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Online Java Course at Softlogic is also used for professionals in developing desktop applications, mobile apps, gaming apps, and numerical computing. Learn the Best Java Course Online with complete hands-on experience and industry-worth certificate for better placement in top companies.

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What this Course Includes?

  • Technology Training
  • Aptitude Training
  • Learn to Code (Codeathon)
  • Real Time Projects
  • Learn to Crack Interviews
  • Panel Mock Interview
  • Unlimited Interviews
  • Life Long Placement Support

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Offline / Classroom Training

  • A Personalized Learning Experience with Direct Trainer Engagement!
  • Direct Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there
  • Airconditioned Premium Classrooms and Lab with all amenities
  • Codeathon Practices
  • Direct Aptitude Training
  • Live Interview Skills Training
  • Direct Panel Mock Interviews
  • Campus Drives
  • 100% Placement Support

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Online Live Training

  • Instructor Led Live Training! Learn at the comfort of your home
  • No Recorded Sessions
  • Live Virtual Interaction with the Trainer
  • Clarify doubts then and there virtually
  • Live Virtual Interview Skills Training
  • Live Virtual Aptitude Training
  • Online Panel Mock Interviews
  • 100% Placement Support

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Corporate Training

  • Blended Delivery model (both Online and Offline as per Clients’ requirement)
  • Industry endorsed Skilled Faculties
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Customized Syllabus
  • 12X6 Assistance and Support

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Want to Master your Skills in JAVA ?

Course Highlights


Java is one of the widely used object-oriented programming languages and class-based platforms for creating back-end development projects like big data and Android. The popularity of the Java Programming language is still high since it is launched in 2004. Java is in a 15.876% rating and it is the highest priority of top software developers as it is robust, secure, and simpler than other programming languages like C or C++. We offer the best Java Online Course for the aspirants with best practices.

The learning of the Online Java Course at Softlogic is aimed to equip the students for creating complex problems more easily and simply. Java is easy to learn and understand as it has simple syntax similar to English. Java Programming Language is used to design customized applications that can be implemented for various purposes. It is the number one programming language as per the survey of the TIOBE Index of April 2019. Following are the reasons to prove that the Online Java Course brings a promising career for global IT aspirants.

  • 9 million developers and 7 billion devices prove the popularity of Java.
  • Easy to learn and understand programming language with simple syntax.
  • Large community ranging from beginner to advanced-level experts.
  • Abundant API that includes Java Classes, Packages, Interfaces, and I/O databases.
  • Multiple open-source libraries that can be copied, changed, shared, and studied.
  • Powerful development tools with IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Oracle Binary Code License (BCL) that is free for development and test environments.
  • Platform-independent with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) feature.
  • Great document support that provides a great reference to respective java codes.
  • Java is versatile that is used to develop web, mobile, and desktop applications easily.

Our Online Java Course is designed to equip the learners for code development, library implementations, and application testing with the understanding of OOPs techniques. They can develop well-designed software applications, websites, and mobile apps through the knowledge of Java for various real-world problems. On the completion of our Java Online Training at Softlogic, the students can be able to perform the following efficiently.

  • Implement an integrated development for writing, compiling, executing, and testing OOPs-based Java applications.
  • Solve real-time problems with the understanding of reading and making elementary modifications.
  • Validate the input of the Java Program by identifying and fixing common and security issues in the code.
  • Utilize Javadoc for documenting Java Programs.
  • Tracking the source Java code in a project by Implementing a version control system.

Our Online Java Training with 100% Placement Assistance makes you an expert with industry-ready skills to create complete applications such as web, desktop, and mobile platforms that can run on a single computer to distributed servers of a network.

  • Industry-standard Coursework
  • One-on-one or Small batch size
  • Instructor-led live online mode
  • Customizable course curriculum
  • Industry-valued Certificate
  • 4+ real-time project practices
  • Instalment Options for fees
  • Field Expertized Trainers
  • Convenient learning hours
  • Free soft skills training
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Free Lifetime Career Guidance

There is no prior expertise required for learning Java Course Online for freshers as we offer them the course from scratch. Our Java trainers will be allocated as per the convenient learning hours of students around the world and it can be regular classes or weekend classes or fast-track mode. We suggest working professionals have the following prerequisites to enjoy the complete hands-on experience on the new Java concepts.

