Unix Shell Course Syllabus

Struts Course Syllabus

Apache Struts is the in-demand web application framework and we provide the best Struts Training in Chennai through our well-framed Struts Course Syllabus. The learners can be proficient in fundamental enterprise application development through our Struts Course Curriculum as it contains topics such as struts flow of execution, struts elements, struts tag library, dynaactionform, lazydynabean, validations, internalization, exception handling, tiles framework, built-in actions, struts 2. x, and oracle database.

Struts Basics

  • Struts2 Home
  • Basic MVC Architecture
  • Struts2 Overview
  • Struts2 Environment Setup
  • Struts2 Architecture
  • Struts2 Examples
  • Struts2 Configuration
  • Struts2 Actions
  • Struts2 Interceptors
  • Struts2 Result Types
  • Struts2 Value Stack/OGNL
  • Struts2 File Uploads
  • Struts2 Database Access
  • Struts2 Sending Email
  • Struts2 Validations
  • Struts2 Localization
  • Struts2 Type Conversion
  • Struts2 Themes/Templates
  • Struts2 Exception Handling
  • Struts2 Annotations

Struts 2 Tags

  • Struts2 Control Tags
  • Struts2 Data Tags
  • Struts2 Form Tags
  • Struts2 Ajax Tags

Struts 2 Integrations

  • Struts2 – Spring
  • Struts2 – Tiles
  • Struts2 – Hibernate

Struts 2 Useful Resources

  • Struts2 Quick Guide
  • Struts2 Useful Resources


Learn how to get extended Java Servlet API through our Best Struts Training in Chennai. Our Struts Course Syllabus trains you to develop maintainable, flexible, and extensible web applications.