Python Online Training

Python Online TrainingLearn Online Python Course at Softlogic to build websites and software applications, automate tasks, and perform data analysis. As Python is a beginner-friendly programming language, we have a customized curriculum to provide personalized learning features with satisfying hands-on exposure in our Python Online Training Institute with 100% Placement Assistance.

Python Online Course Overview

Python is the easiest programming language for beginners and experienced professionals and becoming a master in Python is simple but useful. In this Python Online Course at Softlogic, students will learn about programming fundamentals, data science, data analysis, python frameworks, web development, web scraping, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence with Python through a comprehensive curriculum and satisfying hands-on exposure.

Scope of Python Online Course

Python is the best programming language for learning in this digitization era as it brings promising career growth for learners around the world. Industries are adopting python for their various needs, it creates tremendous opportunities for both freshers and experienced candidates. Python is chosen by many companies to develop projects; they are looking for certified and skilled Python professionals to take care of their projects. Learn the best Online Python Course with 100% Placement Assistance at Softlogic to explore the greatest careers in the Python domain.

Python is implemented in all major industries such as Insurance, Retail Banking, Aerospace, Finance, healthcare, web development companies, data science, and agriculture for building web apps, data analysis, operation automation, DevOps, and machine learning algorithms. Top tech giants and entertainment platforms like Instagram, Spotify, Google, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instacart, Facebook are using Python for various purposes. Following are the reasons to prove that the learning of Python programming language holds a bright future for you.

  • Python is an open-source programming language
  • Python supports multi-program paradigms
  • Python has tons of libraries and tools
  • Python has the strongest community support
  • Python is preferred for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Python can be designed with better code readability and reusability

Python Online Course Learning Outcomes

The learning of the Python Online Course at Softlogic is used to have fundamental programming skills along with the in-depth knowledge of variables, data types, loops, lists, functions, conditional logic, and exception handling, and so on. We offer the students an experimental-based Python Online Course on real-time industry projects. At the end of our Online Python Training, our students can able to perform the following with an industry-valued course completion certificate.

  • Understanding of core python programming skills with OOPs concepts
  • Able to design Graphical User Interfaces in Python
  • Able to develop database applications in Python
  • Ability to work with user input to generate fun and interactive programs using Python
  • Develop simple games with images, animations, and audio using Python libraries
  • In-depth knowledge of decision-making, functions, files handling, and multithreading.
  • Understanding of Python to create useful scripts for developers
  • Utilization of indexing and slicing to data access into Python applications
  • Develop package python modules for reusability and create files
  • Utilization of exception handling and error handling using Python.

Key Features of our Online Python Training Institute

Our Online Python Training with 100% Placement Assistance makes you an expert with industry-ready skills to develop projects, perform data analysis, scripting development, and web development.

  • Industry-standard Python Coursework
  • One-on-one or Small batch size
  • Instructor-led live online mode
  • Customizable course curriculum
  • Industry-valued Certificate
  • 4+ real-time project practices
  • Instalment Options for fees
  • Field Expertized Trainers
  • Convenient learning hours
  • Free soft skills training
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Free Lifetime Career Guidance

Prerequisites for learning Online Python Training

There are no prerequisites for learning Python Course Online for freshers as we offer them the course from scratch. Our Python trainers will be allocated as per the convenient learning hours of students around the world and it can be regular classes or weekend classes or fast-track mode. We suggest working professionals have the following to enjoy the complete hands-on experience on the new programming concepts along with web development, script development, and data science concepts.

  • Basic knowledge of the high-level language in C, C++, Java, or MATLAB
  • Fundamental understanding of scripting languages like Perl, Unix, or Linux.
  • Foundation skills on OOPs concepts.

Who can attend our Online Python Course?

All Freshers and working professionals can learn Python Course Online at Softlogic as we are providing in-person classes along with other training modes for the students who want to study in our Python Training Institute in Chennai. It is beneficial for the students to launch their careers in application development, web development, game development, and data analytics. Following are the eligible category for learning Python Online Training Course at Softlogic.

  • Freshers with a degree in undergraduate or post-graduate programs.
  • Working professionals with experience in IT or non-IT fields like tech support, BPO, or process associate to transform their career into software development.

Course Syllabus for our Online Python Course

Our Python Online Course Curriculum contains important key concepts such as Python fundamentals, setup and installation, OOPs and data structures, comparison operators, statements, methods and functions, modules and packages, errors and exception handling, decorators, generators, advanced modules, web scraping, images with Python, PDFs, and spreadsheets with CSV files, emails with Python, and project practices. We equip our learners to become software engineers, system analysts, program managers, and data scientists in our Online Python Training Institute.

