Advanced Excel Online Training

Advanced Excel Online TrainingLearn Advanced Excel for business certification and gain expertise in necessary skills such as Advanced Excel Formulas, Advanced Excel Charts, Visual Basic for Applications, Power Query, and Power Pivot. Pick your convenient time slot to learn in classroom mode or instructor-led online mode.

Advanced Excel Course Overview

Softlogic offers an Advanced Excel Online Course to get hands-on exposure with conceptual knowledge for performing various business operations. Advanced Excel skills are in-demand for financial analysis, retail store management, project management, business analytics, data journalism, and accounts maintenance. We prepare you for your desired positions through our placement-focused Advanced Excel Online Training for global learners.

Scope of Advanced Excel Online Course

The learning of Advanced Excel is useful for the students to start a new career by gaining expertise with a strong foundation in excel operations. You can become an expert with in-depth spreadsheet knowledge and hands-on experience to build spreadsheet models, dashboards, and automated templates. Advanced Excel skills allow learners to organize, calculate, graph, and analyze data and we are the leading Advanced Excel Online Training Institute with 100% Placement Assistance for global aspirants

Advanced Excel Online Course Learning Outcomes

In this Advanced Excel Online Course, the students will be prepared in the business dashboard, financial modeling, data cleansing, excel VBA, excel charts, spreadsheet design and documentation, excel shortcuts, excel analytics, pivot tables, basics of Power BI, excel macros, advanced lookup functions, and dates specialization. Upon the successful course completion in our Advanced Excel Online Course, the students can able to

  • Customize general options in Excel
  • Perform absolute and relative calls
  • Protect worksheets and cells
  • Write conditional expressions (If)
  • Apply logical functions (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Apply lookup and reference functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH)
  • Work well in VlookUP with Exact match and appropriate match
  • Implement Nested VlookUp, Tables, and Dynamic Match
  • Utilize VlookUP for consolidating data from multiple sheets
  • Specify valid range, valid values list, and customized validations for cells with formulas
  • Design template structure
  • Use templates for worksheet standardization
  • Perform Table sorting, multiple-level sorting, custom sorting, data filtering, and advanced filter options effectively
  • Create subtotals, multiple-level subtotals, pivot tables, formatting, pivot charts.
  • Utilize external data sources and consolidation features
  • Perform functions, formatting, macros, Whatif analysis, charts, and sparklines.

Key Features of our Advanced Excel Online Training Institute

Our Online Advanced Excel Training makes you a specialist with industry-ready skills to work in various platforms like sales, business, retail, production, supply chain, e-commerce, and so on.

  • Industry-standard Coursework
  • One-on-one or Small batch size
  • Instructor-led live online mode
  • Customizable course curriculum
  • Industry-valued Certificate
  • 4+ real-time project practices
  • Instalment Options for fees
  • Field Expertized Trainers
  • Convenient learning hours
  • Free soft skills training
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Free Lifetime Career Guidance

Prerequisites for learning Online Advanced Excel Training

Nothing but the passion for learning new things. Our Advanced Excel Course can be learned by any student who wants to work on spreadsheets efficiently for various business operations. Fundamental computer knowledge is an added advantage to learning keyboard shortcuts for faster and effective performance. We make you expert as per the industry expectations in our Online Advanced Excel Training Course with 100% Placement Guidance at Softlogic.

Who can attend our Online Advanced Excel Course

Our Online Advanced Excel Course is useful for the students who wish to work in administration, accountants, managers, business analysts, financial analysts, and cost estimators. We offer Advanced Excel Course for beginners and working professionals who are interested in continuous career acceleration with the right skills. We provide placement-oriented coachings like soft skills, aptitude skills, and team collaboration skills in our Online Advanced Excel Course as value-added programs.

  • Students from SSLC, HSC, Under Graduate, and Post Graduate
  • Working professionals in any area of experience
  • Business People to work efficiently on the spreadsheet
  • Housewives who want to restart your career

Career Advantages of Online Advanced Excel Course

The learning of Advanced Excel Course gives you the ability to work efficiently and faster with its sophisticated tools and formulas. Companies around the world are looking for skilled excel candidates to complete the tasks and data analysis for their better-streamlined calculations. We equip our candidates with a sharpening skillset to visualize, manipulate, and evaluate the data along with the ability to create tracking systems for various operations and workflow processes. Following are the reasons why you should learn Online Advanced Excel Course.

  • Excel course improves your efficiency and productivity
  • Making more valuable candidates for the company
  • Better knowledge of data organization
  • Equipping to make your job easier
  • Companies are using excel for their proven productivity
  • Help companies in talent retention efforts
  • Provides satisfactory job experience
  • Continuous career growth with new integrations

Job Opportunities of learning Online Advanced Excel Course

Recent studies state that 82% of computer-related jobs require Excel skills and it can increase earning potential by 12% through certification. It opens the door of worldwide job opportunities for working on various profiles as mentioned below. Enhance your basic skills in our Online Advanced Excel Certification Training Institute and prepare for the following in-demand jobs.

Administrative Assistant: They involve in spreadsheet works for appointment scheduling, document organization, and vacation time for employees.

Accountants: They have to keep up financial statements to submit tax returns on time, income statements, and cash flows.

Retail Manager : They have to maintain staff information that includes pay, vacations, and leaves.

Cost Estimator : They have to work efficiently with project managers to discuss money investment, time allotment, and required labor for finishing the projects on time.

