PHP Online Training

PHP Online TrainingOnline PHP Training at Softlogic equips the learner with industry-ready skills for developing dynamic and interactive websites. Learn the best server-side scripting language along with the integration of HTML for adding functionalities to the web pages and call external files to the website in our Online PHP Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

PHP Online Course Overview

PHP is used in nearly 80% of worldwide websites and it is continued to be used by developers around the world. Since it was launched 25 years ago, it is still in top rank according to the annual survey of Stack Overflow. The learning of PHP Online Course brings bright career start for the learners in developing interactive web pages and web development platforms like WordPress. We offer the best PHP Online Course at Softlogic with satisfying hands-on exposure to performing in companies efficiently.

Scope of PHP Online Course

The learning of the Online PHP Training Course brings numerous benefits for the learners in web development and it is useful for beginners and working professionals as it is evolving continuously with new updates. It has been unlocking new capabilities in web development along with tremendous job opportunities. The students can work for a company or work as a freelancer in website development projects through our Online PHP Course at Softlogic. Following are the reasons to prove that PHP Online Course paves the best career for you globally.

  • Easy to learn and use – Even without prior web development knowledge one can learn about complete web development in a short period of time.
  • Open-source availability – Start-up companies to big IT firms are using PHP as they can install it at zero cost and it is available with open-source libraries too.
  • Platform independent and versatile – Operated on all operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Linux, and all browsers. Used to create a wide range of applications.
  • Strong community support – Loyal community base with tons of FAQs and tips that help newbies in web development from scratch.
  • Fast and secure – Own memory is the biggest advantage of PHP and it supports any newer versions along with easy-to-fix vulnerabilities for the highest protection of websites.
  • Well-connected with databases – Easy to connect with all kinds of databases securely.
  • Tried and tested – PHP application is tested and proved in all real-life environments and it is trusted by worldwide web developers for its effective and efficient performance.

PHP Online Course Learning Outcomes

Our PHP Online Course aims to enhance the students in developing dynamic websites and web applications with an in-depth understanding of semantics and syntax of PHP scripting language. They can learn with practical implementations by writing server-side scripts and HTML-embedded scripts on cross-platform for implementing dynamic web pages that interact effectively with databases and external files. At the end of our Online PHP Course, our students can able to perform the following.

  • Develop PHP scripts to handle HTML forms
  • Create regular expressions that include modifiers, metacharacters, and operators.
  • Develop PHP programs by implementing PHP library functions and manipulating files and directories efficiently.
  • Identify and resolve various database tasks using the PHP server-side scripting language.
  • Identify and solve general web application development tasks by developing PHP programs.

Key Features of our Online PHP Training Institute

Our Online PHP Training with 100% Placement Assistance makes you an expert with industry-ready skills to develop websites, web applications, and web development platforms.

  • Industry-standard PHP Coursework
  • One-on-one or Small batch size
  • Instructor-led live online mode
  • Customizable course curriculum
  • Industry-valued Certificate
  • 4+ real-time project practices
  • Instalment Options for fees
  • Field Expertized Trainers
  • Convenient learning hours
  • Free soft skills training
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Free Lifetime Career Guidance

Prerequisites for learning Online PHP Training

There is no prior expertise required for learning PHP Course Online for freshers as we offer them the course from scratch. Our PHP trainers will be allocated as per the convenient learning hours of students around the world and it can be regular classes or weekend classes or fast-track mode. We suggest working professionals have the following prerequisites to enjoy the complete hands-on experience on the new PHP and web development concepts.

  • Basic knowledge in HTML and CSS
  • Fundamental understanding of OOPs, databases, and forms
  • Basic knowledge of software installation and setup.

Who can attend our Online PHP Course?

All Freshers and working professionals can learn PHP Course Online at Softlogic as we are providing in-person classes along with other training modes for the students who want to study in our PHP Training Institute in Chennai. It is beneficial for the students to launch their careers in web development and web app development. Following are the eligible category for learning PHP Online Training Course at Softlogic.

  • Freshers with a degree in undergraduate or post-graduate programs.
  • Working professionals with experience in IT or non-IT fields like tech support, BPO, or process associate to transform their career into web development.

Course Syllabus for our Online PHP Course

We have meticulously framed our Online PHP Course Syllabus that makes the students equipped with web and web app development skills. Our Online PHP Curriculum covers syntax, comments, variables, data types, constants, arrays, associative arrays, web forms, conditional statements, loops, repetition, retention, functions, OOPs, regular expressions, objects, files I/O, database integration, MySQL, MVC framework, and project implementations.

