Artificial Intelligence Online Training

Artificial Intelligence Online TrainingLearn Artificial Intelligence Course Online with instructor-led live sessions at Softlogic Systems. Gain in-depth insights into AI terminology, deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, and data science concepts in our Online AI Training Institute with 100% Placement Assistance.

Artificial Intelligence Online Course Overview

The significance of learning AI is to make the computer systems learn on their own from data that are extracted from previous tasks and experiences. It is about learning how to pre-program computer devices with AI functionalities to perform a task. The learning of AI includes programming languages, advanced mathematics, statistics, linear algebra, calculus, machine learning, neural network technology, deep learning, and computer vision. Our Online AI Training equips the students with the ability to enable computers and machines to perform intellectual tasks such as decision-making, understanding of human communication, problem-solving, and perceptions

Scope of AI Online Course

AI is booming technology in the world to build computational models of intelligence starts from robots that are playing chess and chatbots for responding customer questions to navigate real traffic intelligently for self-driving cars. Artificial Intelligence creates lucrative careers for learners around the globe with exponential job growth. This field remains competitive since it is introduced as it improves interests and innovative skills for today’s young minds. As well, the roles of this Artificial Intelligence field are a very niche that requires advanced knowledge and hands-on exposure. Launch your AI career or transform your career by joining our AI Online Training Institute. Following are the reasons to choose an Online AI Course for your bright future.

  • AI is the in-demand skill of the century. It is creating 130 million roles in major global sectors.
  • AI is everywhere and active 24/7 across the world through chatbots, self-driving cars, and security solutions.
  • AI and ML algorithms are used to retrieve patterns for useful insights for businesses and customers around the world.
  • AI gives bright careers for professionals and the average pay scale is around $100,000 per annum in the US and other international companies.
  • AI is a versatile field and helps the learners stand out from the queue to perform important roles in banking, security, healthcare, fraud detection, mobile app development, and so on.

Learn the best AI Certification Course Online with 100% Placement Assistance at Softlogic for obtaining your desired jobs. Our Online AI Training Program is offered with instructor-led live sessions with complete hands-on practices by expert trainers. We equip you to become a master in AI skills to achieve your dream jobs in top MNC and IT companies. Book a free demo today to check out our Online AI Training Course.

Artificial Intelligence Course Learning Outcomes

The main goal of our Artificial Intelligence Online Training is to provide knowledge on intelligent systems and agents, reasoning with or without uncertainty, formalization of knowledge, machine learning applications, and basic level robot making. Our AI Online Course is specific, understandable, and clearly indicates the ability of students with performance tracker and industry-valuable certification. Following are the learning outcomes of our Online AI Training Course

  • Fundamental understanding of AI with its foundations and history
  • Implementation of basic principles of AI in solutions for problem-solving, perception, inference, learning, and knowledge representations.
  • Fundamental understanding of AI techniques in applications like intelligent agents, artificial neural networks, machine learning models, and expert systems.
  • Proficiency in application development with AI language, data mining tools, and expert system shell scripts.
  • Well-versed in the implementation of scientific methods to models of machine learning.
  • In-depth knowledge for sharing discussions of AI, scope, and limitations, and social implications

Key Features of our Artificial Intelligence Online Training Institute

Our Online Artificial Intelligence Training with 100% Placement Assistance makes you an expert with industry-ready skills to work in various platforms like virtual assistants, chatbots, agriculture, farming, autonomous flying, retail, shopping, fashion, security, surveillance, sports, analytics, activities, manufacturing, production, livestock management, and inventory management.

