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In the dynamic landscape of web development and design, the demand for individuals skilled in CSS has surged to new heights. Our comprehensive CSS Course will equip you with the skills to transform ordinary web pages into visually stunning and user-friendly experiences. Join Softlogic’s CSS Training to immerse yourself in the world of Web Design and Development along with HTML, Javascript, and Full Stack Courses.

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  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code (Codeathon)
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interview
  • Unlimited Interviews
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Offline / Classroom Training

  • A Personalized Learning Experience with Direct Trainer Engagement!
  • Direct Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there
  • Airconditioned Premium Classrooms and Lab with all amenities
  • Codeathon Practices
  • Direct Aptitude Training
  • Live Interview Skills Training
  • Direct Panel Mock Interviews
  • Campus Drives
  • 100% Placement Support

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Online Live Training

  • Instructor Led Live Training! Learn at the comfort of your home
  • No Recorded Sessions
  • Live Virtual Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there virtually
  • Live Virtual Interview Skills Training
  • Live Virtual Aptitude Training
  • Online Panel Mock Interviews
  • 100% Placement Support

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Corporate Training

  • Blended Delivery model (both Online and Offline as per Clients’ requirement)
  • Industry endorsed Skilled Faculties
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Customized Syllabus
  • 12X6 Assistance and Support

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Course Highlights


CSS stands for "Cascading Style Sheets," a computer language used to structure and design web pages, whether they're built with HTML or XML. This language comprises coding components and consists of "cascading style sheets," also known as CSS files (.css).

Learning CSS is valuable for web development and design enthusiasts. Key reasons include:

  • Visual Enhancement: Improve web aesthetics.
  • Responsive Design: Adapt to various devices.
  • Consistency: Maintain brand identity.
  • Career Growth: High demand in roles.
  • Enhanced Skills: Understand coding better.
  • Collaboration: Work seamlessly in teams.
  • Stay Updated: Follow evolving trends.

While there are no prerequisites for learning CSS at our CSS Training in Chennai, it is highly suggested to have a solid foundation in programming concepts.

CSS Training is generally suitable for individuals of all backgrounds who have interest in building web pages.

  • Students
  • Professionals switching careers
  • IT professionals who want to advance their skills
  • Programming enthusiasts
  • Job Hunters

The fees for our CSS Training in Chennai may vary depending on the program level (basic, intermediate, or advanced) and the course format (online or in-person). On average, CSS and HTML Course Fees are affordable and lasts for 2 Months including international certification. For precise and up-to-date information on fees, duration, and certification, please contact our Best CSS Course directly.

Proficiency in CSS unlocks numerous job prospects within the realm of web development and design. Below are several roles that frequently demand strong CSS capabilities

  • Front-End Developer
  • Web/UI/UX Designer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • E-commerce Developer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Graphic Designer (Web)
  • Web Accessibility Specialist

CSS finds extensive real-time applications in the realm of web development and design. Here are some tangible scenarios where CSS is implemented dynamically:

  • Web Animation: CSS animates a loading spinner on a webpage.
  • Typography: CSS adjusts font size and spacing for clear readability.
  • UI Customization: CSS styles a form with rounded input fields.
  • Theme Design: CSS changes a website's color scheme for a holiday theme.
  • Print Styles: CSS hides unnecessary elements when printing a page.
  • Branding: CSS consistently applies a company's logo and colors.
  • Live Styling: CSS tweaks font size in real-time using browser tools.

Softlogic offers a comprehensive and industry-focused Best HTML CSS Course equipping individuals with the skills and expertise required to excel in the field of Computer Languages.. By choosing Softlogic, you can ensure top-notch CSS Training in Chennai with the following benefits:

  • 100+ Real time trainers
  • Fully hands-on training
  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interviews
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Life Long Placement Support
  • 60+ hours course duration
  • Industry expert faculties
  • Completed 1500+ batches
  • 100% job oriented training
  • Certification Guidance
  • Own course materials
  • Resume editing
  • Affordable fees structure

CSS Syllabus

Download Syllabus

This HTML CSS Course aims to establish a strong fundamental understanding of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the language utilized for styling and formatting web content. By blending instructional sessions, interactive practical tasks, and real-world projects, you will grasp the skills necessary to craft web pages that are both visually captivating and adaptable across various devices, all through the effective implementation of CSS with our Advanced CSS Course