Designing Web Applications HTML
  • Introduction to world wide web (www) HTML
  • Internationalization Accessibility
  • Character Encoding & References Document Structure
  • Meta Tag & Heading Elements
  • INS & DEL Tags Lists & Items
  • Constructing Tables
  • Floating
  • Objects & Formatting
  • Fonts With Styles
  • Layout Design with
  • Frame Form Control & Types Elements Attributes
  • Structuring with Field set Access Key & Table Index
  • Disabled & Read|Only Controls
  • Index of Elements Index of Attributes
  • Introduction to JavaScript Java Script and HTML
  • JavaScript Statement
  • Write & Writeln
  • Values & Variables
  • Literals & Comments
  • Expression in JavaScript Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loop Statements
  • Object Object Model
  • Functions in JavaScript Navigator
  • Object Hierarchy
  • JavaScript Reflection
  • Window & Frame Object
  • Document & Form Object
  • Location& History Object
  • Working with Windows & Frames
  • Working with MIME Types | Playing Sounds
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Containment in HTML
  • Grouping & Inheritance
  • Class as Selector
  • lD & Contextual
  • Selectors Comments
  • Pseudo
  • Classes Pseudo
  • Elements
  • Cascading Order
  • Formatting Model
  • List item elements
  • Floating & Inline elements
  • Notation for Property Values Font Properties Color & Background Properties
  • Text Properties
  • Box Properties
  • Classification properties Units & URL
Document Object Model (DOM):
  • Basics of DOM
  • DOM Hierarchy
  • DOM Methods
  • Functions
  • Form Collection
  • Table Collections
  • Inner HTML
  • Nodes & Child Nodes
  • DOM with HTML & CSS.Basics of AJAX
  • Using XML HTTP Request object
  • AJAX with XML
  • AJAX with PHP
  • AJAX with MYSQL
  • Model View Controller Architecture
  • Extensible Markup Language
  • DTD to define XML Documents
  • XML Documents and  validating them against a DTD
  • XSL to transform XML Documents and Presenting the Data in a Web Browser
  • XML Document Object Model
  • Active Server Pages with XML
  • XML in SOAP
  • PHP Configuration
  • PHP Configuration parameters
  • PHP data types
  • Resources in PHP Portability / Compatibility issues
  • Managing Date,Time and Calendar functions
  • Scope of variables and functions
  • Dynamic Function Calls Parsing variable arguments in functions
  • Predefined PHP functions
  • Predefined PHP
  • Variables and constants
  • Overview on XML
  • Validating and Non validating
  • XML
  • DTD/XSD/Relax
  • Understanding
  • Namespaces an overview of XPath
  • Parsing XML in PHP Using the Simple XML Parser
  • An overview of W3C DOM
  • PHP Database Connectors and API
  • An overview on native Database connectors
  • Database abstraction libraries
  • MYSQL Databases with PHP
  • MYSQL vs MYSQL extensions
  • Managing MYSQL database with MYSQL extensions
  • Handling Duplicates Performing Transaction using Stored Routines Triggers & Events
  • Backup MYSQL Database
  • Introduction to MySQL on the Web

Career Advantages of PHP Online Course

The career scope of the PHP programming language is bright and promising as digital devices are being used exponentially around the world. PHP is the prevalent programming language and popular web platforms like Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia are developed in PHP. As PHP software applications can be installed for free with open-sourced license, it is being used by start-ups to big IT firms for various combinations of website and web applications. It generates tremendous job opportunities for freshers and experienced people to work on various tasks. Enroll at Softlogic, the leading Online PHP Training Institute with 100% Placement Assistance to be hired easily and quickly in top companies.

  • Nearly 21000+ job vacancies are to be filled by expert and certified PHP developers as per the report of popular job portals like Naukri.Com.
  • The average annual salary for the PHP developer is around INR 4.5 Lakhs Per Annum.
  • Work-life balance, work from home opportunities and freelancing web developer facilities
  • Numerous job roles can be worked from fresher to experienced-level categories.
  • Exponential career growth through continuous learning and upskilling.

Job Opportunities of learning Online PHP Course

We equip our students to work in companies ranging from start-ups to top IT firms as well as freelancing web developers. They can work on command-line scripting, server-side scripting, desktop application development, web development, web designing, and computer programming efficiently through our PHP Online Course with best practices and certification. Following are the popular roles that can be applied after the PHP Course Online at Softlogic.

  • PHP developer
  • Web Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • UI/UX developer
  • Full-stack developer

About our Online PHP Course Trainer

Our Trainers for Online PHP Course are proficient and experienced and they are dedicated to serving you better for your career in the web development field. They have strong innovative skills, code development skills, are well-versed in interactive web applications, have a passion for teaching, and have a student-friendly mindset. Our Online PHP Trainers will be allocated on the flexible learning hours of students either with other batch students or one-on-one online sessions.

