Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Softlogic supports the students by offering Blue Prism interview questions and answers which will lead to confidence in the students. Blue Prism is one of the top courses in the current situation since several job openings are found for this technology. We have written the answers in a lucid manner and we hope that you understand them.

1. What is Robotic Automation?

Robotic automation implies the process of automation wherein a machine or computer performs a human’s action by mimicking. The action is driven by rules.

2. What systems can Blue Prism robotically integrate?

The technologies applied in Blue Prism are secure, dependable and powerful. There is no formation of new adaptors for each unique application in Blue Prism. There is the provision of technology adaptors for all the technologies present at the presentation layer. The established application orchestration of Blue Prism ascertains that new processes can be quickly designed, formed and tested without having any effect on present systems.

3. What is process Studio?

The process of Blue Prism is formed as a diagram. This gives much of the look of a typical business flow diagram.

Process Studio is the place in which the processes are formed. It applies standard flow diagram symbols and notations.

4. a) What is the difference between process and object studio? b)  What are the stages available in object studio that is not available in process studio?

Process studio:

The place where the flow of the process is highlighted is the process studio.

The page of a process runs from the main page when it is initiated irrespective of whatever page you are now navigating.

Object studio:

The workspace that is meant for the objects of the applications to communicate is called as the Object Studio.

The page in the object will run only the present page when it is run.

b) Ans:

  • Navigate stage
  • Read stage
  • Write stage
  • Code stage
  • Wait stage

5. Why Blue Prism?

  • The automation processes can be framed within IT monitoring
  • Blue Prism facilitates both external and internal encryption/decryption keys
  • Offers Audit Logs enabling
  • Great power since .net customized code is present within the process automation.

6. Is coding important for Blue Prism?

This is an important interview question.

When working on the Blue Prism tool, there is no requirement to write any code. It can automate code that’s written in Java, Mainframe, Windows applications, and web based applications.

7. What is a thin client and thick client?

In Thin client, we cannot have several attributes of an object. The region mode is the only mode applied in Thin client applications. Eg. Citrix, Oracle-based applications.

The Thick client application accepts several attributes of an object. Any mode is applied in Thick client application. Eg. Internet Explorer, Calculator.

8. What is the use of Work Queues?

The role of work queues is to break a huge volume of work to small volume. Here several bots can be applied so that time consumption is mitigated.

9. What are the types of debugging techniques available in blue prism?

Step: There is execution of every stage in this type. It enters inside and execute if it comes across a page, action or process.

Step Over-Though it executes every stage like Step, it does not enter inside if it comes across a page, process or an action.  However, it still executes over the page.

Step Out – It executes all the things that is present on the current page.

10. What are the best practices in blue prism?

Exception handling: Handle it in an efficient manner to deal with the error.

Work Queues: You can decrease the time with work queues.

Wait stage: This stage is recommended at the beginning of each action.

Anchor stage: Use it wherever you can. This helps in the processor object being readable.

11.  Explain the difference between session and an environment variable.

While a session variable is declared inside the process or object by choosing the exposure to session, an environment variable is declared in system outside any process of object. At the time of being declared, the environment variable should choose the exposure to the environment. It should also choose from the drop down available in the name of the data item.

12. Is Robotic Automation Platform of Blue Prism auditable and secured?

Auditability and Security are inbuilt at several levels in the Blue Prism robotic automation platform. The run time environment is pretty different from the editing process environment.

The permissions to create, run, edit and frame the process and business objects are specific to every authorized individual in Blue Prism.

A complete audit trail change is stored for any process. A comparison is also offered before and after the impact of changes.

A log is formed for each process at runtime. Each action’s time-stamped and comprehensive history besides the decisions taken in an automated process are offered.

13. What is the infrastructure of hardware needed to run the Robotic Automation Platform of Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is framed to match with dynamic IT standards that are corresponding to IT operational supportability, IT operational integrity and security. This tool is all set to be deployed whether in the role of a back office process or a front office process. While in back office processing it runs on any scale of systems, in front office processing, it runs in an hassle free manner on the standard desktop.

14. How do I get started on delivering processes using Blue Prism?

Blue Prism recommends a phased approach for kickstarting. This is because the Operational Agility framework is highly scalable. You can target the configuration of between 1 and 10 processes at the outset with a rolling program of processes being put in place  once the framework is established.

15. How long does it take to establish the Operational Agility framework?

The average time to bring in place the initial Operational Agility framework is between 4 and 12 weeks from the date of project commencement.

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