  • Benefits of CSS
  • CSS Versions History
  • CSS Syntax
  • External Style Sheet using
  • Multiple Style Sheets
  • Value Lengths and Percentages
  • CSS Syntax
  • single Style Sheets
  • Multiple Style Sheets
  • Value Lengths and Percentages
  • ID Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • Grouping Selectors
  • Universal Selector
  • Descendant / Child Selectors
  • Attribute Selectors
  • CSS – Pseudo Classes
  • background-image
  • background-repeat
  • background-position
  • CSS Cursor
  • color
  • background-color
  • text-decoration
  • text-align
  • vertical-align
  • text-indent
  • text-transform
  • white-space
  • letter-spacing
  • word-spacing
  • line-height
  • font-family
  • font-size
  • font-style
  • font-variant
  • font-weight
  • list-style-position
  • list-style-image
  • list-style
  • CSS Tables
    • I. border
    • II. width & height
    • III. text-align
    • IV. vertical-align
    • V. padding
    • VI. Color
  • Borders & Outline
  • Margin & Padding
  • Height and width
  • CSS Dimensions
  • CSS Visibility
  • CSS Display
  • CSS Scrollbars
  • CSS Positioning
    • 1. Static Positioning
    • 2. Fixed Positioning
    • 3. Relative Positioning
    • 4. Absolute Positioning
  • CSS Layers with Z-Index
  • The float Property
  • The clear Property
  • The clearfix Hack
  • Overview of Recipes and Recipes Attributes
  • Creating first Recipe
  • Syntax Check and Applying Recipes
  • Organizing Resources with Recipes
  • Introduction to Cookbooks
  • Anatomy of Cookbook
  • Creating Cookbooks
  • Run and Manage Cookbooks
  • Case Study
  • Chef Development Kit, Nodes, Chef-Client and Chef Server
  • Chef Development Kit
  • Nodes
  • Chef-Client
  • Chef Server
  • Case Study

Trainer's Profile


Our Mentors are from Top Companies like

  • Our CSS trainers are highly knowledgeable professionals in the field of HTML and web design, with vast technical knowledge and expertise.
  • They have a comprehensive understanding of design principles laid down by web browsers, and hands-on experience in building, designing and troubleshooting aesthetically appealing websites.
  • Our trainers are skilled in teaching various fundamentals of HTML 5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and other basic web design concepts.
  • They have the agility to address problems related to HTML validation, web page styling and image formatting, and advanced features of CSS.
  • They prepare comprehensive guidelines and course material to help learners understand, interpret and use CSS selectors, color schemes, margins, navigation and positioning features.
  • Our trainers are equipped with the necessary skills to deploy media queries, create effective typography and extract efficient workflows.
  • They possess excellent debugging, problem-solving and communication skills to ensure effective coordination and sharing of ideas with students.
  • CSS trainers make use of real-time examples and debugging techniques to help learners understand, interpret and troubleshoot web page design and coding issues.
  • Every step in the training process is integrated with quizzes and exercises to help the students improve their analytical skills.
  • They have the technical proficiency to create mobile friendly and secure websites by making use of the best coding practices and web design principles.
  • The trainers have a strong motivation to empower the emerging talents by providing them feedback on their performance and helping them acquire the knowledge required for best industry practices.

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Stand Out from the Crowd with Codethon Certificate

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Project Practices

Css Responsive Tables
CSS Responsive Tables
Create responsive tables that adapt to different screen sizes using CSS techniques.
Css Animated Backgrounds
CSS Animated Backgrounds
Create visually appealing animated backgrounds using CSS properties like gradients and animations.
Css Neumorphism Design
CSS Neumorphism Design
Apply the neomorphism design trend to create buttons, cards, or other UI elements using CSS.
Css Image Overlay Gallery
CSS Image Overlay Gallery
Design an image gallery with overlay effects and captions using CSS.
Css Loading Skeleton
CSS Loading Skeleton
Design a loading skeleton animation using CSS and keyframe animations.
Animated Loading Spinners
Animated Loading Spinners
Develop animated loading spinners using CSS keyframe animations.
Animated CSS Buttons
Create animated buttons using CSS transitions or keyframe animations.
Animated Css Buttons
Css Pagination
CSS Pagination
Implement pagination for a list of items using CSS styles and JavaScript event handling.
Responsive CSS Typography
Create responsive typography that adjusts based on the screen size.
Responsive Css Typography

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CSS Training provides students with an understanding of the fundamentals of cascading style sheets, enabling them to develop effective and attractive webpages. It also allows web developers to create websites that are easier to manage, faster to load and more accessible to users on a range of devices.

