Best DevOps course online – Embrace the DevOps mindset!

Devops Online TrainingSomeone would have told you that DevOps is trending now and would insist on you pursuing it. But once you dive deep into it, you should know what is the core objective of DevOps. For those who are confused that it is another technology, it should be noted that DevOps is a culture. There are important concepts in DevOps including continuous integration, continuous delivery, version control etc. that will be useful for your organization. Organizations benefit from the DevOps model not only due to the speed and efficiency factor but also due to the boosting of employee morale. Enroll in the Best Online DevOps Course and gain all that is needed for a rewarding career.

Significance of DevOps course online

The main objective of the best DevOps course online is to help understand the importance of DevOps which helps the organizations to concentrate on innovations rather than on the routine monotonous tasks.. These routine tasks will be handled by the DevOps tools. There is close collaboration between the development and operations team by following DevOps principles. Besides, there is priority given even to the security factor (DevSecOps) wherein security is considered at the initial stage of the software development life cycle rather than at the end stage. And there is also DevTestOps which is a part of the overall DevOps philosophy. Here there is a mix of DevOps and continuous testing. The DevOps online course will train you in such a way that you will become well-versed in this practice.

Learn DevOps culture through the best DevOps course online

Since everyone takes responsibility for the project by following the DevOps  philosophy, the issues in the software are easier to find out. The organizations will take quick decisions and will execute them diligently. Consequently, in order to achieve the best result of DevOps, the organization should break their old practices and each member should have a shared vision. Besides, the key to DevOps is  cooperation between different departments that work on achieving good results for the organization. This is the reason you have to learn this philosophy from the DevOps Course Online that has a syllabus that is monitored and assessed by experts.

Learn the best practices of DevOps  from the best DevOps course online

With the evolution of the DevOps philosophy, there is the advent of DevSecOps wherein security is encompassed. Adopting the serverless methodology is  also considered a best practice of DevOps in order to take away the maintenance issue concern from the developers. Besides, embracing a customer-centric approach is also key to DevOps. When you enroll in the DevOps online course, you will understand why these practices are important and use the right tools to achieve your DevOps objective

Career Scope after best DevOps course online

DevOps profiles are in demand nowadays because more and more organizations want to improve their speed and efficiency and work with a result-driven approach. For this, DevOps is the best solution. Besides, DevOps is a lucrative career and there is good scope for career advancement. You can reach heights in your career quickly because organizations want employees who are well-versed in the best practices of DevOps. And if you are a good communicator, learning the DevOps principles will become easier for you.

Prerequisites for DevOps course online

DevOps is all about adding value to the company with a result-driven approach. The prerequisites for learning DevOps is a reasonable understanding of coding, some knowledge of Linux, and fair understanding about regular operational activities. You should note that besides technical skills, soft skills like communication skills and time management are also highly essential.

Who can attend the DevOps training online?

  • Fresh graduates who want to learn the core principles of DevOps to have a flourishing career
  • Experienced software professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers who want to incorporate the DevOps philosophy into their organizational culture
  • Testing professionals who want to make the best use of the DevTestOps concept.

Course Objectives

The objective of the Best Online DevOps Course is as follows:

  • To impart knowledge on the DevOps concepts and also make the candidate well-equipped in communication.
  • To coach the student such that they enhance the organizational agility
  • To teach the importance of eliminating organizational silos and work in collaboration
  • To explain the fundamental DevOps principles to the students
  • To impart knowledge on the concepts of continuous progress and automate everything you cans so that you can concentrate on innovations
  • To teach about the core concepts of DevOps including continuous delivery, continuous integration, continuous monitoring, microservices, test-oriented development, etc.
  • To train on the relevant DevOps tools including Docker, Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios etc.
FAQs About the DevOps Online Training

What is meant by silos and how DevOps eliminates it?

DevOps is instrumental in eliminating the organizational silos. Silos is where the departments work in isolation and don’t have a shared vision. The departments don’t take the effort to share any information and also don’t come out of their comfort zone. You  can make your teams to create their own DevOps culture. Basically, DevOps involves a shift in mindset.

What is the relation between DevOps, DevSecOps and DevTestOps ?

DevOps is basically a culture and you have to accustom your mind to gain that mindset. It fosters collaboration between the different teams so that there is enhanced productivity. DevSecOps is an approach wherein you combine security principles with the DevOps paradigm. DevTestOps is a blend of DevOps and continuous testing.

What are the best DevOps tools, and what is their purpose?

There are different DevOps tools that help in fostering organizational efficiency including Docker, Jenkins, Git, Puppet etc. The basic principle of DevOps which is automating everything is the core idea behind these tools.

What is the relation between DevOps and cloud computing?

One may wonder how cloud is related to DevOps because while the former is a technology the other is basically a shift in mindset. The development and operation teams collaborate by deploying the cloud. DevOps and cloud is being embraced by several organizations owing to the optimal infrastructure provided by clouds to enhance the DevOps philosophy.

What is the relation between agile methodology and DevOps ?

First of all, agile relates to better collaboration, continuous feedback, increased automation and quick releases. These principle can be adopted in the DevOps culture . Precisely, the goal of DevOps is to improve the software development process.

What are the different elements in the deployment of DevOps?

The different elements in the deployment of DevOps are  continuous development, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous monitoring, continuous deployment, and continuous feedback.

Can a non-technical person learn DevOps?

Yes, a non-technical person can learn DevOps. You can enter into the roles of DevOps architect, release manager, system engineer etc. once you gain thorough understanding of the concepts.

Course Highlights

  • The full-stack developer online fees is reasonable and you can avail the EMI options.
  • The best online course for DevOps assists you in learning at your own pace. The trainer has a thorough comprehension of your learning requirements.
  • At the best DevOps course online, we believe in a holistic learning process. The student will gain from both the technical and soft skills.
  • Real-time experts conduct the DevOps course online. They have a profound understanding of the subject and provide you adequate guidance in doing real-time projects.
  • Whatever knowledge is imparted at the best DevOps course online is according to the practical scenario. We focus on equipping you with all the skills needed for sustaining a job.
  • Both freshers and working professionals are in the look out of DevOps online courses. SLA Institute helps you with thorough placement assistance so that the deserving candidates get the jobs sooner. We provide free aptitude tests and prepare you for an interview for 1 hour daily.
  • There is a well-devised approach to learning from the DevOps online course. We give equal importance to both in-person and online course and devise the standards accordingly.
  • The syllabus of the best DevOps course online is assessed and monitored by experts frequently. It keeps in mind the learning objectives of the course.
  • Working professionals can select their desired time and can even benefit from the fast-track classes.
  • The best DevOps course online makes sure that there is not more than 5 students per batch. This is useful in doing maximum doubt clarification.
  • The DevOps course online ensures that the students get personalized feedback so that they can know their mistakes and correct them.
  • Most of the candidates become nervous while attending the job interview. This is especially in the case of a fresher. The candidate can attend a lot of mock interviews until he/she gets a job offer. This will go a long way in increasing their confidence level.
  • SLA Institute collaborates with 350 MNCs and is the right location for these companies for efficient candidates having in-demand skills like DevOps methodology.
  • Once the training is completed, the candidate will get an industry-accredited certificate that will enhance his/her career prospects.