Softlogic Systems Course SyllabusOur Big Data Course Syllabus contains data science introduction, analytical methodologies, data mining, logistic regressions, decision trees, neural nets, reduction techniques, time series analysis, text analytics, and optimization techniques along with case studies, tasks, assessments, and real-time project practices. Gain expertise at Softlogic with the best Big Data Analytics Course Curriculum to become a master in data analytics.

Big Data Training Course Syllabus

The course syllabus for Big Data Training in Chennai from Softlogic is highly comprehensive and prepared in a meticulous manner by experts. We update the content of the syllabus to keep in pace with the changing industry requirements. Due to this approach of ours the candidate can face the interview with confidence.

Big Data Introduction

  • Big data: definition and taxonomy
  • Big data value for the enterprise
  • Setting up the demo environment
  • First steps with the Hadoop “ecosystem”

The Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Hadoop components: MapReduce/Pig/Hive/HBase
  • Loading data into Hadoop
  • Handling files in Hadoop
  • Getting data from Hadoop


Querying big data with Hive

  • Introduction to the SQL Language
  • From SQL to HiveQL
  • Introduction to HIVE e HIVEQL
  • Using Hive to query Hadoop files

Big Data & Machine learning

  • Quick into to Machine learning
  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Machine learning tools
    • Spark & SparkML
    • H2O
    • Azure ML

Big data & Machine learning

  • Big Data & Machine Learning (continued)
  • Next steps in the big data world

Softlogic Systems provides the best platform for learning the Best Big Data Training in Chennai with the all-inclusive Big Data Analytics Course Syllabus.