Web Development Full Guide

Full Guide to Web Development

The knowledge of “Web Development” is important for a website and it should be given an equal effort through trending tools and technologies.

Both frontend and backend developments play important roles to make impressive and interactive web pages.

Before we discuss the simplest of front and backend developments, let us understand what it means.

Web Development: Frontend Development

The thing that is visually seen and interacts on screen by the user is called the frontend of the website.

The frontend is developed by programming and scripting languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, .NetJava, Ruby, Python, and PHP, etc.

It includes some tools like JQuery, Sublime Text, Angular JS, and Github.

The frontend developer should have in-depth knowledge of languages and tools to develop the web page as per the requirements of the application and clients.

The learning of frontend development brings numerous job opportunities for freshers and professionals in big companies like Accenture, Infosys, and Wipro, etc.

Popular technologies that simplify the frontend development

Angular JS: This is the product of Google that provides a readable, expressive, and accessible environment to simplify the frontend development.

It is open-source and has specialized benefits for the developers to create feature-rich web applications and client-side applications using JavaScript and MVC architecture.

The developers can easily extend HTML syntax and it handles JavaScript codes automatically.

JQuery: This is a JavaScript library used widely by developers around the world for frontend development.

It allows the developers to focus on different functionalities along with features like HTML document manipulation, Ajax, and traversal.

It enables the developers to build highly interactive web applications with powerful theme mechanisms.

It supports different browsers and available as open-source. It is easy to maintain and helps to create great documentation.

NPM: Node Package Manager is used along with JavaScript that contains tons of reusable codes for implementation in web page developments. It provides the fastest and powerful ways to build web applications through new packages or modifying the existing packages.

It has control over namespace accessing and allows the developers to manage private and public code from a single workflow.

Twitter Bootstrap: It is one of the best tools used for frontend development by worldwide developers. It is a framework that simplified the work of developers to create client-side coding easily that produces appealing frontends.

It provides the abstraction of the general development element used in reusable modules.

It has comprehensive UI packages and tools to normalize style sheets for building modal objects through numerous JavaScript plugins.

VueJS: It is also one of the JavaScript Frameworks used for developing top-notch UIs (User Interface) and SPAs (Single Page Applications). It has an easy configuration setup and provides features for creating attractive UIs through stable progressives, flexibility, simplicity, MVVM architecture, extensive documentation, and transition effects.

Apart from them, there are tools and technologies such as Chrome developer tools, Zurb, SASS, Less, and HTML5 Boilerplate, and so on for simplifying the frontend development.

This kind of frontend web technologies coming up to the market used in the rapid growth of frontend Web Development and deployments. The developers can enhance the development skill by learning these tools through hands-on practices for their career growth.

Backend Development

The source that the user receives a response from is called backend and it is like a black box where no process is seen to the user on the screen.

The source could be server, cloud, or mainframe that contains information in database applications like SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, and so on.

The learning of backend development requires knowledge in database, server-side technologies, and applications used for communicating to the users.

It includes skills in API (Application Programming Interface), REST, SOAP, Server, and Cache.

Popular tools and technologies that simplify the backend development

The backend development is the uppermost need of website development and the technologies are simplifying the development through numerous tools and technologies for startup founders, corporate decision-makers, and IT heads as per the requirement of the project, or applications.

The chosen backend development technology should have scalability, instant response, and functioning speed that helps the customer to receive satisfactory results in less waiting time.

The following are the areas that involve in backend development and simplifies through relevant tools and technologies.

  • Languages and Frameworks like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, and Laravel.
  • Web Server technologies like Apache, and NGINX.
  • Database applications like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Git Clients and Services like Source Tree, and Github Client
  • Microservices platforms like Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Local Development Environments like XAMPP, WampServer, and Laragon
  • Collaboration Services like Slack, Asana, and Jira
  • Website speed test tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, and Full Page Load Tester
  • Web Development Communities like Stackoverflow, Refind, and Hash node.

We highlight here some of the most used technologies that are used widely for backend development. The learning of the technologies brings tremendous job opportunities in backend development.

JavaScript: It contains frameworks such as React.JS, Vue.JS, Angular.JS, and Express.JS. It is used by 70% of professional web developers for web apps like Netflix, Candy Crush, and Facebook.

It has specialized features like Speed development, less overhead, minimalist backend technology, reduced expenses, open-source community, and I/O request handling.

Python: It has popular frameworks such as Django, Flask, and CherryPy for developing websites and is used in web apps like Instagram, Google, and Spotify.

It has features like easy to understandable codes, extensive libraries, affordable, IoT opportunities, and embeddable nature.

PHP: It includes frameworks like Laravel, Cake PHP, and Symfony for developing backend development and is used in web apps like Yahoo, WordPress, and Wikipedia. It has features like open-source availability, platform independence, cost-effective, simplified programming, beginner-friendly, automated development tasks, and security against target attacks.

Apart from these technologies, there are some more technologies that are used in backend development such as Scala, Kotlin, Ruby, Java, C#, Perl, and C++. Backend development becomes very easy nowadays through these tools, technologies, and frameworks that simplify the efforts and process of backend developers.


Frontend development is easy for beginners but learning on the technologies used in backend development makes it much easier for them to create full-fledged Web Development.

The continuous learning and up-gradation of the foundation skills help the beginners to develop web pages effectively and efficiently.

Learn the Technologies such as Python, JavaScript, Node.JS, and Angular.JS to develop both frontend and backend easily and quickly by enrolling in our Web Development Training in Chennai at Softlogic Systems.

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