  • Basic understanding of OOPs concepts, C and C++ programming, and terminologies.
  • Fundamental knowledge in coding, testing, and algorithm implementations.
  • Sound knowledge in Mathematics

Freshers and working professionals can learn Java Course Online at Softlogic as we are providing in-person classes along with other training modes for the students who want to study in our Java Training Institute in Chennai. It is beneficial for the students to launch their careers in software development, software testing, and software engineering. Following are the eligible category for learning Java Online Training Course at Softlogic.

  • Freshers with a degree in any undergraduate or post-graduate programs.
  • Working professionals with experience in IT or non-IT sectors like tech support, BPO, or process associate to transform their career into the IT field.

Java Programming Language has exited benefits for this tech-savvy world that makes your career bright and flourish. This is the top-most choice of developers to construct applications for various platforms. Companies are recruiting skilled and certified Java developers and they are even looking for freshers and newbies to perform various tasks in application development and deployment. Our Online Java Certification Course helps you to gain expertise in industry skills to be hired in companies.

Most of the developers are switching their careers to Java for programming development, Numerical Computing, Scientific Application Development, and Data Analytics. They are upgrading their career with Java Programming Language as it is faster, dependable, and secure for performing various tasks. Enhancing your career with Java is useful for experienced professionals as well as freshers and it helps them to climb up the career ladder easily and faster. Enrich your skills in our Online Java Training Course with 100% Placement Assistance. The career benefits of the Java Online Course are as follows.

  • Everything can be done with Java Programming Language
  • Easy to learn as it is commanding language and OOPs based.
  • Widely used by tech giants and it has freelancing opportunities
  • Huge and strong community support with tons of shareable resources
  • Huge-popular and open-source availability with libraries
  • Separate execution platform called JVM
  • The language of the 21st century and is faster
  • High-priority standard API with multithreading support.
  • The average salary of the Java developer is around $47,169.

Java is a very important programming language that brings enormous career growth and heights for learners around the world. As it is open-source it is being used from start-ups to big companies. It is the favorite programming language of developers worldwide as it has a WORA facility that they can write once and run their applications anywhere along with JVM features. Top companies are hiring Java developers for faster application delivery. Following are profiles that can be applied after our Online Java Training Course at Softlogic.

  • Java Developer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software Engineer – backend/Java/Springboot
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Junior Java Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Technical Lead – Java
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Java Freelance Consultant

Our Online Java Course Certification adds value to your resume as it is globally recognized for its quality and performance. It validates your code development skills through a performance tracker and our trainers and placement coach will improve the areas to be focused on. We provide Java Course Completion Certification at the end of the course and we update them in our placement portal for the companies’ reference. Enroll in our Online Java Training Institute today to get the benefits.

JAVA Syllabus

Download Syllabus
  • What is Java?
  • Why Java?
  • Features of Java
  • Pre-defined Functions
  • User-defined functions
  • One Dimensional Array
  • Multi-Deminsional Array
  • Class and Objects
  • Constructor
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction & Encapsulation
  • Packages
  • Inheritance
  • Static, Final, This, Super keywords
  • Wrapper Class
  • Inner Class
  • String Handling Methods
  • StringBuffer
  • StringTokenizer
  • Thread Lifecycle
  • Thread Class
  • Runnable Interface
  • Synchronization
  • Definition
  • Types Build in Exception
  • User Defined Exception
  • File Class
  • I/O Stream Hierarchy
  • File Input Stream
  • File Output Stream
  • HashSet
  • LinkedHashSet
  • ArrayList
  • Stack
  • LinkedList
  • Vector
  • HashMap
  • Date
  • Calender
  • Creating database and Tables
  • JDBC architecture
  • Insert, Update, Delete, Select
  • MySQL Connector
  • Event Handling
  • Working with Windows, Graphics, and Text
  • AWT Controls, Images
  • Layout Managers
  • Menus
  • JFrame
  • JLabel
  • JText Field
  • JButton
  • JCheckBox
  • JRadioButton
  • JTable
  • Adding Image to JFrame
  • With JDBC
  • Java Beans
  • Servlet terminology
  • Servlet API
  • Generic Servlet, Http Servlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle
  • JDBC in servlet
  • JSP introduction & HTML Basics
  • JSP with Life cycle
  • Scripting elements - Scriptlet, Expression & Declaration tag
  • Implicit Objects – Request, Response, Exception, Session
  • Spring Boot Introduction
  • Spring Boot Basics
  • Why Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Features
  • Main Goal of Spring Boot
  • Configuration of spring application
  • Creating Project- Spring Initializer
  • Spring Boot Hello World Application

