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Automation Tester Salary
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Automation Tester Salary

Published On: October 12, 2022

Automation Tester Salary in India for freshers and experienced professionals

Automation Test Engineers are in great demand as it gives better industry exposure and tremendous possibilities of increased salary with a promising career. Before the Automation Tester Salary details, we want to give you a brief knowledge about Automation Tool here that helps you understand the scope of learning Automation Course.

Overview of Automation

Automation is an open-source product that has enormous tools and libraries to support web browser automation. It also offers a playback tool (Automation IDE) for performing functional tests without the need of learning a test scripting language.

It provides a test domain-specific language (Selenese) for writing tests in various programming languages like RubyPythonJavaScriptNode.JSC#JavaPerl, Scala, PHP, and Groovy.

Automation runs on all major operating systems such as WindowsMac, and Linux and it is licensed under Apache License 2.0 with open-source availability.

Automation Tester Salary

In India, the average pay of Automation Test Engineers is INR 4,42,000 Per Annum for freshers and it will be scaled up to INR 8,00,000 Per Annum for experienced Automation Testers. In the US, the annual salary ranges between $21K and $162K as per the report of Glassdoor.com.

If you are ready to learn and dive deep into Automation, it is surely a better choice for your promising career growth. There is a continuous demand for software and web automation testers for global companies as innovative technologies are lining up in the market regularly.

Automation can be integrated with AIML, Hyper Automation, Auto Scaling CI/CD, Playback testing, crowd-source testing, Agile, Mobile Phones, AR/VR devices, IoT devices, Big Data, and Test Script Maintenance.

The current job market of Automation

According to popular job portals like Naukri.com and Shine.com, there are 12025 job openings currently for skilled and proficient Automation testers and jobs are for freshers as well as experienced candidates.

It shows clearly that the Automation has higher job opportunities in India and other global countries and it requires continuous learning and upskilling for constant career growth. Below are the reasons for the popularity of the Automation tool.

Why should learn Automation for career growth?

Automation is one of the best automation testing frameworks and it is widely used among testers as it has the following benefits for companies as well as professionals.

  • Non-proprietary Software: Automation is an open-source tool that can be accessed for free and the developers are not needed to pay any upfront fees for using it. Automation provides the customization features for better code management and it is capable of numerous built-in functions and classes. We can save a lot of money through the Automation framework.
  • Multi-browser Compatibility: Automation supports various browsers for web automation and it can be integrated with a testing framework like TestNG to generate a .xml file. It allows large users to access web applications for their preferred browsers.
  • Automation WebDriver provides a faster API that is easy to explore and most of them are based on two popular architectures such as REST and SOAP.

Top companies are using Automation for many other reasons such as flexibility, language-independent, and cross-browser capabilities for implementing test cases faster and accurate. It shows the Automation Certification is good for better career growth and it matters highly in top IT companies.

Scope of Automation Testers

There is a constant demand in companies for Automation testers as it is an easy-to-use tool that ensures the testers a fruitful career. Big tech giants like FacebookCognizantAccentureHP, and IBM are using Automation for various testing purposes, and all the required certified and skilled Automation testers.

Automation testing with tools like Automation is a significant one for today’s IT world to deliver software applications faster and quality. If you want to learn Automation Certification Course, contact us.

Job Responsibilities of Automation Testers

The job responsibilities of Automation Testers will be varied from one company to another and project to project and skillset to experience-level. Following are the software tools that can be implemented in automation testing with the Automation framework.

  • Automation WebDriver for developing basic test cases
  • Java or other programming languages for enhancing test cases
  • TestNG or other testing frameworks for grouping test cases, executing test batches, prioritizing test cases, and creating test results.
  • Automation Grid is used for parallel test execution
  • Maven integration is for creating and managing Automation Test Environment
  • Continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) using Jenkins

Expected skills for fresher Automation testers

  • In-depth knowledge of web environment, web elements, and operations of web elements.
  • Fundamental understanding of functional and regression test automation.
  • Strong knowledge of Automation suite of tools such as Automation IDE, Automation RC, Automation WebDriver, and Automation Grid.
  • Proficiency in Java programming that includes data types, operators, flow control statements, variables, methods, exceptional handling, file handling, excel file operations, database operations, and OOPs concepts.
  • Strong understanding of element locators, inspecting elements, and Automation WebDriver API commands or methods.
  • Hands-on in test automation framework implementation
  • Able to create and execute test cases using element locators and Automation WebDriver API commands.

Expected skills for 1+ years of experienced Automation Testers

  • Deep knowledge of test requirements and analyzing of the Application under Test (AUT)
  • Creating test cases and test scripts using Automation Element Locators and WebDriver API commands.
  • Developing ability of test cases using Java Programming.
  • Ability to execute test cases and test reports along with the knowledge of defect reporting and tracking errors.

Expected skills for 2+ years of experienced Automation Testers

  • Generating Test Automation Resources like functional libraries
  • Ability to handle duplicate objects and dynamic objects using index property and regular expressions.
  • Gathering test data for data-driven test cases.
  • Developing test cases and test scripts using Automation WebDriver, TestNG Annotations, and Java Programming.
  • Able to Parameterize and synchronize for defining test results.
  • Analyse test results to execute them with debugging knowledge.
  • Defect reporting and tracking of test cases using Defect Management Tool
  • Update tests and perform regression testing with generate test reporting skills

Expected skills for 3+ years of experienced Automation Testers

  • In-depth understanding and analyzing the application under test (AUT) with object identification skills.
  • Developing test scenarios and gathering test data effectively
  • Able to identify end-to-end scenarios and code modularity
  • Able to implement JUnit or TestNG Test automation framework for developing automation infrastructure.
  • Developing reusable components for enhancing test cases and test scripts using Element locators, WebDriver methods, TestNG annotations, and Java programming concepts.
  • Good knowledge of error handling and adding comments
  • Developing data-driven tests and executing through framework along with cross-browser functionalities
  • Parallel test execution knowledge and exporting test results effectively
  • Analyse and report test results with a good knowledge of tracking defects.
  • Update test automation resources and manage resources efficiently.

Expected skills for 4+ years of experienced Automation Testers

  • Choosing and identifying appropriate areas or test cases for complete automation
  • Designing and implementing various test automation strategies
  • Create an automation test plan and gain approvals on time.
  • Selecting the right Automation tools and configuration Automation test environment from popular resources like Eclipse IDE, Java Automation WebDriver, or TestNG.
  • Involvement of Automation environment configuration setup
  • Designing and implementing skills of automation framework
  • Able to create, organize, and manage test automation resources
  • Able to create, enhance, debug, and execute test cases
  • Able to organize and monitor defect management processes effectively
  • Ability to handle updates and perform regression testing
  • Discovering solutions for Object Identification Issues and Error Handling Issues
  • Collaborating with test engineers and developers to resolve the testing-related issues.
  • Interacting effectively with end-users and clients to solve issues and update status.

Popular Roles in Automation Domain

Following are the in-demand job profiles that can be found in Automation Testing Domain.

  • Automation Engineer
  • Automation Testers
  • Senior Quality Engineer – Automation
  • Mobile Testing Lead
  • Java Automation Engineer
  • Automation Test Analyst
  • Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • Software Development Test Engineer


Automation Certification with appropriate automation testing skills enhances the ability of test engineers for the highest possibilities of promising career growth and increased pay scale.

We hope that the things we have shared in this blog about Automation Tester Salary for Freshers and Experienced in India and Global Companies will be useful for beginning your career effectively in Automation Testing Domain.

Enroll today to learn the best Automation Testing Training at Softlogic Systems for your promising career.

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