Creating Android Applications with 5 Easy Steps

Android skills become very much important that widen your job prospects as the usage of android-based mobile phones is growing rapidly around the world. In this blog, we are providing the top 5 easy steps to Creating Android Applications using Eclipse IDE.

Step 1: Understand what should be created

In Eclipse IDE, you can draw anything on the screen. Learn the fundamentals to draw and clear the screen using the buttons available there in the IDE.

Step 2: Learn the Android Development Tools with hands-on

To create Android Apps, you must know the following

The app developed using these can run on or above Android Version 2.3.3.

Step 3: Understand the Android App Structure

The application structure of Android contains Paint Class, Paint Object, OnTouch Events, MotionEvent, getX() and getY() functions, and OnDraw() function.

Paint Class

Learn to use the ‘paint class’ as it provides the style and color information required for drawing geometrics, bitmaps, and texts.

  • Paint Object represents the “brush”.
  • OnTouch Events for obtaining the ability to interpret finger activity on touchscreens
  • MotionEvent is used for reporting movement and it is the base class for TouchEvents
  • getX() and getY() are used to obtain the current position.
  • OnDraw() is the method used to perform drawing operations like drawing lines, circles, text, bitmaps, etc.

Step 4: Hands-on with important codes used to create Android Apps

  • To make edges smooth, paint.setAntiAlias(true);
  • To set the color for paint, paint.setColor(Color.Purple);
  • To set the style for paint, paint.setStyle(Paint.Style.STROKE);
  • To set the paint’s join, paint.setStrokeJoin(Paint.Join.ROUND);
  • To set the stroke width, paint.setStrokeWidth(18f);

Step 5: Learn the actions for creating Android Apps

MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN can be used when you want to touch the screen

MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE can be used when you want to move your finger across the screen.

MotionEvent.ACTION_UP can be used when you want to remove your finger from the screen.


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