Trainer's Profile


Our Mentors are from Top Companies like

  • Our trainers possess 10+ years of hands-on experience in Java Training in Chennai.
  • Our trainers have real-time project expertise across various industries, ensuring you receive practical knowledge applicable to real-world scenarios.
  • They have a proven track record of successful training and mentoring, having guided and supported 2000+ students annually.
  • Our trainers consistently deliver high-quality education, ensuring you receive top-notch training that meets industry standards.
  • They possess an in-depth understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical applications, bridging the gap between theory and real-world scenarios effectively.
  • With strong connections with hiring HRs in multinational companies, our trainers provide insights into industry trends, requirements, and exclusive job opportunities to give you a competitive advantage.
  • They have a robust understanding of essential Java concepts, such as Exception Handling, Threads, JSP, Operators, XML handling, Loops, Collections, Database Connectivity, and Servlets.
  • Our trainers are well-equipped to impart comprehensive knowledge and guide learners through hands-on training in these key areas of Java development.
  • They excel in communication skills, effectively delivering the course content by providing suitable examples in each Java class, making the learning experience engaging and understandable.
  • Our trainers are dedicated to assisting students in achieving their goals and preparing them to approach interviews with confidence.

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Earn Your Certificate of Completion

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Stand Out from the Crowd with Codethon Certificate

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Project Practices

Building 3D Games
Movie Ticket Booking System
Build a system that allows users to browse movies, select showtimes, and purchase tickets online using Java.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Online Marketplace
Build an online marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to create accounts, browse products, make purchases, and leave reviews.
Building 3D Games
Restaurant Management System
Create a system that allows restaurants to manage orders, menus, and inventory, and track sales and expenses.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Image Processing Application
Try building an application that can read, modify, and save image files in various formats using Java.
Building 3D Games
Health tracking application
Build a Java app to track daily activity, diet, and health metrics like weight and blood pressure.
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Build a game of Tic-Tac-Toe that can be played against the computer or against another player using Java.
Online Chat Application
Develop a real-time text messaging app using Java for seamless user communication.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games
Build A Face Recognition Software With Ai/Ml
Expense tracker
Build an application that allows users to track their expenses, create budgets, and generate reports on their spending.
Weather Forecasting Application
Create a Java app to display weather information from an API source for user access and analysis.
Create Unbeatable Bots Using Ml For Board Games

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You can definitely master Java in three months with enough practise and effective learning. Our Java Training in Chennai achieves this by providing highly qualified trainers with a batch of 15 to 20 students each to meet all of the students' needs in order to make them programming language professionals.

  • Softlogic is an expert when it comes to student placement.
  • More than 90000+ students were placed in total.
  • We offer a specialized placement service designed to meet the unique needs of students during the placement process.
  • Softlogic organizes development programs that include mock interviews and presentation skills training, with the goal of preparing students to handle difficult interview scenarios professionally.

Softlogic offers a variety of training modes that cater to the needs of students, including:

  • Classroom training
  • One-to-One training
  • Live instructor-led online training
  • Customized training options
  • Corporate Training

Upon completion of Softlogic's training, you will be awarded with globally recognized course completion certificates from Softlogic, renowned IBM certificates, and Codeathon certificates, validating your real-time project experience.

Yes, group discounts are available for Softlogic's training courses. Visit our website and get in touch with us through call, email, live chat, or quick inquiry to learn more. We provide discounts in accordance with the terms and conditions based on the group size.

We accept all major payment methods. Cash, debit cards, credit cards (including Master, Visa, and Maestro), net banking, UPI, etc.

Please contact our course counselor by call or Whatsapp at +91 86818 84318. As an alternative, you can use our Website chat, Website form, or email us at [email protected].

Individuals from various backgrounds, including those without prior experience in IT, who possess an interest in programming and a desire to learn Java as a programming language, are eligible and encouraged to pursue Java training.

As per AmbitionBox, Java Developer salary for freshers in Chennai with less than 1 year of experience to 4 years of experience range from 1.6 lakhs to 8.4 lakhs, with an average yearly income of 3.9 lakhs. And the salary for Senior Java Developers in India falls within the range of ₹4.2 Lakhs to ₹24.0 Lakhs per annum, with an average annual salary of ₹10.0 Lakhs.