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Front end developer salary in 2023
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Front end developer salary in 2024

Published On: October 17, 2022

Front End Developer Salary in 2024

One of the fastest-growing technologies in 2024 is web development. Businesses must now incorporate all the required and more user-friendly elements due to users’ increased interest in dynamic websites.

They are placing more of an emphasis on front-end development. As a result, there has been a steady rise in demand for front-end developers.

In this article, we’ll talk about the typical pay for front-end web developers and how it differs by geography, experience, and other factors.

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Front-end development was the top career in the USA in 2020 based on three factors: the median wage, work satisfaction, and job opportunities, according to a Forbes analysis.

In the USA, there were around 13,000 job vacancies for front-end developers, while India had many more.

By 2026, there will be more than 15% growth in new roles and opportunities for them.

By this point, you may be eager to learn the typical pay for these professions and how it varies depending on several factors including location, expertise, and experience.

These, as well as the pay scales in India, the USA, and the UK, will be covered in this blog.

Front End Developer Salary in India

  • Every year, a large number of companies in India recruit front-end developers. The level of expertise or knowledge a front-end developer has will determine how much they are paid.
  • PayScale estimates that these professions make an average pay of about 5 LPA in India. With expertise, the minimum wage, which is about 1.2 LPA, can increase to 18 LPA.
  • As per city : As you may be aware, the majority of IT businesses in India are concentrated in a small number of cities.
  • The cost of living in each of these places is important, even though the location may not have a significant impact on compensation.
  • As per Experience: An entry-level professional makes an average of 3 LPA. The pay for novice front-end developers increases to 1.1 LPA, while the pay for senior front-end developers increases to 6 LPA.
  • As Per Organization: Every year, the majority of Indian businesses recruit front-end developers. In practically every firm, freshmen get paid around 3 LPA.
  • The average pay for new hires is up to 10 LPA at a select few firms, like Amazon, Sapient Corporation, and Nagarro.
  • The highest compensation in these firms might reach 20 LPA, depending on the candidates’ experience and qualifications.
  • As per skillset: Back five to seven years ago, just HTML, CSS, and JS were necessary for front-end developers.
  • However, during the past few years, more people throughout the world have started using the Internet, which has resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, particularly on e-commerce sites.
  • These days, the rivalry among e-commerce enterprises is fierce. Revenues, sales, etc. may be affected by differences of merely a few seconds.
  • Therefore, there is an increasing need for the following two frameworks and libraries, in addition to HTML, CSS, and JS: React JS and Angular JS.
  • These frameworks enable the seamless maintenance of the traffic by developers.
  • As a result, businesses prefer to recruit and pay more for people that have both the aforementioned abilities and experience in these two frameworks or libraries.
  • These are the elements that would affect their pay in India in 2021. You can see how big of an effect these elements have on front-end developers’ pay in India.
  • Therefore, if you intend to work as a front-end developer in the nation, you may take these facts into account and choose your firm, study location, and learning objectives appropriately.

Front End Developer Salary in the US and UK

The pay patterns in the US and the UK are virtually identical to those in India.

These places also have different pay depending on your qualifications, experience, etc. Before we analyze the variables affecting salaries, let’s have a look at the average pay.

According to PayScale, the average annual wage in the United States is $74,000. The country’s low and high wage points are $49,000 and $133,000, respectively.

  • In the UK, the average annual salary is £41,000. Depending on experience and competence, the yearly pay might range from £27k to £62k.

Location-Based: Depending on variables like tax regulations, labor rules, etc., organizations prefer to stay at a location or move to other areas. As a result, some places provide higher salaries and greater prospects than others.

Let’s look at the median wage in the UK and the US’s largest cities.

Let’s briefly examine the average front-end developer’s compensation in a few more highly sought-after areas as well before continuing:

  • In Germany, the national average for front-end developers is €52,029 per year. Additionally, the junior front-end developer’s compensation in Germany is €40,000 per year, whereas the senior front-end developer’s salary in Germany is €65, 000 per year.
  • Australia: The country’s average front-end developer’s pay is AU$76,043 per year. The lowest pay can reach AU$76k per year, while the highest pay can reach AU$110k per year.
  • The lowest and top front-end developer salaries in Switzerland are around CHF 48k p.a. and CHF 119k p.a., respectively.
  • In France, the average annual pay for front-end developers in France is €39,000. The maximum is €54k per year. The lowest it goes is about €25k per year.
  • In Canada, in France, the typical front-end developer income is about CA$62K per year. Around CA$89k p.a. is the biggest salary they may expect. And the annual minimum is about CA$44.

Recent technical developments, such as animations, faster processing, simpler payments, chatbots, etc., call for the use of frameworks and libraries, which boost the effectiveness of websites.

As a result, businesses in both nations are prepared to raise the compensation packages offered to individuals with competence in React or Angular.