  • Industry-standard AI Coursework
  • One-on-one or Small batch size
  • Instructor-led live online mode
  • Customizable course curriculum
  • Industry-valued Certificate
  • 4+ real-time project practices
  • Instalment Options for fees
  • Field Expertized Trainers
  • Convenient learning hours
  • Free soft skills training
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Free Lifetime Career Guidance

Prerequisites for learning Artificial Intelligence Online Training

There is no prior expertise required for learning AI Course Online for freshers as we offer them the course from scratch. Our trainers will be allocated as per the convenient learning hours of students around the world and it can be regular classes or weekend classes or fast-track mode. We suggest working professionals have the following prerequisites to enjoy the complete hands-on experience on the new concepts.

  • Strong knowledge of Mathematics
  • Excellent Programming Knowledge
  • Good Analytical Skills
  • Understanding of complex algorithms
  • Fundamental knowledge in statistics and modeling

Who can attend AI Online Course?

Freshers and working professionals can learn AI Course Online at Softlogic as we are providing in-person classes along with other training modes for the students who want to study in our AI Training Institute in Chennai. It is beneficial for the students to launch their career in Information Technology, Economy, Business, and Other Industries. Following are the eligible category for learning Artificial Intelligence Online Training Course at Softlogic.

  • Freshers with a degree in BBA, B.Sc/M.Sc Maths, MBA in Finance, Accounting, and Banking.
  • Working professionals with experience in IT or non-IT fields like tech support, BPO, or process associate.

Course Syllabus for Online Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence is bringing unique specialization for an exponential career path that leads to thriving in life. Our Online Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus contains important topics such as neural networks, pattern recognition, algorithms, machine learning, language processing, fundamental robotics, automation, deep learning, sensors, required programming languages like Python, C, or R, and database management along with Big Data processing

Introduction to Deep Learning & AI

Deep Learning: A revolution in Artificial Intelligence

  • Limitations of Machine Learning

What is Deep Learning?

  • Need for Data Scientists
  • Foundation of Data Science
  • What is Business Intelligence
  • What is Data Analysis
  • What is Data Mining

What is Machine Learning?
Analytics vs Data Science

  • Value Chain
  • Types of Analytics
  • Lifecycle Probability
  • Analytics Project Lifecycle
  • Advantage of Deep Learning over Machine learning
  • Reasons for Deep Learning
  • Real-Life use cases of Deep Learning
  • Review of Machine Learning


  • Basis of Data Categorization
  • Types of Data
  • Data Collection Types
  • Forms of Data & Sources
  • Data Quality & Changes
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Data Quality Story
  • What is Data Architecture
  • Components of Data Architecture
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • How is Data Stored?

Big Data

  • What is Big Data?
  • 5 Vs of Big Data
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Big Data Challenge
  • Big Data Requirements
  • Big Data Distributed Computing & Complexity
  • Hadoop
  • Map Reduce Framework
  • Hadoop Ecosystem

Data Science Deep Dive

  • What Data Science is
  • Why Data Scientists are in demand
  • What is a Data Product
  • The growing need for Data Science
  • Large Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
  • Data Science Skills
  • Data Science Use Cases
  • Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
  • Data Acuqisition
  • Where to source data
  • Techniques
  • Evaluating input data
  • Data formats
  • Data Quantity
  • Data Quality
  • Resolution Techniques
  • Data Transformation
  • File format Conversions
  • Annonymization


  • Python Overview
  • About Interpreted Languages
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Python pydoc.
  • Starting Python
  • Interpreter PATH
  • Using the Interpreter
  • Running a Python Script
  • Using Variables
  • Keywords
  • Built-in Functions
  • StringsDifferent Literals
  • Math Operators and Expressions
  • Writing to the Screen
  • String Formatting
  • Command Line Parameters and Flow Control.
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Indexing and Slicing
  • Iterating through a Sequence
  • Functions for all Sequences

Operators and Keywords for Sequences

  • The xrange() function
  • List Comprehensions
  • Generator Expressions
  • Dictionaries and Sets.

Numpy & Pandas

  • Learning NumPy
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Creating Data Frames
  • GroupingSorting
  • Plotting Data
  • Creating Functions
  • Slicing/Dicing Operations.

