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Tableau, The Best Business Intelligence Tool for Data Analytics

Tableau is the data exploration and visualization software for actionable insights that provides natural ability to understand the patterns. It offers interactive dashboard and enable user to ask a question about top trends and discover opportunities. It can be connected to SQL Database, Spreadsheets, Flat files, and Cloud Apps.

In this blog, we help to explore the easy use of Tableau for evaluating the analytical process in ten different ways:

Benefit for the users and decision-makers:

Tableau is focusing on the easy access of users though they are non-technical background. It has the aim of “Analytics for Anyone” provides the accessibility of business intelligence process in simple manner.

Tableau offers attractive visualizations along with natural user interface for decision-makers to present information clearly by positioning BI tool in proper manner that can be accessible in different formats.

Updated Features of Tableau

It has improved AI capabilities that provide AI driven explanations of values in the data with the feature called “Explain Data”. It focuses on reporting purpose with the clear visualization in dashboard creation.

Some of the main features of tableau are highlighted here:

  • Designing capabilities for data visualization in Tableau increases the speed for the users to be more productive
  • Visualization outputs in Tableau using Bar Charts, Sparklines, graph, and maps are improved to access complex information easily and shared broader information quickly.
  • Tableau helps to connect with data warehouse easily with few clicks and allows users to join the data from different data sources.
  • Tableau enable to create query with single line coding
  • Tableau is the best tool to filter data and display relationships
  • Tableau provides the feature to build interactive dashboards using with the combination of multiple data sources and different formats
  • Tableau gives wide range of analytics with linear geometry, Machine Learning capabilities, and MATLAB
  • Tableau server is available with collaborative features and skills
  • Tableau allows users to publish dashboards with sharing capabilities in server or online to teammates, customers, and partners
  • Tableau is the only tool that allows interaction with dashboards through mobile devices like Android and Apple using its browser.

The Setup and environment technologies in Tableau

Tableau setup configured with a desktop, server, and online hosted models.

Desktop is used to display the interactive dashboard with the solid data visualizations with the support of Windows and Mac operating systems.

Server is in Windows and Linux compatible that allows sharing of dashboards with the collaboration of team members of the organization.

Tableau Online is the hosted model to skip hardware setup. However, it is updated, secure, and reliable. User can access data from iOS and Android apps.

Tableau Public allows any user to connect with spreadsheet or file to create interactive data visualization and publish on the web.

Tableau Reader allows user to open the data visualization and can interact through Tableau desktop.

Tableau Prep Builder and Prep Conductor allows self-service data preparation to the users

Collaboration using Tableau for sharing work with the team members

Tableau has the wonderful feature to create real-time conversation between teammates using “Discussions” that allows members of the team can easily converse with the comments and screenshots to bring attention to the particular viewpoint.

Tableau for Education and Training

Tableau is easy tool for any kind of users. However, Training and certification is essential for new user to shine in this field. Tableau provides many rich resources of materials for training and resolve the users queries on the spot. Moreover, Softlogic Systems provides all the facilities to use these materials in an effective manner in our Tableau Certification Training Institute in Chennai.

We help you to access the available video tutorials from their site. It has more than 80 videos to explain the efficient use of Tableau. Playbooks are also available there for continuous reading and collect information.

Tableau Community to help user to connect with the global developers

Tableau has the engaged and passionate community in their forum. Any new user can access advice from the experienced developers and they will share the best recommendation to improve the performance of work by providing sample projects.

Tableau Customers in validation process

Tableau is widely used by small and big companies around the world. Some of them are as follows:

  • MNC s like SpaceX, AeroMexico, etc.
  • Non-Profit association like TNP2k, Medway Youth Trust, and French Red Cross, etc.
  • University of Birmingham and other higher educational fields
  • IT companies like Adobe, Lenovo, PayPal, Dell, Yahoo!, Cisco, and so on.

Tableau Support for the users when facing issues

Tableau serves paid and non-paid customer support to the global users. It has private customer support forum to manage requests and other kinds of communications using private login system. It provides knowledge base support, help in product use, FAQs handling, Technical Specialization queries, frequent issues, release notes publishing, security bulletin creation, and so on.

It also paid service for the users in Customer Success; Technical based account management, and Consultation services. They can be connected via Twitter too.

Tableau expertise, experienced partners

Tableau has strong partners behind its ecosystem to support in independent consultations for the service organizations. They support from following categories:

Technology Based: They create software products to enhance the usage of Tableau experience

Talent Based: Developers, Freelancers, and Consultants with the background of BI tools help the global users to develop data systems.

Tableau Cost of Desktop License and Server Price

The subscription cost of Desktop License is $35 per user for a month

Server cost is $42 per user for a month.

It is the cost of licensing only. It will be applicable for Software, Infrastructure, Data Costs, and Labor Charge. User can access as per the usage.

They offer free trial for 14 days and it can be downloaded from here:14-Day Free Trial


Visualization of Data is very easy with Tableau for various kinds of fields and user can access all the features by interacting through dashboard to the organizations. It simplifies the work of an organization to display the clear and deep information related to the data that is being analyzed. Both users and developers find this as an easy tool for sharing and accessing information in an understandable format. The community is always ready to help the new users and developers to visualize data in an efficient manner.

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