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Salesforce CRM Training in Chennai

Salesforce CRM lets you to store vast information pertaining to customers and employees and hence paves way to enhanced informational streamlining. Automation of daily tasks by means of Salesforce CRM lets mitigation of errors in data. Moreover, the work is accessible to everyone through Salesforce CRM. There will be efficient communication for the several departments. If you want to learn about the essentials of Salesforce CRM in an exhaustive manner, then enroll in Salesforce Course in Chennai from Softlogic.

Why Salesforce Training in Chennai.?

Salesforce is cloud-based and hence you can work from anywhere. Salesforce CRM is reputed for its economic nature and scalability.

Do you want to give a good streamlining to your organization? Then Salesforce CRM is the right choice. Moreover, when you learn this trending tool from Softlogic you will get to know all its concepts in a thorough manner. Softlogic focuses on sessions that has cloud computing fundamentals, managing of reports and dashboards etc.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is the popular platform deployed by several organizations nowadays. You can function effortlessly anywhere with the help of this powerful software.
  • Salesforce training lets you to launch and configure the Salesforce CRM. You can also work on with appropriate customizations. It eventually leads to your career growth.
  • There will be a good comprehension of real-time business scenarios on how Salesforce is deployed for extracting insightful solutions.
  • Good salary packages are related to Salesforce jobs.  

Why Softlogic is the Best Salesforce Training Institute in Chennai.?

Salesforce has been deployed by organizations to tackle business challenges. When you take up Salesforce training from the Best Salesforce training institute in Chennai as Softlogic then you will reap benefits of your learning. We have been assisting people to kickstart their career in Salesforce since we introduced the course.

Salesforce Classroom Training

Our classroom sessions are diligently designed for students coming from all backgrounds and experiences

Learn from proficient trainers

Our trainers have in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform.

Focus on practical training

We ensure that there is a proper blend of theory as well as practicals.

Small batch sizes

We encourage small batch sizes for interactive learning.

Practice sessions

We give sufficient time for the candidates to practice the concepts taught in class.

Gain a certificate

Once you complete the course at Softlogic you will get an industry recognized certificate. You can enhance your career with the certificate.

Salesforce Course Syllabus

Salesforce Course Objectives

The candidate is expected to know the following on completion of Salesforce Course in Chennai from Softlogic:

  • Comprehending the key characteristics of cloud computing
  • Grasp of service models including SAAS, PAAS, IAAS
  • Comprehension of types of clouds including private, public and hybrid
  • Total knowledge of Salesforce CRM concepts
  • Understanding of how to launch the UI and search options.
  • Grasp of how to control the data
  • Thorough knowledge of automation and collaboration

If you have any doubts regarding the concepts covered you can contact our technical counsellors

What are the profiles in Salesforce?

Salesforce is today’s happening trend. It is being made use to the fullest extent by a number of top companies around the world to tackle challenges. Lets see the famous job roles in Salesforce including senior and junior level.  

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Project Manager
  • Salesforce Business Analyst

Prerequisites to learn Salesforce Course in Chennai

There is no need of programming knowledge in Salesforce CRM Yes, anyone without any knowledge of coding can opt for this course.

Who Can attend Salesforce Training?

Freshers who are inclined to start their profession in Cloud computing including:

  • Life sciences graduates
  • Commerce graduates
  • Management graduates

B.SC, BCS, BCA, BE, B.Tech, MSc, MCS, MCA, M.Tech

Experienced Professionals
  • Experienced professionals including App Builders, Developers, System Administrators, and Sales Representatives
  • Functional consultants who are keen on switching to a lucrative career in Salesforce
  • Lateral developers who have handled Java, C# and Mainframe and are looking for a high-paying career in Salesforce
  • Project managers who want to streamline the organizational process through effective streamlining

Students and professionals with excellent Salesforce knowledge are on great demand in several top IT companies. Do you want to upgrade your profession with a lucrative salary? Then Salesforce Training in Chennai at Softlogic is the best choice. Suppose you have any queries about taking up Salesforce certification and the prerequisites for certification, then contact us immediately.

Learn Best Salesforce CRM Course from Softlogic and reap benefits.

Salesforce Course Fee and Duration

The course fees is reasonable and can be paid in two installments. If you have issues with regard to time and place, then don’t hesitate to contact our technical counsellors who would be pleased to help you.

Training Mode

Regular Track

45 – 60 Days

2 hours a day

Live Classroom

Weekend Track

8 Weekends

3 hours a day

Live Classroom

Fast Track

5 Days

6+ hours a day

Live Classroom

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Salesforce. Please contact our team for current Salesforce  course fee and duration.

Salesforce Training Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is completely corresponding with Salesforce Certification in Chennai. Ours is a total hands on training session to ace the popular platform.

  • Introduction
  • Evolution of Cloud Computing
  • Comparison with other computing technologies
  • Characteristics of Cloud computing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Classification of Cloud Services
  • PAAS(Platform As A Service)
  • SAAS(Software As A Service)
  • IAAS(Infrastructure As A Service)
  • CRM functionalities, Products of SF, Login to SF page
  • Sales Architecture, Accounts, Contacts, Lead, Cases
  • Create Custom Profiles and Users
  • Custom Objects & Custom Fields & Custom Tabs
  • Customizing Relationships, Formula fields and Rollup summary fields
  • Define Dependent Picklists
  • Customize page Layouts , Records Types
  • Customize Standards related lists
  • Learn About Record Types & Business  Processes
  • Use Field Level Security
  • Set Organization-Wide Defaults
  • Role Hierarchy, Public Groups, Queues, Permission Sets
  • Sharing Rules
  • Define Workflow
  • Set up workflow rules
  • Setup workflow tasks & Email Alerts & Field Updates
  • Time dependant workflows
  • Plan Approaches using workflow
  • Use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start
  • Create workflow approvals
  • Data Types(Primitive Data Types, sObject Types)
  • Writing Anonymous Blocks with Apex Datatypes
  • Use DML Statements
  • Sample Programs using the above concepts
  • sObject Relationships
  • SOQL, SOSL, Apex Sharing
  • Sample programs using the above concepts
  • Types of Collections
  • Creating an Apex Class
  • Calling a Class Method
  • Alternative Apex Class Creation
  • Trigger Events, Trigger Syntax, Trigger Context Variables
  • Context Variable Considerations, Bulk Triggers
  • Sample Programs using above concepts(using maps and sets in the Bulk Triggers)
  • Order of Execution
  • Governor Limits
  • Development overview (Understanding Testing in Apex)
  • Annotations
  • Testing Examples
  • Sample programs using the above concept
  • By using Changes Sets
  • By using IDE tool
  • By using Migration tool kit
  • Web to cases
  • Web to Leads
  • Case Assignment rules