Deep Dive – Functions & Classes & Oops

  • Functions
  • Function Parameters
  • Global Variables
  • Variable Scope and Returning Values. Sorting
  • Alternate Keys
  • Lambda Functions
  • Sorting Collections of Collections
  • Classes & OOPs


  • What is Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Central Tendency Measures
  • The Story of Average
  • Dispersion Measures
  • Data Distributions
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • What is Sampling
  • Why Sampling
  • Sampling Methods
  • Inferential Statistics
  • What is Hypothesis testing
  • Confidence Level
  • Degrees of freedom
  • what is pValue
  • Chi-Square test
  • What is ANOVA
  • Correlation vs Regression
  • Uses of Correlation & Regression

Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI using Python


  • ML Fundamentals
  • ML Common Use Cases
  • Understanding Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Techniques


  • Similarity Metrics
  • Distance Measure Types: Euclidean, Cosine Measures
  • Creating predictive models
  • Understanding K-Means Clustering
  • Understanding TF-IDF, Cosine Similarity and their application to Vector Space Model
  • Case study

Implementing Association rule mining

  • What is Association Rules & its use cases?
  • What is Recommendation Engine & it’s working?
  • Recommendation Use-case
  • Case study

Understanding Process flow of Supervised Learning Techniques

Decision Tree Classifier

  • How to build Decision trees
  • What is Classification and its use cases?
  • What is Decision Tree?
  • Algorithm for Decision Tree Induction
  • Creating a Decision Tree
  • Confusion Matrix
  • Case study

Random Forest Classifier

  • What is Random Forests
  • Features of Random Forest
  • Out of Box Error Estimate and Variable Importance
  • Case study

Naive Bayes Classifier.

  • Case study

Project Discussion

Problem Statement and Analysis

  • Various approaches to solve a Data Science Problem
  • Pros and Cons of different approaches and algorithms.

Linear Regression

  • Case study
  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling
  • Linear Regression Overview
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

  • Case study
  • Logistic Regression Overview
  • Data Partitioning
  • Univariate Analysis
  • Bivariate Analysis
  • Multicollinearity Analysis
  • Model Building
  • Model Validation
  • Model Performance Assessment AUC & ROC curves
  • Scorecard

Support Vector Machines

  • Case Study
  • Introduction to SVMs
  • SVM History
  • Vectors Overview
  • Decision Surfaces
  • Linear SVMs
  • The Kernel Trick
  • Non-Linear SVMs
  • The Kernel SVM

Time Series Analysis

  • Describe Time Series data
  • Format your Time Series data
  • List the different components of Time Series data
  • Discuss different kind of Time Series scenarios
  • Choose the model according to the Time series scenario
  • Implement the model for forecasting
  • Explain working and implementation of ARIMA model
  • Illustrate the working and implementation of different ETS models
  • Forecast the data using the respective model
  • What is Time Series data?
  • Time Series variables
  • Different components of Time Series data
  • Visualize the data to identify Time Series Components
  • Implement ARIMA model for forecasting
  • Exponential smoothing models
  • Identifying different time series scenario based on which different Exponential Smoothing model can be applied
  • Implement respective model for forecasting
  • Visualizing and formatting Time Series data
  • Plotting decomposed Time Series data plot
  • Applying ARIMA and ETS model for Time Series forecasting
  • Forecasting for given Time period
  • Case Study

Machine Learning Project

Machine learning algorithms Python

  • Various machine learning algorithms in Python
  • Apply machine learning algorithms in Python

Feature Selection and Pre-processing

  • How to select the right data
  • Which are the best features to use
  • Additional feature selection techniques
  • A feature selection case study
  • Preprocessing
  • Preprocessing Scaling Techniques
  • How to preprocess your data
  • How to scale your data
  • Feature Scaling Final Project

