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How to develop a Power BI Consultant Career

How to develop a career as Power BI Consultant

Many people who are pursuing it are building their careers based on Power BI.

It’s not for everyone to work independently as a consultant in this industry, though. You have chosen the ideal site if you want to take the plunge and start a successful Power BI consulting business.

Let’s quickly review some of the key subjects we will discuss in this article. This will cover everything to offer you a clear sense of the career path of a Power BI Consultant, from job prospects to annual earnings.

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BI consultants: who are they?

BI consultants utilize their knowledge to improve internal business processes and data strategies in businesses.

They are adept at analyzing organizations’ current data and analytics systems and developing a better BI plan.

Organizations can organize, analyze, and display data in the best possible ways through improved data-driven strategy.

They strive to improve productivity, promote wise decision-making, and maximize performance by coordinating data strategy with organizational needs.

Responsibilities of Power BI Consultants

Data science has experienced a surge in employment as a result of data’s capacity to inform wise judgments.

This has increased job prospects for specialists who are adept at digging through data and drawing insightful conclusions from it.

Because of its simplicity, interactive visualization, and robust capabilities, Microsoft Power BI is now dominating the market for well-liked BI solutions.

It has self-service analytics feature that enables users to create beneficial dashboards and reports. Students, small businesses, startups, and huge corporations all utilize Power BI.

As a result, there are many possibilities and positions available for those who are proficient in using this technology, particularly for Power BI Consultants.

The following things are typical of a Power BI Consultant job description :

  • Analyzing the performance of current data-collection and analytics systems
  • BI system testing, installation, and documentation
  • The creation of machine learning algorithms and prediction models
  • Using big data analysis to find patterns and trends
  • Converting corporate needs into technological requirements
  • Establishment of data sharing protocols with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensuring the use of reliable and secure data extraction techniques
  • Using data visualization tools to provide insightful information

Skills for Power BI Consultants

The following abilities are necessary for a BI consultant. This job role requires actual expertise in:

Database Management

It is essential to know data warehouse and data mart creation.

Power BI consultants” need to be familiar with several database models, operations, and procedures. They must be able to improve the functionality of data warehouse systems and manage them.

BI Tools and Software

For every BI Consultant, proficiency with BI tools is essential. They ought to be able to use Power BI to create dynamic dashboards with drill-down features.

They must be familiar with all BI and Data Analytics principles.


You must know OLAP procedures and technologies like SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, etc. in addition to familiarity with the SQL server stack if you wish to follow this career.

The following are some more abilities that Power BI Consultants should possess :

  • BI, data analytics, and database ideas
  • ETL and data warehousing procedures
  • Tools for data warehouses, databases, or contemporary BI solutions
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard analysis and UI/UX
  • The capacity to communicate crucial results and observed trends that can aid decision-making
  • DAX and SQL querying
  • Database programming with SQL
  • Data Modeling and Implementation of data security
  • Keeping up with reporting
  • Many reporting forms, including charts, matrices, tabular reports, etc.
  • Complex analytical solution creation, application, and presentation

Jobs for Power BI Consultants

As previously said, there are several possibilities accessible for those with Power BI expertise.

Let’s examine some of the prospects present in important nations throughout the world.

In India, there are more than 3,000 opportunities for BI consultant roles, according to LinkedIn. On ZipRecruiter, there are more than 6,7000 Power BI consultant opportunities for the USA.

According to REED, there are over 340 positions for Power BI consultants available right now in the UK.

According to LinkedIn, there are more than 290 jobs available in Singapore. More than 7,000 Power BI positions are open in Australia.

According to LinkedIn, there are 220 jobs available in Canada.

Salary Prospects of a Power BI Consultant

Power BI consultants make good money all across the world. According to PayScale, these professions get an average salary of around 623,000 in India per year.

According to Glassdoor, the average pay in the United States is US$89,125, in Canada it is CA$72,337, and in the United Kingdom, it is £39,141. AU$100,000 to AU$140,000 is the range of the yearly wage in Australia, according to many sources.

Depending on aspects including skill set, experience, and location, the consultants’ pay may change.

However, they are unquestionably among the best-paid computer industry workers.

How can I get a job as a Power BI consultant?

What academic credentials you’ll need to pursue a job is one of the first things to think about.

As is common, a bachelor’s degree appears on the majority of Power BI Consultant resumes. 30.6% of people hold master’s degrees, according to Zippia.

A diploma or an associate’s degree are further options. The next key aspect is picking the appropriate major.

The following is a list of some of the prerequisites for becoming a Microsoft Power BI Consultant.


This fantastic cloud-based solution integrates data visualization incredibly effectively, making Power BI a worldwide favorite among enterprises.

Future declines don’t appear to be at all likely given the pace of technological advancement.

Businesses are embracing cloud computing, and Power BI is a product that has a lot of potential for the future.

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