Financial Analyst: They have to work on reports and help business leaders for better decision-making through their understandable data visualizations.

Business Analyst : They have to hold up all the companies’ data organized and up to date for easy flip through the data.

Data Journalist : They have to keep a clear record of expensive tools purchase and travel details.

Information Clerk: They have to provide information related to business and products to customers as per their inquiries.

About our Online Advanced Excel Trainer

We have skilled and experienced trainers to provide the best Online Advanced Excel Training Course for the benefit of global students. They are professionals with a passion for equipping newbies for bridging the knowledge gap of global industries. They have 20+ years of field experience in top companies such as CTS, TCS, Wipro, IBM, Infosys, Accenture, and HCL. They have helped nearly 20000 students to get placed in various top companies through their effective teaching and guidance. Key qualities of the trainers of Softlogic, the best Online Advanced Excel Training Institute are here.

  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Student-friendly mindset
  • Interactive teaching methods
  • Mastering in coursework designing
  • Time management skills
  • Make sure your understanding
  • Dedicated to equipping you better

Online Advanced Excel Course Certification

Our Advanced Excel Course Certificate is offered with industry-recognized value for global companies. We make you an expert in conceptual understanding with hands-on exposure as per the industry-relevant course curriculum. Our coursework can be customized as per the learning requirement of the freshers and working professionals. Accelerate your career with our global-recognized Advanced Excel Certification Course that adds value to your resume for obtaining jobs in big MNC and IT Companies.

Project Practices

Create tools, simulations, and calculators with Excel

Learn how to build calculators and simulations using Excel with advanced features that can be used for your business operations.

Create professional dashboards with visualizations

Learn how to create charts, graphs, and trends on the given data with visualization features that help decision-makers.

Code in Excel with VBA

Learn how to write coding with a visual basic application in Excel to create macros to repeat jobs for processes like bulk mailing.

Create games in Excel

Learn to create simple games like Super Mario, Flight Simulator, and RPG games using VBA scripts and macros in Excel Spreadsheet.

Learners Reviews about our Online Advanced Excel Course

– Deepthi Agarwal

Softlogic is the best Institute in offering Online Advanced Excel Training courses. I have gone through the course syllabus before joining the course and found that has everything I am looking for. The trainers helped me learn by doing them practically and they were available anytime for clearing my doubts. The assignments are useful to learn many new things and it was interesting to learn with them. Placement trainers are very good at Softlogic and I will recommend this to my friends.

– Venkat Ram

I choose Softlogic to learn Advanced Excel Course online as I require it for my business processes. I love their way of teaching and curriculum making. They offer online classes lively with interactive sessions and practices. They have assigned tasks that are very helpful for my business operations. In the end, of course, I was wondering about my keyboard shortcuts skills that I have found very useful at my faster excel working. Thanks a lot, Softlogic.

– Nirupama Rahul

It was an awesome learning experience at Softlogic and I have joined for Advanced Excel Course. I have studied online but they make me feel very comfortable like in-person classes. They have allocated me many tasks to work out and all of them are useful for me to do my job. I have got the best guidance for placement and they have arranged me interviews until I have got into my desired profile. Thank you very much Softlogic for providing me with a better learning environment even online.

– Raghav Piryan

In my learning experience, Softlogic is the best online training platform for Advanced Excel Course. Initially, when I approached them, they have allocated a dedicated trainer who is an expert in all excel processes. Whenever I ask doubts, he took it seriously to answer them with practical explanations. I was really felt very happy about finding the best institute and they gave their best even online training. I am very thankful for the placement trainer, because of them I am proving my skills in my company.

FAQs About Our Advanced Excel Online Training

Develop your skills in our Advanced Excel Online Training Course and we have given some of the frequently asked questions here for your course-related queries. If you are not answered in this, feel free to contact us @ 86818 84318

What are the concepts in Advanced Excel ?

Our Online Advanced Excel Course covers data, power query, tables, formatting, advanced charting, pivot tables, pivot reporting, VBA macros, simulations, and solver.

Can I study Advanced Excel Course without prior knowledge of computers ?

Yes, you can begin your computer learning with an Excel course through our Online Advance Excel Training Institute as we start the course from scratch. We make you specialized through our comprehensive curriculum that includes complete hands-on exercises.

What is the salary for certified Excel candidates ?

The average salary for the skilled and certified Excel candidate is around ₹20 Lakhs per annum and it varies as per the size and location of companies. We equip you to earn it through our Online Advanced Excel Certification Course at Softlogic.

Is excel skill alone useful for career launch ?

Yes, 82% of jobs are requiring excel skills, and just excel skills are opening the door for many job opportunities in top companies. We equip you with sharpening skills, useful shortcuts, and efficient spreadsheet handling through our Online Advanced Excel Training Course at Softlogic.

Can I learn Advanced Excel at Softlogic even without a degree ?

You can learn the Advanced Excel concepts to become a master in spreadsheet working. But the formal degree in any specialization makes your CV brighter and it will give you an edge over other candidates. Our Advanced Excel Certification gives you complete knowledge of business operations and data processing.

How Softlogic helps me in placement after course completion ?

Once you enroll in our Online Advanced Excel Course, we will begin your classes for aptitude and soft skill development. During the course, we equip you with a performance tracker and help you to improve the areas you need to enhance. At the end of course completion, we arrange you interviews in top companies as per their openings and we will guide you until you get placed in your desired profile.