Python – Overview
  • A brief history of python
  • Application and trends in python
  • Available python versions
Python – Environment Setup
  • Getting and installing python
  • Environmental variables and idle
  • Executing python from command line
  • I/o
  • Naming conventions
  • Datatypes:
  • Numbers
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
Python Operators
  • List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set Methods
  • Statements: If, elif, Break, Continue
  • Loops: For loop, while loop
  • Functions

Python Operators

List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set Methods

Statements: If, elif, Break, Continue

Loops: For Loop, While Loop


Oops Concepts:

  • Class and objects
  • Getters and setters
  • Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Special Functions of Python: Lambda, Map, Reduce, Filter

Modules in Python:

  • Math
  • Arrow
  • Geopy
  • Beautiful soup
  • Numpy
  • Sys
  • Os


  • Introducing threads and life cycles
  • Priorities
  • Dead Locks

Exceptional Handling

  • Errors
  • Runtime errors
  • Exceptional model
  • Exceptional hierarchy
  • Handling multiple exception
  • Raise exceptions

File Handling

  • Text files
  • Csv files

Regular Expressions

  • Simple character matches
  • Flags, quantifers, greedy matches
  • Grouping and matching objects
  • Matching at beginning or end
  • Substituting and splitting a string
  • Compiling regular expressions
Gui Interfacing: Tkinter
  • Widgets
  • Integrated application
  • Mysql/with application
  • Converting .exe

Project 1:  Loops,oops concepts,threading

Project 2: Tkinter-Gui

Career Advantages of Python Online Course

The learning of Python Online Course brings tremendous career opportunities for freshers and experienced professionals as the demand for Python skills is high. It is important to have strong programming skills with an understanding of basic programming concepts and advanced library usage to deliver what is expected from companies. We provide complete hands-on experience on the industry-based curriculum in our Online Python Course for global learners.

Top companies such as NASA, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Amazon, pay pal, and YouTube is using Python for various purposes such as application development, lookup services, addresses, internal system, and communication automation using Python programming language. Start-up companies to big IT giants are recruiting Python professionals to perform various roles in their companies and we equip them in our Python Online Training Institute with 100% Placement Assistance. Following are the career benefits of learning Python course at Softlogic.

  • Python programming language brings lucrative salary possibilities as the average salary for Python professionals is $119,082 PA.
  • Python has been implemented in recent cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Graphic Creations, Automation Testing, RPA, IoT, and Big Data.
  • Python is a structured programming language and easy-to-learn even by newbies.
  • Python is best suitable for data science processing and both create the hottest careers.
  • Python is a versatile programming language that can be used in all major platforms and for all purposes.
  • Python is growing tremendously in the international job market and it is ranked no.1 in creating jobs for beginners and experienced professionals.
  • Python has tremendous library support that can be reusable for any size of the project.

Job Opportunities of learning Online Python Course

Python is widely used and it is one of the top-earning programming languages that create an inevitable presence in the future of technologies. Nearly 5,46,200+ job vacancies are there in global MNC and IT companies and they should be filled by skilled and certified Python professionals. As per the recent survey of Stack Overflow, Python is the fastest and emerging programming language in the world. Enroll in our Online Python Training Institute to gain expertise for working in global companies. You can apply for the following positions by learning our job-focused Online Python Course at Softlogic.

  • Web Developer
  • Python Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Educator
  • Data Journalist

About our Online Python Course Trainer

Our Trainers for Online Python Course are well-versed in core to advanced python concepts with outstanding experience in real-time project developments. They are dedicated to serving you better for your career in the application development, web development, data science, and script development domains. They have strong programming skills, app development skills, are well-versed in libraries and frameworks, have a passion for teaching, and have a student-friendly mindset. Our Online Python Trainers will be allocated on the flexible learning hours of students either with other batch students or one-on-one online sessions.

We have trainers for the Online Python Course who are working as techies in top companies like Cognizant, Lorven Tech, Accenture, Hexaware, Amazon, SRS, Sutherland, and TCS with 15+ years of experience in various Python-related domains. Our Python Trainers are excellent in communication to teach the global students with an industry-standard course structure that helps the students obtain core jobs immediately. Our technical trainers and placement trainers equip the students with interview-related techniques along with the assurance of conceptual understanding and hands-on exposure to Online Python courses.