We have trainers for the Online PHP Course who are working as techies in top companies like Microsoft, Wipro, CTS, TCS, Accenture, Sun Technologies, Oracle, and Capgemini with 20+ years of experience in Web App developments. Our PHP Trainers are excellent in communication to teach the global students with an industry-standard course structure that helps the students obtain web development jobs immediately. Our technical trainers and placement trainers equip the students with interview-related techniques along with the assurance of conceptual understanding and hands-on exposure to Online PHP courses.

Online PHP Course Certification

Our Online PHP Course Certification adds value to your resume as it is globally recognized for its quality and performance. It equips your web development skills on PHP programming language through a performance tracker and our trainers and placement coach will improve the areas to be focused on. We provide PHP Course Completion Certification at the end of the course and we update them in our placement portal for the companies’ reference. Enroll in our Online PHP Training Institute today to get the learning and career benefits.

Project Practices

Image Password Authentication

Create a project for users to set up three level passwords for secured web pages with texted, image, and graphical.

Vehicle Rentals System

Create a project to connect seller and buyer for renting the bikes and cars according to the needs and accessibility.

Internet-based discussion forum

Create a project to help students and teachers to create posts that will be displayed among them for discussions.

SQL Injection Prevention System

Create an online shop system using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technique with SQL injection for secured payment.

Learners Reviews about our Online PHP Training Course


The trainers of Softlogic are extremely great for Online PHP Training. The way they have taught and the syllabus they have designed are all awesome and industry-related. I got cleared for all my queries and doubts on the spot. I have learned web development concepts through implementing practical exercises. And the placement cells were very supportive and encourage me to try one more time with new opportunities. Thanks a lot, Softlogic.


Well-structured PHP Online course training provided by Softlogic. They have been assigned challenging tasks and motivating formats for learning them thoroughly. Undoubtedly, the web development domain proved to be the most powerful choice when considering the best career focus. Thank you, Softlogic.


Very effective PHP Online Training at Softlogic. The course syllabus for PHP is very considerate even for beginners. I was an advanced learner and I found the trainer to be very informative, and very experienced. The PHP online training was on schedule and we all found ourselves eagerly waiting for the next sessions. A special word of mention to all the practical sessions we had which was very useful for my project work.


Superb coaching! I did my PHP certification online course here and am very happy to choose Softlogic! They totally equip students, develop the trainee’s confidence and personality and make them ready to face job pressure. Even today, I get project support from them! Today I am able to handle corporate IT work assignments very confidently. Awesome place to learn if you are looking for PHP Online Training with affordable fees!

FAQs About Our PHP Online Training

Develop your data science skills in our PHP Online Training Course and we have given some of the frequently asked questions here for your course-related queries. If you are not answered in this, feel free to contact us @ 86818 84318 for Online PHP Training Course.

Is PHP a good career option?

Of course, learning PHP opens the door of opportunities for beginners as well as experienced people with high-paid salaries. It is the best option to climb up the career ladder faster with tremendous roles such as web developer, web designer, UI/UX developer, and full-stack developer. Learn the best PHP Online Course at Softlogic to explore your career.

How is the future of PHP?

The annual revenue of PHP is $994.8M and it is great news for the learners to have a promising career in the future. It is never faded domain as the world is becoming digitization and websites are inevitable one for every business. Gain expertise to have a bright future by learning in our PHP Online Training Institute with 100% Placement Assistance.

Is PHP easy to learn?

Yes, the learning of PHP is easy and we have framed our PHP online coursework with a simplified learning path that contains case studies, assignments, and project practices. Book a free demo class today for an online PHP Course at Softlogic

Does PHP require coding skills?

Fundamental programming structure like OOPs concepts is enough to learn PHP. It does not require strong coding skills. Learn PHP Online Course from scratch at Softlogic to become a web developer and many other roles as a fresher.

Why should I choose Softlogic for my PHP online course?

Softlogic is the leading PHP Online Training Institute that provides complete hands-on practice on industry-related concepts. We have designed the PHP Online Course Curriculum through industry experts and it will be updated according to the job descriptions of required companies. We guide the students with placement practices with free coaching on soft skills, aptitude skills, and communication skills along with the Online PHP Course at Softlogic.

How Softlogic helps me in placement after Online Java Course completion?

Once you enroll in our Online Java Course, we will begin your classes for aptitude and soft skill development. During the Java course, we equip you with a performance tracker and help you to improve the areas you need to enhance. At the end of the Online Java course completion, we arrange you interviews in top companies as per their openings and we will guide you until you get placed in your desired profile.