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Advanced Excel Interview Questions
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Advanced Excel Interview Questions

Published On: January 12, 2024
The first tool you should use while working with data is Microsoft Excel. Excel can handle everything, from basic calculations to creating reports. In today’s world, knowing Excel has become essential. The popular Advanced Excel interview questions will be covered in this article, along with their answers. Utilize our Advanced Excel Online training for a promising career in data analytics.

Basic Excel Questions and Answers

1. Provide a succinct summary of Microsoft Excel.

The spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel software, allows for table-based data storage. Microsoft Excel has several noteworthy features, such as:
  • The availability of graphing instruments
  • Integrated functions such as COUNTIF, DATE, SUM, etc.
  • You can use filters, tables, charts, and other tools for data analysis.

2. About Excel sheets, what does the word “cell” mean?

A row and a column are crossed to insert data into a cell. A single Excel page contains 1,048,576 cells in total.

3. How do you define a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets allow you to work with data in several cells. A workbook may have more than one worksheet. Explore more about advanced Excel skills.

4. Exactly what does “cell address” mean?

Excel sheet cell addresses are found by finding the intersections of column alphabets and row numbers. An MS Excel sheet will have distinct addresses for every cell.

5. Is it possible to add a cell in Excel?

Yes, we can add new cells to a sheet. Just select the cell where you want the new cell to go, then click Insert. Click OK after selecting your desired choice.

6. Can cells be formatted in MS Excel?

We can format cells in Microsoft Excel. You can format these cells using the Font group on the Home tab. Get your free copy of Excel interview questions and answers pdf at Softlogic.

7. Can we add comments to a cell?

  • You may add comments. To add comments to a cell, select it, do a right-click, and select the New Comment option. Check out our Advanced Excel Course Syllabus.
  • How can we add new rows and columns to an Excel sheet? It is one of the frequently asked excel related interview questions in top companies.
  • There can be rows and columns in an Excel file. To add new rows, either mark the area or choose a row or column from the Insert menu.

8. What is ribbon and where can we find it?

Excel’s primary user interface, the ribbon, is situated at the top of the window. Customers may quickly access several of the most important commands with it. There are many tabs on it, such as File, Home, View, Insert, and more. Ribbons can be tailored to our specifications.

9. Excel panes may freeze in what way?

To keep seeing the row and column headings as you scroll down the sheet, you can freeze Microsoft Excel panes. To freeze Excel panes, follow the guidelines below.
  • This arrangement of rows and columns can be frozen.
  • We can select which rows and columns to freeze by using three options

10. What are the ways to add a note to a cell?

To add a note, select the cell and then right-click on it. Next, select “New Note,” where you can write any kind of note. Our advanced Excel interview questions and answers pdf will be updated frequently as per industry requirements.

11. Are workbooks secure, what are some of its alternatives? It is one of the main Excel interview questions and answers for freshers.

Workbooks are secure, after all. The following three alternatives are available in Excel:
  • Passwords can be used to secure workbooks.
  • It is possible to make sheets resistant to being added, taken out, hidden, or exposed.
  • Blocking the moving or resizing of windows

12. A workbook’s sheets can’t all have the same format; how?

  • To choose a sheet in that workbook, right-click on it.
  • Next, choose “Select All Sheets” from the drop-down menu.
  • All the other sheets will display the format you apply to one of them.

Advanced Excel Questions and Answers

13. What are the relative cell addresses?

When you copy a formula that has been adjusted to match the copied position, the addresses of the reference cells are copied as well. One mechanism that accomplishes this is ‘Relative Cell Addresses’. Discover the top 25 Excel formulas you should know.

14. What should we do if our cell addresses are copied and don’t need to be changed?

If you wish to prevent Excel from changing the addresses when you copy formulas, use Absolute Cell Addresses. The row and column addresses stay the same when there are absolute cell references.

15. If we need to change a row number or a column letter, but not both, what can we do?

One row or column must be relative and the other must be absolute to achieve this.

16. How do you go about creating named ranges? It is one of the advanced Excel questions and answers.

To generate named ranges, take the following actions:
  • Select the place you wish to christen.
  • Click the ribbon and choose Formulas.
  • From the Defined Names group, choose Define Name.
  • Select any name you desire.

17. How are macros operated? (Popular Advance Excel Questions and Answers)

Routine tasks can be automated in Excel by encoding them as macros. Thus, an operation or sequence of activities that may be repeated n times is called a macro.

18. How do you make drop-down menus in Excel?

The steps listed below can be used to generate drop-down lists:
  • From the ribbon, choose the Data tab.
  • From the Data Tools group, choose Data Validation.
  • Select List under Settings > Permit.
  • selecting the array of sources

19. How do pivot charts in Microsoft Excel work?

Data visualization tools like Microsoft Excel charts let you view data in a variety of ways. You can utilize bar, pie, area, line, and doughnut charts, among other chart kinds.

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MSBI Interview Questions and Answers

20. What happens in the pivot table fields window if the defer layout update checkbox is selected?

If we choose this option, there won’t be any dynamic changes made when you change the table fields. By default, this option is neither enabled nor checked. All changes made after checking this box won’t be displayed until you press the Update button.

21. Is it possible to generate pivot tables using tables from other worksheets?

You may also create a pivot table for the two sheets if they come from the same worksheet. Select the tables you wish to merge after defining the tables by navigating to the relevant sheet.

22. Can VLOOKUP be used with wildcards?

Wildcards are useful when you’re not sure exactly what the lookup value is. When using wildcards in Excel, you should use the“*” symbol.

23. If all requirements are met, what function returns a boolean?

If all conditions are satisfied, the TWO function returns a boolean TRUE.

24. For what other uses are Excel functions appropriate?

Formulas that were difficult to write down by hand are now comparatively simple to write down.

25. How does one go about adding a note to a cell phone?

  • To add a note, right-click the cell. You can enter any note you want after selecting “New Note.”
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Bottom Line

It takes a lot of resolve and strength to prepare for an interview. We sincerely hope you find our article about Advanced Excel Interview Questions and Answers helpful. Join us to upskill your fundamental skills in our Advanced Excel Training in Chennai at Softlogic Systems.
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