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Web Developer Salary – How much money can one make in 2023?

Web Development ensures promising career growth with good-pay roles in top companies.

The web developers and aspiring learners should know about the salary trends across the country and global countries for equipping themselves according to the expected skillset and experience.

In this blog, we are explaining how much money can a web developer make in 2023 along with various web developer salaries offered by companies in India and other countries like the US, Canada, and the UK.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of developing websites and web applications using technologies and tools and it is divided into two parts front-end development and back-end development.

Front-end means the development of visible parts of the website on the client-side and back-end is the development of the server-side that has background processes.

Front-end development includes the development of an impressive website or web application with attractive design, catchy content, and interaction capabilities.

There are three popular languages used in front-end development namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language used to create a web page or web app or forms
  • CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet that offers styling essentials for web pages
  • JavaScript is the programming language that adds functionalities and interactivities to web pages.

Back-end development includes the development of background processes that help in running and maintaining the front-end application.

The back-end development consists of database creation, server linking, and application processing.

This backend development can be done using popular programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, ASP.Net, Node.js, Ruby on rails, and Perl.

Overview of a web developer

A web developer is a person who takes responsibility for programming and developing websites and web-based applications and that can be either front-end or back-end development.

The roles and responsibilities will have differed for web developers and web designers.

A web designer is responsible for the cosmetic side of the website or application while a web developer is responsible for technical aspects of web development.

They will take projects that are complicated depending on the tasks.

It may be the development of simple web pages or the creation of an e-commerce web application with multiple layers.

Following are the responsibilities of a web developer

  • Designing, developing, testing, and deploying websites and web applications
  • Code development, debugging and launching web pages and files
  • Collaborating with web designers and technical programmers for web projects
  • Collaborating with team members for developing and deploying contents
  • Integrating the landing pages to respective databases and tables
  • Linking the payment gateway to the website as per the need of e-commerce web apps
  • Optimization of mobile for web apps and websites
  • Code development structure for particular tasks
  • Handling server hosting and network connectivity problems
  • Website maintenance with new updates and required plugins
  • Taking care of intranet web updates and website enhancements
  • Performing periodic tests and contingency plans to avoid system failures
  • Analyze future enhancement technologies and propose the compatible software programs
  • Troubleshooting and fixing errors and bugs on the websites
  • Considering the ownership of code throughout the web development lifecycle
  • Keep track of website visits by global users with complete details

Career Scope in Web Development

The learning of web designing and web development brings tremendous career opportunities worldwide as the companies are depending on the internet for their brand promotion, product sales, and supply chain controls.

Companies are recruiting employees for the following job roles in the field of web development

  • Programmers and developers: This role require proficiency in any programming language like PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, or .Net
  • Web developers: This profile is about building websites with code development using technologies, programming languages, or tools.
  • Software Engineers: This role involves developing programs, software, or application required for front-end development. The software engineer will be in a higher position than other web developer profiles.
  • Front-end developers or engineers: Front-end developers will work with the interfaces that empower the user interaction through images, text fields, buttons, or banners. They should be proficient in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.
  • Backend developers or engineers: They should be skilled in the technical stuff required for web development such as servers and database management. They should know how to gather, store, and manage user data for the decision-making process of companies. Top companies are expecting backend developers with required skills such as Python, PHP, or Ruby
  • Full-stack developers or engineers: They should know both front-end and back-end development technologies along with hands-on experience. They are responsible for developing the complete website individually and they should also know how to deal with user data at the backend.
  • MEAN Stack developer or engineers: They are responsible for developing websites using technologies namely MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, and Angular.js. They should be able to deliver the websites on time.
  • Software Architects: They should be capable to lead the web development team with the right skills and experiences for developing websites and applications with high-level functionalities and designing. They should be able to create tools for web development if requires.

Salary for freshers

Entry-level web developers can earn around US$65,397 PA an average in the United States as per the report of Glassdoor.com, they can earn around ₹234,804 PA in India as per the report of PayScale, In Canada, they can earn around CA$38,708 PA as per the report of Neuvoo, and in the United Kingdom, companies are paying around €21,647 PA as per the report of PayScale.

Web Developer Salary for Junior 

Web developers with at least four years of working experience can earn the following web developer salary as follows

  • US$67,674 PA in the United States as per the source of ZipRecruiter
  • ₹449,067 PA in India as per the source of Glassdoor
  • CA$61,659 PA in Canada as per the source of Neuvoo
  • €27,000 PA in the United Kingdom as per the source of CWJobs

Mid-level Developer Salary

Web developers with experience of five to nine years can earn the following web developer salary in global countries

  • US$81,484 PA in the United States as per the source of ZipRecruiter
  • ₹558,153 PA in India as per the source of Glassdoor
  • CA$63,994 PA in Canada as per the source of Neuvoo
  • €29,995 PA in the United Kingdom as per the source of CWJobs

Senior Developer Salary

Web developers with more than nine years of developing experience can earn the best income in the industry. The salary for experienced professionals in global countries is as follows

  • US$107,118 PA in the United States as per the source of Indeed
  • ₹641,187 PA in India as per the source of PayScale
  • CA$74,607 PA in Canada as per the source of PayScale
  • €57,500 PA in the United Kingdom as per the source of CWJobs
Role-based Developer Salary

The annual pay for the developers will be varied as per their job roles or profiles. The following table will show the web developer’s salary based on the roles

Role-based Web Developer Salary
Full-Stack Web Developer Salary
In the USUS$95,308
In India₹600,000
In CanadaCA$107,299
In the UK€50,000
Frontend Web Developer Salary
In the USUS$76,929
In India₹510,332
In CanadaCA$63,530
In the UK€52,500
Backend Web Developer Salary
In the USUS$128,219
In India₹719,741
In CanadaCA$100,000
In the UK€51,737
Freelance Web Developer Salary
In the USUS$75,217
In India₹450,000
In CanadaCA$58,339
In the UK€33,730
Salary for similar roles:

Following is the salary comparison table similar to web developer salary

Salary for similar roles to web developer
The United States
Software DeveloperUS$69,790
PHP DeveloperUS$81,872
Web DeveloperUS$65,490
SQL DeveloperUS$91,063
Java DeveloperUS$104,541
Software Developer₹494,980
PHP Developer₹358,484
Web Developer₹281,820
SQL Developer₹440,550
Java Developer₹485,787
Software DeveloperCA$66,545
PHP DeveloperCA$72,794
Web DeveloperCA$49,665
SQL DeveloperCA$72,198
Java DeveloperCA$85,819
The United Kingdom
Software Developer€30,988
PHP Developer€38,864
Web Developer€30,000
SQL Developer€52,500
Java Developer€62,500

Global businesses require websites and web applications for attracting customers to buy their products or services over the internet.

They need web developers for developing impressive and interactive websites and web applications using various trending technologies.

It is important to learn the required tools and technologies to become a web developer and the companies are hiring professionals with industry-valued certification.

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