  • Experience: It is a widespread industry tendency that professional salaries in a particular field to rise with experience. For the developer, the more experience, the better. Front-end developers are paid well and hold senior roles.
  • Graphs will make it simple for you to see how applicants’ salaries in the US and UK rise as their experience level rises.
  • Company: The USA is the Silicon Valley of the globe, and many prominent MNCs have their headquarters there. As a result, front-end development prospects in the US are expanding.

The Future Scope of Front-End Developers

  • Businesses use websites to market themselves to consumers throughout the world in this rapidly expanding technological era.
  • Web development was one of the top 10 technological advancements in the previous year.
  • The way people and businesses use the internet has changed as a result of Web 2.0. When user-friendly and simple-to-use features were added to websites, dynamic web pages began to draw more people.
  • Any website’s user interface, external look, and internal dynamics are all governed by front-end development.
  • The front end of websites will eventually have to include 3D presentations and AI chatbots as standard features.
  • Technology has advanced significantly from static web pages to dynamic websites to web apps nowadays. We will see a lot more brand-new features added to websites in the future to improve the user experience.
  • Front-end development is the process of combining different aspects of this user interface to make it more appealing.
  • To put it simply, when a person opens a website, the information they see on the web page is the front end of the website.

Who is the front-end developer?

  • Different programming languages and frameworks are used by front-end developers to implement the web design on a web page.
  • To ensure that the website’s final design includes all the required buttons and navigational elements, they work along with the UI/UX developers and the QA team.
  • Additionally, they code the layout according to the user’s experience.
  • They employ HTML, CSS, and JS in their development. Popular frameworks like Vue JSReact, jQuery, and a few others are used often as well, although new developments in websites and online apps, such as 3D, AI chatbots, cross-device compatibility, etc., have made them more common.

Front End Developer Salary in 2022

If you are or have ever considered becoming a front-end developer, you may be curious about the average or highest pay that can be earned in your country. Let’s explore how several things might affect your salary.

The Required Skills to Become a Front-End Developer

As we have already covered, the number of talents needed to be a front-end developer has considerably expanded recently.

Knowledge of merely CSS, HTML, and JS may no longer be sufficient. Front-end development is heavily dependent on JS-based frameworks, UI/UX development tools, testing, SEO expertise, and other factors.

Let’s now review the qualifications needed to become a front-end developer:

  • js
  • js
  • UI widgets
  • CSS and JavaScript animation
  • HTML semantics
  • SVG
  • Testing
  • Wireframing
  • SEO
  • Content management systems (CMS)

Top 10 Trends for Front End Developers

In the last five to six years, user experience on the web has undergone a significant transformation. And in the next few years, there will be a lot more sophisticated update.

Let’s look at the top 10 most recent developments in front-end development in this section of the blog and how they will impact the knowledge, positions, and duties.

JS libraries and frameworks: The most widely used scripting language for websites is JS (JavaScript).

On the website, it helps generate dynamic effects. You may already be aware that the foundation of dynamic web pages is JS.

However, in recent years, increasingly intricate websites have been created with the aid of well-known JS-based framework libraries like Angular and React. Websites with high traffic volumes nearly always employ these frameworks.

  • APIs : Recently, developers have begun employing REST APIs to use APIs for login authentication in websites or apps.
  • Markup : To speed up web pages, developers use cloud services like AWS S3 to store HTML documents.
  • Chatbots powered by AI is becoming more and more common in the IT industry. Facebook and Google have begun to use machine learning capabilities. AI chatbots take advantage of these features to evaluate user emotions and improve the user experience.
  • Variable fonts : since the beginning of CSS, variable fonts have been used. However, developers frequently either overlook them or may not be aware of them. Developers may employ typefaces in a variety of ways thanks to variable fonts.
  • Users frequently experience latency and a slowdown of the website when they access a website that begins playing a video or an animation. The newest technologies are meant to be used by front-end developers to solve this problem.
  • VueJS : Although React is a more well-known framework than Vue, it has grown significantly in recent years. It accelerates and streamlines the UI development process.
  • Micro frontend: Over the past several years, a lot of businesses have begun to use the micro frontend architecture, in which various website functionalities are developed by various teams. This lowers costs and increases the site’s resistance to failure or crash.
  • The rising significance of privacy: Due to the general growth in privacy awareness, developers must remember to request relevant information about stakeholders to obtain the appropriate consent from those parties.
  • Hybrid content management: Systems for managing hybrid content allow creators to distribute their work across a variety of platforms, including websites, apps, and portals.

As was previously mentioned, the typical pay for a front-end developer varies based on several factors. Salary and job prospects will be significantly impacted by these most recent changes.


You learned in this blog post how a front-end developer’s salary varies with their level of training and expertise.

Additionally, to seize greater possibilities, they should anticipate the most recent developments and the difficulties they pose.

You will have a better chance of finding a high-paying job if you have already begun preparing by working on frameworks or learning about other trends.

Since more and more people will be using the Internet, website traffic will only increase.

If you’re unsure about how to get started in front-end programming, you can enroll in Softlogic Systems at AngularJS Course and React Certification Training in Chennai.

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