Which Algorithms perform best

  • Highly efficient machine learning algorithms
  • Bagging Decision Trees
  • The power of ensembles
  • Random Forest Ensemble technique
  • Boosting – Adaboost
  • Boosting ensemble stochastic gradient boosting
  • A final ensemble technique

Model selection cross validation score

  • Introduction Model Tuning
  • Parameter Tuning GridSearchCV
  • A second method to tune your algorithm
  • How to automate machine learning
  • Which ML algo should you choose
  • How to compare machine learning algorithms in practice

Text Mining& NLP

  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Case study

PySpark and MLLib

  • Introduction to Spark Core
  • Spark Architecture
  • Working with RDDs
  • Introduction to PySpark
  • Machine learning with PySpark – Mllib

Deep Learning & AI using Python

Deep Learning & AI

  • Case Study
  • Deep Learning Overview
  • The Brain vs Neuron
  • Introduction to Deep Learning

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

  • The Detailed ANN
  • The Activation Functions
  • How do ANNs work & learn
  • Gradient Descent
  • Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Backpropogation
  • Understand limitations of a Single Perceptron
  • Understand Neural Networks in Detail
  • Illustrate Multi-Layer Perceptron
  • Backpropagation – Learning Algorithm
  • Understand Backpropagation – Using Neural Network Example
  • MLP Digit-Classifier using TensorFlow
  • Building a multi-layered perceptron for classification
  • Why Deep Networks
  • Why Deep Networks give better accuracy?
  • Use-Case Implementation
  • Understand How Deep Network Works?
  • How Backpropagation Works?
  • Illustrate Forward pass, Backward pass
  • Different variants of Gradient Descent

Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Convolutional Operation
  • Relu Layers
  • What is Pooling vs Flattening
  • Full Connection
  • Softmax vs Cross Entropy
  • ” Building a real world convolutional neural network
  • for image classification”

What are RNNs – Introduction to RNNs

  • Recurrent neural networks rnn
  • LSTMs understanding LSTMs
  • long short term memory neural networks lstm in python

Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders

  • Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Applications of RBM
  • Introduction to Autoencoders
  • Autoencoders applications
  • Understanding Autoencoders
  • Building a Autoencoder model

Tensorflow with Python

  • Introducing Tensorflow
  • Introducing Tensorflow
  • Why Tensorflow?
  • What is tensorflow?
  • Tensorflow as an Interface
  • Tensorflow as an environment
  • Tensors
  • Computation Graph
  • Installing Tensorflow
  • Tensorflow training
  • Prepare Data
  • Tensor types
  • Loss and Optimization
  • Running tensorflow programs

Building Neural Networks using


  • Tensors
  • Tensorflow data types
  • CPU vs GPU vs TPU
  • Tensorflow methods
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Neural Network Architecture
  • Linear Regression example revisited
  • The Neuron
  • Neural Network Layers
  • The MNIST Dataset
  • Coding MNIST NN

Deep Learning using


  • Deepening the network
  • Images and Pixels
  • How humans recognise images
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • ConvNet Architecture
  • Overfitting and Regularization
  • Max Pooling and ReLU activations
  • Dropout
  • Strides and Zero Padding
  • Coding Deep ConvNets demo
  • Debugging Neural Networks
  • Visualising NN using Tensorflow
  • Tensorboard

Transfer Learning using

Keras and TFLearn

  • Transfer Learning Introduction
  • Google Inception Model
  • Retraining Google Inception with our own data demo
  • Predicting new images
  • Transfer Learning Summary
  • Extending Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • TFLearn
  • Keras vs TFLearn Comparison

Career Advantages of Online AI Training Course

The field of Artificial Intelligence creates future-proof careers for the learners to obtain exciting jobs around the world and it opens the door of opportunities to work in personal assistants, healthcare, disease detection, disease prediction, surgery plans, defense, space science, business operations, industries like retail and robot manufacturing, heavy-lifting industries, security and surveillance, smart sales, and inventory management. Learn the best AI Online Training with 100% Placement Assistance at Softlogic to stay competitive for global jobs.

