants, date time functions, subroutines, checkbox, combo box, charts, toggle button etc, with ease

VBA Macros Course Overview

Have you ever pondered over the significance of commands which you can implement with a click or with a keyboard shortcut? This is carried out in order to save time or when you wish to repeat a command. Here comes the role of Macros and this is taught in Softlogic in a lucid manner. VBA provides artificial intelligence to the macros and gives a super brain to them. Eventually you can become more productive.

This application is also taught at Softlogic. Yes, we know that you can build a program that will automatically let you know the input cost and output produced easily by simply using Excel VBA, Here you can form automated code that will perform the work for you and you can sit relaxed and concentrate on other important works. Sounds interesting right? It’s time to join Softlogic that provides the Best VBA Macros Training Classes in Chennai with Placements.

You can display alerts, automate repetitive operations, form custom toolbar, etc. using VBA Macros in Excel, These will save your time and your company’s, and also their production. Hence there will be a raise in the production. So we can see that VBA Macros training is needed by every business industry, Softlogic is very well aware of this and hence provides the Best VBA Macros training. We teach you the VBA coding in detail with clear examples. You will learn how to work fluently with VBA which is an event-driven program.

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VBA Course Fee and Duration

The fees for VBA Macros Course Fee in Chennai from Softlogic is moderate and can be paid in two installments. Suppose you have issues regarding the time, place and duration you can contact our help desk who would be glad to assist you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for VBA Excel. Please contact our team for current VBA Excel course fee and duration. Contact No: +91 86818 84318

Prerequisites to Learn VBA

Fundamental knowledge of Excel and formula is an added advantage. For example, you should have sound knowledge of all features of Excel including Filters, Pivot tables, Text to Columns etc. You should also have good knowledge of formulae and functions ain Excel. Besides, good analytical skills and numerical ability is beneficial. If you are already acquainted with the above, this course will be simple for you to understand the concepts. Otherwise don’t worry. Experts will teach you from the fundamentals of Excel and VBA.

Who can attend VBA Course.?

  • A basic Excel user who is keen on learning VBA macros but wondering where to learn it.
  • Any user who wishes to go beyond the calculative nature of Excel
  • Any aspiring candidate who is an ardent learner and wishes to play with data and has worked in applications applying Excel for at least 1 year. This will be useful for VBA training.
  • Any working professional who is seeking for development in the company
  • Any business professional who is interested to form their own dashboard to view the sales output and to compute the profit or loss the business obtains.

Validate your data analytic skills with the Best VBA Macros Course in Chennai

Industries including banking, media and entertainment, healthcare, retail, insurance etc. are presently using Excel and VBA to evaluate their business data and build interactive dashboards and reports. Our VBA Training in Chennai assists you develop and affirm your data analytic skills through real-time practice sessions.

VBA Macros Certification Training in Chennai from Softlogic with Placement assistance

VBA with Excel is appropriate for those who have the core skills on data evaluation and data management. In the present IT market, there are a number of VBA opportunities for the seasoned professionals who possess knowledge of the above technologies.

  • If you have good VBA experience and SQL you can get into the world of VBA developer
  • If you have VBA as a co-skill with MIS, macros and data evaluation, you can enter into the world of Senior MIS analysis.
  • If you have VBA as a supplement with macros and pivot table you can gain job as VBA macro consultant

Wonderstuck by the opportunities that learning VBA macros has to offer? Well, even more heartening is that Softlogic prepares you for interviews and has a dedicated placement team, You can get into a good job once you complete the course. We conduct mock interviews, regular technical assessments etc., to boost your confidence. Enroll in Top VBA Macros Training Institute in Chennai at Softlogic and get an enriching experience.

VBA Macros Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Introduction to Programming
  • VBA Overview and the IDE
  • Quick Review of Macros Working with Macros
  • How to use Visual Basic Editor (Programming Environment)

Advantages of VBA

  • An easy-to-use and versatile language
  • Integrated with off-the-shelf products

Understanding the VBA Editor, Module and Procedures

  • The Visual Basic Editor
  • Parts of the VBA Editor
  • Modules and Macros
  • About VBA Forms, Sub Procedures & Modules
  • Creating Forms
  • Using Controls and their Properties
  • Running VBA Forms in Excel

VBA Syntax and Grammar

  • Objects – The Grammar
  • Using Properties and Methods
  • Understanding Parameters
  • The Object Browser
  • Understanding object hierarchy
  • Tools for better coding
  • Moving to Other Cells
  • Editing Specific Cells

Storing Data in Variables

  • How and when to declare variables
  • Selecting data types
  • Fixed and dynamic arrays
  • Constants

Control Structure and Program Flow

  • IF (Else If, Else)Select Case ()
  • For Next Loop
  • For Each Loop ()
  • Do Until Loop and Do While Loop With, EndWith
  • Nesting Code

