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Our Python Syllabus is thoughtfully designed to prepare students for successful careers in MNCs. Through our structured curriculum, students acquire the essential applicable skills across diverse fields like Data Science, Web Development, Software Testing, Software Development, etc. Our Python Course Syllabus covers diverse topics, including data types, variables, functions, and a variety of libraries and frameworks. In the ever-changing world of Python development, our Python Course Syllabus offers vital knowledge and practical experience to help you thrive. Seize this opportunity to advance your career and achieve greater success in the software industry. Enroll now in the best Python Training in Chennai.

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    Python Syllabus


    Our Python Syllabus encompasses both fundamental and advanced topics, providing students with the most up-to-date knowledge. This well-organized Python Course Syllabus enables students to acquire the essential skills to develop real-world websites and applications. Listed below are the primary subjects included in our Python programming syllabus.

    • What is Python?
    • Comparison of Python with other languages like C/C++, Java etc
    • Execution model of Python
    • Salient features of Python
    • How Python runs Programs?
    • Areas where Python is in use
    • Industries that are using Python
    • Installing Python in Windows/Linux/Mac OS
    • Using Python interpreter
    • Execute a Script
    • Structuring with Indentation
    • Editors
    • Variables
    • Variables v/s identifiers
    • Naming convention of variables
    • Keywords
    • Single-quote, double quote and multi-line strings
    • String Operations ( Concatenation,  Repetition, Indexing, Slicing, Splitting and joining )
    • If/Else Statements
    • For/while Statements
    • Range() function
    • Break and continue statements
    • Else clauses on Loops
    • Pass statements
    • Defining Function
    • Default Argument
    • Keyword Argument
    • Arbitrary Arguments List
    • Unpacking Argument List
    • Documentation Strings
    • Indexing
    • Slicing
    • Sorting
    • List Comprehensions
    • Appending to the list
    • Extending the list
    • Repetitions
    • Immutable objects
    • Indexing
    • Slicing
    • Sorting
    • Tuple Comprehensions
    • Immutable objects
    • Add, Clear, Copy Sets
    • Difference
    • Intersection
    • Iterating over dictionaries
    • Accessing non existing keys
    • Copy dictionaries
    • Lists from dictionaries
    • Input function
    • Input with raw_input()
    • Output with old string format
    • Python format function
    • Reading from the file
    • Writing to the file
    • Methods of file objects
    • Syntax Errors
    • Exceptions
    • Handling Exceptions (try, except)
    • Raising Exceptions (raise)
    • Clean-up Actions (try… finally)
    • Else Clause
    • Assert statements
    • Class Syntax
    • Class Objects
    • Instance Objects
    • Method Objects
    • Class and Instance Variables
    • Multiple Inheritance
    • Public
    • Private
    • Protected
    • Creating Modules
    • Import a module
    • Import the names
    • Executing modules as scripts
    • sys module – access to exit(), stdout, sdin, argv…
    • Re module for regular expressions
    • sys – file system, operating system interface.
    • math – math functions
    • datetime – date and time libraries
    • dir() function
    • Importing * from a Package
    • Intra Package Reference



      With our Python Syllabus for Beginners, students easily grasp concepts from basic to advanced levels. Crafted by industry experts, it propels career success. The Python Syllabus introduces core principles for beginners and nurtures a robust understanding of the language. For those who embark on their Python journey, Softlogic’s Syllabus for Python is the perfect fit. Join us for a free trial session to see what our courses have to offer. Reserve your free demo class today!

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