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Power BI Roles and Responsibilities
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Power BI Roles and Responsibilities

Published On: September 23, 2022

Job Roles and Responsibilities of Power BI Professionals

Business intelligence is becoming a valuable resource for all contemporary firms. Each company gathers a lot of information about its daily activities. The analysis of this data improves corporate performance. This is one of the factors driving the rising demand for business intelligence professionals and positions in this industry.

We will discuss the Job Roles and Responsibilities of Power BI professionals in this blog. Learn Power BI Course in Chennai at Softlogic Systems and discover the job opportunities in the data visualization domain.

Job Roles and Responsibilities for Power BI

The BI system is often completely familiar to a Power BI developer. The administration and development of BI tools are within their purview. And turning raw data into insightful information is their major responsibility. Interactive and user-friendly dashboards and reports are used to achieve this. Because of the executive, strategic, and administrative tasks and responsibilities that come with it, the position of a Power BI developer is essential for global industries.

A wide range of responsibilities, including reporting, creating dashboards, creating data models, analyzing information, and managing Power BI tools, are required of specialists in this field.

The Essential Skills of the Power BI Developer Role

Diverse needs must be met by Power BI developers. This position calls for a high level of understanding and proficiency in databases, business intelligence, and the technical components of BI technologies. For the position of a Power BI developer, the following general educational prerequisites apply :

  • Along with professional experience in a comparable industry and a BS or MS in computer science or information systems
  • Experience in data preparation, data gateway, and data warehousing projects spanning more than five years
  • Having worked with the Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack for more than five years and possessing Power BI, SSAS, SSRS, and SSIS
  • Experiences using a self-service solution for three to four years, such as Power BI or Tableau
  • Knowledge of CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and other JavaScript libraries

Job Prospects at Power BI

Microsoft offers the business intelligence and analytics service known as Power BI. It offers highly advanced analytical tools and interactive visuals to enable everyone to make better, quicker decisions. Due to its simplicity of use and interactive visualizations, Power BI is at the top of the list of well-liked BI products. There are several career options associated with this technology, and positions such as Power BI developers, consultants, and analysts are in high demand.

Job Descriptions for Power BI Professionals

A Power BI specialist’s duties include utilizing Microsoft Power BI to design, develop, and distribute reports and dashboards.

The following is a sample job description and list of major duties for Power BI specialists:

  • Generate operational reports
  • Using Power BI and other reporting tools, create automated reports and dashboards.
  • To establish functional requirements for reporting applications, and comprehend business needs.
  • Know how to use the MS SQL Server BI Stack’s many tools and programs, such as SSRS and TSQL, Power Query, MDX, PowerBI, and DAX.
  • Having the ability to create reporting and analytics solutions rapidly
  • Develop functional reporting
  • possess familiarity with database concepts, including relational database design and multidimensional database architecture.

Job Roles for Power BI

Power BI Analyst :

Individuals with this profile’s job duties are in charge of creating and delivering business analytics dashboards utilizing Microsoft BI tools including SQL and Power BI.

Power BI Consultant :

They are in charge of creating and implementing new data analysis policies as well as developing and validating fresh data models that support decision-making. They collaborate with technical teams to advance business intelligence and data analytics methods.

Power BI Developers :

Individuals with this profile of employment are in charge of creating and managing BI tools. They must be well conversant with the Power BI system. Power BI developers’ primary responsibility is to transform raw data into useful analysis using interactive, user-friendly dashboards and reports.

Responsibilities for Power BI Developers

The duties of a Power BI developer might differ from company to company. They might be employed to create BI reports or to offer insights to enhance decision-making. Power BI developers have a variety of responsibilities, which call for in-depth knowledge and proficiency in databases, technical BI ideas, and business intelligence. The developers are used to fulfill a variety of needs.

The many jobs and duties of Power BI developers include the following:

  • To comprehend the BI context’s business requirements and create data models that transform raw data into insightful information.
  • Utilizing Power BI, to produce dashboards and interactive visual reports.
  • To define KPIs with precise goals and regularly check them
  • To gather information, evaluate it, and display it in reports that can aid in decision-making.
  • should be able to translate business needs into technical requirements and choose when to complete activities.
  • To create, develop, and implement Power BI scripts, and to efficiently conduct in-depth analysis.
  • To run DAX functions and queries in Power BI.
  • To provide charts and data documentation that includes descriptions of models, relationships, techniques, and parameters.
  • To create a data warehouse
  • To run SQL queries for the best outcomes.
  • To make use of graphs and filters to better comprehend the data.
  • To define new systems by examining present ETL procedures
  • To implement technological improvements to current BI systems to improve their performance.

Skills for Power BI Developers

Power BI developers need to be knowledgeable in data integration, data modeling, data warehousing, and presentation principles as well as business intelligence, data science, and analytics abilities.

Some of the qualifications needed for Power BI developers include the following:

BI Systems and Tools :

Proficiencies in BI systems and tools like Power BI, SAP, Tableau, etc., including writing DAX expressions, designing bespoke BI products with scripting and programming languages like R and Python, and building data-rich dashboards.

Data-Specific Skills :

Knowledge in database management, data modeling, business intelligence, SQL querying, data warehousing, and online analytical processing, as well as a minimum of two or three years of experience working with BI tools or any data-specific position (OLAP.)

Microsoft BI Stack :

It has extensive knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) stacks including Power Pivot, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS.

Data Analytics :

The capacity to analyze data in depth and present it through graphs, reports, or dashboards in the most effective manner.

Software Development Expertise :

Knowledge of both the technical and architectural elements of software development.

Soft skills like the following are crucial for Power BI developers :

  • Abilities to communicate with teams in both business and technology
  • Strong client management abilities Capacity to pick up new information quickly and adapt to a work environment that is rapidly changing
  • Know the latest trends and developments in development and design.
  • interactional and multitasking abilities
  • presenting, representing, and debating solutions with the team while documenting, creating, and modeling them
  • Consideration of potential future solutions using experience and knowledge
  • Possess an analytical mentality and a problem-solving strategy.
  • Ongoing development
  • Motivated by oneself and willing to learn
  • A leader, initiator, and a team player
  • Power BI Jobs for New Graduates

Over the past few years, the area of business intelligence has advanced. There are many job openings in this industry for both experienced workers and newcomers. Various job vacancies in the business analyst profile for new graduates are frequently listed on LinkedIn or company career websites.

Nowadays, most MNCs and bigger enterprises have a significant need for professionals with Power BI certifications. Certification would provide recent graduates an advantage in their power bi developer resumes, enabling them to seize job prospects as soon as possible in their careers.

Furthermore, Power BI positions pay well and allow experts the opportunity to work for prestigious organizations. Freshmen who work as Power BI developers, analysts, or consultants will thus undoubtedly have a successful start to their careers.

What Does a Power BI Developer Get Paid?

PayScale estimates that the average annual salary for Power BI specialists in India is around INR660,000. According to Salary.com, the average annual salary for Power BI specialists in the United States is around USD79,905. The typical pay for this position, according to Talent.com, is AUD115,000 per year in Australia and £45,307 per year in the UK. The average pay for Power BI specialists in Singapore, according to Glassdoor, is SD3,126,240 per year.


We hope that this post has provided some clarity on the various job roles in Power BI as well as the duties and qualifications needed. With certification and placement assistance, Softlogic SystemsPower BI Training in Chennai provides learners with the necessary job-ready skills.

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