Building Procedure

  • Creating Sub and Function procedures
  • Calling procedures
  • Passing arguments to procedures

Building Intuitive User Interface

  • Communicating with the user through the message box
  • Gathering user information with the input box
  • Utilizing the File Dialog object and Dialogs collections

Variables, Array, Constants

  • Using the Immediate Window
  • Gaining greater control through the immediate window
  • Formatting Cells
  • Using Variables
  • Constants
  • Object Variables
  • Dimensioning and usage of variables
  • Displaying data and obtaining data from the user

Creating Customized Dialogs with User Form Objects

  • Command buttons
  • List and Combo boxes
  • Labels
  • Option buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Text boxes
  • Frames
  • Adding more functionality with advanced ActiveX control

Fonts & Backgrounds

  • Using Font Property in cells
  • Using Various Background Properties in Excel VBA
  • Creating a Counter
  • String Handling
  • Using Left, Right, Mid and Len Functions in VBA
  • Range Selection and Manipulation

Objects and Collections

  • Workbook and Worksheet Object
  • Range Object and Cell Properties
  • Methods and Properties
  • Assigning Objects
  • Using Name Arguments


  • What is Array& why use array
  • Declaring an Array
  • Sorting Data in Array
  • 2-Dimention Array
  • Dynamic Array
  • UBourd
  • Storing Data in a range of an Array Elements
  • Using various array functions


  • Using Excel Worksheet Functions in VBA
  • VBA Functions
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Adding Help to User Defined Functions
  • Declaring Variables in User Defined Functions
  • Using Ranges in User Defined Functions
  • Creating and Managing an Add-in for User Defined Functions

Error Handling

  • Run Time Error
  • GoTo line
  • GoTo0
  • GoTo 1
  • Resume Next

Internet and Excel

  • Copy Hyperlinks and Text from a webpage to Spreadsheet

Interfacing with other Office Applications

  • Communicating with Word and PowerPoint using Excel VBA

Running SQL Queries within Excel Environment

Modifying Menus and Toolbars

Download VBA Macros Course Syllabus

Exclusive Excel VBA Macros Training in Chennai from Softlogic

Softlogic is one of the few institutes in Chennai that provides exclusive training for VBA macros, Our trainers have amazing knowledge about the subject matter and hence they will definitely prepare you to become the best VBA expert. The practical sessions during the course will assist you to develop your technical skills and confidence, We also have good association with the job world and this definitely assist you in accomplishing your dream job. So this is the time to invest your time and put your sincere efforts in VBA Macros Training in Chennai from Softlogic.

If you want to automate several tasks in the domain of data analysis, reporting and want to create the ideal financial model then Softlogic’s trainers concentrate on imparting the students with thorough VBA Macros knowledge. We understand that VBA is the most important skills that the organizations look for nowadays. You should join Best VBA Training in Chennai at Softlogic to keep in pace with the technology. All the companies strive to keep themselves updated with technology to survive in the fierce competition. So in such a competitive scenario you require the fastest tool to work. You should form accurate reports in a timely manner and should evaluate and make strategies, The key is how rapidly you leverage data for successful business. VBA applications assist in solving all the issues that are specific to Microsoft Excel. You can have access to data from anywhere in the globe through VBA application. The highlight is that data is consolidated on the cloud thereby making the business process easy. So as an earnest candidate who want to prove your mettle in your company it’s time that you get VBA Macros Classes in Chennai from Softlogic.

To help you understand about our training standards better, there is focus on practical hands-on training and our training will benefit both fresher’s and working professionals. We offer training on basic and advanced Excel. Hence, if needed you can select these courses too. Remember that once you complete the course you will not only gain a certificate, you will also be getting the required knowledge that vividly shows in your eyes.

Boost your Knowledge and Management Skills with Excel Training in Chennai

Advanced Excel Training in Chennai means that you not only get transformed to an Excel expert but also develop your knowledge and management skills. During your training time, you learn many complex functions including cells, macros, advanced filters etc. You will become competent at organizing and evaluating data. So we can see that you will gain good management skills thereby adding more weight to the resume.

Should I get VBA Macros Training in Chennai or learn through online tutorials?

You would know by now that Excel is primarily classified into basic and advanced. Though some of you will have the inclination to learn basic Excel online, Advanced Excel should be learned from a reputed institute like Sofltogic. This is because Advanced Excel needs more training and in-depth focus. This is fulfilled by Sofltogic. Softlogic understands the importance of Advanced Excel and has come up with a unique curriculum for the same. You can also get placement assistance once you complete this highly valuable course from us. We prepare you for jobs and ensure that you are sent to interviews until you are successfully placed. The trainers see to it that you learn all the essentials of Advanced Excel in a proficient manner. So enroll with us now for a promising career in Advanced Excel.