The learning of AI Online gives the students the career benefits such as increased efficiency, improved workflows, lower human errors, deeper data analysis, informed decision-making, organized information, personalized learning, immersive learning and growth, and community connections. Businesses around the world are adopting AI technologies as it saves time and money by automating and optimizing routine tasks for improved productivity and efficiencies. They are expecting candidates who can help in faster decision-making processes through their AI skills. Our Artificial Intelligence Online Course brings the following career advantages for the students enrolled in our Online AI Training Institute.

  • Ability to work in the Data Analytics process as it is crucial for IoT and AI through skills like managing, analyzing, and data storage.
  • Make way for working in User Experience with a specialization in the understanding of human interaction tools and equipment that help professionals to develop advanced software.
  • Computer Science and AI Research is the field beneficial to AI and it makes the learners equipped with AI technologies for their innovations.
  • AI is required for network engineering, planning, management, and support as they are very important for the companies on their network and IT infrastructure needs.
  • Hardware Technologies are improved with AI-equipped processes and it ensures the protection and security of devices along with features like vulnerability evaluation, risk identity, public-key encryption security, and wireless communications.
  • Natural Language Processing is the fastest-growing field with AI techniques and it creates tremendous opportunities for learners who are certified and skilled in system development.

Gain expertise on the industry-ready skills to obtain jobs easily in the above-mentioned industries by enrolling in our Online Artificial Intelligence Training Institute and we equip our students with fundamental engineering, mathematics, and statistics skills, OOPs concepts, compiler design, manufacturing, and industrial knowledge, web surfing technologies, operating system fundamentals, aptitude skills, soft skills, and interview strategies and tips until one gets placed.

Job Opportunities of Online Artificial Intelligence Course

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statics stated that the global employment in AI industries is growing 15% from 2019 to 2025 and it is projecting there will be 5,31,200 new jobs for the certified and skilled AI professionals for the global MNC and IT companies. Top companies like Walmart, MIT Lincoln, Amazon, IBM, Nike, Samsung Electronics America, Warner Bros Entertainment, Fidelity Investments, and Pepsico are hiring employees for their various profiles. We equip the students to work in the following job profiles through our Online AI Training Course at Softlogic.

  • Artificial Intelligence Researcher
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Lead Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Lead Machine Learning Engineer
  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Interns
  • Customer Engineer
  • Software Engineer

About our Online AI Course Trainer

Our AI Trainers for Online Artificial Intelligence Course are proficient and experienced and they are dedicated to serving you better for your career in the AI field. They have strong logical sense, coding skills, are well-versed in AI-based applications, are patience in teaching, and have a student-centric mindset. They will be allocated on the flexible learning hours of students along with other batch students or one-on-one online sessions.

We have trainers who are working as techies in top companies like Amazon, Accenture, Wipro, and IBM and they have 15+ years of experience in AI project developments. They are excellent in communication to teach the global students with an industry-standard course structure that helps them obtain jobs immediately. Our trainers equip the students with interview-related AI techniques along with the assurance of conceptual understanding and hands-on exposure.

Online Artificial Intelligence Course Certification

Our Online AI Course Certification adds value to your resume as it is globally recognized for its quality and performance. It validates your skills through a performance tracker and our trainers and placement coach will improve the areas to be focused on. We provide Artificial Intelligence Course Completion Certification at the end of the course and we update them in our placement portal for the companies’ reference. Enroll in our Online Artificial Intelligence Training Institute today to get the benefits.

Our Global Hiring Partners

Softlogic System is one of the leading platforms of Online Artificial Intelligence Training Institute with 100% Placement Assistance. Our AI Trainers are equipping 10000+ candidates every year with satisfying job placements and most of our learners are working in the following companies.

Project Practices

Personality prediction System

Create a project in AI to analyze the CV for relevant job descriptions and filter them with their soft skills and certifications.