Online Python Course Certification

Our Online Python Course Certification adds value to your resume as it is globally recognized for its quality and performance. It equips your application development skills and data analytics skills on Python programming language through a performance tracker and our trainers and placement coach will improve the areas to be focused on. We provide industry-worth Python Course Completion Certification at the end of the course and we update them in our placement portal for the companies’ reference. Enroll in our Online Python Training Institute today to get the learning and career benefits.

Project Practices

Weight Converter using GUI and Tkinter

Learn to write python codes step-by-step for converting weights from gram to kilogram and so on with GUI using Tkinter.

Unique Password Generator

Learn to create your password generator app in Python with the understanding of GUI applications and Tkinter.

Text to Speech Conversion

Learn to create an app for converting PDF, Word, Ebook, and web pages into audio files using Python libraries.

Scrapping data from Twitter

Learn to create an automated web scraping tool in Python to scrape data from Twitter and simulate human interactions.

Learners Reviews about our Online Python Training Course


Excellent Online Python Course at Softlogic and the trainer explains each concept with real-time examples that can be understandable easily by me. He helped me to work on tasks and cleared my doubts on the spot. They also provide free study materials and certificates for getting jobs easily. The placement support is also very good and helpful. I thank and suggest Softlogic to all IT aspirants.


Online Python Course at Softlogic makes me zero to hero and all thanks to my tutor and placement trainers. They have equipped me with technical and job-related skills at an affordable fee for the course and free placement classes. I have enjoyed all the training sessions as they went very interesting and interactive. I will recommend Softlogic to my friends and fellows for their career upliftment.


The overall learning experience in Python Online Course at Softlogic is very good and motivated. They have conducted classes interestingly even though online and assigned me tasks to work out every day. I have been learning daily and it motivates me to innovate applications for all the things I am looking into. I am really lucky to have studied at Softlogic and I am looking forward to more courses for my future growth. Thanks to Softlogic and the team.

Marian Nitto

My current job is finance domain and I wanted to learn Python programming as I have heard that it is best for many automation processes. I really admire the classes taken by Python trainers of Softlogic and they have taught wonderfully with real-life scenarios. It was very useful and easy for me to learn and even I came from a completely different domain, they made me understand Python codes just like that. Simply wonderful and I can implement Python libraries for my finance-based automation applications and that are used for my companies’ fast growth. Thanks to Softlogic.

Ravi Kumar

It was a good experience at Softlogic as I have joined here for learning Online Python Training Course. The coursework is framed wonderfully with case studies, assignments, and project practices. I had learned from experienced trainers who have good knowledge in IT projects with the Python domain. All the classes were taken care of with the assurance of complete understanding. The placement trainer Ms.Janani helped me get my desired job through various training and interview arrangements. Overall, Softlogic is the best Online Python Training Institute in the city.

FAQs About our online Python Training

Enhance your fundamental coding skills through our Python Online Training Course and we have given some of the frequently asked questions here for your course-related queries. If you are not answered in this, feel free to contact us @ 86818 84318 for Online Python Training Course.

What is the use of learning Python?

The learning of Python programming is used to build a wide range of applications for desktop, game, web, and mobile app along with the knowledge of numerical computing and scientific applications. We equip our students to have complete hands-on experience in developing real-time projects in our Online Python Training Institute.

What are the giant IT platforms using Python?

Top IT giants such as Google, Quora, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Netflix are using Python for various purposes. Learn to explore how wide Python is used in companies through our Online Python Training and Placement Institute

Is Python easy to learn?

Python is very much easy to learn when you learn with practical implementations. We provide a simplified learning path with a customized course curriculum that covers basic to advanced concepts and we train through hands-on exposure and project implementations in our Online Python Course.

When the batches will be started after I have enrolled in the Python Online Course at Softlogic?

The Python Online Course batches will be started immediately and we allocate trainers as per the convenient learning hours of our students. It will be either with a batch of 5 or 6 students or one-on-one classroom sessions as per the availability of training timing and trainer’s availability.

How is the placement assistance at Softlogic for freshers?

We offer placement training along with technical course duration and we allocate a dedicated trainer to look after your performance. They will monitor your progress in technical as well as job-based skills to focus on where you need to be improved exactly. Join us in our Python Online Training with 100% Placement Assistance to enjoy the complete learning benefits.

How can I enroll in Online Python Course at Softlogic?

To enroll in any IT or Online Python Training Course, you must first register through the form submission displayed on our website or you can ping us through the chatbox that is seen in the right bottom corner of our website or you can call us at the number displayed in the banner for the immediate attention of our education counselors.