When it comes to web development jobs, CSS stands out as an essential skill. HTML may be the skeleton of a website, but CSS is the clothing that gives your webpages personality. As such, skilled CSS developers and designers are in demand, with attractive salaries in many organizations.

Yes, group discounts are available for Softlogic's training courses. Visit our website and get in touch with us through call, email, live chat, or quick inquiry to learn more. We provide discounts in accordance with the terms and conditions based on the group size

Yes. Responsive web design is covered in detail during the CSS Training course, as well as techniques used for creating websites that are accessible to all users. The CSS Training also covers the techniques and strategies necessary for creating webpages that look and behave the same across multiple browsers, while also optimizing the user experience.

The CSS Training course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of CSS, including: Selectors & Pseudo Classes, Cascade & Inheritance, Responsive Design, Semantic Markup, and Media Queries.

Softlogic Systems provides both on-campus and off-campus placement opportunities for its students. Softlogic Systems has an excellent placement record, with a number of its graduates being placed in top IT firms and organizations.

Yes. Softlogic Systems provides students with extensive hands-on experience, as part of the CSS Training course. The lab sessions and practical assignments facilitate students in understanding the concepts through practical application.

Softlogic Systems emphasizes providing quality training in the latest web development technologies. The instructors not only have up-to-date industry knowledge, but also prioritize making sure that every student understands the concepts with complete clarity.

Yes. Troubleshooting and debugging are important aspects of web development, and the CSS Training course provides students with an understanding of the most common problems and how to address them, making them well-equipped for troubleshooting their projects.

Yes. Softlogic Systems' CSS Training course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of CSS, and is suitable for beginners as well as experienced developers wishing to refresh their skills.

Additional Information


Softlogic offers Best CSS Training in Chennai with the help of proficient trainers. There is a specific focus on practical sessions in our training classes. The students are provided with job support i.e. there are mock interviews and regular technical reviews. If you want to get quality CSS Classes in Chennai then you can talk to the educational counselors of Softlogic who will make you understand the career scope of CSS. Later you can enroll in our classes.

Rising market for mobile app and games shows the good future of CSS since each application’s front end is composed of HTML and CSS. This implies that there is a good future for CSS trained developers, So you can join the best CSS training center in Chennai and get prepared for your dream job in web development.

The major advantage of CSS is separating and dividing content structure from its style. This organizes the process of website development and further maintenance. CSS provides huge flexibility, doesn’t give much time and effort to the designers, and lets them to make use of one document to manage various webpages.

Nowadays CSS is supported by all programs and browsers that are constantly updated. It also offers you with the chance to change the format and appearance of your specific webpage layout as per the browser and the type of media. Besides, the gadgets and programs that are not supporting CSS will contain the ability to display the content.

Website developers formed CSS so a to as to concentrate on the vibe and appearance of their website pages. CSS offers control over several pages. The layout of HTML documents is determined by CSS, CSS manages the color of the text, spacing between paragraphs, font style, background images etc. One can store CSS file at another location that will let the website to load quicker and in a hassle-free manner. if you want to learn this great concept in an in-depth manner and understand its significance in your profession, then it’s a wise decision to learn it in Softlogic.

Now let’s dive further as to why you should CSS training from the Best CSS Training Institute in Chennai:

CSS is highly editable, providing you with the flexibility of changing the appearance of your website pages as frequently as you want without ever adjusting the content.

CSS assists in isolation of the presentation from the content by shifting all the page-styling guidelines into a central area. The other major benefit of consisting all the CSS codes in a single external CSS document is that the style can be immediately updated.

CSS can be used to style the appearance of content, pictures etc, and the position on a webpage. This element alone will surely mitigate the amount of code needed to display on a page.

CSS is a reasonable solution for styling content since it doesn’t require big investment to execute, and update. Even simple changes needed some complex coding with the traditional way. Once you begin to style your content with the help of external CSS, you will mostly don’t use the old tags for styling.

The present content management system including WordPress, Tumblr etc. offers innumerable varieties of pre-built themes to personalize look and feel but if you wish to make them more personal, then it is essential to learn CSS, CSS is not just meant for design; it can also form interactive user interfaces and plug-in free web animations.

HTML is not sufficient when used in along but when joined together with CSS it boosts the web page.

  • Front end Developer- HTML and CSS
  • UI developer- HTML and CSS

Want to Master your skills in CSS ?