Heart Disease Prediction System

Design a project in AI to offer online medical consultation and guidance for patients suffering from heart diseases.

Stock Price Prediction

Create a project in AI to work efficiently in the finance sector for gaining deep insights into the stock market with predictions.

Voice-based Virtual Assistant for Windows

Create a dedicated voice-based system in AI for Windows users to open any application with a voice command.

Learners Reviews about our Online AI Course

Ganga Jothi

I have joined Softlogic for learning Artificial Intelligence Course Online. I have gone through the coursework and I find it has everything I have needed for my job. It was really useful and the trainers were taking classes lively by assigning tasks and excellent interactions. I have learned many new things by practicing the tasks given by them. I thank the placement team for offering wonderful guidance till today even I have got my job. Thanks a lot, SLA.

Vincent Philip

Softlogic is the best institute in offering an online AI Course. Excellent curriculum, experienced trainers, satisfied hands-on practices, extraordinary placement support. I have enjoyed my classes as they have covered everything with friendly nature. My trainers cleared my doubts as soon as possible and I find very useful all my sessions. They have offered placement guidance until I got my desired profile. I will recommend this institute to everyone.


Hi everyone, it is very happy to share my learning experience at Softlogic Systems. I have joined for AI Training here and I had to choose my classes online due to pandemics. Initially, I was very worried about how my classes can go. But my trainers were very good at interacting they have taken classes very lively. I have learned through completing tasks every day and the placement guide is also very good as they have enhanced my communication skills along with the course. In the end, I have got a job, and it’s all because of Softlogic. Thanks a lot.


AI Online Training at Softlogic went well with a satisfying job. I thank my trainers and placement team for offering me such a wonderful career path that opts my interest perfectly. I have got what I expected before joining even online. I am working as a junior in AI research with good pay. All credits to my trainers and placement faculties. I look forward to my career upgrade here and I recommend this institute for freshers and experienced students for their certification courses.

Frequently Asked Questions about our AI online Training 

Develop your data science skills in our Artificial Intelligence Online Training Course and we have given some of the frequently asked questions here for your course-related queries. If you are not answered in this, feel free to contact us @ 86818 84318 for Online AI Training Course.

Is coding knowledge important to learn AI Course Online?

Yes, the learning of AI requires some fundamental coding knowledge for working professionals. It is important to apply algorithms for AI research. We offer AI courses from scratch for freshers and college students and they can learn this course along with some other programming language like Python for dual certification in our AI Online Training Institute

What are the benefits of taking an AI Course Online?

Our AI Online Course gives the ability to perform tasks faster, enables proper execution process, and you can help machines to be operated without any interruption. You can innovate many useful products for people differently-abled through AI skills and it will be useful for a lifetime

Are AI jobs in demand?

Yes, AI jobs are reaching a 75% hike over the past five years and it is still growing with new profiles and roles. It is the best choice for high-paying jobs and exponential career growth for learners. Learn the best Artificial Intelligence Course Online at Softlogic Systems

Is AI learning difficult?

No. The learning of Artificial Intelligence is not difficult when you learn with hands-on exposure. You have to spend time to learn and grasp the concepts by implementing what you have learned theoretically. It is best to join for Online AI Training for the best career results.

What is the salary for AI professionals in India?

The certified AI professionals are earning around 35 Lakhs Per annum and it will vary according to the size and location of the companies. We equip the students to get their desired jobs through our Online AI Training with 100% Placement Assistance

How Softlogic helps me in placement after Online AI Course completion?

Once you enroll in our Online Artificial Intelligence Course, we will begin your classes for aptitude and soft skill development. During the AI course, we equip you with a performance tracker and help you to improve the areas you need to enhance. At the end of the Artificial Intelligence course completion, we arrange you interviews in top companies as per their openings and we will guide you until you get placed in your desired profile.